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As probably the most infamous spirit in the world Absinthe has quite a reputation including being the rumoured cause for Vincent Van Gogh cutting off his own ear. Commonly referred to as ‘la fee verte’ or ‘the green fairy’ it has an iconic reputation and originated as a malaria prevention for French troops in wartime conditions. Its 3 main ingredients known as the ‘Holy Trinity’ are Florence fennel, Green Anise and Grande Wormwood with other flavourings including star anise, angelica, coriander and nutmeg.

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Picture of ABSENTE 100ml + SPOON


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Picture of Grande Absente, 70cl

Grande Absente, 70cl

Picture of JADE 1898 , 20CL

JADE 1898 , 20CL

A 20cl bottle of Jade's VS1898 Absinthe, a 'Verte Suisse' styled after the top quality spirit of the late 19th century. This has been reverse engineered from a bottle made at the C.F. Berger distillery before it closed in 1910.
Picture of JADE 1901 , 20CL

JADE 1901 , 20CL

Picture of La Fee Absinthe Bohemian, 70cl

La Fee Absinthe Bohemian, 70cl

Picture of La Fee Absinthe Parisienne, 70cl

La Fee Absinthe Parisienne, 70cl

Picture of Pere Kerman’s Absinthe, 70cl

Pere Kerman’s Absinthe, 70cl

Picture of Pernod Absinthe, 70cl

Pernod Absinthe, 70cl


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