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Picture of Absente 100ml + Spoon

Absente 100ml + Spoon

Complete with traditional spoon and serving instructions, Absente is a classic and pungent absinthe. Lower in alcohol content than other absinthes, Absente combines traditional absinthe herbs with mint, lemon balm and cane sugar. A touch of spice underrides the strong aniseed flavours that absinthe is known for and the provided spoon is ideal for serving traditionally with sugar and water.

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Picture of Eau de Vie Gewurztraminer Miclo, 70cl

Eau de Vie Gewurztraminer Miclo, 70cl

A taste of Alsace, Miclo Gewürztraminer Eau de Vie is a sweet and enjoyable eau de vie, wonderful after dinner or at a cocktail party. Distilled from the pomace of Gewürztraminer grapes, Miclo Eau de Vie is a very sweet and has a strong and intensely fruity bouquet matched with a deep and satisfying fruit flavour. The sweet grape flavours are a wonderful partner for frozen desserts, especially sorbets.
Picture of Eau de Vie Vielle Prune Miclo, 50cl

Eau de Vie Vielle Prune Miclo, 50cl

A delicious plum brandy, Miclo Vieille Prune Eau de Vie captures the natural flavour and scent of the plum and blends it beautifully. Aged in stainless steel tanks and then matured in oak barrels, the mature golden hues ofthis eau de vie disguise the plump plummy flavour within. Light tannins soften the intensity of the plum flavour and using only the ingredient of Alsace, Miclo Vieille Prune Eau de Vie makes a wonderful after dinner treat.
Picture of EDV Framboise, 70cl

EDV Framboise, 70cl

Through artfully fermenting and distilling the juices of the fresh raspberries of the Vosges Mountains, Lesgrevil Framboise Eau de Vie is full of fruity flavour. The sharp but sweet fruitiness of this eau de vie is teamed with a slight dryness which adds complexity for the palate. It is best enjoyed simply, served over ice or simply straight from the fridge. You could even use it to add a raspberry twist to spritzers and coolers.
Picture of EDV Kirsch, 70cl

EDV Kirsch, 70cl

No drinks cupboard is complete without a classic Kirsch. Lesgrevil Kirschwasser is authentically flavoured using traditional production methods. The cherry fruit, stones and juice are all fermented to create a rich and vibrant cherry flavour which Lesgrevil has harmoniously teamed with light notes of almond. Adding Kirsch to your cocktails ensures a strong hit of sweet cherry flavour or you can alternative use it to pep up desserts, flavoured pastries or even drink alone.

Picture of EDV Mirabelle, 70cl

EDV Mirabelle, 70cl

Wonderful craftsmanship allows the producers at Lesgrevil to develop the sweet and enticing flavour of Mirabelle Plum Eau de Vie. Lesgrevil Mirabelle Eau de Vie spends five to six year maturing to ensure a strong and intense flavour which also delivers surprising smoothness. Aromas of the sweet Mirabelle plum are paired wonderfully with its juicy flavour. Mirabelle plums are known for their deep, recognisable flavour and Lesgrevil have captured it perfectly in their Eau de Vie.
Picture of EDV Poire William, 70cl

EDV Poire William, 70cl

The Williams pear takes centre stage in this sweet and satisfying eau de vie. Lesgrevil Poire William eau de vie combines the sweet flavours of the pear with the intensity of the distilled alcohol and combined they create an enticing blend which is wonderfully enjoyed as a digestif. The sweet and fruity flavour of the pear is wonderfully teamed with your after dinner cheeseboard or a light dessert.
Picture of Grande Absente, 70cl

Grande Absente, 70cl

Enjoy a date with the Green Fairy! Grande Absente is a premium absinthe, high proof without being overwhelming. Vividly neon green with a bouquet of aromas incorporating mint, lemon blame, aniseed and of course wormwood, Grande Absente Original is made to a pre-ban absinthe recipe the flavour builds as you enjoy each sip. Enjoyed by absinthe connoisseurs and dedicated spirits advocates around the world in the traditional way with sugar and water. 

Picture of Grappa Julia Invecchiata , 70cl

Grappa Julia Invecchiata , 70cl

Produced using pomace from a selection of grape varieties, this Italian grappa is aged in oak after distillation, to grant the spirit more depth and flavour than the unaged expression.
Picture of Grappa Tosolini Cividina , 70cl

Grappa Tosolini Cividina , 70cl

Spring water clear and aromatically fruity, Tosolini Cividina Grappa is robust and awash with the fresh flavour of grapes. Distilled in Northern Italy in traditional copper stills, there is a Slavic and Austrian influence due to the region of the distillery. With sweet brandy undertones mixed with the pomace of the grapes, Tosolini Cividana Grappa has a mellow flavour which marries wonderfully with aromatic notes and the sweetness of grapes throughout.

Picture of Henri Bardouin Pastis, 70cl

Henri Bardouin Pastis, 70cl

48 individual herbs and spices provide the exceptional flavour of Henri Bardouin Pastis. Slowly infused in alcohol these herbs and spices are able to develop and release their finest flavours. The botanicals combined create a sweet, warm and spiced flavou偐p偐pਊℊ㜷긷偐p㸾옾偐p偐pᔕ䈕偐p䭋偐p偐p†映†映㼿줿偐p㔵꠵偐p偐p偐p偐p䝇⸮錮ԅ༅
Picture of Jade 1898 , 20cl

Jade 1898 , 20cl

A 20cl bottle of Jade's VS1898 Absinthe, a 'Verte Suisse' styled after the top quality spirit of the late 19th century. This has been reverse engineered from a bottle made at the C.F. Berger distillery before it closed in 1910.
Picture of Jade 1901 , 20cl

Jade 1901 , 20cl

An exceptionally crafted vintage-style absinthe created as a tribute to one of the world’s most famous pre-ban absinthes, Pernod Fils. Jade 1901 has a balanced flavour with a strong herbal aroma and an aftertaste rich in wormwood and aniseed. It has a distinct pale golden colour with a greenish tinge and fresh, woody aromas with notes of sage, tarragon and lime blossom. The alcohol content combined with the strength of wormwood provide the characteristic palate-numbing sensation absinthe is known for.

Picture of La Fee Absinthe Bohemian , 70cl

La Fee Absinthe Bohemian , 70cl

The mixologist's dream, La Fee Absinth Bohemian is a Czech-style low-anise spirit which offers the essence of absinthe without the bite. The low-anise content means the flavour is subtler and preferred by many in cocktails and as a mixer. It takes its name from the Czech Republic region of Bohemia and has similar herbal notes of aniseed, fennel and mint to regular absinthe, with a less pungent aniseed flavour, ideal for original blends and creations.
Picture of La Fee Absinthe Parisienne, 70cl

La Fee Absinthe Parisienne, 70cl

The drink which sparked a new revolution, La Fee Absinthe Parisienne was one of the first absinthes newly licensed when the drink was once again made legal. Distilled in Paris utilising a 19th century recipe, La Fee Parisienne is exclusively authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum. With classic green hues and the flavours of traditional wormwood, fennel anise and hyssop it has both an herbal aroma and sharp aniseed flavour.
Picture of Nardini Grappa Bianca , 70cl

Nardini Grappa Bianca , 70cl

One of Italy’s most popular grappas, Nardini Grappa Bianca is simultaneously sharp and sweet with its high proof evident from the first sip. Elegant notes of gingerbread and aromatic jasmine tea meld together offering a smooth and mellow palate, with layers of sugary lemon building. Acacia honey notes complement the smoothness even further and add to the warming characteristics of this flavourful grappa. A complex flavour profile which is harmoniously balanced and a real Italian favourite.
Picture of Nardini Grappa Mandorla (Almond), 70cl

Nardini Grappa Mandorla (Almond), 70cl

Quintessentially Italian, the sweet flavour of mandorla, or almonds, have become more and more popular around the world. Nardini Mandorla Grappa uses a cherry distillate which balances out the bitter notes in the almondand delivers a unique and enticing flavour which is sweet and mellow, often enjoyed by first-time grappa drinks. The nutty notes make it the perfect partner for an espresso coffee and a wonderful addition to your favourite sours cocktail.
Picture of Orahovac Walnut Liqueur, 70CL

Orahovac Walnut Liqueur, 70CL

Orahovac Walnut Liqueur Croatia
Picture of Pastis 51, 70cl

Pastis 51, 70cl

A secret recipe that only the senior folks at Pernod are party to, Pastis 51 is Frances no.3 spirit and a favourite in Marseille. Natural anise flavour gives it a kick and it has a deep and complex flavour profile which has become popular as an aperitif in France and beyond. Select herbs and spices blend together bringing together flavours of the east and west with Chinese star anise working harmoniously with the aromatic herbs of Provence. Fruit, fresh flowers and spices give this aniseed based aperitif something extra and ensure it’s one you keep going back to.
Picture of Pere Kerman’s Absinthe, 70cl

Pere Kerman’s Absinthe, 70cl

With a light blue-green appearance and menthol aromas Pere Kermann’s Absinthe is lighter in flavour than the majority of its counterparts, a great introduction for people trying absinthe for the first time. The flavour has whispers of aniseed and a touch of wormwood but is light and fresh overall, with the alcohol content apparent from the first sip. The lightness of Pere Kermann’s lends itself to combination with mixers and in cocktails.
Picture of Pernod Absinthe, 70cl

Pernod Absinthe, 70cl

The original absinthe, Henri Louis Pernod founded the world’s first absinthe distillery and their modern product still uses many of the methods and ingredients of their original blend. Deceptively milder than its high proof alcohol content, Pernod Absinthe is understated and smooth to drink with the notes of aniseed and wormwood present but not overwhelming. Light green in colour is has natural herbal aromas and a distinctive touch of lemon, best enjoyed with water and sugar.
Picture of Pernod, 70cl

Pernod, 70cl

Pernod was created to sate the appetite of the French for aniseed. Without the inclusion of notorious wormwood Pernod could be enjoyed once absinthe was banned and its strong and distinct flavour ensures it’s still enjoyed today. Turning cloudy when water is added to improve the taste, Pernod is rich with aniseed, rooty liquorice and fennel working in perfectly harmony. The herbal complexity of each drink makes it even more enjoyable and helps temper the intensity of the liquorice.

Picture of Pisco ABA, 50cl

Pisco ABA, 50cl

ABA Pisco is a prized Chilean creation which is produced using a double distillation method in copper pot stills. Perfect for Chile’s favourite Pisco Sour cocktail, ABA utilises the fresh, juicy grapes of the Muscat variety, grown in the Chilean Andes. Crystal clear and exceptionally flavoured, ABA Pisco offers the taste of jasmine flowers, sweet honey and tangerine creating a flavour which is soft on the palate and syrupy sweet.

Picture of Pisco Soldeica , 70cl

Pisco Soldeica , 70cl

Using only Quebranta grapes from the Ica area of Peru, Soldeica Pisco is a strongly flavoured crystal clear pisco which has the comforting aroma of cooking bread dough. Oily and nutty scents are also released and the flavour is sweet and light, with a mouthfeel which is slightly oily and smooth. Aromatic flavours are led by herbaceous notes and that bready aroma becomes apparent in the flavour too. Easily drinkable and delicately sweet, each sip of Soldeica Pisco is exceptional.

Picture of Pisco Soldeica Huaco, 70cl

Pisco Soldeica Huaco, 70cl

Four years of specialised production is behind the creation of Pisco Soldeica Suprema. For over 150 years the sweet and smooth flavour of this pisco has been prepared using the same traditional methods. Premium grape varieties including the Quebranta, Italia and Torontel are combined to create the exquisitely gentle and enjoyable flavour of this pisco. Whether enjoyed alone or in a classic pisco cocktail the supreme quality of this product ensures it blends seamlessly.

Picture of Pisco Soldeica Supreme , 70cl

Pisco Soldeica Supreme , 70cl

A Peruvian Pisco from the Soldeica selection, created using a blend of grape varieties including the stalwart Quebranta, the aromatic Italia and the intense Torontel.
Picture of Ricard, 70cl

Ricard, 70cl

Ricard Pastis is a uniquely produced aperitif which brings together three separate ingredients blended perfectly together with neutral alcohol and caramel to create a rich, intense flavour. Liquorice root, green anise and fennel are the three ingredients which deliver the traditional and complex flavours of Ricard. There’s a grassy edge to this pastis which helps it stand out from the crowd and it also has a minty citrus freshness which balances against the warm, liquorice tones.
Picture of Tosolini Grappa Moscato, 70cl

Tosolini Grappa Moscato, 70cl

Intense and full of fresh fruit flavours, Tosolini Moscato Grappa utilises Muscat grapes to deliver a smooth and aromatic flavour. Tosolini Moscato Grappa releases a bouquet of stunning aromas, most prominently tangy grape. The intense flavour of the grapes is closely followed and complimented by notes of fresh blossom, menthol mint and floral honeysuckle. A wonderful after dinner drink, perfectly paired with a range of indulgent desserts, the fresh tang of the grapes is what lingers longest.
Picture of Verveine Du Velay Verte, 50cl

Verveine Du Velay Verte, 50cl

In 1859 an inspired herbalist apothecary, Joseph Rumillet-Charretier, created the formula of Verveine du Velay. He did so by infusing and distilling botanicals in a small copper still of his dispensary, including of course the Verveine (lemon verbena). An intense flavor of a rich and complex bouquet of botanicals, with a combination of fresh and balsamic notes of mint, lemon verbena, mace, juniper.... Enjoy on its own, right out of the freezer! or with ice, straight or as a long drink with soda water. Excellent in cocktails and wonderful to flavour iced desserts.
Picture of Miclo Mirabelle, 70cl

Miclo Mirabelle, 70cl

The small yellow Mirabelle plums of the Lorraine area of eastern France are captured wonderful in this Miclo Eau-de-Vie. After distillation the spirit spends four years resting and then the master blenders choose the finest offerings and combine them to deliver the most enjoyable and elegant Miclo Mirabelle Eau-de-Vie. The sweet tangy flavour of the Mirabelle is present from the first sip to the last and enjoying it chilled is a joy!
Picture of Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine , 50cl

Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine , 50cl

Taste the sweeter side of life in the nectar of the Appalachian Gods that is captured in Ole Smoky® Blackberry Moonshine. Mix it in with some lemonade, throw it in a copper cup and enjoy a long afternoon of Corn Hole with friends. There’s no need to muddle tiny pieces of fruit when our blackberries create a smooth yet spirited flavour with a kick that’ll keep things interesting.
Picture of Roots Herb , 70cl

Roots Herb , 70cl

Roots Herb Liqueur is a deep brown in colour and rich in a huge range of aromatic and botanical flavours. The aroma is rich in peat and herbal freshness with a flavour which is complex and multi-layered with a little fruitiness and a wonderfully velvety texture. Using an aromatic plant which was known for its medicinal and aphrodisiacal qualities in ancient times, Roots Herb Spirit Liqueur is certainly a drink that deserves at least one taste.

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