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Pastis, the national drink of France, is an anise flavoured aperitif that made with star anise, pepper corns, cardamom, sage, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, liquorice and sugar.  It is served with water which turns it milky white and cloudy hence it’s known as the ‘milk of Provence’.

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Picture of Henri Bardouin Pastis, 70cl

Henri Bardouin Pastis, 70cl

48 individual herbs and spices provide the exceptional flavour of Henri Bardouin Pastis. Slowly infused in alcohol these herbs and spices are able to develop and release their finest flavours. The botanicals combined create a sweet, warm and spiced flavou偐p偐pਊℊ㜷긷偐p㸾옾偐p偐pᔕ䈕偐p䭋偐p偐p†映†映㼿줿偐p㔵꠵偐p偐p偐p偐p䝇⸮錮ԅ༅
Picture of Pastis 51, 70cl

Pastis 51, 70cl

A secret recipe that only the senior folks at Pernod are party to, Pastis 51 is Frances no.3 spirit and a favourite in Marseille. Natural anise flavour gives it a kick and it has a deep and complex flavour profile which has become popular as an aperitif in France and beyond. Select herbs and spices blend together bringing together flavours of the east and west with Chinese star anise working harmoniously with the aromatic herbs of Provence. Fruit, fresh flowers and spices give this aniseed based aperitif something extra and ensure it’s one you keep going back to.
Picture of Pernod, 70cl

Pernod, 70cl

Pernod was created to sate the appetite of the French for aniseed. Without the inclusion of notorious wormwood Pernod could be enjoyed once absinthe was banned and its strong and distinct flavour ensures it’s still enjoyed today. Turning cloudy when water is added to improve the taste, Pernod is rich with aniseed, rooty liquorice and fennel working in perfectly harmony. The herbal complexity of each drink makes it even more enjoyable and helps temper the intensity of the liquorice.

Picture of Ricard, 70cl

Ricard, 70cl

Ricard Pastis is a uniquely produced aperitif which brings together three separate ingredients blended perfectly together with neutral alcohol and caramel to create a rich, intense flavour. Liquorice root, green anise and fennel are the three ingredients which deliver the traditional and complex flavours of Ricard. There’s a grassy edge to this pastis which helps it stand out from the crowd and it also has a minty citrus freshness which balances against the warm, liquorice tones.

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