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Japanese whisky is traditionally produced in a similar manner to scotch whisky, however the temperatures in Japan are closer to those in Kentucky so they can have a hint of bourbon about them. You can get both single malt whisky although blended varieties are more common.

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Picture of Hakushu 12yr, 70cl

Hakushu 12yr, 70cl

Suntory are the gods of the Japanese whisky scene and their Hakushu line is amongst the most popular. The Hakushi distillery is hidden in the forests near the Japanese Alps and this particular offering is aged for 12 years. An exceptional single malt, Hakushu 12 year is a light and refreshing offering with hay and mixed peels on the nose and gentle barley malt, smokiness and hazelnut coming through in the taste. Sweetness is perfectly balanced against spice.

Picture of Hakushu Distillers Reserve , 70cl

Hakushu Distillers Reserve , 70cl

Picture of Hibiki 17yr, 70cl

Hibiki 17yr, 70cl

Suntory Hibiki 17 Year Old Japanese blended whisky has been highly recommended by many whisky connoisseurs and industry experts. A full and vibrant nose greets you on opening, with honey, wax, resin and oak coming through. In terms of flavour you’ll enjoy all of these and more, with cooked fruit, chopped nuts and creamy custard added into the mix. Complex is one word for it, delicious is another!

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Picture of Hibiki Harmony , 70cl

Hibiki Harmony , 70cl

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Picture of Nikka All Malt , 70cl

Nikka All Malt , 70cl

Nikka All Malt tells you almost all you need to know in its name. A wonderful blended whisky from Japan, you’ll enjoy flavours of malt from Yoichi and malt and Coffey still whisky from Miyagikyou. The flavours of these whiskies are combined together wonderfully, delicate both on the nose and palate, with warm malty notes coming through, toffee flavours standing out and a lightness to its finish. A clean and refreshing whisky.
Picture of Nikka Black, 50cl

Nikka Black, 50cl

The Yin of Japanese whisky, Nikka Black is a wonderful example of how exceptional Japanese whisky can be. An award winner that Jim Murray has highlighted as one of the best, this is one offering you truly want to taste. Fresh and clean on the nose, smokiness is kept to a minimum with intense notes of peat and vanilla coming through. Touches of toffee and coffee blend with light oak to create a shining example of what Japan can do.
Picture of Nikka From the Barrel, 50cl

Nikka From the Barrel, 50cl

Nikka From The Barrel is an exceptional Japenese whisky which truly packs a punch. Power is truly the name of the game with Nikka From The Barrel. A balanced nose introduces floral flavours, fresh fruit, spice and also oak leading into a full-bodied punchy flavour on the palate. Winter spice, toffee and vanilla come alongside the bright fruity notes, creating a flavour which is welcoming, enticing and almost demands you take just one more sip.
Picture of Nikka White, 50cl

Nikka White, 50cl

The Yang of Japanese whisky, Nikka white is a sweet and subtle endearing which brings together some of Japan’s finest malts. The aroma is rich with peat and leads into a flavour which is slightly salty, with vegetal notes and malty depth. The flavour of Nikka White is dominated by peat, as this is the most highly peated offering from Nikka and it creates a rich foundation for an enjoyable drink.
Picture of Yamazaki 12yr, 70cl

Yamazaki 12yr, 70cl

Yamazaki 12 year old is probably the most famous Japanese whisky there is. An exceptional single malt, it was one of the first seriously marketed offerings from Japan to reach the rest of the world. Intensely enjoyable and rich with nut oils and citrus zest, Yamazaki 12 year old is smooth in the mouth with biting winter spice providing that classic whisky flavour, with the fruity notes ensuring a rounded finish. A must for first-time Japanese whisky drinkers.
Picture of Yamazaki 18yr, 70cl

Yamazaki 18yr, 70cl

An award-winning offering, Yamazaki 18 Year Old is an exceptional Japanese single malt which is certainly worth of at least one taste. On the nose you’ll feel its thickness, with resinous notes, zesty citrus and a hint of sherry. When drinking you’ll enjoy an array of orchard fruits and spiced oak, paired with fragrant floral notes and sherry-infused peels. The finish is long with fruit and oak combining beautifully to create a memorable flavour.

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