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Port is a fortified wine produced exclusively in the Douro valley in northern Portugal, named after the town of Porto. The wine produced is fortified by adding aguardente, a neutral grape spirit, and is then aged in barrels stored in a cave.

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Picture of Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 75cl

Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 75cl

Colour: Deep tawny. Aromas: Complex nutty aromas, combined with hints of honey and figs. On the palate: Rich, mature fruit flavours; beautifully mellowed; with a luscious, long finish. Occasions & Pairing: Perfect matchwith sweet desserts, such as apple pie with cinnamon or almond cake.
Picture of Graham's 20 Year Old, 75cl

Graham's 20 Year Old, 75cl

Colour: Amber; golden tawny. Aromas: Excellent bouquet; with a characteristically nutty character and delicious mature fruit; hints of orange peel; exquisitely mellowed by careful ageing. On the palate: Rich, softly sweet and smooth; perfectly balanced with a long and elegant finish. Occasions & Pairing: Pairs extremely well with nuts, dried fruits and fruitcake, as well as vanilla ice cream and crème brûlée.
Picture of Graham's LBV, 75cl

Graham's LBV, 75cl

Graham’s LBV has attractive liquorice and floral aromas, and fresh blackberry flavours. It also, like the Six Grapes, has hints of the native Gum Cistus plant, which grows around the vineyards in the Douro, imparting very subtle aromas of mint to the wine. Its rich concentration of ripe fruit is balanced by the added complexity of spices, all held together by superb structure and balance.

Picture of Graham's White Port, 75cl

Graham's White Port, 75cl

The Fine White is a slightly sweeter blend than the Extra Dry. This is achieved by fermenting the grape must for a slightly shorter time to preserve the natural sugars in the fruit, which give the Fine White its flavours of honey and nectar and its slightly richer amber hue. It has sweet citrus characteristics and maintains a good balance of freshness and delicacy.  It should be served chilled, between 6 and 10º Celsius.
Picture of Noval Black Port , 75cl

Noval Black Port , 75cl

A Premium Port that embodies the values of quality, elegance and tradition from Quinta do Noval. A new style of Port with a blend that highlights the fruit thanks to its black cherry, sweet spice flavours and its smooth and perfect balance. An contemporary and elegant packaging with unique black bottle and a pure design label with silver lines. A characterful ruby, fantastic slightly chilled.
Picture of Smith Woodhouse Ruby Port , 75cl

Smith Woodhouse Ruby Port , 75cl

Smith Woodhouse Ruby Port is a blend of young Ports from different harvests. They are especially blended to have robust fresh fruity aromas and flavours. With lush berry flavours, hints of pepper and spices, this is an excellent accompaniment to cheese, nuts or desserts, especially Chocolate based. A characterful ruby, fantastic slightly chilled.

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