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Mezcal is a mexican alcohol that is similar to tequila but unlike tequila which must be made from the blue agave, mezcal can be made from any of 8 approved varieties of the agave plant.  It is common for mezcal bottles to have a worm , although the reason behind this is debated.  One theory is that the worm serves to show the high proof and thereby quality of the mezcal.  It is said that if the worm remains intact in the bottle the percentage of alcohol in the spirit is high enough to preserve the  worm.

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Picture of Bruxo No. 1 Mezcal  , 70cl

Bruxo No. 1 Mezcal , 70cl

Bruxo's No.1 is a joven (young) mescal made entirely from Espadin. Produced in Oaxaca, it is double distilled for a slightly smoky style of mezcal.
Picture of Gem & Bolt Damiana Mezcal  , 70cl

Gem & Bolt Damiana Mezcal , 70cl

Produced by a fourth-generation master distiller in Oaxaca, this mescal, uniquely, has damiana added to it. Damiana is a Mexican herb, once revered by the Aztecs, which has a (scientifically unproven) reputation for its mood-elevating and aphrodisiac properties. Less smoky than standard mescal, this is a sweet, floral spirit with an undercurrent of bitter herb and savoury notes.
Picture of Mezcal La Penca , 70cl

Mezcal La Penca , 70cl

A Joven (young) Mezcal, La Penca is distilled from Salmaina (a type of Maguey agave) and it's aged in white oak barrels and bottled in a lovely hand blown bottle, complete with the prerequisite: a worm! (Con Gusano means "with a worm").
Picture of Mezcal Union Uno , 70cl

Mezcal Union Uno , 70cl

The families that produce Mezcal Union Uno have three generations experience as their main craft and it shows. There aren’t many finer Mezcals (if any) at this price. 100% AGAVE. 8 YEAR OLD AGAVE ESPADIAN & 20 YEAR OLD AGAVE CIRIAL. 700ML/VOL 80 PROOF. PRODUCT OF MEXICO.
Picture of Mezcal Verde Momento , 70cl

Mezcal Verde Momento , 70cl

Mezcal Verde Momento is not simply a great value-for-money Mezcal - it also celebrates Mexican artists! Each batch features a different label design, making the bottles stand out on the back bar. The top-notch Mezcal within the bottle is rather tasty too.
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Picture of Monte Alban Mezcal, 70cl

Monte Alban Mezcal, 70cl

Monte Alban Mezcal is your opportunity to taste a genuine Mexican mezcal, complete with worm. It’s a traditional mezcal that simply needs to be slammed with salt and lime and is awash with a range of fresh flavours from chargrilled vegetables to hints of chutney. Spicy notes of cinnamon and white pepper come through, followed by a smokiness which blends perfectly with the char. The smokiness is the flavour which lasts and the one which you’ll remember most clearly.
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Picture of Montelobos Mezcal , 70cl

Montelobos Mezcal , 70cl

For five generations the Lopez family have been making quality Mezcal from the Espadin agave that grows in the shadows of the Montelobos (Mountain of the wolves). Using modern techniques and age old customs the result is perfectly balanced Mezcal with a smoky and sophisticated flavour.
Picture of Nuestra Soledad Mezcal  , 70cl

Nuestra Soledad Mezcal , 70cl

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Picture of Quiquiriqui Matatlan Mezcal , 70cl

Quiquiriqui Matatlan Mezcal , 70cl

A single region joven (young) mezcal from quiquiriqui. this one comes from matatlan, a town with a lowland climate that produces a herbaceous, earthy and vegetal style of mezcal.
Picture of San Cosme Mezcal , 70cl

San Cosme Mezcal , 70cl

San Cosme Mezcal is a stylish example of a traditional mezcal which has an extremely rich flavour, due to its non-chill filtration process. Its aroma lets you deep and earthy with a dry woody character and sweet roast agave notes. On first sip you’ll enjoy a viscous mouth feel, the flavours coating it entirely and a burst of fruity freshness followed by a creamy caramel-like depth. A hint of spice supports those warm agave notes and there is a final smoky note which lingers pleasantly.
Picture of Vida Mezcal del Maguey  , 70cl * offer

Vida Mezcal del Maguey , 70cl * offer

Del Maguey Vida Mezcal is 100% organic and made by hand. This extra care and attention delivers a natural flavour, unblended and surprisingly complex. Smokiness and warmth comes through in this mezcal, with peppery notes mellowed by a caramel honey depth. It’s wonderful if you’re mixing or sipping and the aroma, heavy with fruity aromatics, will draw you in on first opening. The finish is long, soft, delicate and above all else, entices you to try another sip.

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Picture of Ilegal Mezcal Joven , 50cl

Ilegal Mezcal Joven , 50cl

Produced in Oaxaca, Ilegal Joven is a young Mezcal which has the distinctive flavour of roasted agave and earthy tones which help it stand out from the crowd. Its aroma are fresh and youthful, with fresh flowers, peppermint and tobacco notes all coming through. It has a complex herbal character which is softened by caramel and raisin flavours and spiced up with black pepper heat. It ends with the floral notes at the forefront.
Picture of Pensador Mezcal , 50cl

Pensador Mezcal , 50cl

Don Atenogenes and his family create Pensador Mezcal in his fields near Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, using traditional methods which remain largely unchanged since the 16th Century. They use a combination of espadin and madre-cuishe agave to create it - these are popular agave varieties for good reasons. The process from harvest to bottle each batch of Pensador takes two months - with the hand bottling and labelling taking it closer to three.

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