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Picture of Amarula Cream, 70cl

Amarula Cream, 70cl

The taste of South Africa you’ll come to love. Amarula Cream is a must try for all fans of Baileys and other cream liqueurs. With an exotic flavour through the distillation of the fermented fruit of the Marula tree, Amarula spirit is aged and then blended with cream to create its distinct fruit cream flavour. The exotic taste of the fruit blends seamlessly into the sweet cream to create a result which is enticing and wonderfully drunk simply over ice.
Picture of Baileys Chocolate Lux , 50cl

Baileys Chocolate Lux , 50cl

Wonderfully rich and creamy like Baileys Original, but with sumptuous layers of flavour. Dark Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey, cream and Madagascan vanilla combine in a luxurious and velvety experience. Pour into a stemmed glass filled with ice, or try poured over vanilla ice cream for a decadent dessert.
Picture of Baileys Irish Cream , 70cl

Baileys Irish Cream , 70cl

The Original Irish Cream Liqueur, Baileys is a flavour which is known around the globe. The world’s number one liqueur for good reason, Baileys Irish Cream offers the perfect balance between specially selected Irish whisky and fresh dairy cream. Hints of cocoa and vanilla come through offering a sweet dessert drink which, when served with crushed ice, is one you’ll want to fill up again and again. It’s also a complete necessity for a classic Irish coffee and a wonderful nightcap.
Picture of Barenjager, 70cl

Barenjager, 70cl

Barenjager is a traditional German liqueur of the Barenfang, which translates as bear trap, style. First developed in the late 15th century, Barenfang liqueurs, including Barenjager, are popular across Germany and Europe. Barenjager liqueur takes honey as its main ingredient and it’s a rich and sumptuous liqueur which can be added to many drinks to add freshness, sweetness and a little extra body. Try pouring is over ice cream for a dessert to remember.
Picture of Batida De Coco , 70cl

Batida De Coco , 70cl

Picture of Becherovka Herbal, 70cl

Becherovka Herbal, 70cl

One of the Czech Republic’s many alcoholic herbal tonics, Becherovka Herbal is rich with vibrant herbs and spices, creating a surprisingly fresh flavour which is wonderful before or after dinner. A natural herbal liqueur with only a little colour is not like classic medicinal tonic and is in fact known for its gingery cinnamon inspired taste. Both ginger and cinnamon are included on the ingredients list as well as anise, cloves and other traditional herbs. Serve with tonic water to enjoy a traditional Beton.
Picture of Benedictine , 70cl

Benedictine , 70cl

One of those all-time classics that France is famous for, Benedictine is an herbal delight that brings together the flavours of twenty-seven different ingredients. Over 500 years old and true to its original recipe, Benedictine has a nose fresh in spice and fresh fruit, prune and orange alongside liquorice and cloves. When tasting you’ll enjoy the spice of the cloves alongside aromatic liquorice and a little fruity warmth. It’s surprisingly sweet and simply divine after dinner.
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Picture of Bitter Truth Apricot Brandy, 50cl

Bitter Truth Apricot Brandy, 50cl

Refreshing and sweet the natural flavour of apricots is tantalising on the tongue and infinitely mixable, as well as being the perfect partner for many different foods. Bitter Truth Apricot Liqueur combines the natural juice from sun-ripened apricots with a sweet apricot schnapps, offering an authentic flavour of the fruit and a powerful hit of alcohol which works perfectly. Hints of almond and apricot pit add complexity without overpowering the welcome sweetness.

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Picture of Bitter Truth Violette, 50cl

Bitter Truth Violette, 50cl

Violent violet hues welcome you to this aromatic and floral drink, The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur is intense and florid. The deep purple hues are wonderful to drink offering the flavour of the wild violet blossoms that grow in the Alps, combined with quality grain spirit. There’s a slight sweetness to it but it’s the floral violet flavour that comes through most strongly, with a light perfume ever present.
Picture of Chambord, 70cl

Chambord, 70cl

The intensity of sweet, tart raspberries is perfectly contained within each bottle of Chambord. Black and red raspberries are wonderfully balanced together creating a delectable liqueur which is finished with smooth natural honey and exotic Madagascan vanilla. Rich and decadent, Chambord is fragrant and intense with berry flavours. Inspired by the liqueurs of 18th century France, Chambord is intensely enjoyable and plays a key role in classic cocktails including the French Manhattan, Butler Miller and the tempting Chambord Daiquiri.

Picture of Cherry Marnier , 70cl

Cherry Marnier , 70cl

Grand Marnier Cherry was one of the first ever fruit liqueurs created by the famous company and it hasn’t changed the recipe ever since. Deep red in colour and rich in the aroma of both fresh and cooked cherries as well as almonds and specially selected spices, Grand Marnier Cherry is something really special. The flavour is balanced with the smoothness you’d expect of a quality liqueur as well as some biting hits of Morello cherry and lighter notes of almond-infused vanilla. A complex flavour profile guarantees you’ll go back for more.
Picture of Chinotto Quaglia Liqueur , 70cl

Chinotto Quaglia Liqueur , 70cl

Picture of Cointreau , 70cl

Cointreau , 70cl

One of the most famous triple sec style liqueurs around Cointreau is the first choice ingredient for many citrus cocktails and the recipe has been perfected to the point where it’s simply a must buy for many. On the nose is fresh and tangy, orange oils coming through thick and fast and unlike other bitter-led triple sec style liqueurs Cointreau is intensely sweet leading into a dry finish. Nutmeg and lemon come through in the finish too.
Picture of Cointreau, 5cl

Cointreau, 5cl

One of the most famous triple sec style liqueurs around Cointreau is the first choice ingredient for many citrus cocktails and the recipe has been perfected to the point where it’s simply a must buy for many. On the nose is fresh and tangy, orange oils coming through thick and fast and unlike other bitter-led triple sec style liqueurs Cointreau is intensely sweet leading into a dry finish. Nutmeg and lemon come through in the finish too.
Picture of Di Antonio Amaretto, 70cl

Di Antonio Amaretto, 70cl

A classic Italian Amaretto which delivers every flavour you’d expect and more. Di Antonio Amaretto is a popular choice as it suits both your palate and your pocket. Smooth and velvety in the mouth using a traditional Italian recipe you won’t be disappointed by the depth of almond flavour is delivers. Pour over pudding, enjoy on the rocks or over your favourite mixer, in every instance Di Antonio Amaretto is a hit.
Picture of Disaronno , 70cl

Disaronno , 70cl

It’s hard to believe but Disaronno Amaretto does not contain any nuts, simply their enticing flavour. Reminiscent of Amaretti biscuits and the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, almond aromas are deep, intense and deliver a flavour which is popular around the world. Combining natural herbs and fruit steeped in apricot kernel oil, Disaronno has a heady and floral scent which follows through to its flavour. With a history dating back over half a millennium, Disaronno Amaretto is a flavour which has always been loved.
Picture of Drambuie , 70cl

Drambuie , 70cl

Whisky lovers don’t limit their spirits to their favourite malts, they’re getting in on the liqueur act. Drambuie is the world’s favourite premium whisky liqueur, bringing together some classic malt whisky flavours and adding a little sweetness. The taste of Scotland is deep within each bottle of Drambuie as the aged malts blend beautifully with hints of honey, Scottish heather, aromatic herbs and spices. With a regal past, Drambuie was created for Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 18th century and it’s wonderfully enjoyed neat, as well as with sparkling soda and zesty lime.
Picture of Evangelista Genziana , 50cl

Evangelista Genziana , 50cl

A pleasant but slightly bitter liqueur from Evangelista , made by infusing a mixture of different types of gentian roots , traditionally drunk after dinner thanks to its digestive properties.
Picture of Evangelista Punch d' Abruzzo , 70cl

Evangelista Punch d' Abruzzo , 70cl

A historic apres-ski Punch, Evangelista Punch d'Abruzzo was invented in 1907 by Mayor Antonio Evangelista and should be served warm after a hard day on the piste, or long over ice on a hot day.
Picture of Fiorente Elderflower , 70cl

Fiorente Elderflower , 70cl

Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur has less sugar than many of its counterparts. Made with wild Piemontese elderflowers, just add Prosecco and soda water for a Hugo – the cocktail taking Europe by storm at present.
Picture of Frangelico , 70cl

Frangelico , 70cl

Frangelico is known as one of the big guys, one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs and one which has been around for more than 300 years. Traditional in its production and flavour, Frangelico captures the essence of the rich and flavourful hazelnut and offers it up as a smooth and creamy liqueur. The bottle is shaped like a monk’s habit, bringing back memories of its first producers and the flavour is truly intense with a nuttiness which is wonderful in coffee, over dessert or as part of the base of a creamy cocktail.
Picture of Galliano Aperitivo , 50cl

Galliano Aperitivo , 50cl

The unique recipe with an ABV of 24% includes many extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus: oranges, bergamots, bitter oranges, chinotto, tangerines and grapefruits. This fresh blend of citrus fruits makes our Galliano L’Aperitivo stand out. The recipe also includes a subtle addition of the heart of Galliano L’Autentico, (the original botanical liqueur with over 30 herbs and spices) including Mediterranean Anise, Juniper, Cardamom, Sandal Wood, Sage, Lavender, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Vanilla.
Picture of Galliano L Autentico , 50cl

Galliano L Autentico , 50cl

Galliano L’Autentico is a genuine Italian classic. Its golden yellow hues hide a multitude of flavours, all natural and all blended using a traditional process which has been stuck to for many years. The flavour of Galliano L’Autentico is created through the harmonious balance of Mediterranean herbs and plants as well as those from further afield, creating an aromatic, herbal tonic which leads into a softer, mellower flavour, wonderful for sipping after dinner. Sweet and tempting, the flavour of aniseed is at the heart of this liqueur.
Picture of Galliano Ristretto Coffee , 50cl

Galliano Ristretto Coffee , 50cl

Galliano Ristretto Coffee is another classically flavoured liqueur from the famous Italian producers. Deliciously intense and rich with roasted coffee flavours, Galliano Ristretto Coffee brings together an array of different coffee types. A combination of bitter Indian, Brazilian, Colombian and Kenyan coffee beans are brought together to create the perfect blend for a temptingly tasty liqueur. Enjoy on its own or add to a creative cocktail or dessert.

Picture of Glayva, 70cl

Glayva, 70cl

One of the most popular whisky liqueurs out there Glayva brings together the flavours of powerful Scotch whisky and additional ingredients including honey, spices, sweet tangerines and almonds. The name is taken from the Gaelic for ‘very good’ and it truly is, winning many awards and offering up a warming flavour which is wonderfully enjoyed simply neat. The flavour is rich with Scotch whisky but other flavours including oak spice and butterscotch also come through, creating a truly warm and welcome drink.
Picture of Goldslager Cinnamon , 70cl

Goldslager Cinnamon , 70cl

Luxurious and indulgent, Goldschlager is a spiced cinnamon liqueur with real gold flakes. It’s vibrantly spicy with the real taste of cinnamon and the additional spark of that genuine gold in each sip. The aroma is pungently sweet with that familiar fragrance of cinnamon and it leads into a flavour which is sweet and syrupy but fired up with cinnamon spice and a chilli-like heat alongside it. The finish is long, highly spiced and you can be sure it’s that cinnamon heat which takes centre stage.
Picture of Grand Marnier, 70cl

Grand Marnier, 70cl

Despite their extensive range of liqueurs it’s the original elegance of their classic Grand Marnier which is the most famous. Made exclusively with a luxurious base of quality Cognac, Grand Marnier has a smooth richness to it and a sharp, vibrant orange flavour. A versatile liqueur which is the base for many cocktails and often enjoyed neat, Grand Marnier is a staple of the classic drinks cabinet and one which will be enjoyed time and again.

Picture of Green Chartreuse , 70cl

Green Chartreuse , 70cl

The world’s only naturally green liqueur has got to be worthy of a spot in your drinks cabinet right? We think so anyway and Green Chartreuse is that drink. Powerfully flavoured and unique amongst similar products, it brings together the flavours of 130 different plants. They’ve been distilled and blended perfectly to deliver the famous flavour and green hues of this liqueur. To get a full taste of its unique flavour it simply must be enjoyed ice cold or splashed over ice.

Picture of Heering Cherry, 70cl

Heering Cherry, 70cl

The Godfather of cherry liqueurs, Heering Cherry Brandy is made to a recipe which dates back to the early 19th century and spends three years maturing before being bottled and this delivers a flavour which truly represents the sweet succulence of the cherry. One of the original ingredients for the first ever Singapore Sling, Heering Cherry Brandy is made from natural ingredients, locally sourced Danish cherries and is genuinely the original cherry brandy.

Picture of Irish Mist, 70cl

Irish Mist, 70cl

Tripled distilled Irish whisky blended with sweet honey and fresh herbs creates the undeniable flavour of aromatic, velvet smooth and intensely drinkable Irish Mist. Its sophisticated taste profile is rich in honey sweetness, dark spicy notes and an herbaceous warmth which ties it all together. The Irish whisky flavour provides a foundation for a wide range of other flavours to bloom creating an ultimately satisfying drink, wonderful on its own before or after a meal.

Picture of Irish Velvet Coffee, 50cl

Irish Velvet Coffee, 50cl

Picture of Iseo Triple Sec (House), 70cl

Iseo Triple Sec (House), 70cl

Iseo Triple Sec offers great flavour and great value in equal measure. Made from the distillation of the dried peel of the Curacao oranges, it’s produced in Italy and has crystal clear hues hiding that truly tangy orange flavour. Light on the palate and with a fresh orange blossom aroma, Iseo Triple Sec is refreshing and sweet. Sugary sweetness blends beautifully with the citric tang of the orange.

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