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Due to its versatility Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and is enjoyed neat, with mixers or as the key ingredient in popular cocktails including Bloody Marys, Martinis and Black Russians.

It’s primarily composed of water and ethanol although it can have traces of impurities and flavourings. Traditionally Vodka is made from fermented grains such as wheat and rye although it can be produced from potato, barley, grapes, rice and corn. Vodka is traditionally distilled in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden but more recently big brands such as Grey Goose are being distilled in the west.

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Picture of 35 SMIRNOFF, 35cl

35 SMIRNOFF, 35cl

Picture of Absolut Berri Acai, 70cl

Absolut Berri Acai, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Cherrys, 70cl

Absolut Cherrys, 70cl

The selection of Absolut Vodka flavours grows one larger with the addition of their Cherrys expression. Made with no added sugar, only natural ingredients, this high quality Swedish flavoured vodka is alive with ripe cherry and subtle hints of berry . Pair it with your favourite mixer or use it to add a sweet , fruity twist to classic vodka cocktails.
Picture of Absolut Citron, 70cl

Absolut Citron, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Elyx, 70cl

Absolut Elyx, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Kurrant, 70cl

Absolut Kurrant, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Level, 70cl

Absolut Level, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Mandarin, 70cl

Absolut Mandarin, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Mango, 70cl

Absolut Mango, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Peach, 70cl

Absolut Peach, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Pear, 70cl

Absolut Pear, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Peppar, 50cl

Absolut Peppar, 50cl

Picture of Absolut Raspberry, 70cl

Absolut Raspberry, 70cl

Picture of Absolut Vanilla, 70cl

Absolut Vanilla, 70cl

Picture of Absolut, 20cl

Absolut, 20cl

Picture of Absolut, 35cl

Absolut, 35cl

Picture of Absolut, 70cl

Absolut, 70cl

Picture of Babicka Wormwood, 70cl

Babicka Wormwood, 70cl

Picture of Beluga Gold, 70cl

Beluga Gold, 70cl

Picture of Beluga, 70cl

Beluga, 70cl

Picture of Belvedere , 70cl

Belvedere , 70cl

Picture of Belvedere Lemon, 70cl

Belvedere Lemon, 70cl

Picture of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, 70cl

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, 70cl

Picture of Belvedere Unfiltered, 70cl

Belvedere Unfiltered, 70cl

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Picture of Belvedere, 1.75ltr

Belvedere, 1.75ltr

Picture of Belvedere, 20cl

Belvedere, 20cl

Picture of Belvedere, 3 ltr

Belvedere, 3 ltr

Picture of Belvedere, 6 ltr

Belvedere, 6 ltr

Picture of Blavod Black, 70cl

Blavod Black, 70cl

Picture of Cariel Vanilla, 70cl

Cariel Vanilla, 70cl


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