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J. Bally Blanc Agricole , 70cl

A high strength white agricole from one of the oldest producers in Martinique. Recommended for ti' punch with a kick.

J. Bally 2002 Agricole , 70cl

Bally has released a large number of vintage agricole rums over the years, and this once comes from 2002. Spicy with notes of vanilla and dark chocolate.
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J. Bally Ambre Agricole , 70cl

J Bally Ambre rhum is a Straw/Yellow rhum agricole distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Aged in large vats for 2 years. Aging in large vats for 2 years gives this rhum agricole a mellow taste and slight golden colour.color

St Aubin Agricole Blanc , 50cl

St Aubin Rhum Agricole comes from Mauritius, and is made by distilling fresh sugar cane juice in the French method. St Aubin itself has been in the business of sugar production since 1819, and started to distil it quite recently. This particular spirit is unaged and clean, crisp and tangy.

HSE Rhum Eleve Sous Bois Agricole , 70cl

HSE Rhum Elevé Sous Bois is aged for between 12 and 18 months in French oak, resulting in a spirit with notes of vanilla, pear, grape and raisin.

Trois Rivieres Blanc Agricole , 70cl

Trois Rivieres hides a lot of flavour in its crystal clear body. Punchy and awash with tangy notes, it is still smooth and is a great alternative choice for your classic Mojito or Daiquiri. Fresh peaches, plums and pears come through in the nose and its high ABV means once you sip you get the full depth of flavour in a single sucker punch. Despite its punchiness there is elegance to this rum and citrus and grassy notes come through to support the strength.

La Mauny 1749, 70cl

La Mauny 1749 Ambre is a young rum which has a depth of colour its short ageing process defies. Subtle sweetness is notable from first sip, with nutmeg, allspice, apricot and unusual anise all coming through. The sweetflavours make this a popular sipping rum and the flavour develops as you drink, bringing in notes of caramel, oak and even curry spice which lingers on the tongue. No ice needed, simply drink it neat.
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Green Island Light , 70cl * offer

Another exceptional rum from one of Mauritius’ finest producers Green Island, Green Island Light is a highly drinkable and wonderfully subtle offering. Grassy and herbaceous on the nose, hints of pepper and sweet honey also come through tempting you to taste it. The flavour is surprisingly creamy for a white rum and has distinct notes of exotic coconut, bitter cocoa and golden syrup, as well as sharp lime and black pepper. It’s this final note than lingers once the drink is done.

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