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Domus Grappa Ruche , 50cl


Domus Nebbiolo da Barolo Grappa , 50cl

From the Domus range comes another intriguing Grappa - this time, the spirit is made using the Nebbiolo grape and has been matured to help develop its flavour profile. Nebbiolo grape are the core of all brilliant Barolo wines, but do they make great Grappa? Absolutely! Roasted apricot, walnut, dry cinnamon, juicy prune and a touch of brandied cherry.

Grappa Tosolini Cividina, 70cl

Spring water clear and aromatically fruity, Tosolini Cividina Grappa is robust and awash with the fresh flavour of grapes. Distilled in Northern Italy in traditional copper stills, there is a Slavic and Austrian influence due to the region of the distillery. With sweet brandy undertones mixed with the pomace of the grapes, Tosolini Cividana Grappa has a mellow flavour which marries wonderfully with aromatic notes and the sweetness of grapes throughout.


My Grappa Antico Porta Gavi di Gavi , 70cl

A white grappa variant from the "Antica Porta di Gavi" series by Lorenzo Inga from Cortese pomace. It is very clear, hearty and yet very soft and full.

Nardini Grappa Bianca 40%, 70cl

Bottled at 40% abv, instead of the regular 50%, the Nardini Grappa Bianco 40 makes for a smoother, lighter sip that might crack open up the cracking would of grappa to people who wouldn't have tried it before. It still maintains the floral notes and citrus zest, but it's gentler on the palate, making this traditional Italian drink perfect for sipping.

Nardini Grappa Riserva 40%, 70cl


Vignassa Grappa Barolo , 50cl

Grappa obtained from the pomace of the noble variety Nebbiolo da Barolo. Colour Clear, crystal clear. Bouquet Intense, great  nesse typical of the variety Nebbiolo da Barolo. Taste Of great elegance and harmony

Grappa meaning ‘grape stalk’, is an italian grape-based pomace brandy that is usually served after a meal to aid digestion.  It’s made by distilling the skins, pulp, seeds and stems leftover from the winemaking process and is aged in various woods including ash, plumwood and oak.

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