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Picture of Bareksten Gin , 70cl

Bareksten Gin , 70cl

Produced at Norway's Oss Craft Distillery, Bareksten Gin takes inspiration from its homeland. it has proved very popular indeed, scooping up a coveted Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition!
Picture of Willem Barentz Gin , 70cl

Willem Barentz Gin , 70cl

Willem Barentsz Premium Gin is made in London using wheat, rye and nine botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, almond, liquorice, cassia, orris root and jasmine. The latter adds extra aromatics and allows this gin to work particularly well as an alternative to vodka in a Bloody Mary, as well as other classic cocktails.
Picture of Berrys No. 3 Gin , 70cl

Berrys No. 3 Gin , 70cl

No.3 is the London Dry Gin distilled to a proprietary recipe of Berry Bros. & Rudd, London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The name No.3 refers to the address in St James’s Street, London: our home since 1698. No.3 was created to be the last word in gin for a Dry Martini. With juniper at its heart, it unashamedly celebrates the integrity and character of a classic London Dry Gin: six perfectly balanced botanicals distilled in traditional copper pot stills.
Picture of Berthas Revenge Milk  Gin , 70cl

Berthas Revenge Milk Gin , 70cl

A gin from Ballyvolane House named after Bertha, a Droimeann cow from Kerry said to have been the oldest in the world when she died aged 48 in 1993. The gin uses whey alcohol from Irish dairies as its base with locally foraged botanicals. The concept originates from Ballyvolane being the Gaelic for 'the place of springing heifers' and botanicals include juniper, coriander, bitter orange, grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, lime, liquorice, orris, angelica, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cumin, almond, elderflower, and sweet woodruff.
Picture of Burleighs Export Strength Gin, 70cl

Burleighs Export Strength Gin, 70cl

The same amazing taste as the Signature gin.Burleighs London Dry Export Strength Gin. With a higher abv of 47%, the classic botanicals dance on the palate, ending with Parma violet, pine and eucalyptus with warming, dry peppery notes. Delicious
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Picture of Burleighs Gin , 70cl

Burleighs Gin , 70cl

Burleighs Signature London Dry Gin, was inspired by a walk in Burleigh Wood, where master distiller Jamie Baxter happened to come across silver birch, dandelion, burdock, elderberry and iris. From this, delicious ideas bloomed and the end result is an earthy, crisp, sophisticated gin from Leicestershire. There are 11 botanicals in the citrus-forward Burleighs Signature London Dry Gin, including those inspired by that walk in the woods.
Picture of Cotswolds Gin , 70cl

Cotswolds Gin , 70cl

Picture of Gordon Castle Gin , 70cl

Gordon Castle Gin , 70cl

Small-batch, hand-crafted gin from the Gordon Castle along the River Spey, featuring botanicals grown in the estate's Walled Garden. Mint, lavender and gooseberry are among the botanical selection, giving this crisp gin a floral, fresh palate.
Picture of Jinzu Gin , 70cl

Jinzu Gin , 70cl

Jinzu is a hybrid spirit, combining Scottish gin from Cameronbridge with distilled sake, cherry blossom and yuzu fruit.
Picture of Kew Explorers Strength Gin , 70cl

Kew Explorers Strength Gin , 70cl

The cask-strength release of Dodd's organic gin. A collaboration between the London Distillery Company and Kew Royal Botanical Gardens. A blend of 15 botanicals including cubeb pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, this is spicy with lots of citrus flavour. This makes a characterful G&T.
Picture of Kew Organic Gin , 70cl

Kew Organic Gin , 70cl

An organic gin , The result of a partnership between The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the makers of the rather tasty Dodd's Gin (The London Distillery Company). Foraged seasonal flora from the world famous and internationally important Kew Gardens and other organic botanicals from around the world . Distilled in Christina , a 140 litre copper pot still .
Picture of Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin , 70cl

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin , 70cl

Produced at Japan's Kyoto Distillery, Ki No Bi is the first gin to be made in the city. Made with a rice spirit and botanicals including yellow yuzu, Japanese cypress, green tea, bamboo and sanso berries (Japanese peppercorn), this has classic juniper notes which complement the Japanese botanicals. With a warming and spicy finish, this will make a delicious G&T.
Picture of Ki No Bi Kyoto Navy Gin , 70cl

Ki No Bi Kyoto Navy Gin , 70cl

Initially bottled for the 2017 Tokyo International Bar Show, the Kyoto Distillery's Ki No Bi Navy Strength is made with the same 11 botanicals distilled in six flavour categories as the original expression, but with the final blend tweaked to fully showcase the botanicals at the higher proof. Fun fact: Ki No Bi Navy Strength is bottled at 54.4% ABV, which was always the traditional British Navy Strength (rather than the more widely used 57%)
Picture of Little Bird Gin , 70cl

Little Bird Gin , 70cl

Little Bird London Dry Gin is made in small batches in Peckham (litte birds peck'em,get it! ) The recipe includes 10 botanicals including grapefruit, orange and ginger (represented by the lady on the bottle). This works well both in a martini and as part of a classic G&T.
Picture of Marylebone Gin , 70cl

Marylebone Gin , 70cl

Marylebone London Dry Gin is made in London by the Pleasure Gardens Distilling Co., using a combination of botanicals including juniper, lime flower, lemon balm, clove, liquorice, chamomile and grapefruit.
Picture of Opihr Oriental Gin, 70cl

Opihr Oriental Gin, 70cl

A London Dry Gin made with botanicals from along the traditional spice route that led back to the UK. Indonesian Cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander are all used in this gin, launched by Quintessential Brands in 2013.
Picture of Roku Japanese Craft Gin , 70cl

Roku Japanese Craft Gin , 70cl

ROKU is Japanese for six, named after the six natural Japanese botanicals that Roku is made with, which take you on a tour of the Japanese seasons. Spring is represented by both Sakura (cherry blossom) flowers & leaves, Natsu (Japan's Summer) provides the Sencha & Gyokuro (two types of green tea), Autumn brings the Japanese pepper and Winter, the Yuzu. The eclectic mix of botanicals results in a spirit with rich character. Notes of cherry blossom are quickly followed by green tea, smokey leaves and a light bitter finish. Unusual and unexpected, this is a must-try for any gin lover, adn the Japanese rice paper label makes it a classy and smart addition to the gin shelf.
Picture of Ron Jeremy Hedgehog Gin , 70cl

Ron Jeremy Hedgehog Gin , 70cl

A gin joins the Ron de Jeremy range! Hedgehog Gin (the Hedgehog is Ron's nickname, by the way) is made with botanicals including damiana, ginseng and guarana (which are of course described as "mojo botanicals & hot love herbs" on the label).
Picture of Warner Edwards Harrington Gin , 70cl

Warner Edwards Harrington Gin , 70cl

Warner Edwards Gin , produced by Tom Warner and Sion Edwards in a 200 yer old barn in the Northamptonshire village of Harrington. The main three botanicals are juniper, coriander and cardamom, which have helped to produce a gin that's so well balanced it can be drunk neat if you so wish.
Picture of Carpenters Gin , 70cl

Carpenters Gin , 70cl

First created in December 2014 in Homerton East London, the small artisan rectifying pot still produces a maximum of 80 bottles per batch. The influence of Modern London, Family and Traditional Craft, have molded our release of London Dry Gin. Coriander Seed from Eastern Europe Guatemalan Cardamom Pods Organic Lemon and Orange Peels from Spain Almond Powder French Angelica Root Balkan Juniper American Oak Chips
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Picture of Fifty Eight Gin , 70cl

Fifty Eight Gin , 70cl

Fifty Eight Gin is the work of Mark Marmont, who creates the gin in Hackney Downs using a single shot distillation method with a fantastic alembic still, 100% British wheat spirit and nine carefully selected botanicals - this includes juniper, coriander, lemon, pink grapefruit, vanilla, orris, cubeb pepper, bergamot and angelica. Especially recommended for cocktails........
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Picture of Gordons Gin, 70cl

Gordons Gin, 70cl

We all love Gordon’s, whether we’re fans of Ramsay or not. The world’s most popular gin and a perennial bestseller, Gordon’s has a flavour which has come to epitomise quality gin. Juniper-led with peppery spice and sweet lemon zest following closely. Aromas of hops and eucalyptus underpinned by sage and liquorice whirl as you sip and a deeper, earthy aftertaste lingers, with citrus zest still coming through.

Picture of Hidden Curiosities Gin , 50cl

Hidden Curiosities Gin , 50cl

Hidden Curiosities is a very handsome gin produced in the equally-as-handsome Surrey Hills in the south east of England. It's made using a combination of 20 botanicals, including yuzu, bergamot, pink grapefruit, lavender, violet and white mulberries. The producers recommend trying it neat or over ice so you can wrap your mind around the complex flavour profile. Curiouser and curiouser...
Picture of Silent Pool Gin , 70cl

Silent Pool Gin , 70cl

24 botanicals are carefully chosen for their uniquity , that work together in unison to afford a romantic , complex flavour. Fresh floral and clarifying citrus notes are grounded by earthy and spicy cassia bark and cubeb , and a smooth finish is achieved with the help of local honey.
Picture of Tarquins Cornish Dry  Gin , 70cl

Tarquins Cornish Dry Gin , 70cl

Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin is produced at the Southwestern Distillery. Made with botanicals from around the world, including handpicked Devon violets. For a very Cornish Martini, add five parts gin with one part dry vermouth and add a drop of Tarquin's Cornish Pastis.
Picture of Tarquins Cornish Seadog Navy Gin , 70cl

Tarquins Cornish Seadog Navy Gin , 70cl

Sea Dog is the navy-strength release of Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin. Produced at the Southwestern Distillery in Cornwall, this is made with botanicals from around the world, including hand-picked Devon violets. Excellent in a Martini.
Picture of ISFJORD GIN , 70CL


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Picture of Colonsay Wild Island Botanic Gin , 70cl

Colonsay Wild Island Botanic Gin , 70cl

Conceived on the Isle of Colonsay, one of Scotland’s Southern Hebridean islands. Born in a traditional copper still infused with six native hand foraged botanicals growing wild on our island and a further ten as our base. Enjoyed by discerning gin drinkers everywhere. Wild Island Botanic Gin infuses naturally growing botanicals from our remote Hebridean island with 100% British Wheat spirit, to create a premium gin of the highest quality. Using a total of 16 botanicals and distilled using the traditional single copper pot still method, we have created a gin that has a refreshing lemon base, pronounced further by a diverse array of leaves and flowers – including lemon balm – hand foraged on the island and selected to deliver a gentle floral, citrus fresh character. Produced in small batches and released only 750 bottles at a time, this is incredibly smooth and easy to drink and is perfect for creating the classic Gin and Tonic. We suggest a slice of lemon, a good quality tonic (at not more than 2:1 ratio to gin) and plenty of good ice. Finish with a sprig of mint and a twist of lemon peel for added aroma. Stir gently and enjoy.
Picture of Crossbill 200 Gin 2017 Edition , 50cl

Crossbill 200 Gin 2017 Edition , 50cl

Crossbill distillery, at the time of writing, is the only gin producer in Britain that enjoys access to fresh juniper for their spirits literally at their door. On discovering that one of their juniper plants was more than 200 years old, they created this special edition exclusively using fruit from that specific specimen and the rosehip that grows around it! Naturally, this is a very limited release, presented in an etched Glencairn glass bottle and handsome tube.
Picture of Crossbill Gin , 70cl

Crossbill Gin , 70cl

Picture of Dodds Gin Small Batch , 50cl

Dodds Gin Small Batch , 50cl

Dodd's Gin is The London Distillery Company's first gin produced solely in London, following the release of their Anglo-American Testbed 1 gin samples in 2012. It's named after Ralph Dodd, who back in 1807 had planned to build a distillery in London for the creation of British spirits. Ralph's dream sadly crumbled however, much like a number of bridges and tunnels he designed. The gin itself is made exclusively with organic botanicals, including juniper, angelica, fresh lime peel, cardamom, red raspberry leaf, bay laurel, and honey from The London Honey Company.
Picture of East India London Dry Gin , 70cl

East India London Dry Gin , 70cl

The East India Company, more famous for its range of teas and fine foods, has released its own gin. Made in London from 12 botanicals including long pepper, sweet orange and amchur powder, this has notes of juniper, nutmeg, ginger and cocoa.

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