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Scorpions Single Malt Whiskey , 70cl * offer

This is a single malt whisky that was made from a collaboration between German rock band Scorpions (you know – Rock You Like a Hurricane, Wind of Change etc.) and Swedish distillers Mackmyra. It was matured in German sweet cherry wine casks, which gives it an interesting point of difference while also honouring the band's heritage. So, do you think you're ready to 'Taste the Sting'...
£62.95 £57.95

Whyte & Mackay 13 yr Blended Whisky , 70cl

The world famous range of blends created by James Whyte and Charles Mackay, founding the company, as they did, in 1844. This is the core bottling, at an unusual 13 years of age.

Kavalan Sherry Wood Malt , 70cl * offer

A 2016 addition to Kavalan's core range, Sherry Oak uses the same casks that are normally reserved for the cask-strength Solist releases, but diluted to 46% using Kavalan spring water. Sweet and oily with notes of dried fruit, dark chocolate, pepper and raisins.
£89.00 £77.95

Jack Rudy Extra Bitter Tonic Syrup , 236 ml

We’ve added a richer expression of Quinine for a fuller, drier Gin & Tonic. This premium tonic pairs wonderfully with a classic, juniper forward Gin. All of the nuanced flavors of our Original Classic Tonic Syrup that you have grown to love, with an added bitterness and none of that terrible aftertaste left behind with commercial tonic waters.

The Lakes Classic Gin , 70cl

The Lakes Gin is our classic English gin with vibrant notes of juniper, cracked black pepper and orange peel. We elevate flavour by using only a select few botanicals, gently infusing them in the finest British wheat spirit, distilling in our traditional copper pot still and only drawing the purest water from our Lake District National Park home in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By steeping the botanicals overnight like loose-leaf tea, they interact freely with the warm spirit to encourage the essential oils to release more slowly, protecting their delicate nature. The traditional copper pot still then runs slow and long to extract the maximum amount of flavour.

The Lakes Single Malt Reserve No . 2 , 70cl

Behold, the second release from The Lakes Distillery's Whiskymaker's Reserve series! The single malt has been matured in a combo of Pedro Ximénez, red wine and bourbon casks, whereas the first Whiskymaker's release was only matured in red wine and Pedro Ximénez casks. Eventually, the English whisky was bottled at cask strength, a generous 60.9% ABV. The Whiskymaker’s Reserve is an artistic exploration of oak and blending, and you can expect big fruity flavours in this one.

Broken Clock Vodka , 70cl

Made a traditional copper pot still in Cheshire, Broken Clock vodka was inspired by Leon Kuhajewski's 1816 invention of the first astronomical watch. Infused with slow-ripened apples from Shandy Hall in Coxwold, Yorkshire, Broken Clock is a sweet, herbaceous vodka with notes of apple and cinnamon crumble, and freshly-mown grass.

I Spirit Vodka , 70cl * £10.30 off

Top quality Italian vodka which was introduced in 2009. The ingredients do suggest a reverence for Italy's spirit, using both grapes and grains to create the distillate, as well as spring water from the Dolomites in north eastern Italy. I Spirit Vodka's luxurious mouth-feel and refreshing flavour profile (which still retains a classic purity) does indeed bring to mind the classy and elegant bars of Italy. I Spirit Vodka is a new Italian vodka created in partnership between restaurateur Arrigo Cipriani (owner of the famed Harry’s Bar), the enterprising Lapo Elkann of the Fiat family and Friuli distiller Marco Fantinel .
£28.95 £18.65

Arran 21yr Non Chill Filtered , 70cl

Our long awaited 21 year-old has now joined our core range of Single Malt whiskies. This is truly the jewel in Arran Single Malt's crown and is 100% matured in a mix of some of the oldest Sherry Butts from our distillery. We are delighted to present it in a beautiful new gift box for autumn 2019 as part of our new range. This whisky is truly stunning. The nose immediately reveals delicious sweet Sherry notes whilst the palate has elegance and finesse. The first sip remains true to the character of Arran - fresh fruit and sweet spice in abundance. I am proud of this Single Malt as it joins our core range as one of our oldest expressions to date. - James MacTaggart, Master Distiller.

Warners Pink by Nature Pack , 3 x 5cl

Pink by Nature gin gift set contains a selection of three naturally flavoured pink gin miniatures, crafted with real ingredients on the farm: 1 x 5cl Warner’s Rhubarb Gin 1 x 5cl Warner’s Raspberry Gin 1 x 5cl Strawberry & Rose Gin. The perfect present for pink gin lovers!

Warners Apple & Pear Gin, 70cl

Although we’re transitioning to cooler weather, the launch of Warner’s Apple Pear Gin is the last tipple to remind us of summer. The occasion for this exquisite looking gin and its launch is the celebration of Joules’s 30th anniversary and Warner’s Distillery is helping them celebrate. To mark this milestone, the two brands have worked together to craft a gin inspired by sun-filled countryside walks, with 1/3 pure apple and pear juice, and Warner’s Distillery’s local elderflower bottle. Indulge your senses in beautiful silky, fruity and sweet spice.

Arran 18 yr Non Chill Filtered , 70cl

Following on from the previous limited edition 18 year old, Arran 18 year old has now become part of the core range! It's bottled without chill-filtration or artificial colouring.

Arran Barrel Reserve , 70cl

Exclusively matured in ex-bourbon barrels and distilled at Isle of Arran Distillers' Lochranza distillery, Arran Barrel Reserve is a fresh, light single malt released in autumn 2019. Aromas of citrus and vanilla mingle with lively apple and delicate sea breeze on the nose, while the palate offers notes of sweet fruits, warm spices, citrus, creamy vanilla and charred oak. Try drinking this whisky neat, with a splash of water or as part of a cocktail.

Five Farms Irish Cream , 70cl

Single Batch Cream Five Farms is made with the richest dairy cream, smooth and sweet and luxurious. The mild climate and abundant rainfall in County Cork result in fertile farmland for dairy cattle, who spend their days basking in the fresh sea air and grazing on vibrant green grass. The “happy cows” of County Cork produce the highest quality milk, and the collection in single batches assures that Five Farms starts with a rich and creamy base product that is consistent from batch to batch. Five Farms is a true farm-to-table product, crafted from single batches of fresh cream that are combined with premium Irish Whiskey within 48 hours of collection to become authentic Irish Cream Liqueur. The cream is sourced entirely from five family-owned farms in County Cork, run by families that have a deep connection to the land and a passion for their craft.

Copalli White Rum , 70cl

A terrific white rum from Belize, produced as part of the Copalli range. The spirit is made with organic sugar cane, which is crushed for its juice within two hours of its harvesting, and any left over sugar cane material is used to fuel the pot stills at the distillery. They also use canopy water in the proofing process, resulting in an organic rum with a clear desire to promote environmental sustainability.

Copalli Barrel Rested Rum , 70cl

The Copalli Rum range is made in Belize with environmental sustainability in mind (as well as top-quality spirit, obviously). The producers use the juice harvested from organic sugar cane, and the use the remaining sugar cane materials to fuel the pot stills, and they also use canopy water in the proofing process. For its dark rum, Copalli uses casks that previously held bourbon, which imparts some gorgeous vanilla-rich notes to the crisp organic spirit.

Croft Pink Port , 50cl

Croft Pink Port Aromatic raspberry fruit aromas. The palate is full of deliciously ripe cherry and raspberry fruit flavours with lovely nuances of honey and grapefruit.

Ciroc White Grape , 70cl

A bright new addition to the famous Ciroc range! Distilled five times from fine, luscious French grapes, Ciroc White Grape vodka is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of white grapes resulting in a rich and refreshing taste experience that is different and elegant. Enjoy chilled neat, over ice or in your favourite cocktails.

Lyers Red Vermouth , alcohol free , 70cl

Lyre's Rosso Vermouth Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700mL

Futyulos Malna Raspberry & Honey Palinka , 50cl

Futyulos Sour Cherry & HoneyPalinka , 50cl Distilled and bottled in Hungary .

World Atlas of Gin by Joel Harrison & Neil Ridley

The World Atlas of Gin: Explore the gins of more than 50 countries (Hardback) zoom The World Atlas of Gin: Explore the gins of more than 50 countries (Hardback) Joel Harrison (author), Neil Ridley (author) No more liqueurs and spirits that you only use once, that then collect dust in your cupboard, and most importantly, waste money. This book, will strip away the mythology behind “complicated” cocktails, teach you the short-cuts, tips and secrets that professional bartenders use to make perfect-tasting drinks every time, without breaking your back and most importantly your bank.

Laplandia Espresso Shot , 70cl

Laplandia espresso vodka is made from some of the purest groundwater in the world with an addition of natural flavours. Enjoy neat when super chilled or as a cocktail base.

Laplandia Coco Shot , 70cl

Laplandia coconut vodka is made from some of the purest groundwater in the world with an addition of natural flavours. Enjoy neat when super chilled or as a cocktail base.

Grand Marnier Cuvee Louis Alexandre , 70cl

Created as an homage to Grand Marnier's founder, this reincarnation of Cuvée Louis Alexandre is a blend of 82% VSOP Cognac and 18% bitter, aromatic bigaradia orange liqueur. Rich and smooth, the palate offers notes of candied orange, vanilla and zesty citrus, before a finish of caramel, bergamot and rich oak notes.

Grand Marnier Cuvee Du Centenaire , 70cl

Introduced in 1927 to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary, the majority of the cognac used for Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire is from the sought-after Fine Champagne region.

Wild Turkey Longbranch , 70cl

A full-bodied and balanced bourbon, at once fresh, sweet and smoky, with a rich and rounded mouth, Longbranch is a collaborative effort between Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell and the brand's Creative Director – award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. Longbranch has been refined using charcoal from both Kentucky white oak and Texan mesquite in a nod to both mens' home states, and the bottle bears the signatures of both Russell and McConaughey in a nod to the spirit in which this bourbon was made – that of friendship and partnership.

Gospel Green Methode Traditionelle Rose Cider , 75cl

Gospel Green Rose is, we think, a world first! Finally a 'super premium' Rose cider made with 100% apple juice and a touch of pinot noir. Made in the same way as our award winning 'method champenoise' Brut, our Rose is a delicious and sophisticated drink. Aromatics of wild strawberry and hedgerow berries lead to a hint of floral Rosehip. This delicate sparkling rose cider has a smooth rounded finish with a touch of baked apple. Perfect with fish, duck, red fruits and desserts. Makes a wonderful all round sparkler!

Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup , 70cl

Monin's Pumpkin Spice Syrup is made with pure cane sugar. A delicious syrup that will add an extra dimension to any coffee or cocktail.

Moose Alpine Liqueur , 70cl

Moose calls itself The Alpine Spirit, and has been made with all manner of ingredients you'd love to enjoy after a long day exploring the wonderful scenery, including chilli, coffee, maple syrup, mint, pine, gentian and nettle. Suitable for enjoying in the winter (perhaps in a hot chocolate) or in the summer (in a variation of a Moscow Mule).

Rum Java Cinnamon , 70cl * offer

A rich, spiced liqueur made with Caribbean rum and infused with cinnamon, hazelnut and Java'Mon Signature coffee.
£35.50 £29.95

Companero Elixir Orange , 70cl

A lip-smacking expression from 1423's Compañero range, based around rum from Trinidad and flavoured with plenty of orange alongside various tropical deliciousness. Well suited to enjoying alongside particularly sweet puddings, we reckon.

24 Days Of Rum Advent Calendar , 24 x 20ml

Be surprised every day for 24 days and discover a new rum on each day of advent! This high-quality advent calendar is packed with 24 x 20ml miniature bottles of rum. The pretty gold and black calendar is the perfect present for any rum lover and of course it is also the best present for yourself if you are a rum enthusiast! In this advent calendar, you will find rums from different countries, brands and aging times Behind every black little door with a golden number hides a different rum. From white to aged for a long time, from the Caribbean to South America, you will find something new and special. You will be able to try rums from brands you have never tasted before

Chamarel Exotic Spiced , 70cl

A spiced rum from the Mauritius-based Charamel distillery, dubbed Exotic Spices. It takes the Gold Rum, and infuses it with spices in oak casks for three months. A delectably smooth and spicy expression, brilliant stuff from those Charamel folks once again.

Bruichladdich Unpeated Barley , 20cl

This is a thought provoking, uber-provenance single malt whisky distilled from barley grown by eight family farms on our remote Scottish island home. Barley varieties Optic and Oxbridge were planted across the breadth of the island in 2009. We distilled their spirit early in 2010 and it ran clean, rich and malty, before being filled into ex-Bourbon and French wine casks and matured in our warehouses by Loch Indaal.

Aecorn Aromatic Aperitif Alcohol free , 50cl

Rich tawny in colour with a sweetly aromatic, smoky nose. Full-bodied and indulgent with notes of smoked Cherrywood, Vanilla, Kola nut & Chinotto. Smooth and silky, finishing with subtle notes of Chocolate, Raisin and Oak.

Gran Patron Piedra , 70cl

Aroma of fresh fruit and mushroom with hints of toasted French oak Sweet yet complex with notes of agave, vanilla and mushroom Smooth, long-lasting finish Made from the finest 100 percent Weber Blue Agave Crafted using the centuries-old tahona process

Londinio White Vermouth , 75cl


Londinio Red Vermouth , 75cl


Londinio Rose Vermouth , 75cl


Londinio Dry Vermouth , 75cl


Plantation Gerrys 8 th Edition Rum Peru , 70cl

Plantation Rum Gerry's 8th Edition Peru 2010 , 70cl Limited edition of 440 numbered bottles , chosen By Gerry's , in collaboration with Plantation Rums ... Finished in Pineau des Charentes Cask at 43.6% ABV in the south of France.

Reserve St Jacques Pinot Noir , 75cl

A juicy, plummy wine with lots of engaging ripe fruit and an easy-going attitude. VEGETARIAN

Louis Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay , 75cl

Louis Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay A good example of the classic style by Jadot. Well matured in french oak brings out a smoky falavours that complements the apple, peach notes with hints of mango and banana. Rounded out by malolactic fermentation bringing rich buttery, brioche notes. Sumptuous with some green notes freshening the long finish

Chateau Beauchene Le Pavillon Cotes du Rhone , 75cl

Chateau Beauchene Cote Du Rhone An uplifting nose of spices and red fruits with a light to medium body and a palate of strawberries and pepper that is high in acidity and muted tannins. VEGAN

Gabriel Boudier Cacao Brown , 50cl

.Cocoa liqueur, the previously roasted whole cocoa beans are macerated in alcohol to extract the cocoa butter, the colour and flavours of the cocoa. It is the best chocolate-flavoured note that can be used in cocktails. With its strong dark chocolate taste, it is highly popular for its natural bitterness.

HMS Victory Gin - Isle of Wight , 70cl

A gin with a sense of place, being made with Isle of Wight rock samphire and Boadicea hops alongside juniper, coriander seeds, fresh lemon zest, grains of paradise, angelica, liquorice, orris and elderflower.

Glenfiddich Project XX , 70cl

The second release in Glenfiddich's Experimental Series is their Project XX expression, which was made not simply by one Malt Master, but 20! 20 Malt Masters were invited to the Glenfiddich distillery and invited them to pick any expression from the thousands of casks maturing in the warehouse. The 20 chosen whiskies were then married by Malt Master Brian Kinsman to create this single malt you see before your eyes. Hooray for teamwork!

Brooklyn Gin USA , 70cl

Brooklyn is a handmade gin from New York. Distilled from local corn and using botanicals including citrus peels from locally grown fruit, this is fresh, complex and wonderful in a G&T.

Blavod Black Vodka , 70cl

Catechu( Acacia shrub extract) is added to give the colour but doesn't seem to affect the flavour itself. Clean and spicy on entry with a faint note of lemon rind and cloves. Medium bodied vodka that carrys on into some slight autumnal berry notes. The finish is of a reasonable length the kick is strong and reatains the notes of clove na d lemon which linger off into white pepper. For those of us who like things a little different. Keep this one in the fridge to tighten it up a little.

Naoussa Greece , 75cl

A full-bodied wine, ruby-red in appearance, with aromas of ripe berries accented by new oak, well balanced with an elegant long finish. VEGAN

Motorhead Bomber Smokey Shot , 50cl

Motörhead Bömber Smokey Shot is an shot made by specially selected herbs, an intense, smoky charcoal with hints of spicy black peppar. Completely unique with lots of attitude. Whether you’re in the middle of a wild party or having a quiet barbeque – this is the perfect shot to raise in honor of Lemmy. And for the loudest band in the world. ”Because you know we aim to please Bring you to your knees It's a bomber, it's a bomber, it's a bomber”

Motorhead Iron Fist American Whiskey , 70cl

In terms of taste, this whiskey ranks in the top segment. Its multi-faceted profile ranges from aromas such as caramel, dried fruit, nuts and oak to a round sweetness in the finish. This whiskey is so good that it deserves to be named after one of the best Motörhead songs ever written.

Double Lariat Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon , 75cl

"Deep garnet-purple in color, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Double Lariat is scented of cassis, cedar, violets and espresso with a sautéed herbs undercurrent. Medium to full-bodied, it has a flavorsome raisin cake character in the mouth."

Groenlandberg Oak Valley Pinot Noir , 75cl

Outstanding Pinot Noir! Cherries, spice and earthy tones. Soft round tannins. Top notch! Picked up numerous awards....

Deutz Hommage 2010 , 75cl

Deutz Hommage a William Deutz Parcelles d'Ay is created from two estate vineyards adjacent to the house itself in Ay: Cote Glaciere (1.92 ha)and Meurtet (2.42ha) The new creation by CEO Fabrice Rosset is a blend of 100% Pinot Noir and is a hommage to the founder of the house. The last time Champagne Deutz created a Blanc de Noirs was in 1975. Usually the wines from these two vineyards are blended into Deutz's other cuvees, but Michel Davesne was so impressed with it he decided to put it on it's own again. Only 6,000 bottles have been made and only 600 of them to be released in the UK.

Cazcabel Coffee Tequila , 70cl

Cazcabel's Coffee Liqueur is a tasty blend of their Tequila Blanco and coffee. Makes a fantastic espresso martini, or alternative use as an alcoholic ice cream sauce.

Cazcabel Honey Tequila , 70cl

Cazcabel Honey Liqueur is an exceptional blend of high quality Cazcabel Blanco Tequila and the sweet, natural flavour of honey. Nature’s finest nectar is combined with fine tequila to create a silky smooth and endlessly drinkable liqueur. Earthy notes combine with the warm honey to deliver deep honey tones which work wonderfully with the cooked agave. Caramel thickness comes through adding syrupy depth and a complexity to the drink which makes it a wonderfully enjoyable liqueur.

Black Tears Spiced , Cuba , 70cl

Black Tears is produced using molasses sourced from four sugar mills in the Ciego de Avila province of the country. Coffee and cacao is used to create the spice flavour in the rum, which is produced by Grupo Azucarero (AzCuba Sugar Group). The company, which was formed seven years ago, has recommended a serve of 5cl of Black Tears to 15cl tonic in a highball glass.

1792 Single Barrel 49.3% * one per customer

Occasionally, barrels destined for 1792 bourbon are found to be good enough to be bottled on their own. This single-barrel release is rich and sweet with notes of butterscotch, caramel, toffee and mixed fruit.
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Evangelista Genziana Affumicato , 50cl

A pleasant but slightly bitter liqueur from Evangelista , made by infusing a mixture of different types of gentian roots , traditionally drunk after dinner thanks to its digestive properties. ''Now in new smoked version''

Starward Twofold Whiskey Australia , 70cl

Matured in Australian red wine barrels, Starward Two-Fold has been made using a combination of malted barley and Australian wheat. Flavour-forward and elegant, Two-Fold has soft aromas of red fruits, buttery pastry, creamy vanilla and warm baking spices, and the palate offers notes of tropical fruits and oak spice. Try mixing Starward Two-Fold with sparkling apple juice and fresh mint leaves to make an Orchard Spritz.

Haymans Small Gin , 20cl

Hayman’s of London has launched Small Gin, a full strength gin with stronger botanical flavours designed to reduce the amount of spirit required to serve a Gin & Tonic. The small 20cl bottle is intensely flavoured with botanicals which means just 5ml of Hayman’s Small Gin is required to make a balanced G&T, which in theory reduces alcohol consumption by 80%. Fifth generation family member, Miranda Hayman, said: "Many consumers are actively looking to reduce their alcohol consumption but are keen to continue enjoying that classic gin flavour they have grown to love. Small Gin is the perfect solution – a real gin that allows you to mix a true G&T with just a fraction of the alcohol."
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Stranger & Sons Indian Gin , 70cl

From Third Eye Distillery comes Stranger & Sons Gin, distilled in Goa, India! Botanicals include home-grown pepper, lemon and coriander, as well as a mix of Indian citrus peels led by Gondhoraj limes from Calcutta, which is sort of like a cross between a lime and a mandarin orange. Unused citrus is returned to the local supplier to be made into pickles or cordials, so there is no wastage. Hopefully Stranger & Sons won't be a stranger for long...
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Satryna Blanco , 70cl

This small-batch, artisanal Tequila from Satryna is made using steamed blue Weber agave from the fields near Guadalajara. Smooth and subtle, it offers notes of herbal agave, sweet honey and delicate flowers. This Tequila comes in a limited-edition French glass decanter that celebrates the Mexican festival of Dia de Meurtos – The Day of the Dead.

Satryna Anejo Cristalino Tequila , 70cl

Satryna Cristalino Tequila is made in small batches using blue Weber agave from the fields near Guadalajara. Matured for 18 months in American oak barrel, Cristalino is charcoal-filtered to create a crystal-clear appearance. The palate is smooth and soft, with notes of citrus, sweet agave, honey and vanilla, before a lingering, oaky finish.

Mucha Liga 3 Amigos Gift Pack , 3 x 10cl

Inspired by the glory of Lucha Libre, Mucha Liga Tequilas are presented in head-shaped bottles with wrestling mask designs on them. They're pretty bloomin' cool, we reckon - and the spirit within the bottles is rather good too! 3 x 10cl Blanco / Reposado / Anejo

Mucha Liga aNEJO Tequila , 70cl

Seasoned in white oak, ex-bourbon barrels for up to 6-months, our reposado is unlike any other tequila in its category. Perfectly balanced with subtle notes of caramel and gentle flavours of blue agave, Canibal can be enjoyed both neat, or in a variety of cocktails. Unique and striking hand-blown and painted glass bottle. 100% hand-crafted Mexican design. Perfect for collectors or home bars.

Mucha Liga Reposado Tequila , 70cl

Seasoned in white oak, ex-bourbon barrels for up to 6-months, our reposado is unlike any other tequila in its category. Perfectly balanced with subtle notes of caramel and gentle flavours of blue agave, Canibal can be enjoyed both neat, or in a variety of cocktails. Unique and striking hand-blown and painted glass bottle. 100% hand-crafted Mexican design. Perfect for collectors or home bars.

Mucha Liga Blanco Tequila , 70cl

This is tequila in its purest form, clear and un-kissed by any barrel. A premium Tequila for those who want to experience the true flavour of Blue Agave. Natural, fresh, light and herbaceous. A superbly smooth tequila that’s best enjoyed neat, or in a cocktail. Unique and striking hand-blown and painted glass bottle. 100% hand-crafted Mexican design. Perfect for collectors or home bars.

Eight Lands Speyside Organic Vodka , 70cl

Organic 42% ABV Barley and wheat grains Two-stage fermentation process

Eight Lands Speyside Organic Gin , 70cl

Organic 46% ABV 11 different botanicals Cowberries and sorrel foraged from our estate

Oban Night Watch Game of Thrones , 70cl

To celebrate the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, Diageo have collaborated with HBO to release a limited edition collection of eight single malt Scotch whiskies inspired by each of the Houses of Westeros and the Night's Watch. Oban distillery sits beneath the steep cliff that overlooks the bay in the frontier between the Highlands and the Islands, separating land and sea, just as Castle Black sits between Westeros and what lies beyond The Wall and the terrifying forces of the Night King. Bottled at 43% abv, this limited edition could certainly keep the Night's Watch warm on even the coldest of nights. The nose has straw and tangy cereal notes, before mellowing to cocoa and cherry. The palate is rich and mouth-coating with cherry pie and candied orange peel. The finish is long and rich with creme caramel and charred oak aspects.

Pinkster Gin , 70cl

The original Pinkster gin, made from real raspberries, delivered straight to your door in just 48 hours. Deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. Just add a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked, fresh mint for a refreshingly different G&T.

Lyme Bay Reserve Damson Gin , 350ml

Made using hand picked sloes which are steeped in London gin and sugar, Lyme Bay Winery's Sloe Gin Reserve Liqueur is a decadent way to enjoy the brilliant fruitiness of the noble sloe berry.

Wild Berries Gibson Casoni , 50cl

A collaboration between Italian producer Casoni and bartender Marion Beke of the Gibson bar in London, Wild Berries balances sharp acidity with mellow summer berries. Made with locally sourced berries, as well as balsamic vinegar of Modena, it is inspired by the Italian region of Modena.

Baccolo Rosso Veneto , 75cl

Baccolo is a tribute to the ancient wine divinity (Bacco). Perfect blends of indigenous and noble varietals to obtain complex and fruit-driven wines and to protect the viticulture Biodiversity. Extraordinary wines: Baccolo Rosso Veneto ROSSO VENETO Grapes: predominanlty Merlot e Corvina, with partial grapes over maturation (appassimento) and barrique ageing Denomination: Veneto indicazione geografica tipica Alcohol: 13% by vol. Serving temperature: 16°C Colour: dark bordeaux Bouquet: intense of spice and ripe fruit Taste: round and persistent in the mouth Serving suggestions: game, roasted red meats and hard mature cheeses

Chairmans Reserve St Lucia 1931 Rum , 70cl

Chairman's Reserve 1931 rum from St. Lucia Distillers was made as a tribute to the founder, Denis Barnard, and the year he established the distillery, 1931. The rum marries a blend of both molasses and agricole rum, distilled in both Coffey and pot stills, which are then aged in both bourbon and Port casks. It's quite a varied spread. The complex spirit is then presented in an elegant decanter, complete with wooden stopper.

Patriarch Brouilly Cru Beaujolais , 75cl

This wine made from Gamay grapes and raised on granitic and gravel soils displays intense blackberry and cherry aromas with delicate violet notes. On the palate, the wine presents a silky texture with soft tannins.

Chapel Down Sparkling Brut , 75cl

Elegant, moreish and beautifully balanced Typically excellent ESW with a delicate palate, hints of yeast and a long, dry finish

Get 27 Peppermint , 1L

A classic French liqueur, Get 27 is a minty marvel which works wonderfully in cocktails and mixed drinks, as well as being rather refreshing when served over ice. The '27' in the name originally referred to its alcoholic percentage, though over the years this has changed, but the name has remained the same.

Belvedere Ginger Zest , 70cl

The newest addition to the Belvedere range. Ginger meets citrus with a touch of honey to create a zesty, balanced blend to craft delicious cocktails with a little kick.

Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling , 75cl

 A classywine that starts with freshly cut white peach and cinnamon on the palate and has a rich but refreshing finish.


Kingstone Black Apple , 50cl

Pommeau is Calvados' answer to Pineau des Charentes. A lend of three-year-old Calvados and fresh cider-apple juice, this is a deliciously fruity aperitif.

Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal , 100ml

An ancient liqueur with a strange history and an equally interesting flavour. Chartreuse Elixier has been made by the Chartreuse monks since the 18th century, using the same recipe written in 1605. The herbal and floral flavour of the Elixir is delivered through a combination of 130 aromatic flowers and plants, wonderful when enjoyed in sugared water. Its presentation is like a traditional medicinal tonic and it’s a wonderful showpiece for your drinks cabinet.

Karamelodka , 70cl


Signal Hill Whiskey Canada , 70cl

While Canadian whisky is often a showcase of different grains, Signal Hill focuses instead on casks. The distillery takes corn and malt spirit and ages them in three types of cask – ex-bourbon, ex-Canadian whisky and new oak. The three casks bring out different aspects of the whisky's character – vanilla and toffee notes, sweet grain and oaky spice respectively – creating a flavoursome and well-balanced whisky.
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Lubuski Gin Poland , 70cl

A fresh, citrus flavoured gin with hints of spice has made this one of the most popular gins in Poland. This premium quality gin has been distilled to the same recipe for over 30 years.

Batanga Blanco , 70cl

Batanga blanco Tequila is produced at the Casa Orendain, which was founded all the way back in 1926! It's distilled using 100% agave, harvested from the Orendain plantation and fermented with yeast which is locally produced at the distillery from a recipe which is over 80 years old. Batanga is named after the eponymous drink created in the 1950s, which is a simple recipe of Tequila, cola and lime juice. We're sure the Tequila itself wouldn't go amiss in one of those!

Kleos Mastika Chios , 70cl

Mastiha is a fascinating liqueur created in Greece using the resin of the rare mastiha tree grown on the Greek island of Chios. It's not often seen, but when you do, it's always worth a look. This particular expression is Kleos Mastiha, produced by master distiller Maroussa Tsaxaki using the mastiha tears (the hardened resin) and mastiha essential oils. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “fame or glory attained through good deeds and hard work” - which is clearly an admirable thing to aspire to!

Colombo et Fille St. Peray Rhone , 75cl * offer

A wine close to Laure's heart from this rising star appellation! Hand-harvested Roussanne/Marsanne is fermented in oak barrels and left for one year on lees to bring out the best of this richly fruited, straight-to-the-point wine which retains a mineral edge. Well-balanced with citrus and quince characters. 70% Roussane, 30% Marsanne.
£19.95 £17.95

Sexton Irish Single Malt , 70cl

The creation of master blender Alex Thomas, The Sexton Single Malt Irish whiskey is made from 100% Irish malted barley, triple distilled in copper pot stills. After, the liquid is aged in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks imparting a rich and fruity character. It comes in a rather eye-catching hexagonal bottle, too.

Warners Raspberry Gin , 70cl

Made with hedgerow fruits, one third of this bottle is fresh raspberries, blackberries and our hand-picked hedgerow elderflower. For a perfect G&T, serve Warner's (formerly Warner Edwards) Raspberry Gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water, garnish with a few blackberries and a sprig of fresh mint, then raise a glass with us: to craft, to the land, to laughter, and loved ones.

Jack Daniels Master Distillers No. 4 , 70cl

"Jess" Gamble Master Distiller 1964 to 1966 Jess Gamble served as our master distiller for just two years, but it was an important time. Jess was the first of our head distillers to come from outside Jack's Family. Even so, he made sure the whiskey was made and mellowed Mr. Jack's way. "I'm not a Daniel or a Motlow, but I make whiskey like one." Jesse C. Gamble

Monin Pink Grapefruit Syrup , 70cl

A fabulous pink grapefruit syrup, sweet yet somehow juicy and citrussy. Will compliment all manner of cocktails and punches (particularly good with tequila) and add a splash of summer to everything you choose to mix it with.

Futyulos Cherry & Honey Palinka , 50cl

Futyulos Sour Cherry & HoneyPalinka , 50cl Distilled and bottled in Hungary .

Lakes Distillery Steel Bonnets Blended Malt , 70cl

Steel Bonnets is the first cross-border blend of exceptional English and Scotch malt whiskies. At its heart is single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery, created with love and great care in the Lake District National Park. Creamy vanilla and comforting woodsmoke are interwoven to create a whisky born of the unique rugged character and heritage of the of the Scottish & English borderlands. The whisky has creamy, slightly nutty & full bodied flavour. Bottled at 46.6% ABV, natural colour and non-chill filtered.

Deadmans Fingers Hemp Rum , 70cl

Dead Man's Fingers is a heady mix of spices that warms the cockles, stirs the soul and sets you up for whatever the wind blows in! Created by the owners of The Rum & Crab Shack, Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Cornish Rum is made with a combination of Caribbean rums, that are then blended and bottled in Cornwall. The resulting rum is exceptionally smooth, with notes of saffron cake, sweet sherry ice cream, caramel with vanilla and cinnamon, nutmeg and orange.