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Jimmy Rack Tennessee Rye Cask Strength , 70cl

JIMMY RACK TENNESSEE RYE CASK STRENGTH The latest release by Master Maker & Maker J. Arthur Rackham, bottled December 2023. This Tennessee Rye Cask Strength Whiskey is crafted with high grade rye. Distilled and aged for 3 years and 6 months in lightly toasted barrels and then finally double mellowed through maple charcoal for a pure, smooth and complex finish.

Remi Landier Pineau des Charentes Rose 10yr , 70cl

The 10-year-old pineau rosé is aged in oak barrels, produced in the traditional way, and hand-packed in small, highly distinctive batches with fruity, cognac-like notes. This rare pineau is one of the jewels in the appellation's crown.

Lutece Aperitif Paris , 70cl

A tribute to iconic Parisian café culture, Lutèce is a new spirit for the modern drinker. The recipe revitalises the legendary heritage of traditional French spirits, combining fresh fruit, herbs, and plants emblematic of local cuisine.

Fair Elderflower Liqueur, 70cl

Made in the Cognac region using hand-picked elderflower, this fair-trade elderflower liqueur carries a sweet floral bouquet with aromas of lychee and apple blossom on the nose. Try this in a Hugo Spritz or your next floral-forward cocktail.

Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix , 1L

Make perfect Bloody Marys every time with our unique Bloody Mary Spice Mix. Just add Tomato Juice (and Booze if you choose). Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix is unique because of the depth of flavour and herby punch that it gives your Bloody. A wonderful reviver. This is the ingredient to make perfect Bloody Marys, every time, without needing cocktail bar training.

Nusa Cana White Rum, 70cl

Nusa Caña Tropical Island rum has the funky flavours of Indonesian rum at the heart of its blend, telling the story of forgotten craftsmanship, of skill, innovation and unique production methods. Producing a flavour packed, versatile rum style we love. Perfect for tropical cocktails and long drinks. Taste - Opens with fresh cane and young coconut moving to mature dry wood, vanilla and toasted banana leaf. Aroma - Generous notes of vibrant cane juice, banana, coconut and spice

Louis de Grenelle Bio Cremant de Loire , 75cl

“A fine, elegant crémant that gives many cheaper champagnes a run for their money. Expect tangy lime sherbet, pears and apples with a light hint of biscuit and plenty of lively but soft bubbles.”

Glencadam Pedro Ximenez Cask , 70cl

Here we have a sherried single malt whisky from Glencadam distillery. It was first matured in Bourbon barrels before being transferred to quality Pedro Ximénez casks. In the Highland distillery's dunnage warehouses, this rich and sweet PX sherry has added layers of dried fruit and baking spice to malt. It was bottled without chill-filtration or any additional colouring.

Glencadam Pinot Noir Cask , 70cl

A lovely drop here from Glencadam Distillery, made by treating its Highland single malt Scotch whisky to a finish in Pinot Noir Wine casks. The whisky was initially aged in bourbon barrels before it was given a second maturation in barrels sourced from the Burgundy region of France.

Glencadam Merlot Cask , 70cl

Glencadam single malt Scotch Whisky here that was treated to a finish in Merlot wine casks. Master distiller Robert Fleming married several select single malts aged in bourbon American oak casks from Glencadam's historic dunnage warehouses and then finished them in Merlot wine barrels sourced from Bordeaux, France. It was bottled at 46% ABV, natural colour and un-chill-filtered.

Seasn™ Dark Bitters 0% , 150ml

seasn, a new range of 0.0% cocktail bitters. Add three dashes of aromatic & spicy seasn DARK to intensify your favourite non-alcoholic drinks; from sodas, ginger ale & cola to dark spirits, Manhattans & Old Fashioneds....

Sipsmiths ' Dear Low Dykes' Gin , 70cl

Winner of the Sipsmith Cygnus Cocktail Competition, this gin is the brainchild of Sam Wilkes-Green, bartender at Present Company in Liverpool. Inspired by Sipsmith Master Distiller Jared Brown’s historical investigations, this winning creation celebrates the UK’s rich distilling history, and Wilkes-Green’s picturesque childhood in Low Dykes Barn, offering flavours of homemade apple, bay leaf cordial, and sweet clover honey. LIMITED EDITION OF 250 BOTTLES....

Boondocks 18yr Cask Strength Bourbon , 750ml

A statement from the whiskey maker notes that this expression is a cask-strength bourbon with a limited run of just 1,620 bottles. Each will be individually numbered. Just like all of Boondocks’ whiskeys, ryes, and bourbons, this limited edition was crafted by Master Distiller David Scheurich, a veteran of the whiskey industry for 45 years and a winner of the Whisky Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award.

Albert Bichot Pouilly Fuisse, 75cl

This appellation from southern Burgundy is located in the Mâconnais region around the villages of Fuissé, Solutré, Pouilly, Vergisson and Chaintré. The vines are planted on hillsides - sometimes very steep. The varying exposures result in a harvest period that lasts more than two weeks. This wine has a lively and aromatic nose with white fruit and spices with a subtle touch of oak and vanilla

Latour Ardeche Chardonnay , 75cl

Ardeche Chardonnay presents itself with a brilliant straw hue, revealing aromas of green apple that will develop into more honey and almond notes after 2-3 years of aging. An initial attack of acidity leads to a persistence on the palate. A gentle wine that is well balanced.

Arisocratico Valpolicella Ripasso, 75cl

Deep and concentrated with an intense bouquet of ripe fruit, sweet cherry and toasted oak. Black cherry on the palate leads to a long, complex and well-integrated finish.

Hendricks Grand Caberet Gin, 70cl

From a lavish soiree to an intimate gathering, Hendrick's Grand Cabaret elevates your spirits collection with its captivating blend of botanicals and refreshing, fruity gin taste profile. Just add tonic & a garnish of cucumber to indulge in the unconventional allure of this handcrafted gin, celebrating individuality and a taste that stands apart from the crowd.

Elijah Craig Rye 47% , 70cl

Elijah Craig has introduced their first extra-aged Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, an exceptional addition to its acclaimed collection of Bourbons. Crafted with a distinctive blend of 51% rye, 35% corn, and 14% malted barley, honed with meticulous care, this Straight Rye Whiskey achieves an impeccable harmony of spice and smoothness.

Seasn™ Light Bitters 0% , 150ml

LIGHT BITTER: With vibrant green and zesty notes, our LIGHT bitter is the ultimate pick for brightening your gin & tonic combos, hitting refresh on lemonade libations, and making a mean Martini or Margarita that you can't resist!

Everleaf Forest , 50cl alcohol free

A bittersweet blend of sustainably sourced botanical distillates and extracts carefully chosen to capture forest flavours. Bathe in the exotic saffron, rich Madagascan vanilla and honeyed orange blossom of sun-streaked forest floors. How to Enjoy: 1 part Everleaf Forest, 3 parts light tonic, load of ice and garnish with an orange wheel.
£23.95 £21.50

Easy Mixt ( sour ) , 70cl

The ultimate bartender hack. Shake EasyMixt in equal parts with your favourite spirit to make a perfect cocktail every time.

Aber Falls Single Malt Whiskey Wales ,70cl

The first whisky distillery in North Wales in over 100 years. Nose: sweet fruits of the forest, vanilla and toffee, hints of peached pears, candied citrus fruit, fig and sultana balanced with sweet vanilla and a gentle hint of cloves Palate: Rich and full bodied, sweet sherry notes of dried fruit and spice, balanced with fruits of the forest, creamy sweet malt, nuts, dark chocolate and espresso Finish: long and lingering, dried fruit and subtle spice

Disznoko Tokaji Late Harvest , 50cl

This is a great introduction to the Tokaj region and the famous sweet wines. Fresh plums, nectarine, mango on the nose with spicy hints. Very fresh attack, with a rich pallet, very good acidity and a long, salivating finish. Made from indigenous varieties Furmint (90%), Zeta (7%) and Harslevelu (3%) from grapes affected by the Noble Rot Botrytis Cinerea and aged for 6 months in oak barrels.

Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe En Rama , 75cl

TIO PEPE Fino en Rama is the maximum expression of biological ageing; Tio Pepe without filtration or clarification, taken directly from the barrel in Spring when the ‘flor’ growth is at its thickest and in very small quantities. produced from the Palomino Fino grape variety grown in the chalky ‘albariza’ soil of Jerez. Aged for 5 years.

Mount Riley Organic Sauvignon Blanc, 75cl

From a family-owned winery, blended from numerous sites within Marlborough, including the Awatere and Wairau Valleys. Crisp, bright and zippy.

Integro Organic Primitivo, Puglia , 75cl

This organic red wine will have fans of Zinfandel buzzing with delight. Made in Southern Puglia, it has a fleshy, rich character capable of carrying a large dollop of spice inherent in the variety. A perfect match with almost all red meats, particularly when off the grill!

Premium Ukrainian Spirit Pepper Vodka , 70cl

The taste of vodka is warm, warming, with subtle notes of red pepper and other spices, a clean aftertaste with a slight sweetness. More:

Dalmore King Alexander III, 70cl

Six different types of wooden cask are involved in the making of this exception King Alexander III offering from The Dalmore. With influences from Madiera, Marsala, Kentucky bourbon, wine, port and sherry casks, this truly is a complexly developed malt that stands out. Seville orange zest comes through on the nose, with strong vinous notes, creamy vanilla fudge and tropical fruit. A rounded palate and a refreshing taste.


The Only Way Is , Chocolate & Orange Rum Liqueur , 70cl

27.5% ABV/ 70cl An Indulgent Delight. Velvet meets silky, dark chocolate and zesty orange freshness in our rich premium rum. Exceptional on its own or over ice. This really is the perfect after dinner sipping drink. We recommend not to mix this rum liqueur, but to enjoy it's flavour to the full. At your next party, serve it as shots, straight from the fridge!
£24.99 £22.50

Casoni Nocino di Modena , 50cl

This walnut liqueur from Casoni comes from the Modena province of Emilia, Italy. Made by infusing walnut husks with sugar and distillate, this intense liqueur has a nutty and sweet character and is best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly chilled after a meal.

Casa Dragones Mizunara Reposado, 70cl

Casa Dragones Mizunara, a 100% Blue Agave Reposado sipping tequila, holds the distinction of being the inaugural tequila to be exclusively rested in mizunara. Mizunara is a unique and scarce Japanese oak, traditionally reserved for maturing Japanese whiskies. "Mizunara," which directly translates to "water oak," is known for its softer and more porous nature compared to other oaks. This tequila, subtly aged, harmoniously blends the natural minerality of agave with the soft, woody nuances of Japanese oak. The result is a sophisticated, elegantly sweet tequila that transcends traditional expectations.

Belvedere 10 Luxury Vodka, 70cl

Paying tribute to Belvedere's origins, Belvedere 10 is remastered for a new generation who demands the very best. Belvedere 10 is exceptionally rare, crafted from the single harvest of one rye field alone. So smooth it demands to be enjoyed neat or over ice. >

Grey Goose Plain Vodka 5cl

Fantastic grain Vodka that lives up to its esteemed reputation. Silky mixed citrus zest and soft wheat unfold both  slowly and smoothly on the palette. The finish is dry and clean with moments of lemon and crushed wheat; has a great length too. Big thumbs up. Grey Goose always delivers. Extremely well made vodka and well worth the money. Contains 5cl of

Grey Goose Collection 4x5cl

Fantastic grain Vodka that lives up to its esteemed reputation. Silky mixed citrus zest and soft wheat unfold both  slowly and smoothly on the palette. The finish is dry and clean with moments of lemon and crushed wheat; has a great length too. Big thumbs up. Grey Goose always delivers. Extremely well made vodka and well worth the money. Contains 5cl of each.... Plain,Citron,Poire and Orange.

Ron Viejo de Caldas 3yr Rum, 750ml

Here we have a three-year-old rum from Ron Viejo de Caldas, which is a Colombian producer that’s garnered a considerable international reputation. This rum has been entirely matured in ex-bourbon barrels. Sip it neat, or make it part of a cocktail.

Sokolova 7 year old Plum Brandy Slivovica , 70cl

Sokolova 7 year old Plum Brandy Slivovica , 70cl Serbia 40%

Savoia Americano Rosso Aperitivo, 50cl

An aperitif wine that comes from the brilliant mind of Giuseppe Gallo, one of the most authoritative experts in the beverage sector at an international level. Savoia Americano is inspired by the authentic recipe of "Bitter from Milan" which dates back to around 1897, but is the first of its kind to use the DOC Marsala Fino Siciliano wine, as well as being the only 100% vegan aperitif thanks to its use of beta-carotene to obtain its amber red color.
£23.99 £21.50

Vera Wang Party Prosecco Rose , 75cl

Fashion designer Vera Wang turns her hand to winemaking, creating the Party prosecco rosé. Contained within a gleaming silver-tone bottle, this effervescent tipple is the perfect way to add some fizz to celebrations – whether the occasion is big or small, break out the glass flutes, pop the cork and let the bubbles flow. This light, crisp wine is comprised of glera and pinot noir grapes harvested from Italy’s north-eastern Veneto region and offers a lively palate of ripe strawberry and raspberry.

Vera Wang Party Prosecco White , 75cl

Gorgeous Prosecco. Not sweet but not too dry, just right. The cork has Vera Wang's name on the top and the wire holding it in place has her initials on the small tab for opening it. I bought two bottles and enjoyed the quality of the Prosecco so much that I have bought another two bottles since. Lovely as a gift if you could bear to part with it.

Mancino Sakura Vermouth, 50cl


Mancino Rosso Vermouth, 75cl

An exceptional artisanal Vermouth di Torino with 38 botanicals based on wine from Romagna to create an original, yet classic recipe, inspired by world renowned Italian bartender, Giancarlo Mancino. A grand anatomy of vanilla, rhubarb, juniper, toasted wood, myrrh, chiretta, Christmas spices (cloves, cinnamon bark and dried orange) Remarkably balanced Bittersweet medicinal root finish Perfect for Negroni and Manhattan Or serve neat over ice

E H Taylor Rye, 70cl , One per customer

Produced to a different recipe and profile than Sazerac Rye, this recipe contains just rye and malted barley, no corn. The result is an aroma full of dried fruit, black pepper, and touch of fresh dill The palate shows a terrific balance of dark spices and subtle caramel overtones while the finish has an oaky dryness.

Bardstown Bourbon 48% ,750ml


Nardini Rabarbaro, 70cl

An aromatic and uniquely flavoured Rabarbaro from Nardini, a traditional Chinese rhubarb heavy Italian Aperitivo. It's great on its own, cool or over ice, or as an ingredient of classic cocktails.

Aberlour 16yr Double Cask 70cl

Aberlour 16 has the depth and complexity that comes from being matured for 16 years in a combination of American Oak casks and the finest Sherry butts Warm fruity notes which are enriched by an engagingly spicy sweetness Be pleasantly surprised by the rich scented floral and sweet raisin aromas Perfect gift to offer for birthdays, Burns Night, Christmas, Father's Day and other special occasions.

Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin Gin , 70cl

Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin is distilled using the purest Welsh water and a blend of 12 botanicals. This creates a truly vibrant gin. On the palette there are waves of vibrant juniper, with bold supporting citrus notes from fresh lime and pink grapefruit. The subtle floral notes produce a soft, moreish finish.

Cygnet 22 Welsh Gin , 70cl

Cygnet 22 is distilled with a balanced blend of 22 botanicals, including chamomile, bee pollen, and Manuka honey. The nose is evocative of blossom and the rolling valley meadows. Prominent juniper on the palette blends beautifully with gentle chamomile and caramelised honey. The Manuka honey results in a soft smooth finish that ensures Cygnet 22 can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.​

Beluga noble, 70cl

Crystal clean on the palette with soft lemon barley notes. The finish is super clean and leaves a face traints of barley and hay with moves into lemon and faint orange zest. Chill as you would a Champagne.

Beluga Gold Line, 70cl

A super premium vodka from Beluga. Gold Line is an impressively crisp and pure spirit , complete with small hammer and brush to aid in the clean removal of the wax that seals the bottle.

Beluga noble, 1.5L

Crystal clean on the palette with soft lemon barley notes. The finish is super clean and leaves a face traints of barley and hay with moves into lemon and faint orange zest. Chill as you would a Champagne.

Mayajules Artesanal Mezcal

Artesanal Mezcal

Wilderness Trail Rye ,750ml

A cracking Kentucky straight rye whiskey from Wilderness Trail, based upon a mash bill of 56% rye, 33% corn, and 11% malted barley to ensure a well-balanced and rounded profile. It was matured for a minimum of four years on the upper floors of the distillery's rickhouse before being bottled in bond.

Never Say Die Small Batch Bourbon,750ml

Distilled in the State of Kentucky with 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley mash bill, this flagship bourbon has been partially ocean-aged during its journey across the Atlantic and matured in the UK. Offering notes of spice and citrus on the entry, this English bourbon displays flavours of vanilla, leather and caramel throughout the palate.

Bardstown Rye ,750ml

Made with 95% rye and 5% malted barley, this is a flavourful, rich and rounded rye that will delight fans of the style. This straight rye is finished in hybrid American oak and cherry wood barrels for up to 6 months.

Bardstown Bourbon BIB ,750ml

From Bardstown Bourbon Co Origin Series, this is Bottled In Bond; a wheated 6-year expression created with the best locally-sourced Kentucky corn and wheat grains. This expression features 20% wheat in the mash bill, creating a modern expression of beautifully balanced bourbon.

Peerless Double Oak Kentucky Bourbon, 750ml * one per customer

Peerless Double Oak Kentucky Bourbon, 750ml Batch 10 Double Oak was born of a happy accident, when a leaky barrel forced the distilling team to transfer its liquid to a new charred oak barrel. Exposure to that second barrel gave the whiskey amped-up flavours and lots more complexity. This is a bourbon that has gone into overdrive, and it handles the road well. It's syrupy sweet texture is checked by the oak influence, and the palate opens to flavours aplenty—dried peaches, warm apple pie, Christmas spice, gingerbread, raisin cake, chocolate, and pumpkin purée.

Worthy Park 109 Single Estate Jamaica Rum, 1L

This rum comes from the much celebrated Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica. Full bodied and rich with flavours of ginger, tropical fruit, oak and spice.

Arran Machrie Moor Peated , 70cl

The classic fresh Arran Single Malt character with a puff of peat smoke. This Single Malt produced at Lochranza Distillery is some of the original, very first peated Single Malt that we produced on the island.

Michters Single Barrel 10 year Rye, 70cl

Michter's 10 Year Old Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey One of Michter's most limited produced whiskies. Michter’s 10 year old single barrel Kentucky straight rye continues the legacy of America’s first whiskey variety (rye) company (Michter’s, originally known as Shenk’s). Deep notes of vanilla and toffee, toasted almonds and cinnamon Ample dose of crushed pepper and a hint of orange citrus Proof: 92.8 ABV: 46.4%

Patron XO Cafe, 1LT

It’s not every day you’ll enjoy the depths of flavour that Patron XO Café offers, bringing together the sweet sharpness of tequila and the bitter, depth of coffee. Made from natural coffee essence Patron XO Café is thinner than you average liqueur and has an appetising flavour not dissimilar to tiramisu. There’s a stickiness about it which is warm in the mouth and brings together the drier notes of espresso and dark chocolate together in harmony. Use it to create a memorable dessert or heady cocktail.


Accomplice Semillon Sauvignon , 75cl

Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc fruit from vineyards in Riverina was carefully selected for quality and character. All juice was fermented cool to retain intense varietal characters. Wine was left on fine lees for a 4 month period before blending and bottling to maximise the flavours and character. Transparent pale green in appearance, the nose has aromas of tropical fruits with some complexity of fresh cut grass. Zesty palate of lime and lemon with some passion fruit and gooseberry notes.
£7.95 £6.49

Vestal Potato Vodka, 70cl

This is a potato vodka from Polish producers, Vestal. They take pride in giving plenty of attention to the materials they use in their spirits, resulting in vodka that's full of flavour. This is produced by using a blend of potato varieties, creating a creamy, intriguing and delicious vodka. Nose: Fragrant notes of Potpourri and apples, fresh from the orchard.

Tanqueray Gin 0% ALC FREE, 70cl

ABOUT - Tanqueray Alcohol Free 0.0% is a non-alcoholic spirit made from four botanicals, which are perfectly balanced to give a complex and refreshing taste with the juniper and citrus style that Tanqueray is famous for. TASTING NOTES - Tanqueray Alcohol Free 0.0%’s tasting notes feature the iconic botanicals found in Tanqueray Gin, including juniper and citrus.

Gonzalez Byass Anada Finest Dry Amontillado 1975 , 75cl

The 1975 Vintage is amber coloured, with notes of bright orange on the rim. Complex and powerful on the nose, it displays aromas of nuts, toasted almonds, hazelnuts and dried apricots – delicate and subtle with hints of oxidation and a dash of alcohol right at the end. This vintage sherry is dry on the palate, as its flavour develops, historic tannins are clearly detectable in between the flavours of nuts and toasted oak. This is a rare and spectacular amontillado that has achieved balance and still retains perfect balance.
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Cockburns Tawny Eyes Port, 75cl

Bright aromas of blackberry fruit and toffee complement succulent red and black fruit flavours. Great freshness and balance are topped off with moments of explosive peppery spice.

Cockburns Ruby Soho Port, 75cl

Bright aromas of blackberry fruit and toffee complement succulent red and black fruit flavours. Great freshness and balance are topped off with moments of explosive peppery spice.

Krupnik Wisnia Cherry Vodka, 50cl

Krupnik Wisnia Cherry Vodka, 50cl

Licor 35 Pastel de Nata , 70cl

A sweet, intense and enveloping flavour. A cream that is born from the fusion of the popular liquor with the traditional taste of a custard style cream cake. The perfect accompaniment with sublime desserts for the most demanding palate. IN GIFTBOX.

Chateau Rozier Joubert Bordeaux Superiore , 75cl

Deep ruby colour. Creamy with expressive, aromatic fruits like cherries. Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc and Merlot Blend.

Turckheim Reserve Alsace Riesling, 75cl

A pure fruit driven nose, perfumed with cut limes and a hint of spirit. The wine has a perfumed honeyed palate and is intensely fruity with white peach flavours and mineral complexity. Grapes are sourced from selected prime vineyards and harvesting is by hand or machine, depending on the site. Winemaking is ‘traditional’ and overseen by Jean Michel Lihrmann – pneumatic pressing, temperature controlled fermentation, no finings and light filtration before bottling – all to preserve fruit and aromatic qualities and elegance. His philosophy is to make wines with good acidity and fruit balance.

Chemin de Provence Rose, 75cl


Barbadillo Pedro Ximenez , 75cl


Bruichladdich Black Art Edition 11.1

The 11th edition of Bruichladdich's Black Art series is a 24-year-old unpeated single malt, drawn from casks that were filled before the Islay distillery's 2001 renaissance. Only head distiller Adam Hannett knows the recipe, with the barley and cask types remaining undisclosed for this unrepeatable expression.

English Harbour 10yr, 70cl


Barbancourt Rum 15yr Haiti , 70cl

Barbancourt Rum 15yr Haiti , 70cl

Barbancourt Rum 8yr Haiti , 70cl

Barbancourt Rum 8yr Haiti , 70cl

Barbancourt Rum 4yr Haiti , 70cl

Barbancourt Rum 4yr Haiti , 70cl Barbancourt 4 year old rum possesses light delicate flavors. This rum is aged for 4 Years in Limousin Oak Barrel from France

Berghof Swiss Kirsch ,50cl

Berghof Swiss Kirsch ,50cl Cherry Eaux di Vie 40% abv

Madre Mezcal Ensamble 70cl

Established in 2011; Mezcal Madre, is perfectly suited for seasoned mezcal drinkers and newcomers alike. Madre Espadin is produced by Carlos Blas and family using fully mature agaves from their farms in Miahuatlan, Matatlan, and San Dionisio. Madre Mezcal distinguishes itself through its focus on sustainability and artisanal production. Additionally, Madre Mezcal has committed to donating a portion of its profits to charitable organizations in Mexico. This expression is made from a blend of Espadin and Cuishe agave varieties, each bringing their own distinct flavours and characteristics. Each of these stunning bottles are made from recycled glass and hand numbered.

Devils Bridge Spiced Rum Wales ,70cl

Devil's Bridge is a deliciously rich, complex, Spiced Rum infused with the ingredient at the heart of this Welsh legend, Bara Brith. Our base rum is a blend from the Caribbean's most renowned distilleries. In Wales the base is infused with Bara Brith and distilled in a copper pot still with fruits and spices for sweetness, Shirgar Carmarthenshire butter for smoothness and Glengettie black tea for an unusually dry finish. Devil's Bridge is an outstanding rum that can be enjoyed on its own over ice, served long with a mixer or as a first class kick in any cocktail. Toast the Devil's misfortune with us!

Boondocks 11yr American Whiskey , 750ml

An absolutely cracking American whiskey from the Boondocks range, helmed by Dave Scheurich, former master distiller of Woodford Reserve. This expression is made with a combo heavy in corn, along with helpings of rye and malt, and matured for 11 years before bottling. It's not quite a bourbon, as it was distilled to a higher strength than allowed for bourbon (which is 160 proof, or 80% ABV), and matured in used charred white oak bourbon barrels (rather than brand new ones).

Nardini Acqua Di Cedro, 70cl

A Nardini, who can trace their history back to 1779. Acqua de Cedro liqueur Made with cedro lemons, Nardini describe this as "the noble cousin to limoncello". Although similar in flavour profile, this is drier, in part due to the tart juice from the cedro lemons.

De Chanceny Cremant de Loire , 75cl

“A fine, elegant crémant that gives many cheaper champagnes a run for their money. Expect tangy lime sherbet, pears and apples with a light hint of biscuit and plenty of lively but soft bubbles.”
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Briottet Tonka Bean , 70cl

A tonka bean liqueur from Edmond Briottet! It's made by macerating Brazilian tonka beans in French neutral spirit for several weeks. Then French white sugar is added, and that's it! Pure tonka bean brilliance.offee.

Noix St Jean Liqueur, 70cl

Noix de la Saint Jean is a walnut liqueur from the Forcalquier distillery in Haute Provence, where the drink is traditionally taken as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to blue cheese. The walnuts are picked on or before St. Jean's day (24th June) as they must be harvested while still unripe, before the shells start to harden. The St. Jean in question is known to us as John the Baptist.

Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur, 70cl

Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur has less sugar than many of its counterparts. Made with wild Piemontese elderflowers, just add Prosecco and soda water for a Hugo – the cocktail taking Europe by storm.
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Severan Brut Sparkling Blanc de Blancs , 75cl

Fantastic blanc de blancs with persistent fine bubbles. On the palate mouth watering crisp lemons, pear brioche and a hint of honeysuckle. It's sexy soft and aggressive at the same time.

Moscatel Enrique Mendoza , 75cl


Malaga Virgen Red , 75cl


Koskenkorva Original Vodka , 70cl

Koskenkorva Vodka is a premium vodka. Distilled over 250 times, produced from the purest glacier water and selected barleys from Koskenkorva's own fields.

Cavino Nemea , 75cl

A ruby redwine with a rich body, soft tannins and the characterisitc red fruit aromas of the variety (cherry, plum, fruits of the forest) as well as cloves. Agiorgitiko ....extra points if you can pronounce this!

Cavino Retsina , 75cl

A white wine of Traditional Appellation, produced from Roditis and Savatiano grape varieties. A wine of yellow golden colour, typical rich aroma of Halkidiki pines, soft taste and a spicy aftertaste. Excellent with Mediterranean starters and main courses.

Ezra Brooks 7 year Bourbon , 70cl * only one per customer.

ABV: 58.5% Age: 7 Years Old Bottling: OB, Lux Row Distillers Category: Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey Origin: Undisclosed Vintage: Undeclared Nose: Hints of chocolate, leather, vanilla, and spicy grains Body: Slightly sweet and oaky tones Finish: Warm with a slight spice
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Desi Daru Mango Vodka 70cl

Award-winning, seven times distilled vodka flavoured with sumptuous Alphonso mangoes. Exceptionally smooth vodka with a richly satisfying taste. Great on its own or in cocktails. NB. NEW LIVERY COMING....

Arran Lagg Single Malt Peated, 70cl

For the LAGG Kilmory Edition we have used Concerto malted barley and water from our own borehole. Our chosen yeast and fermentation time allows us to create the full-bodied flavour with a vibrant and fresh taste profile which is the cornerstone of what LAGG Single malt has to offer into the future. The influence of the peat combined with the vanilla and creamy influence of the american oak forms the backbone of the go-to LAGG Single Malt. It can be said that the Kilmory expression embodies the 'house style of LAGG' which centres around the use of Bourbon Barrels with our peated spirit. Palate: Spun sugar, earthy malt with a hint of oat, recognisable Arran fruitiness. Finish: Lingering hints of smoke and guava.

Eden Mill St Andrews Golf Gin, 70cl

Eden Mill Golf Gin 70cl is a special edition gin for St. Andrews Golf Company who evoke bygone days with their hickory shafted clubs. Eden Mill Golf Gin utilises their seasoned hickory to create a modern classic. Sweet lemongrass notes on the palate with bursts of mild pepperiness. Stong hints of lime, corriander and aromatic spice. Best served with a light tonic, a couple cubes of ice and a twist of orange or lime peel.

Pilavas Grape Tsipouro, 70cl