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Picture of Absenteroux de Provence , 70cl

Absenteroux de Provence , 70cl

Absenteroux is a vermouth which combines wormword, lemon, anise, gentian and white wine from Provence (Ugni Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Vermentino & Clairette). Colour: Light green with hints of yellow and brown. Nose: Complex and subtle with fresh notes of wormwood, gentian and spices. Mouth: A rich and powerful attack of wormwood followed by sweet, fruity, gentian spicey notes.
Picture of El Rayo Reposado , 70cl

El Rayo Reposado , 70cl

This is the Reposado expression from Tequila El Rayo, which is distilled in 105 year old copper stills and matured for 7 months in casks that previously held whiskey before being bottled. The name is an homage to the legend that lightning struck an agave plant, cooking it and creating the first Tequila.
Picture of El Rayo Plata , 70cl

El Rayo Plata , 70cl

El Rayo Tequila pays homage to the legend that lightning struck an agave plant, cooking it and creating the first ever Tequila. This particular expression is not made with lightning, but with 105 year old copper stills, which distil the agave twice before its bottled up. Very handsome bottles too, mind.
Picture of Worlds End Navy Rum 57 % , 70cl

Worlds End Navy Rum 57 % , 70cl

Their fifth rum is the NAVY 57. A clean rum blend from Trinidad and Jamaican Worthy Park and Hampden, Rums selected on tipical flavornotes .nd allspice.
Picture of Hip Flask ,  237ml

Hip Flask , 237ml

Hip flask made of stainless steel with a safety twist cap and a capacity of 237 ml. The ideal present for picnics.rock concerts or even ghost hunting ! Cheers Big Ears.
Picture of Atlantico Plata Rum , 70cl

Atlantico Plata Rum , 70cl

This Atlantico Rum is the Blanco version which pears perfectly in any Rum base cocktail! This expression holds notes of Sweet Banana and Vanilla with hints of Juicy Tropical Fruits!
Picture of Bounty Dark Rum  , 70cl

Bounty Dark Rum , 70cl

This blend of a 3-year-old column still rum and a 6-year-old pot still rum was aged in ex-Bourbon casks to create a sumptuous dark rum that works in a selection of classic cocktails.
Picture of La Versant Viognier , 75cl

La Versant Viognier , 75cl

Le Versant Viognier Vibrant yellow with green hints. an intense nose of apricots, ripe peach and exotic fruits. the palate has a fresh crisp acidity and a long lingering finish. VEGAN
Picture of Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom Botanical Vodka 70cl

Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom Botanical Vodka 70cl

And with a lower ABV than your usual vodka (30%), the range is ideal for light drinkers, who want to spice up their soda water. The perfect summertime drink, Peach & Orange Blossom boasts lush, full flavours of crisp citrus and fresh fruit. Goes well with most mixers, but we’d recommend soda water or a light tonic.
Picture of Haku Japanese Vodka , 70cl

Haku Japanese Vodka , 70cl

A premium Japanese craft vodka hailing from the House of Suntory. Distilled with 100% Japanese white rice creating a pure and brilliant vodka. Haku has an unparalleled soft, round and subtly sweet taste.
Picture of Arran Lochranza Castle 21 yr Explorer Series - Vol. 2 70cl , 70cl

Arran Lochranza Castle 21 yr Explorer Series - Vol. 2 70cl , 70cl

NOSE Rich, layered and complex. Caramelised almonds and chocolate covered crystallised ginger dovetail with deep aromas of dried apricots and caramelised brown sugar. Dusty smells of the dunnage warehouse abound. PALATE: Bright and mouth coating, showing notes of honeycomb and salted caramel. Herbaceous accents offset the orchard fruit which comes to the fore to display the ever-present Arran house style. Seamless integration of age, wood characters and Arran spirit. FINISH Enigmatic, developing toward Assam tea and subtle cigar smoke. A resurgence of freshness completes the circle. A fabulous example of Arran in more advanced years.
Picture of Baileys Orange Truffle , 70cl

Baileys Orange Truffle , 70cl

Originally launched for Christmas 2012 as a limited edition, Baileys Orange Truffle flavour combines Baileys Irish Cream with orange chocolates - divine.
Picture of Ciroc Summer Watermelon Ltd. Edition , 70cl

Ciroc Summer Watermelon Ltd. Edition , 70cl

Order the CÎROC™ Black Raspberry, masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of black raspberry and other natural flavours. CÎROC™ Vodka is gluten free.
Picture of Kozlovic Malvazija White , 75cl

Kozlovic Malvazija White , 75cl

The Kozlović family have been making wine in the Istrian region of Croatia since 1904. The region borders Friuli and the wines, food and people have a real connection with their Italian neighbours. The winery is run by Gianfranco and Antonella Kozlović and they currently cultivate 25 hectares of vineyard. Gianfranco is a perfectionist and he is constantly striving to improve his wine. He takes a modern approach to winemaking and produces seriously good wines.
Picture of Kozlovic Teran Red , 75cl

Kozlovic Teran Red , 75cl

The Kozlovic family have been making wine in Istria ever since their winery was founded back in 1904. Currently run by Gianfranco and Antonella Kozlovic, the family work some 25 hectares of vines which are planted with local varieties like this gorgeous Teran. The hardworking couple are perfectionists at heart and are constantly working to produce the best wines possible from their historic family vineyards through a combination of modern winemaking techniques and respect for their ancestral land. The grapes for this handsome bottling come from the family’s 30 year old Teran vines which are carefully harvested by hand. After a 10 day maceration and fermentation the young wines are transferred to oak barrels for 8 months to add further complexity to the finished wine. The result is a delicious medium-bodied wine which exudes dark forest fruit aromas and hints of bitter chocolate. Gentle tannins and a refreshing acidity make this ideal to pair with dishes as diverse as a margherita pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella, a generous plate of charcuterie or even fish dishes. Given that Istria bears many cultural similarities to nearby Friuli in Italy, so it is no surprise that the region produces wines which offer such gastronomic potential!
Picture of artisanal electric Liqueur, 50cl

artisanal electric Liqueur, 50cl

From the most complex flavour combination to a simple glass of iced tea, perceptions will be amplified by this alternative unusual liqueur. Buzz button or electric daisies, have the property to stimulate the taste buds and increase salivation through their natural electrifying, tingling sensation. It's blend of over 30 botanicals is meticulously balanced around a dominant element.
Picture of Nocino di Modena , 50cl

Nocino di Modena , 50cl

Produced in Modena, Italy, Nocino di Modena Walnut Liqueur is made through the infusion of walnut husks with the addition of just a touch of sugar. An authentically nutty liqueur to be used in cocktails, mixed drinks, or just drizzled over vanilla ice cream!
Picture of Arran Lochranza Reserve , 70cl

Arran Lochranza Reserve , 70cl

From the only distillery on the Isle of Arran. Arran remains independently owned - one of the very few left in the Scotch whisky industry. Lochranza has been the home village of Arran distillery since 1995. Fresh island character with sweet oak and spice.
Picture of Arran Cote Rotie Cask , 70cl * offer

Arran Cote Rotie Cask , 70cl * offer

After initially maturing in traditional oak casks the Arran Single Malt in this bottling was specifically selected by our master distiller to be ‘finished’ in Côte-Rôtie Wine Casks sourced from a quality producer of this red wine from the Rhone Valley. This whisky is bottled without artificial colouring or chill filtration to ensure a natural full-bodied and flavoursome single malt.
£49.95 £46.95
Picture of Arran Marsala Cask , 70cl * offer

Arran Marsala Cask , 70cl * offer

The Arran distillery has really embraced the art of cask finishing, as this 2018 limited edition bottling demonstrates. This single malt Scotch spent the last months of its maturation in Marsala Sicilian wine casks.
£49.95 £46.95
Picture of Tamada Saperavi Georgia , 75cl

Tamada Saperavi Georgia , 75cl

Georgia is the coming force in Eastern European/Caucasus winemaking. It's interesting, hearty and savoury with thousands of years of winemaking history. It needs herby lamb, vegetable or beef stew to really give is something to work with. Delicious." Soft oak and vanilla overtones, which are echoed on the mid weight palate. The soft velvety tannin structure is well balanced with acidity. The wine has an excellently expressed vinosity.
Picture of Clifton Estate Spiced Nevis Rhum  , 50cl

Clifton Estate Spiced Nevis Rhum , 50cl

A multi-award winning spiced rum handmade in small batches with 100% natural ingredients. From the tiny island of Nevis in the West Indies, Clifton Estate is a unique, easy sipping spiced rum from the first taste to the last sip. Presented in a beautifully shaped bottle.
Picture of Mellow Corn 50% abv , 70cl

Mellow Corn 50% abv , 70cl

Jim Murray describes this as oily with a sweet and spicy flavour. Mellow Corn is distilled at the Heaven Hill distillery.
Picture of J. Bally Ambre , 70cl

J. Bally Ambre , 70cl

J Bally Abre rhum is a Straw/Yellow rhum agricole distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Aged in large vats for 2 years. Aging in large vats for 2 years gives this rhum agricole a mellow taste and slight golden colour.color
Picture of SBS Trinidad 2008 Rum , 70cl

SBS Trinidad 2008 Rum , 70cl

S.B.S Trinidad 2008 finished in a Madieria cask from a single cask, which yielded 337 bottles. T.D.L distillery: Molasses based - Column Still Rum Distilled 2006 - Bottled September 2018 Non chill filtered Aged 12 years
Picture of Vita Citric Spirit , 70cl

Vita Citric Spirit , 70cl

Vita is a brand new, triple distilled vodka crafted from premium Italian rye and natural lemon peel from the Mediterranean Coast. Designed to be blended entirely with water and ice, Vita is one of the finest guilt-free sippers on the market. Expect plenty of fresh and tangy citrus flavour, but at just a fraction of the calories of a normal vodka and mixer! Serve with plenty of ice, water, or soda for a refreshingly guilt-free long drink.
Picture of Cockspur Balla Black Spiced Rum , 70cl

Cockspur Balla Black Spiced Rum , 70cl

Spiced rum from the folks behind the Cockspur rum range, built around spiced from the Caribbean. They recommend serving it in a Zombie cocktail, or simply mixed with cola and a good wedge of lime for a simple serve.
£25.95 £24.95
Picture of Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum , 70cl

Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum , 70cl

Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum begins with an 8 year aged pot and column still blend, distilled from sugar cane molasses by Richard Seal, fourth generation master distiller and owner of Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. It's then blended with exceptional pot still rums from Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic.
Picture of tHE gIN wALA , 50cl * offer

tHE gIN wALA , 50cl * offer

A new handcrafted premium original London Dry Gin brought to you by London Spice Company. Produced in small batches distilled and bottled in the UK, inspired by the Chai wala in India.
£39.95 £34.95
Picture of Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose , 3L

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose , 3L

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose NV Champagne presented in Jeroboam. Spontaneous and balanced, emphasising fruity liveliness. It is zestful, with great suppleness. Show-stopping format.
Picture of St. Nicholas abbey 5yr Cask Strength , 70cl

St. Nicholas abbey 5yr Cask Strength , 70cl

The St Nicholas Abbey distillers in Barbados have rustled up a cask strength variant of their excellent 5 year old rum. Bottled at 60% ABV, expect this expression to pack a punchy flavour profile of fresh fruit and warming spices.
Picture of Ketel One Orange & Mandarin , 70cl

Ketel One Orange & Mandarin , 70cl

Ketel One® Oranje flavoured vodka begins with Ketel One® Vodka, infused with the essence of orange for a crisp, refreshing taste. The essential oil is comprised of Valencia oranges from Florida, providing a roundness, sweetness and unique juiciness. Valencia oranges from Brazil, providing a roundness, and juiciness and mandarin from Italy, providing floral and special fruity notes. The essential oils are blended and refined into a perfectly balanced essence by a specialist based in the home of perfume, Grasse in the South of France
Picture of Ketel Cucumber & Mint Botanical , 70cl

Ketel Cucumber & Mint Botanical , 70cl

Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint is for those who appreciate crisp cucumbers and light tones of fresh garden mint. Each botanical essence is individually and naturally obtained through innovative extraction methods and distillation processes for the freshest, cleanest, most crisp taste possible.
Picture of Martell Blue Swift , 70cl

Martell Blue Swift , 70cl

An innovative eau-de-vie from Martell, which is made by finishing their acclaimed VSOP Cognac in Kentucky bourbon barrels. This finishing process adds rich aromatic tones to Martell's delicate, pure Cognac, layering the characteristic candied fruit and plum notes with vanilla and toasted oak.
Picture of Beefeater Blood Orange Gin , 70cl

Beefeater Blood Orange Gin , 70cl

Beefeater Pink has been created by master distiller Desmond Payne MBE and is based on the traditional Beefeater London Dry gin expression with the addition of strawberries to complement the “classic” Beefeater citrus and juniper flavours.
Picture of El Bandarra White , 1 L

El Bandarra White , 1 L

White Grenache and Xarel-lo macerated with more than 40 herb extracts with vanilla, wormwood and clove. It is given a sweet touch with must nectar and then it is balanced in a tank for two months and hey presto! A vanillered, fresh & citrussy aroma.
Picture of El Bandarra Red , 1 L

El Bandarra Red , 1 L

El Bandarra Vermut is from Catalunya and made with Macabeo and Xarel·lo grape from the winery's estates in the Alt Penedès. The vermouth features over 50 extracts of herbs, flowers and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, liquorice, aniseed, chamomile, rosemary, bay leaf, hops, bitter orange - to name a few! After maceration, it gets a little rest in oak barrels before heading in to the bottle, which is clearly relating to the '50s......
Picture of Bombay English Estate Gin , 70cl

Bombay English Estate Gin , 70cl

Inspired by the rolling hills of Hampshire, English Estate balances locally sourced botanicals of Penny Royal Mint, English Rosehip and Hazelnut to craft a unique expression of Bombay Sapphire. Information Product type: Gin Premium Bottle Size: 70cl ABV: 41%
Picture of Briottet Coquelicot Poppy , 70cl

Briottet Coquelicot Poppy , 70cl

A cracking poppy liqueur (bet you've never tried this before!). Poppy drops are a French confectionery favourite.
Picture of Fluere Spirit  alcohol free , 70cl

Fluere Spirit alcohol free , 70cl

Dutch VOC Spirits has entered the non-alcoholic spirits market with the launch of Fluère Spirito Non-Alcolico. Described as a 'wellness' spirit, Fluère Spirito Non-Alcolico uses gin botanicals including juniper, lavender and coriander .
Picture of McQueen & the Violet Fog Gin , 70cl

McQueen & the Violet Fog Gin , 70cl

McQueen & the Violet Fog Gin is made in small batches in a single copper pot still gin over in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil. It contains 21 botanicals, and the first 15 are macerated in a sugarcane spirit. Then, six additional botanicals are vapour infused into the gin through a copper basket, including handpicked Indian basil leaves, Portuguese rosemary, Mediterranean fennel seed, calamansi from the South Pacific, Vietnamese star anise and locally grown Brazilian acai. Oh, and the name? The gin takes its name from a poem of the same name, and if you fancy having a read the final two verses are on the back of the bottle.
Picture of Grappa Antico Porta Gavi di Gavi , 70cl

Grappa Antico Porta Gavi di Gavi , 70cl

A white grappa variant from the "Antica Porta di Gavi" series by Lorenzo Inga from Cortese pomace. It is very clear, hearty and yet very soft and full.
Picture of Maestro Cafe Liqueur , 70cl

Maestro Cafe Liqueur , 70cl

The true taste of Italian coffee is perfectly instilled in this liqueur. Strong rich espresso coffee comes through on the palate and a sweet and smooth taste ensures it goes down wonderfully. A traditional recipe which uses premium coffees and expert mixers ensures that the original recipe is replicated every time, ensuring that classic flavour is perennially enjoyed and the glass you sip today is as close to possible as when first produced.
Picture of Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca , 70cl

Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca , 70cl

Smooth. & Organic Novo Fogo Gold Cachaça derives its light amber color from two years aging in small oak barrels. The initial taste enters a dryly on medium body, followed by vanilla, cinnamon, and raisin flavors. A medium-long finish begins dry, with bitter chocolate and lingering spicy.
Picture of Monin Mandarine Syrup , 70cl

Monin Mandarine Syrup , 70cl

Give cocktails, fruit punches and teas a festive twist and tantalise the taste buds with the juicy, subtle sweetness of MONIN Tangerine syrup.
Picture of Cask Islay AD Rattray ,70cl

Cask Islay AD Rattray ,70cl

Cask Islay is a small batch release from A.D. Rattray from an undisclosed distillery on the island. A whisky that will entice both Islay fans and be a great place for neophytes to start.
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Picture of Beaumont Copper Plate Hawthorne Strainer

Beaumont Copper Plate Hawthorne Strainer

Pro Quality Hawthorne Strainer
Picture of Briottet Dijon Cassis , 70cl

Briottet Dijon Cassis , 70cl

Creme de Cassis de Dijon, the flagship of Briottet's production, is produced exclusively from the blackcurrant variety 'Noir de Bourgogne'. After macerating the fruit in alcohol for two months a colourful aromatic juice is obtained which releases the full flavour of the famous little berry.
Picture of Old Bakery London Distilled Rum , 70cl

Old Bakery London Distilled Rum , 70cl

In homage to ‘Wen’ the Baker at Pymmes Mews, we decided we would make a special dark rum. We have bought in a rough & tumble 57% ABV Navy Strength Rum from Jamaica, we have then re-distilled it and cut it down with fine mineral water to 40.3 – 41% ABV We genuinely can’t believe what we have created, a super smooth rum which you can sip neat which has wonderful vanilla nose complimented with soft caramel notes, it’s just delicious. Interestingly aged in Mead & Mavrodapne barrels ( a desert wine of Greece )
Picture of Bacardi Spiced Rum Spirit , 70cl

Bacardi Spiced Rum Spirit , 70cl

A delightfully warming spiced rum spirit drink (to be classed as a rum it would have to be over 37.5% ABV) from Bacardi, with a complex blend of spices that should be sure warm your cockles. Enjoy with your favourite mixer or use it in a lip-smacking cocktail...
Picture of Bloody Bens Signature  Gin , 70cl

Bloody Bens Signature Gin , 70cl

The guys from Ben's Canteen in London have made a gin! Handcrafted from a small copper still in the bar area of Ben’s Canteen in London, in addition to juniper it contains honey and oranges, as well as 10 other botanicals. The Wandsworth honey represents living and working in London, while the oranges represent holidaying and dreaming in Mallorca – as, so we're told, the eponymous Ben often likes to do. Garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of lavender.
Picture of Elephant Gin Trio Pack , 3 x 5cl

Elephant Gin Trio Pack , 3 x 5cl

50 ml bottles of Elephant London Dry Gin (45%), Elephant Sloe Gin (35%) and Elephant Strength Gin (57%) in a premium tasting box. A perfect sampling gift set supporting the wonderful work of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their elephant orphanage near Nairobi. 15% of profits from the miniature bottles are contributed to the Sheldrick Trust’s efforts - nurturing baby elephants who have been orphaned in the wild.
Picture of Fee Bros Lime , 150ml

Fee Bros Lime , 150ml

Lime Bitters is the latest release from the genius minds at Fee Brothers. It combines the bright flavour of lime with the botanicals often found in gin. A lovely addition to your cocktails.
Picture of Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 7 , 70cl

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 7 , 70cl

The seventh release of Glendronach Cask strength, going for the distillery's classic combination of PX and oloroso sherry casks. Bottled at 57.9%, it's an intensely flavoured whisky with stacks of dried fruit and spice – for exactly what Glendronach fans clamour.
Picture of Don Q Double Aged Vermouth Cask Rum , 50cl

Don Q Double Aged Vermouth Cask Rum , 50cl

With a dynamic mix of flavors and a rich, aromatic essence, Don Q’s Double Aged Vermouth Cask Finish Rum is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Even straight out of the bottle, the expression is reminiscent of a classic Manhattan, with the sweet vermouth-soaked wood barrel creating hints of cherry and raisins that interact nicely with the rare aged rum blend’s natural honey, dark chocolate and vanilla flavors.
Picture of Davna Czeri Cherry Vodka , 50cl

Davna Czeri Cherry Vodka , 50cl

Czeri Cherry Vodka from Poland. So good they named it twice!
Picture of Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin  Ceramic Head , 70cl * WEB PRICE

Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin Ceramic Head , 70cl * WEB PRICE

This English gin has been infused with a secret mix of botanicals, including juniper and blood orange, to create a bold, citrus-led gin with a rich orange colour. It is presented in the iconic ceramic Fallen Angel bottle.
£51.95 £49.95
Picture of Fallen Angel Spiced Rum  Ceramic Head , 70cl * WEB PRICE

Fallen Angel Spiced Rum Ceramic Head , 70cl * WEB PRICE

Fallen Angel is a revolutionary concept in British Spiced Rum and with it's drastic eye catching unique design moulded in to the shape of Lucifer himself and filled ironically with purest spirit. It is definitely a one of a kind bottle.
£51.95 £49.95
Picture of Casamigos Mezcal Joven , 70cl

Casamigos Mezcal Joven , 70cl

What do you do when you're one of the most famous men in the world and you've created the fastest growing tequila brand in the world? Well, you make an absolutely delicious Mezcal of course. Fresh herbal mint, dried oregano and thyme aromas meet a balanced and elegant liquid that offers harmonious hints of tamarind, pomegranate, banana and mango. This complex character is nuanced by delicate tones of smoke and hints of liquorice - and a long, silky finish. It’s got all the best smoky, dirty taste of the perfect mezcal, but smoother. Perfect when slow-sipped at room temperature.
Picture of Bookers Bourbon , 70cl

Bookers Bourbon , 70cl

Named after Booker Noe, Jim Beam's grandson and former Master Distiller, Bookers Bourbon was first released in 1992. This small batch bourbon is aged between 6-8 years and bottled at cask strength, producing a full bodied, rich whiskey.
Picture of Jah 45 Overproof Rum , 70cl

Jah 45 Overproof Rum , 70cl

Blend of blend of column still rum from Clarendon and pot still rums from distilleries such as Hampden, Monymusk and New Yarmouth. All rums are unaged. The proportions of pot vs column make this a medium bodied rum blend. Cut at 63% bottling strength
Picture of Kavka Polish Vodka , 70cl

Kavka Polish Vodka , 70cl

Made using production techniques from the 18th century that were famed for making the best spirits. Small quantities of aged Plum and Apple spirits are added to superior Rye and Wheat spirit. It remains a plain vodka but the addition of the fruit spirits give Kavka a depth of flavour and complexity rarely found in modern-day vodkas. Palate: Elegant, indulgent mouthfeel. A light richness emerges then intensifies into a lemon freshness with orange marmalade notes. Followed by creaminess with grain and rye bread notes. All emerging into a finale of luscious, rich-dry flavour. Finish: Rich-dry balance, with emerging fruit notes of apples and prunes.
Picture of Hoxton Banana Rum  , 50cl * offer

Hoxton Banana Rum , 50cl * offer

A premium party spirit that is unique, accessible, esoteric and easy to mix. Hoxton Banana lends itself to both winter and summer drinks, highlights of which are a straight-up Banana Daiquiri, Banana Rum Old Fashioned or Banana Rum Flip.
£34.95 £30.95
Picture of Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin , 50cl

Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin , 50cl

A zesty, chocolately gin with lashings of juniper, Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin is a modern take on the popular combination of chocolate and orange. Using plenty of juniper and liquorice amongst the botanicals, it has a light, citrus character with richer undertones of bitter chocolate and a hint of sweet spices.
Picture of Martini Fiero , 75cl

Martini Fiero , 75cl

Another entry in the Martini wine-based aperitif list, this one adding in a zingy mix of citrus and Spanish blood orange.
Picture of Proper No. Twelve Blended Irish Whiskey ,70cl

Proper No. Twelve Blended Irish Whiskey ,70cl

A delicious blended Irish whiskey that has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels, giving it smooth notes of vanilla, honey and toasted oak. Made at one of Ireland’s oldest distilleries, this whiskey has a traditional Irish character. Created by UFC star Conor McGregor, Proper No. Twelve aims to show the passion put into making Irish whiskey, and the passion of those that drink it. A special blend created by McGregor and Master Distiller David Elder, this triple-distilled blend is fruity and sweet, perfect for sipping.
Picture of Chateau Leoville Barton St, Julien , 75cl

Chateau Leoville Barton St, Julien , 75cl

Saint -Julien is a small but important Haut- Medoc appellation of Bordeaux, in southwest France. Its reputation is based on status: a reliable source of fine wines. Between some of the most famous appellations: Margaux and Pauillac, Saint -Julien makes up for its grand cru chateaux with the production of highly rated wines. The appellation Saint-Julien is generally considered to be one of the very best wine producing areas in the world and Châteaux Langoa and Léoville Barton are proud to be situated in the very heart of this exceptional region. Very neutral nose that opened out to something pretty savoury. Very attractive, fine, top-quality oak on the finish. Lovely balance. Should just get better and better. Everything seems ripe and in balance here.
Picture of Chateau Fourcas Hosten Listrac , Medoc , 75cl

Chateau Fourcas Hosten Listrac , Medoc , 75cl

Listrac Fourcas Hosten The wine presents a high gustative quality due to the yield and the balance of our blending between merlots and cabernets sauvignons. very beautiful extraction of the skin components to give a rich, structured and deep wine.
Picture of Mermaids Gin , Isle of Wight  , 70cl

Mermaids Gin , Isle of Wight , 70cl

A gin with a sense of place, being made with Isle of Wight rock samphire and Boadicea hops alongside juniper, coriander seeds, fresh lemon zest, grains of paradise, angelica, liquorice, orris and elderflower.
Picture of HSE Rhum Eleve Sous Bois , 70cl

HSE Rhum Eleve Sous Bois , 70cl

HSE Rhum Elevé Sous Bois is aged for between 12 and 18 months in French oak, resulting in a spirit with notes of vanilla, pear, grape and raisin.
Picture of Rum Fire Jamaica 63%  , 35cl

Rum Fire Jamaica 63% , 35cl

Rum Fire is a white overproof rum that boasts exceptional smoothness with heat but maintains tradition. It has a clean, clear appearance with a slightly fruity aroma, crisp flavour and a surprising sweetness that lingers on the palate.
Picture of Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve Rum , 70cl

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve Rum , 70cl

Bursting with notes of ripe banana, mango, olives and toffee, this rum really highlights why we're lucky that Worthy Park is distilling again. It's the first official premium rum to be released by the Jamaican estate – although rum connoisseurs have previously been able to enjoy Worthy Park through independent bottlings such as Kill Devil.
Picture of Hendricks Midsummer Solstice Gin , 70cl

Hendricks Midsummer Solstice Gin , 70cl

In celebration of the eternal mysteries of the Midsummer Solstice. Nose: Juniper adorned to perfection with fragrant zest and deeply floral character. Initial brightness melts to reveal deep undertones of orange blossom and an alluring exotic ripeness. Palate: A bloom of lush flora melts to reveal the unmistakable Hendrick's House style; juniper, subtle spice, and a mellow floral finish which luxuriates on the palate eventually giving way to the signature rose whisper.
Picture of Dale Degroff's Pimento Bitters , 150ml

Dale Degroff's Pimento Bitters , 150ml

Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters was created by blending pimento, a complex and layered spice, with a hint of anise and other herbs. Pimento, the Jamaican word for allspice, adds a wonderful accent to many drinks. Use it to spice a wide range of classic and modern favourites like the Pina Colada, Painkiller, Mai Tai, the Sazerac, and whiskey or Champagne cocktails. Or use it to accent straight spirits like grappa, gin, and whiskey.
Picture of Rum Bar Cream , 70cl

Rum Bar Cream , 70cl

Rumbar's Rum Cream Liqueur is a blend that includes real cream and white overproof rum. A superb alternative to whisky-based cream liqueurs such as Bailey's, this is best served chilled on its own.
Picture of Monymusk Special Gold , 70cl

Monymusk Special Gold , 70cl

The entry level expression of rum from the Jamaican Monymusk Estate, made for enjoying in cocktails. Quite light and sweet, this one.
Picture of HAMPDEN GOLD RUM , 35CL


Distilled on the Hampden Estate in Jamaica, Hampden Estate Gold has only been on the market for a few years but has become popular with people around the world in this time. It’s surprisingly pungent on the nose, with fruity notes jumping out most strongly, apple juice coming through too and just a hint of the spice within. It’s dry on the palate but not excessively so and the spicy notes come through strongest at this point. Ideal for mixing and creating Caribbean cocktails.
Picture of Givry Domaine Voarick , 75cl

Givry Domaine Voarick , 75cl

Slightly more macerated fruit on nose, plum and creme de mure thicker almost flatter. Sweeter, thicker fruit delivery, ripe cherry and plum, still good acid but overlaid by richer fruit weight, again a touch macerated, greater extract carries through on the finish.
Picture of Terrazas  Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon , 75cl

Terrazas Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon , 75cl

Deep spicy and smoky notes combined with aromas of cassis, blueberries and pepper integrated which is complex yet balanced. Round, expansive, highly-concentrated and unctuous on the palate. Pleasant tannins emerge from layers of fruit to form a persistent finish.
Picture of Lepanto G. Reseva PX Brandy , 70cl

Lepanto G. Reseva PX Brandy , 70cl

Made from 100% holandas sprits and aged using the traditional Criaderas y Solera system. Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva Pedro Ximenez is then aged for at least 15 years in American oak barrels; 12 in barrels previously holding Tio Pepe and three in barrels holding Noe, a 30 year old Pedro Ximenez.
Picture of Chateau Kirwan Margaux  , 75cl

Chateau Kirwan Margaux , 75cl

Great with many years left of course. Drank in Galway in Ireland where Kirwan were one of the 12 tribal families of the city before later making wine. Mature and elegant, captivating more than fruit delivery. The nose is mature, complex and characterful, floral elements, not surprising of course from this great Margaux. Nose has aged Margaux'ness, berries, red fruit, toasted expresso, mint tinges and layers of wood and wonderfulness.
Picture of Charmes de Kirwan Margaux  , 75cl

Charmes de Kirwan Margaux , 75cl

Secondary wine of Chateau Kirwan: very harmonious, smooth, well-balanced wine. beautifully pure fruit with great concentration - this is charming.,and a very keen price.
Picture of Wodka Bialystok , 70cl * Silly  offer  price

Wodka Bialystok , 70cl * Silly offer price

Clean Polish vodka that holds its own. Bread and butter with dried apple and lemon zest on entry. Crushed grains then take over with deep spicy overtones. The mouthfeel is medium bodied and the finish is both flinty and pepper driven. This is really very good for the price and remains a favourite of the Polish, who seem to drink cauldrons of it every weekend.
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Picture of Muyo Vetiver Gris Liqueur , 50cl

Muyo Vetiver Gris Liqueur , 50cl

Muyu Vetiver Gris is “earthy, woody, mystical, intriguing and endless” with notes of vetiver, timur, patchouli, petit grains and cedarwood.
Picture of Muyo Jasmine Verte Liqueur , 50cl

Muyo Jasmine Verte Liqueur , 50cl

Muyu Jasmine Verte is a 24% abv and is described as “floral, blooming, fresh, sensual and luminous” with notes of jasmine, neroli, patchouli, yuzu and iris. Serve in Highball with Champagne.
Picture of Muyo Chinotto Nero Liqueur , 50cl

Muyo Chinotto Nero Liqueur , 50cl

Flavoured with Chinotto,Chinchona,Oak Moss,Orange Curacao and Cacao. Drink chilled in Highball glass with tonic or soda.
Picture of Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur , 70cl * offer

Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur , 70cl * offer

This lip-smacking liqueur combines rum produced by the Bayou Rum Distillery in Louisiana, USA, with tangy satsuma juice. This'll be excellent for use in cocktails, though the punchy citrus-y flavours certainly stand up to being served simply over ice.
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Picture of Monkey Shoulder Smokey , 70cl

Monkey Shoulder Smokey , 70cl

The blend of malt whiskies ­– one of which has been peated – is specifically designed to add a smoky twist to a range of classic Scotch whisky cocktails.
Picture of Stolichnaya Cucumber , 70cl

Stolichnaya Cucumber , 70cl

A cucumber expression from Stolichnaya, their first flavoured vodka since 2013! The addition of cucumber makes for a refreshing palate, perfect in cocktails - perhaps a Moscow Mule...?
Picture of Jack Daniels Master Distillers No. 3 , 70cl

Jack Daniels Master Distillers No. 3 , 70cl

Jack Daniel's No.3 Bottling Note We've reached the third entry of the Jack Daniel's Master Distiller series - this one honours Lemuel "Lem" Tolley, who was the third Master Distiller, following on from Jess Motlow. Lem held the position for over 20 years, from 1941 to 1964.
Picture of 1776 James E Pepper  Rye 46% ABV , 70cl

1776 James E Pepper Rye 46% ABV , 70cl

Another terrific rye whiskey from James E. Pepper's range, this time bottled at 92 proof (which is 46% ABV for those of us here on this side of the ocean). Makes an excellent Old Fashioned cocktail, but it's more than suitable for enjoying neat.
Picture of 1776 James E Pepper Barrel Proof Rye , 70cl

1776 James E Pepper Barrel Proof Rye , 70cl

The 1776 whiskey range from James E. Pepper grows with the introduction of the 1776 Straight Rye Whiskey - Barrel Proof. It's the same whiskey as the fantastic 1776 Straight Rye Whiskey, though bottled at a punchy 57.3% ABV. As such, this stuff should really stand out in cocktails.
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Picture of Terralta  Blanco 55% ABV , 70cl

Terralta Blanco 55% ABV , 70cl

Made with water drawn from wells as deep as 450 feet, Terralta Tequila has a characteristic rich and earthy character. This Blanco expression – bottled at 55% ABV – makes for a big, bold cocktail ingredient, while also remaining an excellent, richly-flavoured sipping drink.
Picture of Terralta  Reposado , 70cl

Terralta Reposado , 70cl

A 'rested' Tequila from Terralta, this high-quality spirit is as suitable for cocktails as it is for sipping. Made with mineral-heavy water drawn from particularly deep wells, this Tequila has a rich, earthy quality, and its time in barrels has allowed the spirit to develop a sweet and fruity profile.
Picture of Terralta  Extra Anejo , 70cl

Terralta Extra Anejo , 70cl

Terralta's Tequila is made with water drawn from as deep as 450 feet which, having filtered through rock, has retained a high mineral content, leading to a richly-flavoured, earthy spirit. Aged in refill casks, this Extra Añejo expression layers gentle, oaky flavours atop Terralta's ripe agave character.
Picture of Fincas Antigua Viura   , 75cl

Fincas Antigua Viura , 75cl

Colour: Lemon yellow with frosted green sparkles, clean, bright and with a very glyceric tear. Nose: Clean and frank aromatic set, of high intensity where the notes of apricot, peach, pear, fennel and those of white flowers (chamomile, jasmine) stand out. Memories of freshly cut hay and light touches of smoke. Taste: Velvety and silky on the palate with development towards a large volume and structure. Balanced acidity brings freshness and nerve. Long and tasty, postgustofrutal, with a retro nasal sensation even more intense than in its olfactory phase highlighting the memories of fennel and anise.
Picture of Fincas Antigua Petite Verdot Crianza  , 75cl

Fincas Antigua Petite Verdot Crianza , 75cl

Characteristic aromas of blackberry, coriander and lilac mingle with pine bark and wet leaves. The palate has real life and presence, as well as particularly elegant balance for this grape variety.
Picture of Westerhall No. 7 , 70cl

Westerhall No. 7 , 70cl

Westerhall Rum No.7 was unveiled in mid-2016 as part of the Westerhall Estate range redesign, taking the place of their Westerhall Dark Rum. It's been aged for 7 years, during which time its taken on bundles of caramel and cooking spice notes. Cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper, with a heavy dusting of brown sugar. Thick caramel and a hint of slightly grassy molasses.
Picture of Westerhall No. 5 , 70cl

Westerhall No. 5 , 70cl

Replacing the Westerhall Plantation Rum (Westerhall's range underwent a redesign in mid-2016), Westerhall Rum No.5 is a great base for all manner of fruity rum cocktails. Creamy, caramel-led palate. Notes of allspice, Black Forest honey, a hint of fruit and custard.
Picture of Harveys Bristol Cream , 75cl

Harveys Bristol Cream , 75cl

Features flavours of roasted nuts and raisins, with a subtly spicy finish Deep golden in colour Fragrant aromas of candied orange, dried fruit and toasted almonds Serve with cheesecake, flan, bread pudding or crème brulee Alcohol by volume 18%