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Akashi Tai Daiginjo Genshu Sake , 720ml

Premium Sake from a 4th Generation Brewery in Hyogo prefecture A medium-bodied, luxuriously aromatic sake, Sweet banana and honey on the nose, pear, melon and a touch of anise on the palate Serve chilled from the fridge in a wine or sake glass Amazing served with oysters, Ideal pairing for sushi sashimi, or salads dressed with vinaigrette Once open, store in fridge and consume within 14 days Akashi Tai Daiginjo Genshu is made from Yamada Nishiki Sake rice with a milling rate of 38% at full strength of 17% abv without the addition of water. This leads to a medium-bodied Sake, packed with fruit and floral notes

Akashi Tai Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake, 300ml

An innovative sparkling sake from Akashi-Tai. The Junmai Gingjo designation indicates no alcohol was added after fermentation. Made using the traditional method, as used in Champagne, this is light, refreshing and reminiscent of Moscato d'Asti. A delicious aperitif.

Choya Plum Wine, 75cl

Choya plum wine is produced to an original Japanese recipe by steeping green plums in shochu, which is typically distilled from barley or rice. The taste is pleasantly sweet, slightly floral and fruity. Perfect served chilled or as a plum wine spritzer.

Choya Sake , 720ml

Smooth and dry, Choya Sake is a traditional Japanese drink which is produced with care and attention. Fermented at a very low temperature, Choya Sake has the true fragrance and aroma of cooked rice as well as warmer, fruitier notes. Traditionally served warm in the cold winter or chilled in the warmer months, Choya Sake offers the true taste of Japan. Whether you drink it alone or alongside traditional Japanese food, this is definitely one drink to savour.

Akashi Tai Umeshu Plum , 50cl

What do you get when you make a plum liqueur with Sake? You get Umeshu! Using Ginjo grade Sake, plum and sugar, Akashi-Tai make an properly classic Umeshu that can be enjoyed hot (like Sake regularly is) or cold as part of a dessert. Once it's opened, you're going to want to keep the bottle in a refrigerator.

Sake often referred to as rice wine is a japanese drink made from fermented rice.

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