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Calvados is a french apple brandy from the french region of Basse-Normandie. It is made from specially grown & selected apples of which there are 200 varieties. A combination of sweet, tart and inedible bitter apples are used to get the right balance of flavour. These are then harvested, pressed into a juice and fermented into a dry cider which is then distilled into an eau de vie. To be classed as a calvados this must then be aged in oak casks for a minimum of 2 years. The aging process usually lasts longer than this as the longer the process the smoother the drink becomes.

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Picture of Calvados Menorval Prestige XO , 70cl

Calvados Menorval Prestige XO , 70cl

Plenty of honey, citrus and spice in this well-aged Calvados from Menorval. Matured for at least a decade in oak barrels (and usually for much longer), expect notes of roasted nuts, nutmeg and rich, stewed apples. Definitely one to sip after a good meal.
Picture of Calvados Pere Magloire VS. Fine , 70cl * offer

Calvados Pere Magloire VS. Fine , 70cl * offer

Double distilled to ensure an even deeper and more intense flavour, Père Magloire VSOP has been matured for up to 5 years and has dark golden hues to show for it. Père Magloire VSOP has a deep scent of apple blossom and fresh fruit which is followed be a deliciously crisp and juicy flavour which blends harmoniously with the mature oak flavours from the maturation process. Serve alongside mature and blue cheeses for a perfect partnership.

Picture of Calvados Pere Magloire VSOP , 70cl

Calvados Pere Magloire VSOP , 70cl

Père Magloire 12 year old AOC is a single distillation Calvados which is fine and silky on the palate. Its deep golden brown colour is attributed to a minimum of 12 years maturation in oak barrels and this also adds a distinct addition to the flavour profile of the bottle. Fresh hazelnut marries with fruity banana and natural spices all coming together with the baked apple flavour which is typical of a quality Calvados.
Picture of Pere Magloire Pommeau , 70cl

Pere Magloire Pommeau , 70cl

Picture of Père Magloire VSOP, 35cl

Père Magloire VSOP, 35cl

Père Magloire Fine AOC is an exceptional Calvados produced from a single distillation of ciders. The ageing process takes two to three years in oak barrels to add depth to the flavour and the lightness of the flavour makes for a juicy and fresh drink abundant with fresh apples. The lightness of this Calvados makes it ideal for cocktails and use in desserts, as well as serving with pure or sparkling water or simply on its own.
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