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Calvados Menorval Prestige XO , 70cl

Plenty of honey, citrus and spice in this well-aged Calvados from Menorval. Matured for at least a decade in oak barrels (and usually for much longer), expect notes of roasted nuts, nutmeg and rich, stewed apples. Definitely one to sip after a good meal.
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Calvados Pere Magloire VSOP , 70cl

Père Magloire 12 year old AOC is a single distillation Calvados which is fine and silky on the palate. Its deep golden brown colour is attributed to a minimum of 12 years maturation in oak barrels and this also adds a distinct addition to the flavour profile of the bottle. Fresh hazelnut marries with fruity banana and natural spices all coming together with the baked apple flavour which is typical of a quality Calvados.

Pere Magloire Pommeau, 70cl

Pommeau is Calvados' answer to Pineau des Charentes. A lend of three-year-old Calvados and fresh cider-apple juice, this is a deliciously fruity aperitif.

Lairds Applejack, 70cl

Laird’s Applejack is a sweet and intense apple brandy which offers a distinctive flavour and spicy notes to compliment the apple. Golden amber nectar releases an aroma of


Calvados is a french apple brandy from the french region of Basse-Normandie. It is made from specially grown & selected apples of which there are 200 varieties. A combination of sweet, tart and inedible bitter apples are used to get the right balance of flavour. These are then harvested, pressed into a juice and fermented into a dry cider which is then distilled into an eau de vie. To be classed as a calvados this must then be aged in oak casks for a minimum of 2 years. The aging process usually lasts longer than this as the longer the process the smoother the drink becomes.

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