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Agwa di Bolivia, 70cl

Sweet Agwa, a liqueur which marries together an array of tempting herbal flavours, offering a distinct and enjoyable flavour. Agwa’s key ingredients are Bolivian coca leaves, Brazilian guarana and Chinese ginseng which work together to offer a herbal, minty scent followed by a thick, syrupy mouthfeel awash with spicy notes, sweet menthol and the depth of the herbaceous ingredients. It ends on a long herbal note which encapsulates the overall flavour of this traditional liqueur.


Alchermes Liqueur , 50cl

Alchermes is an alcoholic Florentine liqueur, red in colour and specifically used for making zuppa inglese (a popular Italian dessert). The main flavours are cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla. A truly unique liqueur.

Amarula Cream, 70cl

The taste of South Africa you’ll come to love. Amarula Cream is a must try for all fans of Baileys and other cream liqueurs. With an exotic flavour through the distillation of the fermented fruit of the Marula tree, Amarula spirit is aged and then blended with cream to create its distinct fruit cream flavour. The exotic taste of the fruit blends seamlessly into the sweet cream to create a result which is enticing and wonderfully drunk simply over ice.

Anis Del Mono, 70cl

Anis del Mono is a sweet and enticing aniseed liqueur which has a vibrant abundance of spice added into the mix. Pop it over ice or serve it neat and you can be sure you’ll enjoy it. You could even use it as a cocktail ingredient or enjoy it alongside coffee. Traditionally Anis del Mono is a digestif but once you’ve bought your bottle you can enjoy it whenever you like. An alternative to ouzo.

Anis Escachardo, 70cl

It is a liqueur made based on anise and presented in a bottle that contains a branch of anise inside. This liquor is very sweet and crystallized sugar appears in the branch anise giving you an aspect of a crystal tree.

artisanal electric Liqueur , 50cl

From the most complex flavour combination to a simple glass of iced tea, perceptions will be amplified by this alternative unusual liqueur. Buzz button or electric daisies, have the property to stimulate the taste buds and increase salivation through their natural electrifying, tingling sensation. It's blend of over 30 botanicals is meticulously balanced around a dominant element.

Atholl Brose Liqueur, 50cl

Delicious blend of Benromach single malt whisky (from Speyside) with a blend of honey and herbs. Produced by Gordon & Macphail Scotch Whisky Distillers.

Aurum Golden Orange Liqueur, 70cl *offer

An age old recipe combining a citrus fruit-laden distillate with 10 year old brandy to produce a vividly golden, fruity orange liqueur.
£27.50 £25.95

Baileys Almande Vegan, 70cl

Baileys Almande is dairy-free and vegan-friendly, sheer naughty, delicious indulgence. All the delight of Baileys without the dairy ! Notes of honey, a light creaminess and almond towards the end make this the perfect dairy-free indulgence. Best enjoyed over ice. Our alcoholic almond drink blends sweet almond oil and almond essence , cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla.

Baileys Chocolate Lux, 50cl

Wonderfully rich and creamy like Baileys Original, but with sumptuous layers of flavour. Dark Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey, cream and Madagascan vanilla combine in a luxurious and velvety experience. Pour into a stemmed glass filled with ice, or try poured over vanilla ice cream for a decadent dessert.

Baileys Irish Cream, 70cl

The Original Irish Cream Liqueur, Baileys is a flavour which is known around the globe. The world’s number one liqueur for good reason, Baileys Irish Cream offers the perfect balance between specially selected Irish whisky and fresh dairy cream. Hints of cocoa and vanilla come through offering a sweet dessert drink which, when served with crushed ice, is one you’ll want to fill up again and again. It’s also a complete necessity for a classic Irish coffee and a wonderful nightcap.

Baileys Orange Truffle, 70cl

Originally launched for Christmas 2012 as a limited edition, Baileys Orange Truffle flavour combines Baileys Irish Cream with orange chocolates - divine.

Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur, 70cl * offer

This lip-smacking liqueur combines rum produced by the Bayou Rum Distillery in Louisiana, USA, with tangy satsuma juice. This'll be excellent for use in cocktails, though the punchy citrus-y flavours certainly stand up to being served simply over ice.
£27.50 £21.95

Becherovka Herbal Liqueur , 70cl

One of the Czech Republic’s many alcoholic herbal tonics, Becherovka Herbal is rich with vibrant herbs and spices, creating a surprisingly fresh flavour which is wonderful before or after dinner. A natural herbal liqueur with only a little colour is not like classic medicinal tonic and is in fact known for its gingery cinnamon inspired taste. Both ginger and cinnamon are included on the ingredients list as well as anise, cloves and other traditional herbs. Serve with tonic water to enjoy a traditional Beton.
£22.95 £21.95

Benedictine, 70cl

One of those all-time classics that France is famous for, Benedictine is an herbal delight that brings together the flavours of twenty-seven different ingredients. Over 500 years old and true to its original recipe, Benedictine has a nose fresh in spice and fresh fruit, prune and orange alongside liquorice and cloves. When tasting you’ll enjoy the spice of the cloves alongside aromatic liquorice and a little fruity warmth. It’s surprisingly sweet and simply divine after dinner.

Bitter Truth Apricot Brandy, 50cl

Refreshing and sweet the natural flavour of apricots is tantalising on the tongue and infinitely mixable, as well as being the perfect partner for many different foods. Bitter Truth Apricot Liqueur combines the natural juice from sun-ripened apricots with a sweet apricot schnapps, offering an authentic flavour of the fruit and a powerful hit of alcohol which works perfectly. Hints of almond and apricot pit add complexity without overpowering the welcome sweetness.


Bitter Truth Pimento Dram, 50cl

Jamaican rum is a delicacy we all know and love but what about taking it one step further? Bitter Truth Pimento Dram brings together that fine rum and the sweet flavour of pimento, or allspice, creating a thoroughly enjoyable flavour. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clover are all encapsulated in the flavour and it’s a distinctive flavour which can be enjoyed simply over ice or added to any number of exotic drinks.

Bitter Truth Violette, 50cl

Violent violet hues welcome you to this aromatic and floral drink, The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur is intense and florid. The deep purple hues are wonderful to drink offering the flavour of the wild violet blossoms that grow in the Alps, combined with quality grain spirit. There’s a slight sweetness to it but it’s the floral violet flavour that comes through most strongly, with a light perfume ever present.

Bols Blue Curacao, 50cl

The original Blue Curacao, Bols Blue is world renowned and one of the oldest flavours in the modern range. The bright blue colour is what it’s known for, alongside the surprisingly fresh taste of oranges, both the peel and flesh. Absolutely essential for a classic Blue Lagoon cocktail, you can also pop fresh and fragrant Bols Blue in a vibrant Blue Margarita or add extra pep to a simple orange juice or lemonade.


Boudier Elderflower, 50cl

Elderflower based liqueur, with notes of white grape, tea and honey by G Boudier, a leading producer. Equivalent to £20.93 per 70cl

Bouvery Chocolate Vodka Liqueur, 375ml

The proof is in the pudding! Words fall short in describing the velvety viscosity and rich chocolate flavor of this spectacular spirit. While technically sold as a “Chocolate Vodka,” Bouvery is more akin to an adult version of chocolate syrup. The potential for cocktail and dessert creations is endless.

Briottet Mango, 70cl

High-quality mango liqueur from French artisan producer. All the Briottet range have proper 'real' fruit flavour integrity - they taste like the fruit itself, not some confected approximation. Highly recommended.

Briottet Apricot, 70cl

Briottet’s range of exceptional liqueurs include a combination of sweet fruit and indulgent creams. This apricot cream liqueur uses the delicate Bergeron apricot from the Rhone Valley in France and they’re combined with fine neutral alcohol and water. Velvety in the mouth with essence of both the fresh apricot and the earthiness of its stone, Briottet’s Apricot liqueur is wonderful addition to your after dinner coffee or on its own with dessert.

Briottet Cacao Brown, 70cl

Briottet Crème de Cacao Dark is a brooding and bitter offering which brings out all the finest notes of natural cacao. By steeping the cocoa beans in alcohol and sweetening them, there is a welcome touch of delicate sweetness too. A true lifetime partner for your favourite coffee and also wonderful when poured over tiramisu and other indulgent desserts. A wonderful choice to pep up a creamy cocktail to, Briottet Crème de Cacao Dark is truly versatile.


Briottet Cacao White, 70cl

The sweet flavour of milk chocolate is even better when enjoyed in liqueur form. Briottet don’t disappoint with their sweet Crème de Cacao Blanc which is rich in dairy chocolate warmth. The flavour is a delicate mixture of dairy chocolate and bitter cacao and even notes of vanilla-rich white chocolate. Faint spice ensures it’s not sickly and it’s a wonderful addition to your evening coffee or sipping before settling in for the night.


Briottet Cerise, 70cl

A classic combination, cherry and alcohol is pure perfection. Briotett’s Cherry Cream Liqueur is not only rich in cherry flavours but a velvety creaminess which makes it easy to keep going back for more. Briotett use the whole natural Morello cherries in their liqueur, as they offer a level of acidity which is ideal for creating a perfectly smooth liqueur. Whether you want a cherry liqueur kick to your coffee or a gentle and enjoyable after dinner drink, consider Briotett’s Cherry Cream.


Briottet Chataigne, 70cl

Briottet Crème de Châtaigne is an exceptionally creamy and smooth liqueur which allows you to enjoy the delicious flavour of chestnut in a range of ways. Beautifully reflecting both the fresh and roasted chestnut flavours, Briottet Crème de Châtaigne is a wonderful accompaniment to vanilla ice cream or even for giving your favourite white wine a twist. Drier white wines work wonderfully with this liqueur.


Briottet Coquelicot Poppy, 70cl

A cracking poppy liqueur (bet you've never tried this before!). Poppy drops are a French confectionery favourite.

Briottet Creme de Menthe Green , 70cl

Briottet Green Menthe liqueur distils the wonderful flavour of natural peppermint and serves it up in a vibrantly green container. Using mainly the leaves of the peppermint which are distilled and then adding sugar, this liqueur is balanced and extremely refreshing, with a touch of menthol heat on the tongue. A wonderful choice for cool cocktails and those that need a minty kick. Consider popping a shot in your next mojito.

Briottet de Bergamote, 70cl

The aromatic flavour of the bergamot fruit is something which you won’t come across every day but when you do you won’t forget it. Briottet Bergamot Orange Cream liqueur lets the bitter citric flavour of the Bergamot fruit take centre stage. With hints of both lime and orange, Bergamot is elegant and delicate, known for its popularity in tea leaves and when sipped on ice you’ll enjoy the full depth of its flavour, sweet and sour.


Briottet Figue, 70cl

The natural flavour of figs is distinctive and though not as common as other fruit liqueurs, Briottet Figue Cream is an exceptional example of the wonderful fig flavour done well. Fresh fig juice is used to create this delicately flavoured liqueur which allows the finesse of the fig to come into centre stage. It’s best enjoyed on its own, over ice or popped into sparkling white wine for something a bit special.

Briottet Framboise, 70cl

Macerated raspberries create the core flavour of this beautiful Briottet liqueur. The method of production ensures every element of the raspberry is captured, from its delicate flesh to its ripe aroma and this delivers a rich and velvety liqueur which is simply impossible not to love. A natural sweetness comes through which coats the palate and ensures the flavour lingers long after your final sip. A wonderful liqueur for sipping after dinner, popping into a spritzer or enjoying indulgently poured over dessert.


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