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BARSOL QUEBRANTA Pisco Primero ,70cl

BARSOL QUEBRANTA PRIMERO Peruvian puro pisco made with Quebranta grapes to create straight-up, non-aromatic pisco, as is popular back in Peru.

Pisco ABA Chile, 50cl

ABA Pisco is a prized Chilean creation which is produced using a double distillation method in copper pot stills. Perfect for Chile’s favourite Pisco Sour cocktail, ABA utilises the fresh, juicy grapes of the Muscat variety, grown in the Chilean Andes. Crystal clear and exceptionally flavoured, ABA Pisco offers the taste of jasmine flowers, sweet honey and tangerine creating a flavour which is soft on the palate and syrupy sweet.


El Gobernador Pisco Chile, 70cl

A Chilean Pisco made from Muscat grapes, resulting in an aromatic, floral and well-rounded spirit, sure to go handsomely in a Pisco Sour. The name, El Gobernador, means "the Governor" in Spanish. The heavily-moustached chap on the label certainly looks like someone you'd refer to as "Governor".isco.

Pisco Soldeica Supreme, 5cl

A Peruvian Pisco from the Soldeica selection, created using a blend of grape varieties including the stalwart Quebranta, the aromatic Italia and the intense Torontel.

Pisco is a potent colourless grape brandy that’s produced in Peru and Chile who both claim to be the original producers of the liqueur. It’s made from grapes grown in designated regions of Peru and Chile which are fermented into wine which is then distilled and briefly aged. It’s the core ingredient of the popular pisco sour cocktail.


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