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Picture of Bellino Marsala , 75cl

Bellino Marsala , 75cl

Marsala is made on the Italian island of Sicily, around the coastal town of Marsala. It is made from the local grape varieties Catarratto, Grillo and Inzolia, fermented to dryness like sherry, then fortified.
Picture of Blandys Duke of Clarence Madiera, 75cl

Blandys Duke of Clarence Madiera, 75cl

Blandy's Duke of Clarence is fined and does not require decanting. It is a superb accompaniment to dessert dishes, especially fruit, cakes, chocolate puddings and soft cheeses. It has been bottled when ready for drinkingand will keep for several months after opening.

Picture of Lindisfarne Mead , 70cl

Lindisfarne Mead , 70cl

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne brings us more than religious piety, Lindisfarne Mead is a classic, traditional drink which is enjoyed in households around the country. Using honey which is sourced from around the world Lindisfarne Mead is a velvety smooth fortified wine which uses the natural water from an artesian well to develop its flavour. Herbs and fermented grape juice bring out the flavour and altogether a sweet, light flavour is created.
Picture of Stones Ginger Wine, 70cl

Stones Ginger Wine, 70cl

Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine is still made to the same recipe by blending the finest quality raisins and pure ground ginger and is enjoyed in so many ways by millions of consumers each year. Many enjoy Stone's on its own or over ice, but it is most famously drunk as a 'Whisky Mac' when mixed with whisky. The warmth of Stone's is a perfect complement to the smooth taste of the whisky. This perennial 'Winter Warmer' is the perfect way to relax on the long dark evenings.
Picture of Choya Yuzu, 70cl

Choya Yuzu, 70cl

Choya Yuzu Liqueur
Picture of Sacred Negroni Pack, 3x20cl

Sacred Negroni Pack, 3x20cl

Are you on a mission for the perfect Negroni? Sacred have answered your prayers with the readymade gift set, including all you need for the perfect one. Enjoy Sacred Spiced English Vermouth, classic Gin and Rosehip Cup and pop them altogether for that Negroni flavour you know and love. Each of the individual spirits has been perfectly crafted to work wonderfully on its own but also balance nicely against the other flavours, the botanicals from each individual spirit blending harmoniously.

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Picture of Akashi Tai Umeshu, 50cl

Akashi Tai Umeshu, 50cl

What do you get when you make a plum liqueur with Sake? You get Umeshu! Using Ginjo grade Sake, plum and sugar, Akashi-Tai make an properly classic Umeshu that can be enjoyed hot (like Sake regularly is) or cold as part of a dessert. Once it's opened, you're going to want to keep the bottle in a refrigerator.

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