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Angostura Bitters, 200ml

Combining the same classic ingredients for nearly 200 years, Angostura bitters are a key ingredient in many famous cocktails, often paired with gin and rum to great effect. Despite the name, its flavour is not bitter at all, with the strong aromatic flavour, powerful with gentian and spices. Many cocktails simply wouldn’t be the same without a dash or two of Angostura bitters and it’s the complex herbaceous nature of the product which allows it to offer additional depth and dimension to cocktails.


Angostura cocoa Bitters, 100ml

Produced from Trinitario cocoa nibs, considered some of the world's finest, the 3rd edition of Angostura bitters adds a wonderful nutty cocoa flavour with hints of spice to your cocktails. The closely guarded secret recipe will do your dark spirit cocktails justice! Pairs perfectly with aged spirits like sweet vermouth, brandy, cognac and tequila.

Angostura Orange Bitters, 100ml

Go back in time to the downright dirty history of the American speakeasy and you’ll find Angostura Orange bitters in a huge number of different drinks. Rising to prominence during prohibition many classic cocktails simplyaren’t complete without a shot of Angostura Orange. A classic example of bitters, one of the few that survived US Prohibition, flavours of orange and geranium are most prominent followed by spicy cardamom and coriander. Shake into your Martini, your Manhattan or even a classic Champagne cocktail.



Bitter Bastards Kola Bottling Note Add an exotic depth and bitterness to your cocktails with these Kola Bitters. Paired with a good rum and maybe some tropical fruits, you'll have yourself a definite winner. The Bitter Bastards range is made up of a gob-smacking selection of cocktail bitters made using carefully measured recipes and innovative rapid-maceration and centrifugal extraction techniques to produce top-quality cocktail 'seasoning' in a variety of wonderful flavours.

Bitter Truth Aromatic, 200ml

As the name suggests Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters are all about the strength and power of their flavours. The aromatic nature of the drink means you only need a little to take your drink to the next level. Perfect to blend into dark rum and whiskey cocktails Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters have a complex flavour profile which is rich, intensely spicy and the perfect partner to many darker spirits.

Bitter Truth Celery, 200ml

The popularity of celery bitters is on the up and The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters off a complex flavour profile which expands beyond most others on the market. Intense and aromatic with notes of white grape, lemon grass and even ginger, flavour is boosted further by coriander seed, chicory and of course the fresh taste of celery. Refreshing and sharp, The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters is a must for traditional cocktails such as your Bloody Mary and even for spicing up a G&T.

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Bitter Truth Creole Bitters, 200ml

Travel back to a time before even your favourite cocktail was created and enjoy the primitive and intensely spiced flavours of The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters. We’re talking about a time where bitters were found behind the counters of apothecaries and used for liquid tonics for medicinal purposes. The deeply spicy and rich flavours of Creole Bitters evoke the French regions of the Deep South with pink peppercorns, cayenne and anise working with many other ingredients to perk up any drink of your choosing.

Bitter Truth Grapefruit, 200ml

Summery yet spicy, The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters add a refreshing twist to your favourite summery cocktails. Grapefruit is one of those flavours that is often forgotten about but here it takes the centre stage and is supported by the spicy botanicals mix that The Bitter Truth is known for. Grapefruit adds a zesty citrus tang to any drink and pairs up beautifully with gin, vodka and light rum. Add a dash to your Daiquiri to take it to another level.

Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas, 200ml

Any mixologist worth his salt has heard of Professor Jerry Thomas. Considered to be one of the most important bartenders in the history of the art, Jerry Thomas’ own recipe was used to inspire The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Bitters. Deep and intense in flavour with bitter notes of cloves and angostura bark, Jerry Thomas Bitters is lifted by sweeter cinnamon and orange peel to finish. Team it with a wide range of cocktails, experimenting just like Thomas himself and you may create your own classic.

Bitter Truth Lemon, 200ml

One of the first lemon bitters on the market The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters have a decadent and enticing aroma or hot lemon and honey. Overwhelming fresh and fruity, dense with the traditional bitters spices and hints of sherbet, Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters is a real palate-pleaser. The fresh flavour works particularly well in gin and vodka cocktails, or even with sharp silver tequila. Replace that slice of lemon with a shot of Bitter Truth Bitters.

Bitter Truth Spiced Chocolat Bitters, 200 ml

Rich and creamy, The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters is intense with creamy cocoa butter and bitter dark chocolate. This is followed closely by aromas of decadent vanilla, cinnamon and the classic bitters flavours of gentian and wormwood. Xocolat Bitters is a modern and exciting addition to many cocktails, working especially well with aged spirits such as rum, tequilas and whiskies. Deep chocolate notes are perfectly balanced with hints of spice which you can enjoy creatively in a range of cocktails.


BITTERMENS Burlesque, 146ml

Burlesque Bitters - A spicy little number that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. This menage of hibiscus, acai berry and long pepper is sweet, spicy and tart. For the first time, theyre playing with both florals and berries which creates a fragrant aroma and a tart sourness that plays well with a variety of spirits. Try it in a Genever Old Fashioned, a Pisco Sour or a Negroni.


Made in New York by the Bittermens company, Elemakule Tiki Bitters are produced in very small batches. These are flavoured with cinnamon and allspice as well as spices from Polynesia and the Caribbean.
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Bittermens Xocolate Mole Bitters, 146ml

Xocolatl Mole is the original Bittermens bitters. First created in 2007, it is a Mexican inspired combination of cacao, cinnamon and spice. Works well with aged rum, tequila, bourbon or rye.

Bobs Orange / Mandarin Bitters , 100ml


Bobs Abbots Bitters, 100ml

One of the most famous bitters brands is back, Abbott’s Bitters is believed to have been the ingredient used in the original Manhattan cocktail and now it has been revived for the modern drinker. Light orange amber in colour with a slightly medicinal taste, Abbott’s Bitters is rich with herbal ingredients with bitter bark and spicy oak coming through as the flavour builds. It is an excellent choice for enhancing the natural flavours of whiskey and rum.


Bobs Bitters Cardamon, 100ml

Handmade cardamon (aka cardamom) bitters. The robust aroma of cardamon combines well with underlying hints of lemon and eucalyptus and a trace of sweetness offset by a sharp bitterness.

Bobs Bitters Chocolate, 100ml

Handmade chocolate bitters. Strong cacao aroma’s with hints of hazelnuts and malt. The palate is naturally dark chocolate with espresso coffee notes and a barky, bitter finish.

Bobs Bitters Coriander, 100ml


Bobs Bitters Ginger, 100ml

Handmade ginger bitters. A warm, spicy, ginger tang with peppery notes and undertones of fresh, caramelised ginger followed by a natural bitter finish.

Bobs Bitters Grapefruit, 100ml

Wildly popular grapefruit bitters from bespoke producer Bob. Bob's Bitters focus on creating concentrated individual flavours to create an intense essence of each specific aromatic, eschewing the normal practice of using lots of different ingredients. These grapefruit ones are meant to be amazing with tequila or white rum.

Bobs Bitters Lavender, 100ml

A light and fresh lavender bitters with a combination of woody and floral aromas. Artisanal producer Bob concentrate on using individual flavours for more intensity rather than using a combination of ingredients.

Bobs Bitters Liquorice, 100ml


Bobs Bitters Peppermint, 100ml

Handmade peppermint bitters. Well-defined peppermint bouquet with a distinctive menthol flavour. Citrus hints and a slightly bitter woody finish. Stefano Cossio used this bitter in his cocktail, Pomme Allure, which was the winner of the Calvados World Cup 2009.

Bobs Bitters Vanilla, 100ml

A blend of flavours dominated by Tahitian vanilla, but backed up with cocoa and bitter chocolate. An excellent accompaniment to bourbon and less sweet dark spirits.
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Dale Degroff's Pimento Bitters, 150ml

Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters was created by blending pimento, a complex and layered spice, with a hint of anise and other herbs. Pimento, the Jamaican word for allspice, adds a wonderful accent to many drinks. Use it to spice a wide range of classic and modern favourites like the Pina Colada, Painkiller, Mai Tai, the Sazerac, and whiskey or Champagne cocktails. Or use it to accent straight spirits like grappa, gin, and whiskey.

Fee Bros Aztec Chocolate, 150ml

Memories of the classic plum pudding dessert can be enjoyed in a long drink or cocktail with Fee Brothers Plum Bitters. A fruity combination of plums and spices, alongside the classic Fee Brothers Bitters concoction offers a deep and intense flavour which is perfectly paired with spicy dark rums. The warm flavours work wonderfully together to create a comforting and infinitely drinkable addition to any cocktail or soft drink.

Fee Bros Celery, 150ml

Not quite one of your five a day but certainly something different for your drinks, Fee Brothers Celery Bitters is built upon a tradition of this odd sounding cocktail ingredient. Celery bitters were popular in the 19th century and are now coming into their own, bringing retro back. Fee Brothers Celery Bitters offer a bittersweet addition to your drinks, offering both herby undertones and a refreshing touch of vegetable goodness!

Fee Bros Cherry, 150ml

A true cocktail classic, Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters adds that distinctive, bittersweet dark cherry flavour for your concoctions. Cherry is one of the strongest fruit flavours there is and it has been a classic cocktail flavours since before US Prohibition. Exceptional when teamed with whiskey and used in whiskey cocktails Fee Brothers has brought back a true classic of the cocktail making world. Just a quick dash or two will add a burst of flavour to your drinks.
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Fee Bros Grapefruit, 150ml

Combining the sweet and sour delicacy of the grapefruit with the classic herbaceous spice of bitters, Fee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters are a powerful weapon in the mixologist’s arsenal. Add a tangy citrus element to cocktail, jazz up margaritas and give sours cocktails something alternative to make them stand out. Fee Brothers traditional production methods ensure a truly authentic bitters taste flavoured subtly with the zing of grapefruit.

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Fee Bros Lemon, 150ml

Raise the flavour profile of your favourite cocktail with a zing of Fee Brothers Lemon Bitters. Refreshing and sharp, a few shakes of Fee Brothers Lemon can add an exciting dimension to your drinks. The lemon flavour is intense and created by a selection of natural lemon oils and lemon grass and its powerful sharpness makes it the perfect choice for sours cocktails and long drinks. The zestiness adds an additional dimension to your favourite drink.

Fee Bros Mint, 150ml

Strong enough to take the lead or to settle in as a background flavour Fee Brothers Mint Bitters is sweet and cool all at the same time. Perfect for finishing of a refined Mint Julep or adding the key flavour to your Mojito, Fee Brothers bitters has the additional aromatic bitters element which further expands the flavour profile of your drinks. In addition to cocktails, Mint Bitters are popularly added to desserts and used for baking.

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