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Bols Blue Curacao, 50cl

The original Blue Curacao, Bols Blue is world renowned and one of the oldest flavours in the modern range. The bright blue colour is what it’s known for, alongside the surprisingly fresh taste of oranges, both the peel and flesh. Absolutely essential for a classic Blue Lagoon cocktail, you can also pop fresh and fragrant Bols Blue in a vibrant Blue Margarita or add extra pep to a simple orange juice or lemonade.


Briottet Mango, 70cl

High-quality mango liqueur from French artisan producer. All the Briottet range have proper 'real' fruit flavour integrity - they taste like the fruit itself, not some confected approximation. Highly recommended.
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Briottet Apricot, 70cl

Briottet’s range of exceptional liqueurs include a combination of sweet fruit and indulgent creams. This apricot cream liqueur uses the delicate Bergeron apricot from the Rhone Valley in France and they’re combined with fine neutral alcohol and water. Velvety in the mouth with essence of both the fresh apricot and the earthiness of its stone, Briottet’s Apricot liqueur is wonderful addition to your after dinner coffee or on its own with dessert.
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Briottet Cacao Brown, 70cl

Briottet Crème de Cacao Dark is a brooding and bitter offering which brings out all the finest notes of natural cacao. By steeping the cocoa beans in alcohol and sweetening them, there is a welcome touch of delicate sweetness too. A true lifetime partner for your favourite coffee and also wonderful when poured over tiramisu and other indulgent desserts. A wonderful choice to pep up a creamy cocktail to, Briottet Crème de Cacao Dark is truly versatile.


Briottet Cacao White, 70cl

The sweet flavour of milk chocolate is even better when enjoyed in liqueur form. Briottet don’t disappoint with their sweet Crème de Cacao Blanc which is rich in dairy chocolate warmth. The flavour is a delicate mixture of dairy chocolate and bitter cacao and even notes of vanilla-rich white chocolate. Faint spice ensures it’s not sickly and it’s a wonderful addition to your evening coffee or sipping before settling in for the night.


Briottet Chataigne, 70cl

Briottet Crème de Châtaigne is an exceptionally creamy and smooth liqueur which allows you to enjoy the delicious flavour of chestnut in a range of ways. Beautifully reflecting both the fresh and roasted chestnut flavours, Briottet Crème de Châtaigne is a wonderful accompaniment to vanilla ice cream or even for giving your favourite white wine a twist. Drier white wines work wonderfully with this liqueur.


Briottet Coquelicot Poppy, 70cl

A cracking poppy liqueur (bet you've never tried this before!). Poppy drops are a French confectionery favourite.

Briottet Creme de Menthe Green, 70cl

Briottet Green Menthe liqueur distils the wonderful flavour of natural peppermint and serves it up in a vibrantly green container. Using mainly the leaves of the peppermint which are distilled and then adding sugar, this liqueur is balanced and extremely refreshing, with a touch of menthol heat on the tongue. A wonderful choice for cool cocktails and those that need a minty kick. Consider popping a shot in your next mojito.

Briottet de Bergamote, 70cl

The aromatic flavour of the bergamot fruit is something which you won’t come across every day but when you do you won’t forget it. Briottet Bergamot Orange Cream liqueur lets the bitter citric flavour of the Bergamot fruit take centre stage. With hints of both lime and orange, Bergamot is elegant and delicate, known for its popularity in tea leaves and when sipped on ice you’ll enjoy the full depth of its flavour, sweet and sour.


Briottet Figue , 70cl

The natural flavour of figs is distinctive and though not as common as other fruit liqueurs, Briottet Figue Cream is an exceptional example of the wonderful fig flavour done well. Fresh fig juice is used to create this delicately flavoured liqueur which allows the finesse of the fig to come into centre stage. It’s best enjoyed on its own, over ice or popped into sparkling white wine for something a bit special.

Briottet Framboise , 70cl

Macerated raspberries create the core flavour of this beautiful Briottet liqueur. The method of production ensures every element of the raspberry is captured, from its delicate flesh to its ripe aroma and this delivers a rich and velvety liqueur which is simply impossible not to love. A natural sweetness comes through which coats the palate and ensures the flavour lingers long after your final sip. A wonderful liqueur for sipping after dinner, popping into a spritzer or enjoying indulgently poured over dessert.


Briottet Hibiscus The Verte, 70cl

Delicate and smooth, the flavour of Hibiscus Green Tea is a wonderful surprise addition to the Briottet liqueur collection. Known for its popularity in Japan and China it’s a flavour is fragrant, floral and aromatic, with a surprisingly spiciness that keeps you coming back for more. It’s a flavour which can really add another dimension to your favourite tipple, with a shot turning your sparkling wine or white wine spritzer into something truly special.


Briottet Manzana Verde, 70cl

Briottet Manzana Verde is a sharp and sour liqueur which lives up to its name, green apple. The sourness is balanced by the sweetness of the fruit and there is a wildness to the flavour too, thanks to the apples being handpicked in the Basque mountains and immediately made into a fresh and fruitful liqueur. Wonderfully fresh and lingers on the palate, this is one liqueur which should only be enjoyed chilled, on its own or with ice.

Briottet Melon, 70cl

High quality melon liqueur from French artisan producer. This is made with Cavaillon melons, often considered to be the best in the world. All the Briottet range have proper 'real' fruit flavour integrity - they taste like the fruit itself, not some confected approximation. Highly recommended.
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Briottet Mure, 70cl

The intense and natural flavour of the blackberry combines beautifully with so many other flavours that this Briottet Blackberry Cream liqueur will feel more than at home in your drinks cabinet. The special recipe that Briottet have developed over time ensures that only the finest, sweetest notes of blackberry come through and are combined perfectly with the rich cream, ensuring a flavour which you can’t help but enjoy.

Briottet Noisette, 70cl

The sweet nutty flavour of the hazelnut is one of the most enjoyable alongside a wide range of others making Briottet Crème de Noisette Liqueur a must have tool in the arsenal of the dedicated mixologist. Delicate and fresh, representing the hazelnut wonderfully and delivering a thick creaminess which makes it a wonderful choice for enjoying alongside dessert or even in a liqueur coffee.

Briottet Pamplemousse Pink, 70cl

A wonderful sweet grapefruit liqueur from Briottet - ideal with a G&T, especially with a drop of elderflower cordial and a healthy squeeze of lime.

Briottet Passion, 70cl

The South American passion fruit delivers a flavour which is not only exotic but extremely moreish and tantalisingly tempting. When combined in Briottet’s recipe to create their exceptional Passion Fruit liqueur, the fruit’s finest notes are drawn out, delivering a beautiful flavour. This passion fruit liqueur is ideal for creating exotic cocktails, especially with orange or apple juice as a base. You could even pop it into a Bucks Fizz for something extra special.

Briottet peche . peach, 70cl

Peach is a flavour we know and love when it comes to after dinner drinks but rather than your classic schnapps why not consider the sweet indulgence offered by Briottet’s Peach Cream liqueur? It’s one of those drinks cupboard must-haves which blends beautifully with so many different flavours. It makes an exceptional aperitif with a dry white wine or straight with a little crushed ice to further enhance its flavour.


Briottet Rhubarb, 70cl

Rhubarb isn’t the most common of flavours but it is one which is exceptionally memorable and one which, if you want to create the perfect Rhubarb Bellini or Rhubarb Collins you simply can’t do without. Briottet’s blush pink Rhubarb Liqueur distils the essence of both green and red rhubarb delivering that familiar flavour alongside the sweet alcoholic syrup. It finishes on a high note that will have you reaching for the bottle once more and it’s definitely a drink that gets people talking.

Briottet Rose, 70cl

Is there anything more quintessentially English than a pink rose? Briottet Liqueur de Rose is made from a distillation of rose petals and white sugar, delivering a delicate yet aromatic flavour which blends beautifully in a range of ways. Whether you enjoy it over crushed ice, on its own or as an extra special twist on your favourite sparkling wine, Briottet Rose Liqueur is also wonderful for an indulgent dessert, popping into ice cream or poured over pastry.

Briottet Violette, 70cl

The vibrant purple hues of this drink could only mean one thing, the bright, aromatic flavour of violet. Briottet Liqueur de Violette is as tasty as it is vibrant with a nose rich in retro parma violets. The taste is sweet with icing sugar and the floral depth you’d expect from the violet flower. Liquorice also comes through but only as an afterthought, allowing the floral intensity of the violet to take centre stage.

Briottet Dijon Cassis, 70cl

Creme de Cassis de Dijon, the flagship of Briottet's production, is produced exclusively from the blackcurrant variety 'Noir de Bourgogne'. After macerating the fruit in alcohol for two months a colourful aromatic juice is obtained which releases the full flavour of the famous little berry.

Briottet Fraise, 70cl

Briottet Fraise Liqueur is a vibrantly fresh and flavoured drink which brings together the character of several varieties of wild strawberries, giving a flavour which is fruity and evokes the traditional English country garden in summer. Wonderful in a classic strawberry cocktail such as the strawberry daiquiri or to add something different and create a bright, contemporary cocktail such as a strawberry mojito. Creamy but fresh with natural wild strawberries, each sip of Briottet’s liqueur is as moreish as the last.

Esprit de Figue Liqueur , 50cl

The origins of Esprit de Figues brings a vision inspired by creator Patrick Borg's Mediterranean family’s heritage to a 150-year-old distillery located in Burgundy, France for an utterly unique tipple made with fresh Violette de Bordeaux Figs.special.

Gabriel Boudier Cacao Brown, 50cl

.Cocoa liqueur, the previously roasted whole cocoa beans are macerated in alcohol to extract the cocoa butter, the colour and flavours of the cocoa. It is the best chocolate-flavoured note that can be used in cocktails. With its strong dark chocolate taste, it is highly popular for its natural bitterness.

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Fraise, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Fraise is a fresh and fruity liqueur which brings together the flavour of a range of different varieties of strawberry. The strawberries are macerated with neutral spirit to allow their flavour to do the talking and it comes out in a sweet and enticing strawberry shortcake flavour when you take a sip. The sweet strawberry flavour blends with brown sugar to create a fresh baked flavour and hints of freshly made jam.

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Mure, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Mure encapsulates the flavour of fresh blackberries and releases them for us all to enjoy. It’s a wonderful flavour which brings together the essence of the blackberry and primes it perfectly to match with fine champagnes, dry white wines and any number of white spirit cocktails which need an extra kick. The blackberries are harvested from Morocco and Chile and combining them with cream creates a deliciously tart liqueur.


Gabriel Boudier Creme de Peche, 50cl

Gabrial Boudier Crème de Peach is a must-have for the perfect Bellini. It is made through a combination of specially selected white peach varieties, cream and neutral alcohol and the end result is bursting with peach flavour and juicy freshness. There’s a jammy texture to this drink which is sweet on the tongue and the light syrupy flavour marries wonderfully with almond notes and even essence of the bitter peach stone.


Gabriel Boudier Mango, 50cl

Exotic mangoes make a perfect liqueur ingredient and in this Gabriel Boudier Mango liqueur you can enjoy the full strength of the fruit. Sharp with undertones of citrus, this mango liqueur is rich with flavours which grow in depth and intensity as you sip. Rather that freshly cut, this liqueur has a richer more jam-like taste and is a truly warming and enjoyable on the palate. A light pepperiness runs throughout the liqueur but it’s the indulgent jam flavours which come through strongest.
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Gabriel Boudier Passion, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Passion Fruit Liqueur is a wonderfully rich and exotic drink which brings together many exotic and tropical fruits in a harmonious concoction which is just perfect for sipping at your leisure. The flavours of mangoes and lychees are balanced against the more regular flavour of peaches and sloe berries, creating a vibrant, fresh and fruity liqueur. The whole drink has a candied, sweet flavour which has a bright citric acidity ensuring it’s balanced and entices you back for more.
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Get 27 Peppermint , 70cl

A classic French liqueur, Get 27 is a minty marvel which works wonderfully in cocktails and mixed drinks, as well as being rather refreshing when served over ice. The '27' in the name originally referred to its alcoholic percentage, though over the years this has changed, but the name has remained the same.

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