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Flavoured Gin

Flavoured gins have become very popular. Elderflower, Cardamom, Sloe and Grapefruit are just some of the popular flavours of gin.

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Picture of Hayman's 1820, 50cl

Hayman's 1820, 50cl

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Picture of Hayman's Sloe, 70cl

Hayman's Sloe, 70cl

Picture of Hoxton Gin, 70cl

Hoxton Gin, 70cl

Picture of Jin Dea Tea Gin, 70cl

Jin Dea Tea Gin, 70cl

The name ‘Jindea’ is a portmanteau of ‘Juniper’ and the French words for India and tea, which provides a fairly accurate picture of the brand, as it is made in an alembic still in France, with juniper and first-flush Darjeeling tea as its main botanicals. Jindea’s other botanicals are lemon, grapefruit, coriander, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, and angelica. Maceration lasts between three and five days, followed by pot still distillation.
Picture of Monkey 47 Sloe, 50cl

Monkey 47 Sloe, 50cl

Picture of Plymouth Sloe, 70cl

Plymouth Sloe, 70cl

Picture of Saffron, 70cl

Saffron, 70cl

Picture of Sipsmith Sloe, 50cl

Sipsmith Sloe, 50cl

Picture of Tanqueray Rangpur, 70cl

Tanqueray Rangpur, 70cl

Picture of Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin, 70cl

Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin, 70cl

Harvested just once a year, we capture the very essence of a British summer’s day, from field to bottle in just a few short hours. A beautifully balanced gin that is smooth, sweet and delicately fragrant with summer elderflower. Enjoy over ice or in a refreshing G&T – summer in a glass.
Picture of Warner Edwards Melissa Gin, 70cl

Warner Edwards Melissa Gin, 70cl

The first release from the Warner Edwards Botanical Garden range is their Melissa Gin ! The name comes from the scientific name for lemon balm , Melissa Officinalis , which is at the core of this new release.
Picture of Warner Edwards Sloe Gin, 70cl

Warner Edwards Sloe Gin, 70cl

This beautiful partnership delivers an intensely fruity and not overly sweet liqueur bursting with notes of cherry and almond; a punchy autumnal masterpiece that can be enjoyed all year round. Splendid on its own, mixed with bitter lemon, or the perfect way to celebrate with champagne or prosecco.
Picture of Warner EdwardsVictorian Rhubarb Gin , 70cl

Warner EdwardsVictorian Rhubarb Gin , 70cl

The Warner Edwards distillers in Northamptonshire have brought us another flavour of excellent gin - they have been prolific since their start in 2012. This time, they've gone regal and created Victoria's Rhubarb Gin, which uses a variety of rhubarb originally grown in Queen Victoria's garden, hence the name, as well as their Harrington Dry Gin. They also add just enough sugar to balance out the acidity from the rhubarb, producing a spirit with plenty of sweetness and some subtle, enjoyably sour notes emanate from the rhubarb.
Picture of Sacred Cardamon Gin , 70cl

Sacred Cardamon Gin , 70cl

An exuberant expression of that most aromatic of spices, cardamom, made with organic green cardamom pods from Guatemala. For a long, refreshing drink, pour a large measure over ice and top with your favourite tonic water. Garnish with a slice of ruby red grapefruit.
Picture of Sacred Coriander Gin, 70cl

Sacred Coriander Gin, 70cl

A dry, zesty, spicy gin with dominant notes of Indian coriander seed. Shake with ice and your choice of Rose's Lime Cordial or Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice and Sugar Syrup, and strain into a cocktail glass for a refreshing Coriander Gimlet. Alternatively, pour a large measure over ice and top with your favourite tonic water. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of thyme for a wonderfully dry Gin & Tonic.
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Picture of Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin, 70cl

Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin, 70cl

Picture of Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz ,70cl

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz ,70cl

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is made in a small distillery in Yarra Valley, Australia. Everything the Four Pillars distillers make is based around their four pillars - the still, the water, the botanicals and love. It's sort of a bit like the four elements of hip hop. Pillar 1 - The Four Pillars copper-pot still is called Wilma. Pillar 2 - The water they use from Yarra Valley is triple filtered. Pillar 3 - They use some local botanicals (Tasmanian pepperberry, lemon myrtle), some exotic botanicals (cinnamon, cardamom, coriander seeds and star anise) and some classic botanicals (juniper, lavender, angelica root), as well as whole oranges to give Four Pillars Gin its flavour profile. Pillar 4 - The distillers love what they do and love what they have made. It all adds up to a vibrant Australian gin which stands out in cocktails, but tastes just superb neat.

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