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Eau de vie, french for ‘water of life’ is a clear, colourless fruit brandy produced by fermentation and double distillation. They are a digestif and are usually served neat after a meal in small tulip glasses.

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Picture of Eau de Vie Gewurztraminer Miclo, 70cl

Eau de Vie Gewurztraminer Miclo, 70cl

A taste of Alsace, Miclo Gewürztraminer Eau de Vie is a sweet and enjoyable eau de vie, wonderful after dinner or at a cocktail party. Distilled from the pomace of Gewürztraminer grapes, Miclo Eau de Vie is a very sweet and has a strong and intensely fruity bouquet matched with a deep and satisfying fruit flavour. The sweet grape flavours are a wonderful partner for frozen desserts, especially sorbets.
Picture of Eau de Vie Vielle Prune Miclo, 50cl

Eau de Vie Vielle Prune Miclo, 50cl

A delicious plum brandy, Miclo Vieille Prune Eau de Vie captures the natural flavour and scent of the plum and blends it beautifully. Aged in stainless steel tanks and then matured in oak barrels, the mature golden hues ofthis eau de vie disguise the plump plummy flavour within. Light tannins soften the intensity of the plum flavour and using only the ingredient of Alsace, Miclo Vieille Prune Eau de Vie makes a wonderful after dinner treat.
Picture of EDV Framboise, 70cl

EDV Framboise, 70cl

Through artfully fermenting and distilling the juices of the fresh raspberries of the Vosges Mountains, Lesgrevil Framboise Eau de Vie is full of fruity flavour. The sharp but sweet fruitiness of this eau de vie is teamed with a slight dryness which adds complexity for the palate. It is best enjoyed simply, served over ice or simply straight from the fridge. You could even use it to add a raspberry twist to spritzers and coolers.
Picture of EDV Kirsch, 70cl

EDV Kirsch, 70cl

No drinks cupboard is complete without a classic Kirsch. Lesgrevil Kirschwasser is authentically flavoured using traditional production methods. The cherry fruit, stones and juice are all fermented to create a rich and vibrant cherry flavour which Lesgrevil has harmoniously teamed with light notes of almond. Adding Kirsch to your cocktails ensures a strong hit of sweet cherry flavour or you can alternative use it to pep up desserts, flavoured pastries or even drink alone.

Picture of EDV Mirabelle, 70cl

EDV Mirabelle, 70cl

Wonderful craftsmanship allows the producers at Lesgrevil to develop the sweet and enticing flavour of Mirabelle Plum Eau de Vie. Lesgrevil Mirabelle Eau de Vie spends five to six year maturing to ensure a strong and intense flavour which also delivers surprising smoothness. Aromas of the sweet Mirabelle plum are paired wonderfully with its juicy flavour. Mirabelle plums are known for their deep, recognisable flavour and Lesgrevil have captured it perfectly in their Eau de Vie.
Picture of EDV Poire William, 70cl

EDV Poire William, 70cl

The Williams pear takes centre stage in this sweet and satisfying eau de vie. Lesgrevil Poire William eau de vie combines the sweet flavours of the pear with the intensity of the distilled alcohol and combined they create an enticing blend which is wonderfully enjoyed as a digestif. The sweet and fruity flavour of the pear is wonderfully teamed with your after dinner cheeseboard or a light dessert.
Picture of Miclo Mirabelle, 70cl

Miclo Mirabelle, 70cl

The small yellow Mirabelle plums of the Lorraine area of eastern France are captured wonderful in this Miclo Eau-de-Vie. After distillation the spirit spends four years resting and then the master blenders choose the finest offerings and combine them to deliver the most enjoyable and elegant Miclo Mirabelle Eau-de-Vie. The sweet tangy flavour of the Mirabelle is present from the first sip to the last and enjoying it chilled is a joy!
Picture of Floc De Gascogne, 75cl

Floc De Gascogne, 75cl

Picture of Marc De Bourgogone , 1lt

Marc De Bourgogone , 1lt


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