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Gin is neutral spirit with a predominant flavour of juniper berries.  Gin originated in Holland in the 17th Century as a medicinal drink for the treatment of kidney disorders.  Originally called ‘Genever’ the French word for Juniper it was renamed by English soldiers fighting on the continent.    The infamous Gin and Tonic started as a medical drink to help remedy the effects of Malaria in colonial India.

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Picture of Aviation Gin , 70cl

Aviation Gin , 70cl

Heavy on the botanicals upon entry which almost mask the juniper. Bergamot peel mid palette followed by herbs and flowers. Gentle kick followed by stronger juniper notes with a sweet, almost lavender undercurrent on the close.
Picture of Bareksten Gin , 70cl

Bareksten Gin , 70cl

Produced at Norway's Oss Craft Distillery, Bareksten Gin takes inspiration from its homeland. it has proved very popular indeed, scooping up a coveted Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition!
Picture of Bathtub Gin , 70cl

Bathtub Gin , 70cl

Picture of Bathtub Old Tom , 70cl

Bathtub Old Tom , 70cl

Picture of Beefeater 24 , 70cl

Beefeater 24 , 70cl

Dried pink grapefruit and earl grey tea followed by a strong liquorice undercurrent that leads into a sort of crushed Parma Violet sweets affair. Kick is woody and spicy and leads into juniper, bergamot and faint ginseng notes. All in all bloody good.

Picture of Beefeater Burroughs Reserve , 70cl

Beefeater Burroughs Reserve , 70cl

Oak boasting business at first which subsides and lets through deep pine and juniper followed by dried citrus peel notes. The oak takes you through an almost smokey kick and leads out into more citrus and more…you'veguessed it Oak. Would be good with ginger beer or Ting grapefruit soda to tame down the wood a touch. If barrel aging is your bag then this is for sure a winner.
Picture of Beefeater Gin , 1.5L

Beefeater Gin , 1.5L

Beefeater is one of the classic London Dry gins, with a juniper-driven, crisp dry style enhanced by citrus and exotic aromatics. A consistently reliable full-flavoured gin.
Picture of Beefeater Gin , 70cl

Beefeater Gin , 70cl

Beefeater is one of the classic London Dry gins, with a juniper-driven, crisp dry style enhanced by citrus and exotic aromatics. A consistently reliable full-flavoured gin.
Picture of Blackwoods Vintage Dry  Gin 60% , 70cl

Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin 60% , 70cl

Smashed Parma Violets and builders tea upon the opening followed by balanced juniper and floral notes. The finish is full of pepper, lavender and burnt lemon oil. Sophisticated distilling here from The Blackwoods team. Brilliant.
Picture of Bluecoat American Dry Gin , 70cl

Bluecoat American Dry Gin , 70cl

The Bluecoat American Dry distilled in a traditional copper pot still and is named after the uniforms worn by the militia in the American Revolution. The botanical recipe is kept secret however the style is a classic dry gin.
Picture of Bols Genever , 70cl

Bols Genever , 70cl

Big juniper and bitter Tyxylix flavours upon entry that move into crushed cornflakes and spicy juniper flavours. A big kick on this one that moves into hazelnut and baked rye bread on the very end. Bloody interesting stuff.
Picture of Bols Genever Barrel Aged , 1L

Bols Genever Barrel Aged , 1L

Picture of Bols Oude Corenwyn , 1L * offer

Bols Oude Corenwyn , 1L * offer

From Dutch masters Bols comes this excellent cask-aged Jenever. The style, 'corenwijn' translates as 'corn wine' referring to the high proportion of malt wine - at least 51% - used in the blend.
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Picture of Bombay Dry, 70cl

Bombay Dry, 70cl

Super clean notes of Thai spice and Black Jacks followed by bergamot, lemon and lime rind flavours. Juniper comes through mid-kick and remains for a while. The finish is full of Bassets Allsorts and dried flowers with citrus zest. This gin is awesome.
Picture of Bombay Sapphire , 1.5L

Bombay Sapphire , 1.5L

Thai spice with a very faint wave of juniper. Lemon zest then comes to the forefront followed closely by a sweet pepper taste that moves through the soft kick. Very faint liquorice, smashed Parma Violet and army and navy sweets wrapped in lavender on the finish.
Picture of Bombay Sapphire , 70cl

Bombay Sapphire , 70cl

Thai spice with a very faint wave of juniper. Lemon zest then comes to the forefront followed closely by a sweet pepper taste that moves through the soft kick. Very faint liquorice, smashed Parma Violet and army and navy sweets wrapped in lavender on the finish.
Picture of Boodles , 70cl

Boodles , 70cl

Well balanced juniper and builders tea note arrive first followed by fresh Thai herbs and spices. Black Jacks appear before the kick which is a very smooth affair. The finish is dry and full of burnt liquorice wood, juniper and strangely, coriander. Classic and clean. What more can you ask for?  Excellent stuff.
Picture of Boudier Saffron Gin , 70cl

Boudier Saffron Gin , 70cl

Resplendent in straw-yellow, Boudier’s Saffron gin places premium, luxurious saffron at its heart. Gabriel Boudier’s micro-distillery is known for the quality of its work and each Boudier’s Saffron gin batch is handcrafted using natural botanicals creating its delicately spicy character. Juniper is of course in there with notes of iris, angelica, orange peels and interesting fennel, delivering the liquorice aniseed notes which last long after drinking. The colour stands out but the flavour is even more memorable.
Picture of Brecon Welsh Gin , 70cl

Brecon Welsh Gin , 70cl

Straight off the mark the juniper comes through. This is followed by orange and lemon zest and with a tweak of nutmeg and liquorice allsorts. Angelica root notes come through after the sharp kick and the finish is medium length with cinnamon and pepper.
Picture of Brighton Gin , 70cl

Brighton Gin , 70cl

Heavy juniper from the off with heaps of citrus peel. A slight Thai spice note comes through midway and then moves into heavy botanical lemon country. The kick is an easy one and the close is dried citrus peel and a little more of the Thai spice on the end.
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Picture of Brockmans, 70cl

Brockmans, 70cl

Blueberries and blackberry jam show up first with a soft undercurrent of Juniper and Angelica root. The kick is sweet and the waves of orange peel and almond paste leave a yummy taste in the mouth. This is brilliant for cocktails and different to other gins in that it really is an original flavour. Top stuff.
Picture of Brokers Gin , 70cl

Brokers Gin , 70cl

Big zesty lemon drops and juniper notes open up into clean notes of Coriander and nutmeg. The finish is crisp and citrus driven. Good everyday drinking gin.
Picture of Caorunn Gin , 70cl

Caorunn Gin , 70cl

An exclusive small batch gin which encapsulates the spirit of the Highlands. Caorunn fuses together pure Scottish Highlands water with six traditional gin and five Celtic botanicals by hand in a copper berry chamber. This process helps to create a sweet balance of flavours the rowan berry sits at the heart of this gin, giving it a firmly Celtic flavour, different from other gins on the market. Caorunn itself is the Gaelic word for rowan berry, showing exactly how important this core ingredient is to this aromatic gin.

Picture of Citadelle Gin , 70cl

Citadelle Gin , 70cl

Citadelle Gin is a wheat based gin which soaks up the warm flavour of cognac through its production in cognac stills. 19 botanicals are added to create the distinct flavour of Citadelle, leafy on the nose and clean on the palate. Peppery grains of paradise partner refreshing juniper in a fragrant concoction which works and the sweeter citrus notes help create a rounded flavour which is a little on the spicy side.

Picture of Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom , 50cl

Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom , 50cl

Citadelle has the same owner as Plantation rum and this sweetened style of gin uses brown sugar from the Caribbean. The result is true to the historic style of gin – fresh, floral and juicy – and can be enjoyed over ice or in long drinks or cocktails.
Picture of Citadelle Reserve Gin , 70cl

Citadelle Reserve Gin , 70cl

Citadelle Reserve Gin is barrel-aged to create unique depth and flavour, a rare process for a gin, but nonetheless one that is well-deserved for the complex list of herbs, spices, and botanicals that goes into making it. Aged gin is not a new concept—before gin could be transported in plastic, glass, or stainless steel, it was brought over in wooden barrels, giving it a chance to take on the colour and flavour of the wood in much the same way as a whisky or cognac. But in 2008, Cognac Ferrand’s cellar master Alexandre Gabriel revisited this grand tradition and ushered in a new age of aged gins. To give Citadelle Reserve Gin an even more unique spin, he added three unique botanicals—yuzu, genepi, and bleuet. The solera ageing process, similar to that of sherry, sees the gin rest in five different types of wood for five months, including cherry, acacia, mulberry, chestnut, and French oak. After five months, the Citadelle Reserve Gin is blended together and refined in a huge barrel of its own, a step that earns Citadelle the distinction of being the only distillers to use such an avant-garde technique. This long, elaborate ageing process gives the gin a whole new flavour profile, intensifying the citrus notes and bringing about a noticeably soft mouthfeel. Naturally, you couldn’t just throw some Citadelle Reserve Gin into a glass with some ice and tonic—this one needs to be savoured without any adulteration—sip on the rocks, or take as one terrific martini.
Picture of Colonel Fox Cremorne Gin , 70cl

Colonel Fox Cremorne Gin , 70cl

Based on a genuine 19th century recipe discovered by Lieutenant Colonel Fox, Colonel Fox’s is an exceptional London Dry Gin. With the traditional flavours you’d expect including juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, cassia and bitter orange peel, Colonel Fox’s gin is particularly citrus and juniper drive. Fruity and earthy flavours work together to deliver an aftertaste which is more sweet than bitter. Juniper lingers and reminds you of the quality of the gin you’re enjoying.
Picture of Copperhead Black Batch Gin , 50cl

Copperhead Black Batch Gin , 50cl

Copperhead Black Batch combines the more common botanicals of juniper, orange zest, angelica, cardamom and coriander with more unusual ones: elderberry and black Ceylon tea. The signature serve is in a long drink with elderberry cordial and tonic.
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Picture of Copperhead Gibson Gin , 70cl

Copperhead Gibson Gin , 70cl

Bottled at 40% ABV in a stylish 'jaguar green' exterior - a reference to the original Edwardian tiling of The Gibson - this beauty is a real one-of-a-kind. From its origin to its composition, the Gibson Edition is simply begging to liven your cocktail game and open your mind to alternative gin profiles. Sweet nutmeg, aromatic cinnamon and ginger lead, with prickles of peppery juniper. The gorgeous warming spices are confident and prominent, but leave enough room for a little orange blossom, which is evident among slight creamy aromas of angelica and vibrant hops. A herbaceous twinge lingers in the backdrop.
Picture of Copperhead Gin , 70cl

Copperhead Gin , 70cl

Copperhead Gin from Belgium , made with a selection of five botanicals - Juniper, Cardamom, Orange peel, Angelica and Coriander. It apparently was named after Mr. Copperhead, an alchemist who was searching for the elixir of life. Along the way, he produced the recipe for this refreshing gin! Try with a garnish of Green Cardamom Pods and Fever Tree Tonic - either Natural or Elderflower based on your preference.
Picture of Deaths Door Gin , 70cl

Deaths Door Gin , 70cl

Picture of Del Professore La Madame Gin , 70cl

Del Professore La Madame Gin , 70cl

Gin del Professore is a collaboration between Federico Ricatto, Carlos Quaglia and the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome. The Madame gin has extra layers of sweetness from cinnamon, vanilla and wild rose.

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