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Hendricks Flora Adora, 70cl

Perfect for casual get-togethers, HENDRICK’S FLORA ADORA is buzzing with an enticing aroma of enchanting flowers and a fresh, herbal character that is classically HENDRICK’S in style. The juniper and coriander backbone is lengthened by lush green and wonderfully sweet floral characteristics, creating a wonderfully balanced gin. Exquisite with tonic and a slice of cucumber, or perhaps try mixed long in a Wildgarden Cup – a medley of fresh mint, cooling cucumber and juicy raspberries lengthened with a refreshing lemon soda.

Hendricks Gin, 70cl

The ‘most unusual gin’ on the market, Hendrick’s is a fine Scottish gin which evokes rose gardens and quintessentially British cucumber sandwiches. The crystal clear hues allow the flavours to do the talking and silky smooth on the palate bursts with juniper berries and sharp citrus. Cumin, black pepper and liquorice add depth to the flavour and lingering floral notes are the perfect ending to a smooth and highly unusual gin.

Hendricks Lunar Gin, 70cl

Infused with nocturnal essencial oils Delectably Cosmic.

Hendricks Orbium Gin, 70cl

The distillers who brought us Hendrick’s beloved cucumber and rose gin have hit on another great innovation: quininated gin. By infusing their spirit with quinine and wormwood, Hendrick’s have created an complex and intriguing drink that pays homage to what is often mixed with gin: tonic and vermouth. The quinine and wormwood flavours are rounded out by blue lotus blossom, which adds bright floral notes to the mix.

Hoxton Gin, 70cl

Five days steeping before distillation in a copper pot still create the unique and unusually flavoured Hoxton Gin. Flavoured with sweet coconut, refreshing grapefruit, classic juniper, iris, tarragon and hits of ginger, Hoxton Gin is different to your average gin. Unlike most other gins juniper is not the leading flavour and it ends on woody eucalyptus notes, a satisfying alternative to traditional gins. Enjoy a special experience with Hoxton gin, however you choose to drink it.


Hoxton Pink Gin, 50cl

Inspired by the attitude and style associated with Hoxton, East London, this gin was produced by London-based nightlife entrepreneur and mixologist Gerry Calabrese in a local micro-distillery. Only ethically sourced botanicals, such as bergamot, chamomile, elderflower, grapefruit, gunpowder tea, hibiscus sugar, juniper, liquorice, orris and rose hip were used for the Hoxton's Pink's recipe.

Jaffa Cake Gin , 70cl

Consider the Jaffa cake. A timeless treat. Now, if something is delicious, chances are someone will make a gin with it, and that’s exactly what has happened here. Jaffa Cake Gin is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and Jaffa cakes. Actual Jaffa cakes. As in “Right, we could eat these yummy Jaffa cakes, or we could put the Jaffa cakes in this vacuum still and make Jaffa Cake Gin.” It’s that kind of situation. The result is just like you’d expect - full-on Jaffa cake tastiness built around a distinctive base of crisp juniper. The label claims it’ll make the best Negroni mankind has ever seen, but we’ll let you be the judge of that one - though you will get top marks if you stick a Jaffa cake on your glass like a citrus wheel garnish. m the California lettering depicted in the middle.
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Jin Dea Tea Gin, 70cl

The name ‘Jindea’ is a portmanteau of ‘Juniper’ and the French words for India and tea, which provides a fairly accurate picture of the brand, as it is made in an alembic still in France, with juniper and first-flush Darjeeling tea as its main botanicals. Jindea’s other botanicals are lemon, grapefruit, coriander, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, and angelica. Maceration lasts between three and five days, followed by pot still distillation.

Junipero Gin, 70cl

Juniper by name and packing a punch by nature, Junipero knows exactly where it sits in the gin market, firmly at the heart of small batch distillation. Made using tiny copper pot stills, Junipero is distilled using more than twelve different botanicals. Juniper of course is heavy and pungent throughout as you sip and the high alcohol level allows for intensity in each of the flavours. Juniper is backed up by traditional coriander and liquorice with sweet ruby grapefruit notes providing a welcome sweetness.

King Of Soho Gin, 70cl

What could be more fitting for Gerry’s than Spirit of Soho gin? A local classic which lives up to its name and offers a quality London Dry gin offering. Premium in quality and produced a tribute to the King of Soho, traditional methods are used at every stage of production to deliver a juniper and coriander heavy gin which is just made for a cheeky gin sling or a classic G&T with lemon.

Mahon Xoriguer Gin, 70cl

A Spanish gin that is one of only two gins in the world with its own EU Designation of Origin, Xorigeur is based on an 18th century recipe and was popular with the sailors at that time. The green handled bottle makes it stand out from the crowd but it’s the perfumed flavour and orange-rich character which really make this gin sing. A grape alcohol base gives it a juicy flavour which is peppered with bright herbaceous and spicy notes. Fresh, almost menthol juniper ends each sip, lingering as a quenching aftertaste.

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Manly Spirits Barrel Aged Gin, 70cl

What was once transparent, is now more complex thanks to the aging process of whisky barrels. Marrying the complex botanical recipe of marine inspired gin with the character and maturity of an oak barrel. This gorgeous spirit brings the best of both worlds together.

Mayfield Elderflower & Peach Gin, 50cl

This Elderflower & Peach Gin Liqueur is from the same folks behind Mayfield Gin, using various natural ingredients including quince, lemongrass and blackcurrant. The label features St. Dunstan who, according to Mayfield folklore, tricked the devil into wearing a red hot horseshoe, thus creating the legend of the lucky horseshoe. Good job, St. Dunstan!

Millers Dry, 70cl

Miller’s Dry Gin is distilled using traditional pot maceration methods and using many of the trademark ingredients you’d expect in a quality gin. Of exceptional quality Miller’s is shipped to Iceland once in concentrated distillate form and there it is blended with fresh cucumber flavouring and natural glacial water from the Selyri Spring. This adds a complex and refreshing flavour to the gin and brings out the natural flavours of the botanicals which include juniper, cassia, liquorice root, coriander and cinnamon bark.

Millers Westbourne Strength, 70cl

One of the world’s most highly regarded gins Miller’s Westbourne Strength takes the classic Miller’s gin and lifts it to another level. An increase in alcohol content allows the original flavours of Miller’s gin to be emphasisedand brought out. The juniper berries in particular stand out and lead a rich and spicy flavour profile which, despite its strength, still leads to a soft and gentle finish. Revered by mixologists around the world, Miller’s Westbourne Strength can play a key role in many of your favourite cocktails.

Monkey 47 Sloe, 50cl

In its apothecary style bottle we won’t blame you if you claim each sip of Monkey 47 Sloe Gin is ‘purely medicinal’. A stunning gin which uses 47 botanicals and then combined this unusual and inviting flavour with the sweet flavour of sloe berries. Monkey 47 uses wild grown, hand-picked sloe berries from the Black Forest in Germany and each single batch is distilled over a three month period to guarantee a perfectly blended taste. A very rare and exclusive sloe gin, get it before it’s gone.


No.3, 70cl

A perfectly balanced blend of three fruits and three spices, No.3 gin’s name has more than one meaning. Named for the address in St. James’ Street in London which inspired its design, No.3 is simply produced using those classic gin flavours juniper berries, angelica root and coriander. These flavours are combined with orange and grapefruit peel alongside cardamom pods and the end result is smooth, lightly spiced and wonderfully enjoyable.

old curiosity apothecary rose gin, 50cl

A marvellous floral Scottish gin from the Old Curiosity distillery on the outskirts of Edinburgh in the Secret Herb Garden. This expression is richly aromatic with fresh rose notes. Enjoy with tonic and you might see some colour-changing alchemy occur...
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old curiosity lavender & echinacea gin, 50cl

The Old Curiosity range produced at Edinburgh's Secret Herb Garden is home to a trio of fantastically aromatic, floral gins, including this treat - the Lavender & Echinacea Gin! Not only does it pack a powerfully perfumed profile, it changes colour when you mix it with tonic!

One Gin Sage and Apple , 70cl

Sarah Thompson, multi-award-winning Master Distiller at Blackdown Distillery in Sussex and a true artisan, distills One Gin using 10 botanicals from around the world, plus one quintessentially British botanical – Sage – which is foraged from the grounds of the distillery. The new extra botanil being APPLE... The One Brand hopes to use One Gin to direct some of the profits in the gin industry to helping fund water and sanitation projects across the globe. Having raised £15 million for water projects, One is on target to raise £20 million by 2020, changing the lives of over five million people.

Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin , 70cl

Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin , 70cl, Aluminium bottle.

Penrhos Raspberry Gin , 70cl

Penrhos Raspberry Gin , 70cl Aluminium bottle.

Penrhos Rhubarb Gin , 70cl

Penrhos Rhubarb Gin , 70cl , Aluminium bottle.

Pinkster Gin , 70cl

The original Pinkster gin, made from real raspberries, delivered straight to your door in just 48 hours. Deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. Just add a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked, fresh mint for a refreshingly different G&T.

Plymouth Navy Strength, 70cl

Set sail and conquer the seas with your flask of Plymouth Navy Strength gin in hand. A recipe concocted especially for naval officers and men at sea, Plymouth Navy Strength gin is intense with a high proof which takes the classic flavour of Plymouth gin to a supercharged level. A couple of drops of water will help to release the floral and citrus aromas of the drink and despite the high proof, it still has a refreshing and satisfying end.


Plymouth Gin 41.2%, 70cl

Made in a copper still over 150 years old, Plymouth gin has a well matured, authentic and enjoyable dry gin flavour. Plymouth is made using no bitter botanicals and it’s the aromatic pine-driven juniper that comes first followed by lavender and camphor with a touch of lemon zest. On first sip a zing of lavender hits first and lemon and orange soon follow, with earthy notes bringing the drink into a mellow finish. Refreshing yet steeped in subtle flavours, a classic gin for your favourite cocktail.

Plymouth Sloe, 70cl

Staying true to their authentic 1883 recipe, Plymouth Sloe gin is a winter warmer you won’t want to miss. The fresh sloe berries are harvested and steeped in Plymouth gin, Dartmoor water and Plymouth’s secret ingredient. 100% natural and abundant with fruity notes, sweet berries and bitter cherries, Plymouth Sloe is jammy, juicy and evokes memories of cherry drops and boiled sweets. Perfectly balanced peppery notes add depth and character to the sweet sloe jam flavours.

Portobello No.171 Gin, 70cl

Named for its place of conception, Portobello London Dry Gin No. 171 is a classic London gin with all the characteristics of a premium product. Floral notes pour out of the bottle on opening with lavender and camphor at the forefront. Parma violet sweetness follows and on tasting you’ll get the first hint of juniper. The citrus notes often found in abundance in other gins are subdued but their essence is in the background and it’s a little spicier than your average gin, without being overwhelming. Wonderful for your favourite sling.


Sacred Highgate Gin , 70cl

Exceptional and painstakingly created by an award-winning micro distiller, Sacred Gin packs a punch and is stylish as well as flavoursome. Its subtle flavours make it wonderful when poured simply over ice or with your favourite tonic and it is juniper led from the start with violet following closely behind. It builds in the mouth with red peppercorn and pine lingering after the last mouthful. The spicy heat which builds is satisfying without being overpowering, adding to the complex flavour profile Sacred offers.


Sacred Old Tom Gin , 70cl

A high-strength interpretation of the 18th-century staple, with bold notes of Juniper & naturally sweet Liquorice Root, alongside a modern flourish of vaccum-distilled Spanish Sweet Orange Peels, which accentuate this classic sweeter gin.

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin, 50cl

This recipe takes a classic London Dry backbone and layers on sweet, sun-dried lemon peels, lemon verbena from the garden of Sipsmith's Master Distiller for aromatic sweetness on the nose and vapour-infused fresh hand peeled lemon, to give a zesty lemon twist to every bottle.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin, 50cl

An award-winner with additional sloe , what’s not to like? Sipsmith’s London Dry gin has been combined wonderfully with fresh hand-picked sloe berries at the height of ripeness. The end result is the rich and luxurious sloegin which simply bursts with fresh fruit flavour. Redcurrant and winter fruit aromas are released on opening and on tasting cassis and hints of warm cherry come through, offering a rounded flavour which benefits from a velvet smooth mouth feel and balanced sweetness. A must for all sloe gin fans.

Gin is neutral spirit with a predominant flavour of juniper berries.  Gin originated in Holland in the 17th Century as a medicinal drink for the treatment of kidney disorders.  Originally called ‘Genever’ the French word for Juniper it was renamed by English soldiers fighting on the continent.    The infamous Gin and Tonic started as a medical drink to help remedy the effects of Malaria in colonial India.

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