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Funkin Lemon Pour, 1L

No lemons have been harmed in the making of this Funkin Puree, but they have been squeezed within an inch of their lives to create the tart, refreshing flavour of this cocktail puree. Funkin Lemon Pure Pour puree is made from the finest Sicilian lemons and you can simply open and pour the mixer into your drinks to add the fresh and zesty flavour of the lemon. Whether you team it with a simple long drink or use it to add complexity to a refined cocktail, it’s a flavour which lingers and freshens up any drink.


Funkin Lime Pour, 1L

Simply open the cap and pour in Funkin Lime Pure Pour Puree to add the natural and zesty flavour of Mexican limes to your drinks. Whether it’s a classic Mojito or a dark rum drink that needs that extra hit of citrus, Funkin Lime is ready and waiting to fill the gap. Sharp and fresh, Mexican and Spanish limes work in harmony to create the natural zing that your drinks need.


Funkin Lychee, 1L

With lychees genuinely sourced in China and shipped back to Funkin HQ you can be sure of the authenticity of their Funkin Lychee puree. Aromatic and exotic, lychee puree is a top choice for fruity oriental cocktails as well as those that need a fresh kick to keep you drinking up. The natural sweetness of the lychee adds an unusual twist to many drinks and works wonderfully with both white and darker spirits.


Funkin Mango, 1L

For a taste of the exotic Funkin Mango puree will serve you well. Mangoes make their way to Funkin HQ all the way from India and Peru and the full freshness of the fruit is simply bursting to be added to your drinks. Tart and sweet all at the same, mango is a must for Caribbean and tropical inspired cocktails, working wonderfully with the Caribbean favourite – rum, as well as all kinds of other spirits. If you’re looking to try something new, consider a Mango Collins.


Funkin Passion, 1L

Bursting with flavour and welcome acidity, passion fruit’s flamboyant flavour gained it a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Whether you’re hoping to have your wicked way or not Funkin Passion Fruit puree is brought over from Ecuador and has a delicate balance of both vibrant fruitiness and biting acidity. It’s an absolute must if you’re attempting a Pornstar Martini but the flavour is powerful and enticing enough to work with almost any partner.


Funkin Pear ( poire) , 1L

All Funkin products contain 100% natural ingredients are free from artificial flavourings, colours, sweeteners and preservatives Funkin use William pear to capture the soft delicate flavour of the juicy and ripened pears Create ideal looking and tasting drinks and cocktails Funkin is the professional's choice with a wide selection of purees, syrups and mixers that are specifically selected for use in cocktails

Funkin Raspberry, 1L

Funkin is proud to call raspberry one of its signature flavours and the soft, delicate fruit is wonderfully evoked in their 100% natural Raspberry puree. Raspberries are sourced fresh throughout the year and the secret blend that Funkin use incorporates three different varieties of berry ensuring a flavour you’ll find nowhere else. Team it with ginger and rum for a fiery mix or consider creating your own signature Raspberry Cosmopolitan.


Funkin Strawberry, 1L

The strawberries used in Funkin’s succulent syrup have been carefully selected to ensure the most enjoyable, seasonal strawberry flavour. Through testing over 50 varieties of fruit Funkin have developed a strawberry puree which is sweet, fragrant and captures the pure essence of the strawberry. Use it in your daiquiris, your candy sweet cocktails or even an ice cool frozen strawberry Margarita. A real taste of the summer you don’t want to miss.


Funkin White Peach, 1L

A modern and exciting twist on your average mixer, Funkin purees give instant satisfaction and immediate drinkability. Funkin White Peach Bellini mixer does exactly what its name suggests, turns your sharp, fizzy sparkling wine into a mellow, fragrant cocktail. Whether you opt for Champagne, Cava or Prosecco, Funkin White Peach Bellini mixer is intensely flavourful and utilises the natural juiciness of both French and Italian peaches.


Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix ( sour ) , 1L

Designed to be the perfect partner to their wide range of eye-popping tequilas, Jose Cuervo’s Margarita Mix has been carefully concocted to create the perfect Margarita. Ready to drink, simply pop a few shots of Margarita Mix with your favourite Tequila and you’ve got a classic Margarita ready to go. Add lemon, add lime or add nothing at all and enjoy the authentic taste of the Mexican classic. Margarita Mix has a sharp, sour flavour that combines both the zing of fresh Mexican limes and Triple Sec. 

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Real Coco Cream , 623g

Coco Reàl Cream of Coconut contains real coconut meat – not just coconut milk – and 100% cane sugar.

Real Pumpkin Puree ,

Infused with premium pureed Pumpkin and hints of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove.
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the Pickle House SPICED TOMATO MIX , 75cl

The Pickle House Spiced Tomato Mix is an award-winning blend of tomato juice, Original Pickle Juice and a generous amount of spice. Serve over ice for a Virgin Mary, with vodka for a seriously good Bloody Mary, with gin for a Red Snapper or topped with a light lager for a Michelada. Produced and hand bottled on the family farm in Suffolk. Shake well before use. Once opened, keep refrigerated and drink within four days. Store in a cool, dry place. Natural ingredients. Suitable for vegans.

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