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An apéritif is an alcoholic beverage that is usually served before a meal to help stimulate the appetite so are usually dry rather than sweet.

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Picture of Amer Picon , 70cl

Amer Picon , 70cl

Amer Picon is a sweet orange-based liqueur which is usually served as an aperitif or mixed with wine, which may sound a little strange but you’ve got to try it to find out. Amer Picon has bittersweet notes and includes quinine, genetian and cinchona in addition to the citrus flavours. Amer Picon is most regularly found in cocktails, including wheat beer cocktails and simply blended with mixers. The sweetness of the orange has a bitter edge provided by the botanicals. 

Picture of Aperol, 70cl

Aperol, 70cl

Italian housewife business! Sweet Rhubarb and grapefruit jelly and marmalade on toast followed by slightly bitter berries. It begs for Prosecco.

Picture of Byrrh, 75cl

Byrrh, 75cl

The Aperitif that fuelled the French resistance.  It's a medium bodied red wine with roasted coffee, liquorice sticks and bitter berries followed by slow roasted peppers.

Picture of Campari Bitters, 70cl

Campari Bitters, 70cl

Italian Stallion Bitter! Big bitter mouthful of mandarin, maraschino cherries, manuka honey and herbs followed by clove, clementine and quinine finish. Legendary stuff.
Picture of Cocchi Americano Rosa , 75cl

Cocchi Americano Rosa , 75cl

Cocchi Americano Rosa is a blend of two aromatic grape varieties, Brachetto and Malvasia, herbs, fruits and spices. These include gentian, cinchona, ginger and rose petals. Enjoy with tonic or soda and grapefruit zest, or in sparkling wine.
Picture of Cocchi Americano, 75cl

Cocchi Americano, 75cl

Not out of place in a James Bond movie, Cocchi Americano is an aperitif with style, substance and more than a little spice. The boldness of its orange flavour is matched note for note by the quinine bitterness that makes it a popular and distinctive aperitif. Cloves and cinnamon can be tasted through the orange and a strong woody end note leaves an enjoyable aftertaste, leaving a satisfying bitterness in the mouth. 
Picture of Kamm & Sons Ginseng, 70cl

Kamm & Sons Ginseng, 70cl

Kamm & Sons offers the best of British in a highly aromatic and distinctive aperitif. Created by cocktail maestro and dedicated drinks Greek Alex Kammerling, Kamm & Sons Ginseng is brewed using the same methods as gin and includes a wide range of natural botanicals, 45 in fact, including four different types of ginseng root. Distinctly sharp and sweet, a relatively low ABV means you can enjoy Kamm & Sons neat over ice or in one of Kammerling’s signature cocktails.
Picture of Lillet Rouge, 75cl

Lillet Rouge, 75cl

Lillets Beefy brother. Big notes of red summer berries and juicy Valencia oranges with lashes of spicy red wine. The finish is tannic yet sweet with squishy summer fruit notes.
Picture of Pimms No.1, 70cl

Pimms No.1, 70cl

Can you imagine lazing on a summer’s afternoon without your Pimm’s in hand? We think not so let’s raise a toast to Pimm’s No 1 the classic English summer drink. Traditionally served 3:1 with freshly made lemonade, cucumber, mint and strawberries, Pimm’s has a rich and fruity taste which simply screams summer. English through and through Pimm’s No 1 was invented in the City of London and spicy undertones lift the naturally fruitiness even further.

Picture of Suze, 1lt

Suze, 1lt

Offering a delicate bitterness and a spicy aftertaste Suze is a famed French aperitif which is usually enjoyed neat. Modern consumers may prefer to add cola but it’s traditionally matches with tonic water or orange juice, as well as finding its way into many classic cocktails. A combination of gentian root and other specially selected botanicals, Suze finishes on a citric note which is refreshing and rounds of the drink perfectly, leaving only a bittersweet aftertaste.
Picture of Sipsmiths London Cup, 70cl

Sipsmiths London Cup, 70cl

Sipsmith London Cup is a refreshing and aromatic gin-based cup, inspired by the ubiquitous punches and cups found in 1800s London. By blending their award-winning London Dry Gin with Earl Grey tea, lemon verbena and borage, Sipsmith have given a traditional drink a touch of Sipsmithian flair. The result is a sublimely sippable cup full of character and with a truly unique flavour. Tasting notes: The nose: Burnt orange and hints of caramel, delicate cucumber and tea leaves. The palate: Zesty marmalade giving way to rich herbaceous notes and traces of cherry, balanced with fresh meadowsweet. The finish: Interwoven notes of scorched oak with bittersweet spice, undercurrents make for a refreshingly dry finish.

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