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Whisky is a distilled spirit obtained from the fermented mash of grains including barley, rye, corn and wheat. Unlike other spirits made from fermented grain, it is the unique maturation process in oak that sets it apart.

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Picture of Bernheim Wheated Whiskey, 75cl

Bernheim Wheated Whiskey, 75cl

Bernheim Wheated Whisky is believed to have been one of the first wheat whiskies to hit the shelves in the US market. Renowned and exceptionally enjoyable, Bernheim Wheated Whisky is mellow and mild, with zest-infused honey and vanilla coming through in the nose. The flavour itself is powerfully rich in toffee, red berries and fresh mint, spice always underlying every sip. Soft and sweet oak help create a rounded finish which is wonderfully satisfying.

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Picture of Canadian Club, 70cl

Canadian Club, 70cl

Canada’s most famous whisky, Canadian Club has a flavour which fans will know all too well and newcomers will certainly learn to love. Its aroma is sweet with warm notes of barley sugar and biting aniseed, alongside vegetal freshness. When you take the first sip it’s surprisingly gentle, a mellow flavour with dark sugar, essence of rum and winter spice coming through. It’s a generally medium-bodied whisky with many pleasing flavour notes to enjoy.
Picture of Fireball, 70cl

Fireball, 70cl

If you’re feeling hot and want to test the fire in your belly then this is a drink for you. Fireball whisky liqueur is made from Canadian whiskies and natural cinnamon. The two combined provide a white hot heat which is rich in sweet cinnamon, red hot sugary flavours which are enjoyable as well as responsible for the burn that hits the back of your throat. A popular shooter but also a guaranteed way to add pep to cocktail.

Picture of Georgia Moon, 70cl

Georgia Moon, 70cl

Georgia Moon’s crystal clear hues hide a wide range of exciting flavours you won’t want to miss. Un-aged but not without real character Georgia Moon is bottled in a mason jar to give it classic moonshine appeal. The flavour is potent, rich with tangy sour notes and the aroma of freshly cooked sweetcorn. Sweet and sour blend in perfect harmony in this surprisingly packaged whisky and the deep corn notes make it stand out from the crowd.
Picture of Maison Fontaine Blanche , 20cl

Maison Fontaine Blanche , 20cl

Maison Fontaine is a created by a mad scientist who found a pre prohibition bottle and decided to make history by recreating. It's what all the greats where drinking.
Picture of Maison Fontaine Blanche , 70cl

Maison Fontaine Blanche , 70cl

Maison Fontaine is a created by a mad scientist who found a pre prohibition bottle and decided to make history by recreating. It's what all the greats where drinking.
Picture of Maison Fontaine Chocolate, 70cl

Maison Fontaine Chocolate, 70cl

La Maison Fontaine Chocolat Absinthe Liqueur is inspired and by an old handwritten recipe and the flavour is a really distinctive and exciting taste. Its nose is rich in chocolate notes with liquorice and aniseed coming through and the taste is sweet with definite dryness and aniseed absinthe notes coming through strongly alongside lighter, milky chocolate notes. It’s the absinthe that really stands out but the chocolate adds a really interesting twist.

Picture of Maison Fontaine Verte , 70cl

Maison Fontaine Verte , 70cl

La Maison Fontaine Verte is an herby absinthe which has a naturally green colour and a flavour which is refreshed and bright with anise, fennel and spicy white pepper. Liquorice and camomile also come through on the nose and the palate has an herbal complexity especially when served with the right amount of water for a good louche. The spiced anise notes linger long after drinking and ensure La Maison Fontaine Verte sticks in your mind.
Picture of Ouzo 12, 70cl

Ouzo 12, 70cl

The world’s first bottled Ouzo, Ouzo 12 offers up the taste of Greece. Crystal clear until you add water when it turns milky-white, Ouzo has the distinct fresh flavour of fennel, liquorice on the nose and subtle spices underneath. On tasting the strength of liquorice is released and the fresh fennel notes come through strongly with a welcome hint of sugar at the end. The long finish is intense with liquorice and it’s a flavour which you won’t’ forget in a hurry.
Picture of Pazo Hierbas, 70cl

Pazo Hierbas, 70cl

Pazo Licor de Hierbas is a contemporary and delicate liqueur produced in Galicia, Spain and offers a distinctive flavour which brings together elegant grape spirit and a wide range of specially selected botanicals, fruits, herbs and spices. Pazo includes flavours such as sharp lemon grass, sweet lime blossom, tea, cancella and a range of spices which combined create a sweet liqueur that doesn’t disappoint and is pleasingly smooth on the palate.
Picture of Penderyn Madeira Finish , 70cl

Penderyn Madeira Finish , 70cl

Penderyn Single Malt is the epitome of the Welsh distillery’s malt collection. Matured classically in bourbon barrels before an unusual finish in Madeira wine casks. As you’d guess this move adds fruity, creamy depth to the flavour. The aroma is rich in herbal notes with sweet vanilla, sultanas and resin. This leads to syrupy thick palate with sweet spices, biscuit notes and vegetal hints in perfect union. Hot ginger spice comes through in the finish.
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Picture of Traditional Korn, 70cl

Traditional Korn, 70cl

Berentzen Korn is a famous and popular German schnapps which uses maize as its main ingredient, in line with the traditional ‘Korn’ legislation. Berentzen is one of the most popular schnapps producers in the whole of Germany and the flavour of this offering is subtle and light and often combined with other schnapps by German drinkers, not to say you can’t give it a go too. Smooth and velvety on the palate and a little different from your regular flavours Berentzen Traditional Korn Schnapps is not a flavour you’ll forget.

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Picture of Tsantali Ouzo, 70cl

Tsantali Ouzo, 70cl

Even the shape of the bottle harks back to Ancient Greece, Tsantali Ouzo is a traditional flavour made in traditional ways using copper pot stills. As you’d expect with a good ouzo Tsantali is crystal clear and louches milky white when water is added. On tasting you’ll enjoy a surprising sweetness which pairs with the strong liquorice notes you’d expect and hints of minty freshness too. The liquorice finish on this ouzo is sweeter than average making it a popular choice.

Picture of Unicum, 70cl

Unicum, 70cl

Popularly known as Unicum Next, Unicum Liqueur is the lighter, sweeter version of their popular Unicum Zwack offering. Designed to attract a new audience of drinkers, it’s a lot lighter and sweeter than the original offering and sweet cherries come through alongside a little liquorice, strawberries and a hint of iced tea. Orange notes also come through, candied and sweet but not overly so and this is the kind of drink which lends itself to mixing but also enjoying as a shot.
Picture of Whistle Pig Farmstock Crop no. 1 , 750ml

Whistle Pig Farmstock Crop no. 1 , 750ml

FarmStock is a historic step in realizing our vision of creating a true farm-to-bottle whiskey. It is the manifestation of the dream that launched the company: to produce the finest whiskey in the world from our Vermont farm. Rye Crop 001 marries the untamed contours and boldness of our estate whiskey, which only youth can provide, with the richness of our best five to six-year ryes, topped off with the splendor of our 12 Year whiskey. Nose: Abundant oak, vanilla, caramel, toffee, and mint. Palate: Caramel, cinnamon, and baking spices prevail with hints of citrus and stonefruit. Finish: Complex and enduring finish featuring winter fruit, dark chocolate, tobacco, butterscotch, and vanilla founded in classic rye spice.
Picture of Yeni Raki, 70cl

Yeni Raki, 70cl

Turkey’s national drink, Raki is a sweet, clear brandy which teases the tongue and brings together spicy, hot and sweet notes in perfect harmony. Deep anise flavour is what you’ll take away from each sip of Yeni Raki but the flavour is much more complex than that with minty undertones and sugar beet sweetness. First produced in 1944 Yeni Raki is one of Turkey’s most famous Raki products and is one which can be enjoyed as an unforgettable aperitif.
Picture of Zoco Pacharan Spain, 1lt

Zoco Pacharan Spain, 1lt

Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur is produced in the Basque area and is one of the oldest commercial brands of Pacharan there is and it’s clear to see the flavours have been refined to absolute perfection. Zoco Pacharan is made by steeping sloe berries, coffee and vanilla in an aniseed based liqueur, delivering flavours which almost seem impossible. Complex and vibrant with fruity flavours, Zoco Pacharan definitely delivers a taste to remember.

Picture of Paul John Brilliance Single Malt

Paul John Brilliance Single Malt

An award winning Indian single malt with a nose of cinnamon, red berries and green apples and chocolate, caramel and spice on the palate. A long, lingering orange finish rounds out this beautiful golden whiskey.
Picture of Rampur Indian Select Single Malt , 70cl

Rampur Indian Select Single Malt , 70cl

Rampur Distillery was the original name for Radico Khaitan, India's fourth largest spirits company. It has been making whisky for more than half a century, and started producing malted barley for its blends in 1990, but only launched its first single malt for export in 2016. This is a creamy and malty whisky with notes of vanilla, apricot and apple.
Picture of Starward Limited Release Wine Cask Edition Single Malt Whiskey Australia , 70cl

Starward Limited Release Wine Cask Edition Single Malt Whiskey Australia , 70cl

A limited-edition spirit drink (too young to gain its whisky badge) from the Starward distillery in Australia. Aged in wine barrels from the famed Barossa Valley region, this has aromas of Shiraz, marzipan, plum and hazelnuts, followed by flavours of dark fruits, liquorice and chocolate-coated coffee beans.
Picture of Starward Single Malt Whiskey Australia , 70cl

Starward Single Malt Whiskey Australia , 70cl

The ‘New World Whisky Distillery’ is one of the latest to join the rafters of Australian distillers. Alongside Bakery Hill, it stands as Melbourne’s second whisky distillery . Dull gold, brassy appearance with a pale straw hue. The soft yet lifted bouquet exudes notes of stewed fruits and boiled confectionary. On second pass the fruitiness is more distinctively banana cake-like along with hints of vanilla. A seductive whisky sniff! Entry is super soft and leads into a medium dry, concentrated profile offering a gorgeous infusion of dried fruits rounded off by a toasty, honeyed finish while gently warming spices add depth. Outstanding length. Perfect balance. Concludes dry and mildly spicy with a secondary flavour burst of caramel and cocoa; the soft spiciness reverberating with astonishing length for such a youngster.
Picture of Isfjord Whiskey , 70cl

Isfjord Whiskey , 70cl


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