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Aalborg Jubilaeum Akvavit, 70cl

Golden hues welcome you to the vibrant, warm flavours of Aalborg Jubilaeum Aquavit. A few simple aromas work together to create a stunningly effective and endlessly drinkable creation. Herby dill works in partnership with coriander to add a depth of flavour to the fruity overtones of the aquavit. Citrus notes are particularly strong and combined with exotic star anise to create the rich, botanicals flavour that is wonderfully enjoyable. Wonderful when served with fish or chicken.

Aalborg Taffel Akvavit,70cl

Aalborg Taffel is a classic Aquavit, released in 1846. It has a lovely caraway, citrus flavour, and was heralded as Best Aquavit in the World at the 2002 International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Apple Sourz, 70cl

An American classic liqueur with a sweet-and-sour appley flavour. Serve neat as a shooter or in a variety of mixers for a wide range of cocktails.

Archers Peach, 70cl

A name everyone is familiar with and a flavour that’s hard to forget, Archers Peach Schnapps has been popular since before most of us can remember. The natural flavour of the peach has been sweetened to create a moreish and endlessly drinkable taste which is most commonly and effectively paired with lemonade and crushed ice. Archers strong, sweet flavour also makes it a great choice for popping into an exotic or tropical cocktail.

Linie Aquavit, 70cl

Linie Aquavit is a traditional Norwegian potato-based caraway spirit. Differing from the Danish examples, those from Norway must be matured in old sherry casks. with added aniseed, this is rich and complex.

OP Anderson Aquavit, 70cl

A classic brand of Swedish Aquavit, O.P. Anderson is flavoured with caraway, aniseed and fennel. It's well known and well loved. The label has not changed much over the years, and O. P. Anderson is one of the oldest Swedish aquavit brands around! Skål!

Teichenne Butterscotch, 70cl

The most famous and popular flavour from Spanish producer Teichenne, Butterscotch is a creamy and powerful liqueur which is enjoyed wonderfully over crushed ice or simply on its own. One of the creamier schnapps on the market, the intense flavour of Teichenne’s Butterscotch is wonderful when combined with dessert cocktails or even poured decadently over ice cream. Techienne Butterscotch schnapps is sweet, enticing and if you’re partial to a cream-based cocktail, this is definitely one for you.

Teichenne Chocolate, 70cl

Death by chocolate doesn’t sound too bad and when you consider Teichienne Chocolate has a good dose of schnapps in there too, it sounds even better. Teichienne Chocolate is sweet and velvety in the mouth, with the indulgent chocolate notes ideal for crafting a decadent chocolate martini or dripping delicately over dessert. Warming and more than welcome on a cold winter night, Teichienne Chocolate liqueur is wonderfully balanced and surprisingly delicate considering its decadence.

Teichenne Green Apple, 70cl

Fresh with notes of bitterness, fragrant Teichienne Green Apple liqueur is perfect for both summer and winter drinks. The green apple flavour is both juicy and refreshing, with sweet satisfying undertones that aren’t overpowering or too sugar. Teichienne Green Apple is drier and lighter than other apple schnapps which makes it a popular choice for cocktails where the addition of apple is desired without a heavy hit of sugar.

Teichenne Strawberry, 70cl

There’s nothing sweeter than a succulent strawberry to pep up your favourite sparkling summer drink. Teichenne Strawberry schnapps is the perfect addition to your drinks cabinet and it adds a touch of real summer flavour to your cocktails and concoctions. Whether you fancy a strawberry daiquiri or champagne with a twist, Teichenne Strawberry schnapps offers a fresh and fragrant bouquet of berries, with the essence of strawberries present throughout. Smooth from start to finish.

Teichenne Vanilla, 70cl

A fragrant and aromatic schnapps rich in vanilla and inviting in many different ways, Teichenne Vanilla works wonderfully with so many different flavours. Whether it’s the centrepiece in a cocktail of its own or it plays a secondary role in a creamy indulgent drink, Teichenne Vanilla is intensely flavoured and an authentic addition to your drinks cabinet. Its creaminess is perfect for teaming with other dessert flavours.

Traditional Korn, 70cl

Berentzen Korn is a famous and popular German schnapps which uses maize as its main ingredient, in line with the traditional ‘Korn’ legislation. Berentzen is one of the most popular schnapps producers in the whole of Germany and the flavour of this offering is subtle and light and often combined with other schnapps by German drinkers, not to say you can’t give it a go too. Smooth and velvety on the palate and a little different from your regular flavours Berentzen Traditional Korn Schnapps is not a flavour you’ll forget.

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Combier Doppfelt Kummel, 70cl

Kummel takes its name from German and Dutch derivations for cumin and caraway seed, which, alongside fennel, are used to flavour this colourless liqueur. Palate: Fennel and liquorish dominate the palate. Finish: The finish is refreshing with clean anise notes. Overall: A clean, anise-led, liqueur best-served chilled.

Mentzendorff Kummel , 50cl

A classic liqueur Kummel is a refreshing and sweet smelling drink which is packed full of flavour. Syrupy in the mouth, each sip is full-bodied and fiery, with pronounced notes of caraway, aniseed and hints of citrus and fresh peppermint. The heat gives way to a sugary sweetness which is very welcome and blends wonderfully with the deeper, spicier notes. Caraway and aniseed linger on considerably after drinking.



Morey Hierbas, 70cl

Mallorcan speciality A collection of selected and carefully picked herbs macerated in distilled aniseed The leaves inside the bottles enrich the aromatic flavour of these typical Majorcan liqueurs
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Ceylon Arrack, 70cl

Nutty Sri Lankan arrack is a distinctively flavoured drink which utilises the flavours of some of the country’s most naturally occurring plants. The sap of the coconut flower stem forms the key ingredient of the drink and is combined with a range of hand-picked botanicals and distilled in a traditional column still. The result is a flavour which is reminiscent of diluted whisky with recognisable nutty and malted notes and the added fruitiness of dried strawberry. A truly unique flavour.


Pomme en Carafe Eaux de Vie (apple in bottle), 70cl

A bottle of Calvados containing a 'captive apple'. Each carafe is suspended from the branches of apple trees in the springtime before the first apples appear. The apple then grows inside the carafe. When the fruit becomes ripe, the carafe is removed from the tree with the apple captive inside. The bottles are then filled with young Calvados at 70% which allows the apples to settle down and stabilise before they are refilled with Calvados. The apples inside the bottles then gently macerates inside the Calvados filled bottles. The visually-attractive bottles make excellent gifts. Best consumed as a digestif and enjoyed at room temperature.

Berentzen Apfel Korn , 70cl

The fresh and fruity flavour of apples bursts out of every bottle of Berentzen Apfelkorn. This sweet yet powerful schnapps benefits from the full flavour of sun-ripened apples which provide a flavour like no other. The sun ripened provides a sweetness you won’t find elsewhere and it’s paired wonderfully with the low ABV which makes it enjoyable when drunk neat. A must for a truly tempting Apple Martini, Berentzen Apfelkorn deserves a spot in your drinks cabinet.

Poire Prisonierre Eaux de Vie (pear in bottle), 70cl

Pear eau-de-vie "Grande Réserve" 70cl / 40% Poire Prisonnière A timeless gift idea. The pear inside the bottle enhances the flavour of our Williams pear eau-de-vie. So how does the pear get into the bottle? A picture on the side of the box provides the answer!

Boukha Fig Eaux de vie , 70cl

Boukha Fig Eaux de vie , 70cl originally made by a Tunisian family.
Schnapps & Akvavit

Schnapps is a German distilled spirit made by fermenting fruit with a base liquor, usually brandy. Common flavours include pear, cherry, apple, apricot, peach and plum. The term Schnapps is derived from the low German ‘snappen’ meaning swallow, a reference to the fact schnapps is traditionally consumed as shots and are normally drunk as a digestif after a meal. Akvavit is a traditional Scandinavian spirit that is flavoured with spices and herbs including either Caraway or Dill. It derives its name from aqua vitae the Latin for ‘water of life’. It is usually served chilled and neat in small glasses and is the traditional accompaniment to a smorgasbord. These days Schnapps can be made anywhere especially Spain.

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