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Anejo or old tequila is aged in wooden barrels (usually old bourbon barrels) for a minimum of a year.

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Picture of Arette Anejo , 70cl

Arette Anejo , 70cl

Maturing in white oak barrels for up to 18 months gives Arette Anejo its recognisable flavour. Luminously golden, each glass of Arette Anejo is steeped in sweetness and smoothness which makes it enjoyable whether youmix it or enjoy it neat. Aromatic and awash with the wonderful sweetness of 100% blue agave, Arette Anejo has pepperiness which keeps you sipping and deliciously light vanilla notes tempting you to have just one more glass.
Picture of Casamigos Anejo , 70cl

Casamigos Anejo , 70cl

The Añejo is aged for 14 months. It is refined and complex, with flavours of soft caramel and vanilla. A perfect balance of sweetness from the blue weber agaves, with subtle spice from the oak barrel ageing and a long, smooth finish.
Picture of Don Fulano Anejo, 70cl

Don Fulano Anejo, 70cl

Don Fulano Anejo tequila is free of added sugar, colours or any additional ingredients. It’s a pure and intense agave based flavour that simply allows its warm spicy character to come from its terroir. Subtle fudge notes with hints of chocolate are paired with warmed banana and coffee beans. It’s dry compared to other tequilas but ultimately enjoyable and a wonderful choice for sipping and enjoying after dinner. An ageing experience of nearly three years helps ensure depth in this Don Fulano offering.

Picture of Don Julio 1942 , 70cl

Don Julio 1942 , 70cl

Don Julio Anejo 1942 spends up to two and half year ageing, nearly enough to be classed as extra anejo. It’s stilled in a single pot still and has the wonderful spiced aromas of cinnamon, sweet agave, vanilla and interesting Turkish delight. The taste is deep with cinder toffee notes, the continual flavour of the agave and bursts of sweet, zesty citrus. Dry and nutty the finish is long with notes of smoke.

Picture of Don Julio Anejo , 70cl

Don Julio Anejo , 70cl

Don Julio Anejo is another exceptional offering from the recognisable tequila distillery. This product spends up to 2 years in former bourbon casks, giving it a deep golden appearance. The flavour is rich with zest, both grapefruit and lime coming through strongly in the nose with lighter hints of marzipan and tea. The flavour is candy sweet with a honey-like viscosity and a reappearance of those tea flavours, now paired with that classic tequila flavour of charred vegetables. Tannins with a tea-like edge end the drink in memorable style.
Picture of Gran Centenario Anejo , 70cl

Gran Centenario Anejo , 70cl

Gran Centenario Anejo spends 18 months maturing in American oak barrels and despite a light flavour you’ll definitely be able to pick out those toasty wood notes. Wonderfully enjoyed over ice or as a shooter, Gran Centenario Anejo allows the taste of cooked agave to take centre stage. An earthy depth and cinnamon spice add to the character of this tequila and the flavour builds to a hot, spicy end which is intensely satisfying.

Picture of Herradura Anejo, 70cl

Herradura Anejo, 70cl

This 100% agave Herradura Anejo is one of the first and most popular anejo tequilas that Mexico has to offer. 24-25 months of ageing ensure the depth of colour and adds a hint of oak to the flavour. The nose is typical of a quality tequila, rich in stewed vegetables, leather and vanilla. The spice comes through in the flavour which is wonderfully balanced, allowing the vanilla and oak to marry with cinnamon spice and light notes of black pepper.
Picture of Herradura Suprema, 70cl

Herradura Suprema, 70cl

Believed to be one of the first extra anejo tequilas invented Herradura Suprema spends 49 month maturing in American oak casks. This gives it notably different flavours and characteristics when compared to other anejos. A mellow vanilla floods the nose and has other sweet notes including chocolate, honeyed apple and hot cinnamon spice. The flavour is rich in vanilla too with the apple notes remaining and toffee coming through, leading to a long bitter finish.
Picture of Ilegal Anejo, 50cl

Ilegal Anejo, 50cl

Ilegal Anejo spends time in both French and American oak casks, delivering a unique flavour profile which you’ll definitely enjoy. A truly premium tequila, maple, clove and bittersweet orange come through in the aroma and lead to roasted sweet agave and chocolate on the palate. Very rounded, full-bodied and rich for a tequila, this is one you will want to sip and savour.
Picture of Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800, 70cl

Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800, 70cl

Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800 is an exceptional offering for one of our favourite tequila distilleries. Aged for over a year and selective French oak casks, each bottle of this tequila has been prepared to perfection. The aroma is rich in roasted coconut, toffee and a woody floral depth. This leads into a flavour which is equally woody, with the spice coming through in the form of cracked black pepper. The end note is dry yet immensely satisfying, wonderful for sipping at leisure.

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Picture of Jose Cuervo Reposado 1800 , 70cl

Jose Cuervo Reposado 1800 , 70cl

Jose Cuervo Reposado 1800 is a further edition to the 1800 series of tequilas from Jose Cuervo. Rested for just six months in American and French oak casks, this tequila is a bittersweet, light offering which is exceptionally easy to drink. Light coconut and vanilla flavours come through in the nose with spicy pepper and cinnamon coming through too. The taste begins sweetly, with butterscotch taking centre stage but then leading into familiar notes of vanilla and charred vegetables. 

Picture of Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, 70cl

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, 70cl

Picture of La Hora Anejo, 70cl

La Hora Anejo, 70cl

Blue Hour Anejo is a Mexican tequila that has been aged between 12-36 months. With bold smoky vanilla and spicy fruit essence, our Anejo will seduce you, and you will be forever changed. Aged for up to three additional years in smoked and charred Kentucky Bourbon barrels, Anejo is the most robust of the La Hora Azul, Blue Hour family. From the strong notes of agave, oak, nutty richness and silky caramel in its aroma, a smooth deep taste.
Picture of Ocho 8 Anejo, 70cl

Ocho 8 Anejo, 70cl

Ocho Anejo spends a year ageing in ex-American Whisky barrels, ensuring a true depth of flavour and those delightful golden hues. Its aroma is awash with sugary sweetness, dried fruit and just a little hint of cinnamon. This cinnamon comes through strongly in the flavour too with brown sugar, apricots and the bite of toasted almonds coming through. Coffee and cacao notes come through in the end to offer an intense and lasting finish.
Picture of Ocho 8 Curado, 70cl

Ocho 8 Curado, 70cl

An interesting twist on tequila by the Camerena family, the experts who also produce Tapatio and El Tesoro. They take their finished Ocho blanco and use it to macerate pieces of the same cooked agave used to make the tequila in the first place. The result is a lightly coloured spirit with a hint of fruity agave.
Picture of Ocho Extra Anjeo, 70cl

Ocho Extra Anjeo, 70cl

Ocho Extra Anejo spends three years maturing, ready for bottling and is made from 100% blue agave. The aroma is rich with spice, tobacco notes and a toffee like sweet note coming though. This leads into a rich and robust flavour on the palate. Full bodied with vanilla and honey sweetness, both black and green olive notes follow and the agave flavour not fading throughout. A warming and welcoming extra anejo tequila.
Picture of Patron Anejo , 70cl

Patron Anejo , 70cl

Patron Anejo is treated with the same delicate nurturing process as a good wine. Uniquely aged tequilas are wonderfully blended together and each individual tequila is matured in its own small white oak barrel before combining. It has warm amber tones and a woody aroma with notes of raisins and vanilla. The flavour is smooth and sweet on the palate with the woody and vanilla notes coming together strongly and a hint of sweet honey coming in. The smoothness of this tequila makes it perfect for mixing and creating cocktails.

Picture of Patron Gran Burdeos , 70cl

Patron Gran Burdeos , 70cl

Gran Patron Burdeos Anejo Tequila is distilled at 55 percent alcohol volume from the finest blue Agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The Tequila is matured in a blend of American and French oak barrels and aged for a minimum of 12 months. It is then distilled again before it is racked in vintage Bordeaux barrels, hand-selected from the great chateaux of France to add the distinctive flavours of vanilla, raisins and dried fruit found in the finest Bordeaux wine. Each bottle is placed in a handcrafted box. Set in a bed of suede, the unleaded crystal bottle is cork finished like wine and sealed with a crystal cap. The packaging includes a specially designed corkscrew to assist with opening and an unleaded crystal bee stopper to preserve every drop.
Picture of Sauza Tres Gene Anejo, 70cl

Sauza Tres Gene Anejo, 70cl

Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo spends three years maturing in former bourbon barrels and is bottled at the exact moment when the smoothness a good tequila needs has developed. A great sipper, the sweetness and charred oak flavours in the anejo are balanced and the flavour is wonderfully complex comprising everything from brown sugar to oak and clean, fresh agave. The end note is another reminder of that ageing process, with the oaky notes standing out proudly.
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Picture of Sotol Hacienda Chihuahua Reposado, 70cl

Sotol Hacienda Chihuahua Reposado, 70cl

Hacienda de Chihuahua Reposado Sotol is a surprisingly blanco tequila which spends between two months and a year resting before being bottled. The resting period brings out the highlights of this tequila’s flavour notablythe gentleness to the palate and the oak notes which support the sweet herbal spice which dominates this drink. Lemongrass, dark sugar and an herbal depth epitomise this tequila and it ends on a lengthy oaky spiced note.

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Picture of Tapatio Anejo, 50cl

Tapatio Anejo, 50cl

Tapatio Anejo is a gorgeously smooth and drinkable tequila which simply begs to be tasted. Truly authentic and handmade, Tapatio Anejo spends 18 months ageing before we can get our hands on it. The flavour is worth the wait as its packed full of spiciness and a welcome herbaceous depth which supports the key flavour of roasted agave. Team it simply with ice or with lime or add it to a classic tequila cocktail.


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