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Schnapps is often a German distilled spirit made by fermenting fruit with a base liquor, usually brandy. Common flavours include pear, cherry, apple, apricot, peach and plum. The term Schnapps is derived from the low German ‘snappen’ meaning swallow, a reference to the fact schnapps is traditionally consumed as shots and are normally drunk as a digestif after a meal. Akvavit is a traditional Scandinavian spirit that is flavoured with spices and herbs including either Caraway or Dill. It derives its name from aqua vitae the Latin for ‘water of life’. It is usually served chilled and neat in small glasses and is the traditional accompaniment to a smorgasbord.These days Schnapps is made in all countries , especially Spain .



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Picture of Aftershock Red, 70cl

Aftershock Red, 70cl

Picture of Archers Peach, 70cl

Archers Peach, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Butterscotch, 70cl

Teichenne Butterscotch, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Chocolate, 70cl

Teichenne Chocolate, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Green Apple, 70cl

Teichenne Green Apple, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Melon, 70cl

Teichenne Melon, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Raspberry, 70cl

Teichenne Raspberry, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Strawberry, 70cl

Teichenne Strawberry, 70cl

Picture of Teichenne Vanilla, 70cl

Teichenne Vanilla, 70cl


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