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Picture of Absolut , 5cl

Absolut , 5cl

Swedish Chefs vodka of choice! Soda bread and faint vanilla notes. Reasonable finish with a hard pepper close.
Picture of Amarula Cream, 5cl

Amarula Cream, 5cl

The taste of South Africa you’ll come to love. Amurala Cream is a must try for all fans of Baileys and other cream liqueurs. With an exotic flavour through the distillation of the fermented fruit of the Marula tree, Amurala spirit is aged and then blended with cream to create its distinct fruit cream flavour. The exotic taste of the fruit blends seamlessly into the sweet cream to create a result which is enticing and wonderfully drunk simply over ice.
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Picture of Bacardi, 5cl

Bacardi, 5cl

Setting the standard in white rum, Bacardi is known worldwide. In 1862 it became the world’s first premium aged white rum and using charcoal filtration was key to its original development. Bacardi is a necessity for many world famous cocktails and without we’d not have the classic Daiquiri, the Mojito or the Cuba Libre. Smooth and gentle on the palate it’s wonderful however you choose to mix it and offers a taste of Cuba which can’t be compared.

Picture of Baileys, 5cl

Baileys, 5cl

The Original Irish Cream Liqueur, Baileys is a flavour which is known around the globe. The world’s number one liqueur for good reason, Baileys Irish Cream offers the perfect balance between specially selected Irish whisky and fresh dairy cream. Hints of cocoa and vanilla come through offering a sweet dessert drink which, when served with crushed ice, is one you’ll want to fill up again and again. It’s also a complete necessity for a classic Irish coffee and a wonderful nightcap.
Picture of Balvenie, 5cl

Balvenie, 5cl

The clue’s in the name with this one, Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt gets its name from the interesting distillation process, involving distillation in two woods. The maturation process involves moving the whisky from a traditional oak whisky cask to a Spanish oak sherry cask, adding more depth to its flavour and creating its warm, rounded character. Sweet fruit and sherry notes are apparent in its scent and the taste is mellow for a single malt, the sherry at work once more, with nuttiness and cinnamon notes building too.
Picture of Bells 8yr, 5cl

Bells 8yr, 5cl

It hardly needs introducing, it’s one of the stalwarts of the drinks cupboard! Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky brings together the earthy flavours of many of Scotland’s finest single malts creating a blend which is improved by oak cask maturation. Rich and familiar, the taste of Bell’s is like a loyal friend and the welcome nutty flavours teamed with notes of spice are infinitely enjoyable. The eight-year maturation process guarantees a round, warming flavour.

Picture of Belvedere, 5cl

Belvedere, 5cl

Luxurious offering from Poland. Medium bodied with faint vanilla any crushed grains. The finish is of a reasonable length with butter and nutty cream notes that fade into lemon zest.
Picture of Bombay Sapphire , 5cl

Bombay Sapphire , 5cl

Thai spice with a very faint wave of juniper. Lemon zest then comes to the forefront followed closely by a sweet pepper taste that moves through the soft kick. Very faint liquorice, smashed parma violet and army and navy sweets wrapped in lavender on the finish.
Picture of Bunnahabhain , 5cl

Bunnahabhain , 5cl

Bunnahabhain 12 year old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is now being re-introduced as an unchill-filtered spirit. A move which inspired articles, and tales from whisky lovers and experts across the world.
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Picture of Captain Morgan, 5cl

Captain Morgan, 5cl

Blended to perfection, Captain Morgan’s is a golden rum which has been enhanced by sweet and mellow spices. A drink that just cries out to be mixed with cola, Captain Morgan’s uses only premium Caribbean rums to create its distinct flavour. The natural hues of the rum blend with specially selected spices to create the amber hues the drink is known for and a hint of oak smokiness can be tasted due to the rum’s maturation process.
Picture of Chambord, 5cl

Chambord, 5cl

The intensity of sweet, tart raspberries is perfectly contained within each bottle of Chambord. Black and red raspberries are wonderfully balanced together creating a delectable liqueur which is finished with smooth natural honey and exotic Madagascan vanilla. Rich and decadent, Chambord is fragrant and intense with berry flavours. Inspired by the liqueurs of 18th century France, Chambord is intensely enjoyable and plays a key role in classic cocktails including the French Manhattan, Butler Miller and the tempting Chambord Daiquiri.
Picture of Chivas Regal 12yr, 5cl

Chivas Regal 12yr, 5cl

A single store right up in Aberdeen is where Chivas Regal is created. The art of blending has been honed to perfection, allowing the creation of a range of stunning Chivas Regal whiskies enjoyed around the world. Chivas Regal 12 year is recognisable because it’s lighter than your average dram, has a distinct sweet aroma and a smoky character, distinguishable on the palate which releases elements of all the different flavours behind its blend.
Picture of Courvoisier, 5cl

Courvoisier, 5cl

The drink which kept Napoleon Bonaparte sated during his exile, so legend tells us, the classic taste of Courvoisier VS remains popular today. One of the most enjoyed cognacs in the world it has a smooth, highly drinkable flavour and as it’s lighter than others in its class, it has great versatility. Whether it’s your after dinner drink or you use it for your light summer punches, Courvoisier VS remains mellow and offers flavours of toffee, orange and even coffee.
Picture of Cytrynowka , 5cl

Cytrynowka , 5cl

Polish vodka has gained an esteemed reputation in the wider world and if you can decipher the name, Cytrynowka, you’ll soon work out what sets it apart from all the rest. As the beginning of the name suggests that’s something citrusy about each sip of Cytrynowka and this comes from the combination of lemon peel as well as lemon tree leaves, delivering mellow yet enticing depth to the lemon flavour. Try it over ice or combine with your favourite mixer.

Picture of Disaronno Amaretto, 5cl

Disaronno Amaretto, 5cl

It’s hard to believe but Disaronno Amaretto does not contain any nuts, simply their enticing flavour. Reminiscent of Amaretti biscuits and the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, almond aromas are deep, intense and deliver a flavour which is popular around the world. Combining natural herbs and fruit steeped in apricot kernel oil, Disaronno Amaretto has a heady and floral scent which follows through to its flavour. With a history dating back over half a millennium, Disaronno Amaretto is a flavour which has always been loved.
Picture of Drambuie, 5cl

Drambuie, 5cl

Whisky lovers don’t limit their spirits to their favourite malts, they’re getting in on the liqueur act. Drambuie is the world’s favourite premium whisky liqueur, bringing together some classic malt whisky flavours and adding a little sweetness. The taste of Scotland is deep within each bottle of Drambuie as the aged malts blend beautifully with hints of honey, Scottish heather, aromatic herbs and spices. With a regal past, Drambuie was created for Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 18th century and it’s wonderfully enjoyed neat, as well as with sparkling soda and zesty lime.

Picture of Famous Grouse, 5cl

Famous Grouse, 5cl

With a reputation which has grown positively since its creation in 1896 the Famous Grouse has a name which certainly suits. Craftsmanship and expert blenders ensures The Famous Grouse remains one of the world’s favourite Scotches. One of the smoothest scotch whiskies there is, The Famous Grouse has a well-rounded yet immediately distinguishable flavour. Floral and peaty notes marry together to create the flavour so many of us know and love.
Picture of Four Roses Single Barrel , 5cl

Four Roses Single Barrel , 5cl

Four Roses Single Barrel takes all the qualities of their exceptional bourbon and intensifies them further. Using ten different mash bills and yeast combinations, Four Roses Single Barrel is 11 years old and has an aroma which is rich with sweetcorn, vanilla, brown sugar and maple syrup. Spicier notes of black pepper and cinnamon come through and on tasting you’ll enjoy the toasted oak flavours dry with tannins and even hints of natural mint leaves. In every sip you can taste the quality and care that went into its production.
Picture of Glenfiddich 12yr , 5cl

Glenfiddich 12yr , 5cl

The single malt that brought them all into the public eye, Glenfiddich 12 Year Old is effortlessly popular, one of the world’s favourite single malts. Its golden hues benefit from high quality cask maturation, with individual tending from trained coopers and on opening a distinctive aroma, rich with pears and a floral hint is released. On tasting the fruity notes sing loudest, with its characteristic sweetness released and a long, smooth finish with subtle oak hints.
Picture of Glenmorangie 10yr, 5cl

Glenmorangie 10yr, 5cl

The talents of Scotland and America are combined in each bottle of Glenmorangie. The finest single malt whisky of Scotland is matured in American Mountain Oak casks, delivering the characteristic aromatic flavour of Glenmorangie. A light and inviting aromas only hints at the flavour, enticing you to taste the fresh and floral flavours within. Notes of vanilla balance gently alongside sweet orange and peach, the latter lingering in a satisfying aftertaste. 
Picture of Gordons, 5cl

Gordons, 5cl

We all love Gordon’s, whether we’re fans of Ramsay or not. The world’s most popular gin and a perennial bestseller, Gordon’s has a flavour which has come to epitomise quality gin. Juniper-led with peppery spice and sweet lemon zest following closely. Aromas of hops and eucalyptus underpinned by sage and liquorice whirl as you sip and a deeper, earthy aftertaste lingers, with citrus zest still coming through.

Picture of GREEN ISLAND, 5CL


Mauritius’ most popular rum, Green Island Rum is distilled using a four column process and is blended from a range of rums aged from 3 to 5 years. These rums are combined with sweet molasses and on opening you’ll enjoy a hit of grassy freshness and aniseed in the nose. The flavour is both dry and light and the aniseed flavour manifests as fennel with hints of coconut and toffee. 
Picture of Grey Goose, 5cl

Grey Goose, 5cl

Fantastic grain Vodka that lives up to its esteemed reputation. Silky mixed citrus zest and soft wheat unfold both  slowly and smoothly on the palette. The finish is dry and clean with moments of lemon and crushed wheat; has a great length too. Big thumbs up. Grey Goose always delivers. Extremely well made vodka and well worth the money.
Picture of Hendricks, 5cl

Hendricks, 5cl

The ‘most unusual gin’ on the market, Hendrick’s is a fine Scottish gin which evokes rose gardens and quintessentially British cucumber sandwiches. The crystal clear hues allow the flavours to do the talking and silky smooth on the palate bursts with juniper berries and sharp citrus. Cumin, black pepper and liquorice add depth to the flavour and lingering floral notes are the perfect ending to a smooth and highly unusual gin.

Picture of Jack Daniels , 5cl

Jack Daniels , 5cl

How do you drink your Jack? Hardly in need of an introduction, Jack Daniel’s exceptional sipping’ whisky is one of Tennessee’s finest exports. It’s exceptional and unparalleled flavour is down to the traditional methods used in its distillation and filtration through super maple charcoal helps ensure the smooth, mellow flavour is both rounded and enticing. Notes of chocolate orange, charcoal and a woody hint satisfyingly linger long after that final sip.
Picture of Jagermeister, 4cl

Jagermeister, 4cl

Whether you bomb it or sip it slowly, Jägermeister, the German hunt-master, is a flavour which we all know and love. However you drink yours you'll know the sticky sweetness it offers, with a complex blend of 56 fruits, spices and herbs creating the trademark taste. With medicinal undertones and aromatic depth, Jägermeister is one of the most popular shooters on the market but it's often enjoy in cocktails and even on its own over ice.  
Picture of Jameson, 5cl

Jameson, 5cl

County Cork’s finest creation, Jameson whisky has been enjoyed in Ireland and beyond for over two centuries. Known around the world for its palatable smoothness and velvety touch on the palate, Jameson’s flavour is also worthy of note, sweet and aromatic and thick with marmalade and citrus notes. The sharper flavours are balanced against a touch of sweet vanilla cream, delivering that classic Jameson’s flavour the world knows and loves.
Picture of Jim Beam, 5cl

Jim Beam, 5cl

For your classic Kentucky Bourbon, look no further than Jim Beam. Aged for double the necessary time, Jim is smooth, mellow and perfect for mixing with cocktails. It’s your perfect introductory bourbon but it’s also the favourite of many bourbon connoisseurs. Vanilla and caramel aromas quickly lead to a flavour with a rich, woody character with both those initial flavour notes carrying through. Gentle to the end, Jim Beam is perfect for sipping all night long.
Picture of Johnnie Walker Black, 5cl

Johnnie Walker Black, 5cl

Exuding class and a little mystery, our pal Johnnie Black deserves a spot in your drinks cabinet. Deep and complex with a flavour that tantalises the tongue, Johnnie Black has been perfectly refined with as many as 40 whiskies brought together to create a mature, intricate and enjoyable scotch. A long fruity finish is exceptional amongst others in its class, with currant and citrus notes lingering longest of all.
Picture of Ketel One, 5cl

Ketel One, 5cl

Click your clogs with joy! A Dutch success story, Smooth yet faint dried fruit notes with a touch of half-baked bread. Dry and peppery finish. This is super good from the fridge and a really good value for money. The Dutch keep it real and the vodka follows suit. Great stuff.
Picture of La Fee Paris, 5cl

La Fee Paris, 5cl

The drink which sparked a new revolution, La Fee Absinthe Parisienne was one of the first absinthes newly licensed when the drink was once again made legal. Distilled in Paris utilising a 19th century recipe, La Fee Parisienne is exclusively authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum. With classic green hues and the flavours of traditional wormwood, fennel anise and hyssop it has both an herbal aroma and sharp aniseed flavour.
Picture of La Fee Twin Pack , with spoon , 2 x 5cl

La Fee Twin Pack , with spoon , 2 x 5cl

The drink which sparked a new revolution, La Fee Absinthe Parisienne was one of the first absinthes newly licensed when the drink was once again made legal. Distilled in Paris utilising a 19th century recipe, La Fee Parisienne is exclusively authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum. With classic green hues and the flavours of traditional wormwood, fennel anise and hyssop it has both an herbal aroma and sharp aniseed flavour. This Twin Pack includes the Parisienneand Blanche spoon as well as sexy, sexy spoon.

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