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103 White Label Brandy , 70cl

A bottle of Osborne's 103 white label Spanish brandy. Produced at the Tomelloso distillery and aged in a solera constructed from American oak casks that previously held Fino sherry.
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Agardia Cherry Brandy Liqueur Hungary , 50cl

A drinks specialty, with it's marzipan, bonbonous style, unforgettable. Vegan. At Agárdi we put quality over quantity. Near Agárd, capital of Lake Velence resort there is a manor surrounded by fruit trees, where spicy sour cherry, apricot, ripened plum, juicy cherry and many healthy fruit scents delight the visitors. This place at Sreiner manor is the home of the Agárdi Distillery.

Ararat 10yr Armenian Brandy, 50cl

Produced in Armenia, Ararat Akhtamar is a 10 year old brandy with a rich, fruity flavour. The brandy is made with a selection of wines and pure spring water. Nose: Sweet, spicy nose. Hints of vanilla and plum jam. Toffee and a little potpourri. Palate: Rounded, creamy palate entry. Notes of sultanas and creamy vanilla. Dried apricots. Finish: Cinnamon and toasted oak. Regular tipple of the Late Winson Churchill....
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Asbach Brandy , 70cl

A young German brandy, Asbach Uralt is a warm and fruity flavoured drink which benefits from up to three years maturation in flavourful Limousin oak casks. Deep golden in colour like your traditional cognac, it has a fruitier, more vibrant flavour than your traditional cognac and its main aromas are of sweet grape and oak. Sharp on the tongue and palate cleansing, Asbach Uralt has an intense acerbic flavour which makes it perfect for sours cocktails.

Cardenal Mendoza Solera Brandy, 70cl

A unique Spanish brandy with strong notes of grapes and raisins, Cardenal Mendoza Solera has a syrupy texture, is sweet on the palate and has a flavour profile which builds and builds. From the sweet aroma of plums and liquorice, with a light touch of espresso coffee, Cardenal Mendoza Solera has a flavour which combines these distinct flavours with additional hints of caramel to balance the bittersweet coffee notes. A perfect balance which is long and has a satisfying nutty aftertaste.


Carlos 1 Spanish Brandy , 70cl

A long aged traditional Spanish grape brandy from the Jerez region , more famous for its fortified wine. Carlos I XO has been aged in a solera system, just like the sherry itself.
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Jules Clairon House Brandy, 70cl * brand may vary.

A quintessentially French flavour, Jules Clairon Napoleon is a warm and sweet brandy which has been nurtured to develop its distinctive flavour and aroma. Small, hand selected oak barrels are used in the maturation process and help to develop the lingering caramel flavour that Jules Clairon Napoleon is known for. A balanced mix of spirits ensures the Ideal for your brandy balloon and naturally warmed in the hand after dinner.

Keo Zivania Cyprus Spirit , 50cl

Cyprus traditional spirit distilled from local grape varieties. Once discovered, Zivania is flavoured for its purity and alcohol strength. Zivania is both an aperitif and desert drink, served ice-cold with savoury snacks, nuts, dried fruits or crudités.

Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva 12 anos Brandy, 70cl

Made from 100% holandas spirits and aged using the traditional Criaderas y Solera system. Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva Pedro Ximenez is then aged for at least 15 years in American oak barrels; 12 in barrels previously holding Tio Pepe and three in barrels holding Noe, a 30 year old Pedro Ximenez.

Magno Brandy, 70cl

Superb quality brandy from well-loved producer, Osborne, the chaps behind 103 Brandy and Osborne Veterano. Made in Jerez with a blend of 100% Airen grapes, the Magno is aged in a Solera system of American oak casks which have been seasoned with Sherry. Lots of rich, plummy notes with touches of hazelnut, citrus, vanilla and honey.

Maraska Slivovica , 70cl

Double-distilled plum brandy from Croatian maestros, Maraska, which is aged for a minimum of two years before being placed in bottles that almost look like the FA Community Shield. Almost. Serve it over ice to get the most of all those excellent natural plum flavours.

Metaxa 12 Star, 70cl

Made using Muscat wines that have been selected from the Samos region in Greece and brandy, Metaxa 12 Stars is a tasty Greek brandy with a full palate of chocolate, orange peel and floral notes.

Metaxa Five Star , 70cl

A Greek brandy which needs no introduction really, but we’ll give you one anyway! Metaxa 5 Stars is the result of a secret recipe developed in 1888 blending together plump Attica grapes and sweet grape spirits. Metaxa 5Stars has a flavour which is more raisin heavy than fruit and it has a light woody taste which works wonderfully with the mellow balance of grapes and spirits. The smoothness of Metaxa 5 Stars ensures it’s wonderful when drunk neat or splashed over ice.

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Metaxa Seven Star, 70cl

One of the smoothest brandies on the market, Metaxa 7 Stars is an intense and warm fruity drink which offers intense notes of flavour delivered by the sun ripened Muscat grapes of the Aegean islands. Darker than your average brandy Metaxa 7 Stars beings on a refined fruity notes and then leads into a ripe peach and muscat balance which is followed by a semblance of spicy notes including herbal honey, carob and a touch of dried prune. Finishing on a smooth and satisfying note of black raisin, Metaxa 7 Stars is an intensely flavoured brandy you won’t forget in hurry.

Somerset Cider Brandy 3yr, 70cl


Torres 10 Reserva Brandy , 70cl

A great Spanish grape brandy from Torres, made from Catalan grape varieties and aged using a solera made from American oak

Vecchia Romagna Brandy, 70cl

Vecchia Romagna Brandy Etichetta Nera is a Italian brandy rich in taste, made from a blend of wine spirits from Trebbiano di Romagna grapes. A wonderful brandy to enjoy after meals.

Veterano Brandy , 1L

A true classic Spanish brandy, made in the same way since 1772, with some slight tweaks along the way, it is truly delicious . It's aged in American oak and is very easy drinking.

Singani 63, 70cl

A Bolivian grape brandy produced in collaboration with film maker Stephen Soderbergh, as he travels the world looking for examples of "exceptional human endeavour". Singani is distilled from Muscat of Alexandria grapes in the high valleys of Bolivia and is the country's national drink, but until now has not made it far from home. Singani 63 is a clean and crisp spirit, with a touch of aromatic grape.
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Lustau Brandy de Jerez, 70cl

A dry, nutty Brandy de Jerez from Bodegas Lustau, matured for three years in a Solera system, in American oak casks that previously held Amontillado sherry. The palate offers notes of walnuts, marmalade and sherry spice that pair well with mature cheeses and dark chocolate. .
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