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Beau Joie Special Brut Rose, 75cl

Beau Joie Rosé is a fresh and fruity Champagne from Bertrand Senecourt. The outer casing is made from recycled copper (that itself is fully recyclable) and will keep the bottle colder for longer. A blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay, this is crisp with a gentle sweetness.
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Bottega Rose Prosecco , 75cl

The 100% pinot noir sparkling wine is fresh and elegant with a delicate peach colour and aromas of mixed berries. this is ideal for celebrations, for sushi, or cheese, for after dinner and late night. the perfect partner to bottega gold – an eye catching pair at the bar.

Moet & Chandon Imperial NV, 20cl

Lively and generous, Brut Imperial distinguishes itself by a bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity, that continually seduce and delight. The color is an elegant golden straw yellow with green highlights. Its aromas are radiant, revealing bright white-fleshed fruits (apple, pear, white peach), citrus fruits (lemon), floral nuances (lime blossom) and elegant blond notes (brioche and fresh nuts).


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CBA Marrakech Gin , 5cl

Marrakech Gin(42.5%) is infused with bright citrus and fragrant Moroccan spices and inspired by the wonderful tastes and aromas of Marrakech. The premium classic gin combines the flavours of 19 botanicals including fresh lemon peel, mint, coriander and turmeric. Packaged with colourful geometric labelling.

CBA California Gin , 5cl

California Gin (44%) is a premium gin infused with 10 botanicals including deep intense citrus flavours from Valencian oranges to give a real taste of California, without the jet lag. It conjures up sunlit days in Orange Country, named after the rolling acres of Valencian orange groves, heavy with sweet juicy fruit ripening under a warm sun. The bottle is of course orange in colour, with sunlight rays emanating from the California lettering depicted in the middle.

Hijos Pistol Tequila Blanco , 20cl

Hijos De Villa Tequila Blanco Gun was created to commemorate the anniversary of liquor Veracruz. Intense flavour with hints light sweet agave

Mocambo Rum Pistol Mexico , 20cl

Aged for 10 years, Ron Mocambo is a smooth and velvety rum with lots of vanilla and sweetness. Ideal for sipping over ice. Presented in a hand-made glass bottle in the shape of a classic Buccaneer pistol. Almost a masterpiece.

Soberano 5 Brandy , 70cl

A true classic Spanish brandy, made in the same way since 1835, with some slight tweaks along the way, it is truly delicious . It's aged in American oak and is very easy drinking. WITH FREE GLASS

Pomme en Carafe Eaux de Vie (apple in bottle), 70cl

A bottle of Calvados containing a 'captive apple'. Each carafe is suspended from the branches of apple trees in the springtime before the first apples appear. The apple then grows inside the carafe. When the fruit becomes ripe, the carafe is removed from the tree with the apple captive inside. The bottles are then filled with young Calvados at 70% which allows the apples to settle down and stabilise before they are refilled with Calvados. The apples inside the bottles then gently macerates inside the Calvados filled bottles. The visually-attractive bottles make excellent gifts. Best consumed as a digestif and enjoyed at room temperature.

Poire Prisonierre Eaux de Vie (pear in bottle), 70cl

Pear eau-de-vie "Grande Réserve" 70cl / 40% Poire Prisonnière A timeless gift idea. The pear inside the bottle enhances the flavour of our Williams pear eau-de-vie. So how does the pear get into the bottle? A picture on the side of the box provides the answer!

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