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Briottet Dijon Cassis, 70cl

Creme de Cassis de Dijon, the flagship of Briottet's production, is produced exclusively from the blackcurrant variety 'Noir de Bourgogne'. After macerating the fruit in alcohol for two months a colourful aromatic juice is obtained which releases the full flavour of the famous little berry.
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Briottet Fraise, 70cl

Briottet Fraise Liqueur is a vibrantly fresh and flavoured drink which brings together the character of several varieties of wild strawberries, giving a flavour which is fruity and evokes the traditional English country garden in summer. Wonderful in a classic strawberry cocktail such as the strawberry daiquiri or to add something different and create a bright, contemporary cocktail such as a strawberry mojito. Creamy but fresh with natural wild strawberries, each sip of Briottet’s liqueur is as moreish as the last.

Chambord, 70cl

The intensity of sweet, tart raspberries is perfectly contained within each bottle of Chambord. Black and red raspberries are wonderfully balanced together creating a delectable liqueur which is finished with smooth natural honey and exotic Madagascan vanilla. Rich and decadent, Chambord is fragrant and intense with berry flavours. Inspired by the liqueurs of 18th century France, Chambord is intensely enjoyable and plays a key role in classic cocktails including the French Manhattan, Butler Miller and the tempting Chambord Daiquiri.


Cherry Heering Brandy Liqueur , 70cl

The Godfather of cherry liqueurs, Heering Cherry Brandy is made to a recipe which dates back to the early 19th century and spends three years maturing before being bottled and this delivers a flavour which truly represents the sweet succulence of the cherry. One of the original ingredients for the first ever Singapore Sling, Heering Cherry Brandy is made from natural ingredients, locally sourced Danish cherries and is genuinely the original cherry brandy.


Cointreau ( triple sec ), 70cl

One of the most famous triple sec style liqueurs around Cointreau is the first choice ingredient for many citrus cocktails and the recipe has been perfected to the point where it’s simply a must buy for many. On the nose is fresh and tangy, orange oils coming through thick and fast and unlike other bitter-led triple sec style liqueurs Cointreau is intensely sweet leading into a dry finish. Nutmeg and lemon come through in the finish too.

Cointreau, 5cl

One of the most famous triple sec style liqueurs around Cointreau is the first choice ingredient for many citrus cocktails and the recipe has been perfected to the point where it’s simply a must buy for many. On the nose is fresh and tangy, orange oils coming through thick and fast and unlike other bitter-led triple sec style liqueurs Cointreau is intensely sweet leading into a dry finish. Nutmeg and lemon come through in the finish too.

Combier Creme de Myrtille, 70cl

From the Combier Distillery in France's Loire Valley comes this splendid Crème de Myrtille – a traditional liqueur produced from blueberries. The berries are allowed to macerate in neutral alcohol for three to four months, before being gently pressed. The result is a richly juicy and flavourful tipple. Designed to be sipped as an aperitif, a splash of this in a glass of sparkling wine also works very well.

Disaronno Liqueur ( Amaretto ), 70cl

It’s hard to believe but Disaronno does not contain any nuts, simply their enticing flavour. Reminiscent of Amaretti biscuits and the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, almond aromas are deep, intense and deliver a flavour which is popular around the world. Combining natural herbs and fruit steeped in apricot kernel oil, Disaronno has a heady and floral scent which follows through to its flavour. With a history dating back over half a millennium, Disaronno is a flavour which has always been loved.

Drambuie, 70cl

A combination of aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and a recipe of secret ingredients, Drambuie is one of the best-known whisky liqueurs worldwide.

Frangelico, 70cl

Frangelico is known as one of the big guys, one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs and one which has been around for more than 300 years. Traditional in its production and flavour, Frangelico captures the essence of the rich and flavourful hazelnut and offers it up as a smooth and creamy liqueur. The bottle is shaped like a monk’s habit, bringing back memories of its first producers and the flavour is truly intense with a nuttiness which is wonderful in coffee, over dessert or as part of the base of a creamy cocktail.

Gabriel Boudier Cacao Brown, 50cl

.Cocoa liqueur, the previously roasted whole cocoa beans are macerated in alcohol to extract the cocoa butter, the colour and flavours of the cocoa. It is the best chocolate-flavoured note that can be used in cocktails. With its strong dark chocolate taste, it is highly popular for its natural bitterness.

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis de Dijon, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier’s extravagant range of liqueurs and crème should all be tasted once and this Crème de Cassis is one of the oldest, classic flavours in the collection. Macerated blackcurrants are balanced against sugar to ensure the acidity of the fruit is enjoyable. On opening the bottle memories of freshly cooked blackcurrant pie come with a rich aroma and flavour follows balancing the tartness of the berries with a much needed sweetness.


Gabriel Boudier Creme de Fraise, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Fraise is a fresh and fruity liqueur which brings together the flavour of a range of different varieties of strawberry. The strawberries are macerated with neutral spirit to allow their flavour to do the talking and it comes out in a sweet and enticing strawberry shortcake flavour when you take a sip. The sweet strawberry flavour blends with brown sugar to create a fresh baked flavour and hints of freshly made jam.

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Framboise , 50cl

Boudier Framboises 50cl Bottling Note Créme de Framboises, perfect for an aperitif mixed with dry white wine or champagne. Hugely aromatic and fruity, bursting with raspberry notes. From renowned Dijon producer, Gabriel Boudier.

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Mure, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Crème de Mure encapsulates the flavour of fresh blackberries and releases them for us all to enjoy. It’s a wonderful flavour which brings together the essence of the blackberry and primes it perfectly to match with fine champagnes, dry white wines and any number of white spirit cocktails which need an extra kick. The blackberries are harvested from Morocco and Chile and combining them with cream creates a deliciously tart liqueur.


Gabriel Boudier Creme de Peche (peach) , 50cl

Gabrial Boudier Crème de Peach is a must-have for the perfect Bellini. It is made through a combination of specially selected white peach varieties, cream and neutral alcohol and the end result is bursting with peach flavour and juicy freshness. There’s a jammy texture to this drink which is sweet on the tongue and the light syrupy flavour marries wonderfully with almond notes and even essence of the bitter peach stone.


Gabriel Boudier Mango, 50cl

Exotic mangoes make a perfect liqueur ingredient and in this Gabriel Boudier Mango liqueur you can enjoy the full strength of the fruit. Sharp with undertones of citrus, this mango liqueur is rich with flavours which grow in depth and intensity as you sip. Rather that freshly cut, this liqueur has a richer more jam-like taste and is a truly warming and enjoyable on the palate. A light pepperiness runs throughout the liqueur but it’s the indulgent jam flavours which come through strongest.

Gabriel Boudier Passion, 50cl

Gabriel Boudier Passion Fruit Liqueur is a wonderfully rich and exotic drink which brings together many exotic and tropical fruits in a harmonious concoction which is just perfect for sipping at your leisure. The flavours of mangoes and lychees are balanced against the more regular flavour of peaches and sloe berries, creating a vibrant, fresh and fruity liqueur. The whole drink has a candied, sweet flavour which has a bright citric acidity ensuring it’s balanced and entices you back for more.

Galliano Autentico, 50cl

Galliano L’Autentico is a genuine Italian classic. Its golden yellow hues hide a multitude of flavours, all natural and all blended using a traditional process which has been stuck to for many years. The flavour of Galliano L’Autentico is created through the harmonious balance of Mediterranean herbs and plants as well as those from further afield, creating an aromatic, herbal tonic which leads into a softer, mellower flavour, wonderful for sipping after dinner. Sweet and tempting, the flavour of aniseed is at the heart of this liqueur.
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Galliano Aperitivo, 50cl

The unique recipe with an ABV of 24% includes many extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus: oranges, bergamots, bitter oranges, chinotto, tangerines and grapefruits. This fresh blend of citrus fruits makes our Galliano L’Aperitivo stand out. The recipe also includes a subtle addition of the heart of Galliano L’Autentico, (the original botanical liqueur with over 30 herbs and spices) including Mediterranean Anise, Juniper, Cardamom, Sandal Wood, Sage, Lavender, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Vanilla.

Galliano Espresso Coffee ( cafe), 50cl

Galliano Espresso Coffee is another classically flavoured liqueur from the famous Italian producers. Deliciously intense and rich with roasted coffee flavours, Galliano Ristretto Coffee brings together an array of different coffee types. A combination of bitter Indian, Brazilian, Colombian and Kenyan coffee beans are brought together to create the perfect blend for a temptingly tasty liqueur. Enjoy on its own or add to a creative cocktail or dessert.


Get 27 Peppermint , 70cl

A classic French liqueur, Get 27 is a minty marvel which works wonderfully in cocktails and mixed drinks, as well as being rather refreshing when served over ice. The '27' in the name originally referred to its alcoholic percentage, though over the years this has changed, but the name has remained the same.
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Giffard Caribbean Pineapple, 70cl

Beloved of bartenders the world over, Giffard produce tasty, reliable, mixable liqueurs and this variety is no exception. Made with pineapples, a candied pineapple infusion, spices and 7-year-old Caribbean rum, this is sunshine in a bottle. This fruity, buttery liqueur makes a fantastic pineapple Daiquiri, but don’t think that all your cocktails have to be Caribbean – why not use it to put some spice in your sangria? Giffard's Caribbean Pineapple Liqueur is also excellent to sip on its own.

Giffard Banana De Brazil , 70cl


Giffard Pink Grapefruit, 70cl

The perfect dessert liqueur, Giffard Pink Grapefruit liqueur is delicate and fresh. Pour it over a fruity dessert or frozen sorbet and you won’t be disappointed and it works equally well as an aperitif, especially when served with a sparkling wine or champagne. Pungent from first opening you’ll enjoy rich zesty grapefruit flavours and just a touch of jammy thickness. A wonderful addition to your drinks cabinet which perfectly balances sweet and sour.

Giffard Poire William Pear Liqueur , 70cl

The four generations of the Giffard & Cie liqueur production company have always dedicated time and care to the production of their quality offerings, and this includes their classic Poire William liqueur. Fresh with the ripeness of Williams Pears the flavour is rich and reminiscent of grappa, with the flavours of both the pear skin and flesh blending in harmony. Blossom, honey and a little alcohol heat support the dominant fresh pear flavour.

Grand Marnier,70cl

Despite their extensive range of liqueurs it’s the original elegance of their classic Grand Marnier which is the most famous. Made exclusively with a luxurious base of quality Cognac, Grand Marnier has a smooth richness to it and a sharp, vibrant orange flavour. A versatile liqueur which is the base for many cocktails and often enjoyed neat, Grand Marnier is a staple of the classic drinks cabinet and one which will be enjoyed time and again.


Green Chartreuse ,70cl * one per customer.

The world’s only naturally green liqueur has got to be worthy of a spot in your drinks cabinet right? We think so anyway and Green Chartreuse is that drink. Powerfully flavoured and unique amongst similar products, it brings together the flavours of 130 different plants. They’ve been distilled and blended perfectly to deliver the famous flavour and green hues of this liqueur. To get a full taste of its unique flavour it simply must be enjoyed ice cold or splashed over ice.


Irish Mist Honey Liqueur, 70cl

Tripled distilled Irish whisky blended with sweet honey and fresh herbs creates the undeniable flavour of aromatic, velvet smooth and intensely drinkable Irish Mist. Its sophisticated taste profile is rich in honey sweetness, dark spicy notes and an herbaceous warmth which ties it all together. The Irish whisky flavour provides a foundation for a wide range of other flavours to bloom creating an ultimately satisfying drink, wonderful on its own before or after a meal.

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Jade Perique Tabac Liqueur, 50cl

The perfect partnership between a quality drink and good cigar cannot be disputed and in an attempt to bring both flavours together as one, we have Perique Tabac Liqueur. Produced in Mississippi intense spice and aromas unique to the area are captured in this exceptional liqueur. It’s intense and elegant in the same breath, with cognac and a deep woodiness coming through on the nose. The flavour is equally strong, with the tobacco flavour marrying with a touch of sweetness and the fire of alcohol – exceptional!

Jagermeister Manifest Oak Aged , 50CL

Presenting an elixir of distinction from our Master Distiller: Jagermeister Manifest. Curt Mast created Jägermeister over 80 years ago. He boldly took a new path. Today the new generation of the Mast Family are still committed to the extraordinary. So they have crafted something special based on the original 56 Jägermeister botanicals. Skilfully blended into five selected macerates, which are then refined with distillate matured in small, fresh oak barrels. The tradition of breaking with tradition is still going strong.

Jagermeister, 20cl

Whether you bomb it or sip it slowly, Jägermeister, the German hunt-master, is a flavour which we all know and love. However you drink yours you’ll know the sticky sweetness it offers, with a complex blend of 56 fruits, spices and herbs creating the trademark taste. With medicinal undertones and aromatic depth, Jägermeister is one of the most popular shooters on the market but it’s often enjoy in cocktails and even on its own over ice.

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