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Smirnoff, 35cl

The one that started it all! Pepper and pepprmint notes start up upon entry. These move aside as a clean sweetness takes over and then finishes with white pepper and a faint yet recognizable licqourice ending. Classic little number that we've all done time with.


Snow Queen, 70cl

Luxury Vodka from France . Soft wheat and creamy vanilla ice cream notes give way to pink peppercorn and lime rind. The finish is silky and rmains on a peppercorn taste for a moment before a solid spice and citrus close. Super slick and well made vodka. Best served ice cold.

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Stoli Vodka Latvia , 70cl

Stoli Latvian Vodka original, authentic, best selling genuine vodka, fermentation takes about 60 hours and then the Vodka is distilled four times - then diluted to bottling strength with more artesial well water, filtered through quartz, sand, activated charcoal, and finally through woven cloth. Voted the best in the world at the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition on taste alone. This award affirms that Stolichnaya Vodka has developed one of the most highly regarded premium spirits in the industry. We also have the delicious Vanilla Stoli Vodka.

Stolichnaya Citrus Latvia , 70cl

Sweet waves of lemon sherbert followed by zingy lemon cake and rocksalt. Sweet kick of lemon rind and caster sugar followed by a short lemon squash finish.

Stolichnaya Elit Latvia , 70cl

Seriously clean vodka bursting with citrus zest and crème anglais notes. There is a wave of faint apple followed by big mineral crispness that evntually settles down into a clean and silky smooth finish with lingering lemon zest and hot toasty pepper. Mega yum offering from the Stolichnaya team. Serve from fridge to get the very best from it.

Stolichnaya Lime Latvia , 70cl

Stolichnaya has crafted another flavoursome vodka for us, and this one holds all the zesty tastiness of lime! We can feel a Moscow Mule coming on...

Stolichnaya Raspberry Razberi Latvia , 70cl

Sweet layers of tart raspberry move into chalky yet sweet notes of rasberry lemonade. The kick is tart and zingy and is rescued by a big raspberry and blueberry finish. Mouth is semi-full.

Stolichnaya Salted Karamel Latvia , 70cl

Melted caramel and peanuts upon entry followed by waves of sweet chocolate. Caramel takes over mid palette and moves into peanut brittle and palm sugar notes. The kick is super smooth and the finish is a mixture of snickers and hard candy with a faint lick of rock salt. Yum stuff!

Stolichnaya Vanilla Latvia , 70cl

Baked vanilla and lemon cake gives way to sweet waves of lemonade and cornish ice cream. A lemon undertone remains a constant and saves it from being overly sweet. The kick is pretty silky and the finish is full of cloudy lemonade and crème anglaise. Yum!

Thunder Toffee, 70cl

Mega toffee hit slaps you round the face at first followed by warm fudge and toffe apple notes. The kick is faint but the boost of chewy toffee is full on. Quality street type mouth finish. Serve from fridge for best results. Begs for cold apple juice.

Titos Texas Vodka, 70cl

Tito's Texas Vodka is a popular Vodka available from Asda Groceries in 70cl to buy online. Visit Asda Groceries for the best price for 70cl of Tito's Handmade Vodka or compare prices on our other Vodka products. Created by Tito Beveridge, a geologist from Texas with a background in oil drilling and the mortgage business, this characterful vodka is made from 100% corn and is therefore naturally gluten-free. Produced in Austin at Texas first and oldest legal distillery, it is micro-distilled by batch 6 times in an old fashioned pot still, a much more complicated and difficult technique to the usual modern column stills.

Tom of Finland Vodka, 50cl

TOM OF FINLAND VODKA is artistically crafted in Finland from the finest wheat, rye and the purest arctic water. It is 100% organic and contains no sugar. The taste is superbly smooth with a pleasurable tingle at the finish. Enjoy it neat or as part of your favourite cocktail. BE PROUD, BE HAPPY AND HAVE FUN WITH TOM

Wheatley Craft Vodka , 70cl

A creamy, smooth artisanal vodka from the award-winning Buffalo Trace distillery, Wheatley is made using a one-of-a-kind micro still and is distilled a total of 10 times creating a crisp, clean palate with hints of vanilla in the finish.

Wyborowa, 70cl

Clean Polish vodka that holds its own. Bread and butter with dried apple and lemon zest on entry. Crushed grains then take over with deep spicy overtones. The mouthfeel is medium bodied and the finish is both flinty and pepper driven. This is really very good for the price and remaons a favourite of the Polish, who seem to drink cauldrons of it every weekend.

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka , 70cl

Excellent and original grass and herb driven vodka. Opens up with freshly mowed grass and green apple notes. These move through into deep yet balanced and complexed herbal notes followed by waves of hay and green apple. The finish is grassy, clean and almost refreshing with a soft lime and herb bite that fades into apples. Best served from the fridge and tastes fantastic with freshly pressed apple juice.

Fisk Classic, 1l

A favourite in Denmark, FISK is made with a mixture of quality vodka, eucalyptus, menthol and liquorice. Refreshing and bracing when served ice cold. We're not 100% certain that the wistful fisherman on the label is the eponymous Fisk, but we like to believe he is.
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Dalkowski Jarzbinowa Rowan Vodka, 50cl

Dalkowski Jarzbinowa Rowan Vodka, 50cl

Douglas Fir Vodka, 50cl

The first of the Limited Editions from the distillery at Hepple. Made with the needles of the Douglas Fir tree, a giant of the Hepple Woodlands. The unexpected explosion of refreshing pine, sweet ripe melon and tropical fruit, with undertones of grapefruit zest creates a fascinating new addition to cocktails and, as in our signature serve, a wonderful alternative to gin when combined with Indian tonic, ice and a melon garnish.

Krupnik Honey Vodka, 50cl

Krupnik is a delicious Polish vodka-based honey liqueur created using wild bees honey blended with exotic spices, leaving a sweet and spicy flavour. Produced in a centuries old recipe, Krupnik is a highly popular traditional Polish drink.

Krupnik Kokos Vodka Liqueur ( Coconut ) , 50cl

Krupnik Kokos Vodka Liqueur , 50cl

Krupnik Orzech Vodka ( Nut ) , 50cl

Hazelnut Vodka from Poland. * This product contains nuts .

Krupnik Pistacja Vodka Liqueur ( Pistachio ) , 50cl

Krupnik Pistacja Vodka Liqueur , 50cl

Krupnik Sliwka Plum Vodka , 50cl

Krupnik Sliwka Plum Vodka , 50cl

X Muse Vodka, 70cl

X MUSE is unique .The first blended barley vodka inspired by the spirit making traditions of Scotland. They draw on that history and experience, employ craft and new methods, and blend heritage barley and the purest water to produce a delicious vodka of the richest, deepest character and qualities.

Blavod Black Vodka, 70cl

Catechu( Acacia shrub extract) is added to give the colour but doesn't seem to affect the flavour itself. Clean and spicy on entry with a faint note of lemon rind and cloves. Medium bodied vodka that carrys on into some slight autumnal berry notes. The finish is of a reasonable length the kick is strong and reatains the notes of clove na d lemon which linger off into white pepper. For those of us who like things a little different. Keep this one in the fridge to tighten it up a little.

Krupnik Quince Vodka Liqueur ( Pigwa) , 50cl

Krupnik Quince Vodka Liqueur , 50cl Poland

Dragon Triple Distilled Vodka, 70cl

Dragon Triple Distilled Vodka, 70cl

Siwucha Vodka, 50cl

An 'incompletely rectified' polish Vodka. Siwucha translates literally as 'Hooch' or 'Rot-gut' (enticed yet?). An alternate (althogh perhaps less accurate) translation is 'Old Grey Lady', referring to the slightly opaque Grey Colour of the Vodka. Developed to faithfully replicate the vodkas of old through the addition of a portion of unrectified barley spirit, this is perhaps as close as it's possible to (legally) get to real, genuine Vodka from the old country. A must for any true Vodka fan.le !
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Koskenkorva Minttu, 50cl

Minty Minttu liqueur from Finnish distillers Koskenkorva, who are well known for their 013 Vodka and its many flavours. Minttu is an intense liqueur, with a mountain of mint flavours behind it. You can enjoy it neat, but they also recommend trying it in a hot chocolate if you fancy a delicious, warming drink.
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Koskenkorva Salmiakki, 50cl

Finland's Koskenkorva has come up with this liqueur based on their award-winning vodka and that peculiarly Scandinavian commodity: salt-liquorice. We know, we know - it sounds awful, but our fair-haired friends absolutely adore it.

Koskenkorva Vodka Juniper & Blueberry, 70cl

Blueberry Juniper combines flavours that capture the taste of the unique Scandinavian forests. Its natural blueberry flavours balance the taste of the real herbal juniper berries, and together they bring out the very essence of the northern forests. The distillery, located among the barley fields of Koskenkorva Village is where all Koskenkorva spirits are made. To ensure the highest quality of the distilled spirits they use one of the most advanced distillation processes in the world. From the village of Koskenkorva, staying true to Scandinavian foraging traditions, this flavour range captures the true essence of the Northern forests.Natural and locally sourced ingredients bring an exciting twist to this smooth and premium vodka.The Koskenkorva family who still live in the village today, pride themselves on their innovative style and craft approach.Notes of blueberry, juniper and pine. Soft palate with blueberries, juniper and liquorice.

Due to its versatility Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and is enjoyed neat, with mixers or as the key ingredient in popular cocktails including Bloody Marys, Martinis and Black Russians. It’s primarily composed of water and ethanol although it can have traces of impurities and flavourings. Traditionally Vodka is made from fermented grains such as wheat and rye although it can be produced from potato, barley, grapes, rice and corn. Vodka is traditionally distilled in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden but more recently big brands such as Grey Goose are being distilled in the west.

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