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Carpano Botanic Bitter , 1L

A contemporary Premium Italian Bitter with over 230 years of passion for a quality without compromises. Carpano Botanic Bitter has a unique and unmistakable taste to enrich premium cocktails. Bringing a new dimension to classic cocktails such as the Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier Carpano Botanic Bitter , 1L

Dr Hostetters American Bitters Bitters , 70cl

Originally created to combat a number of maladies, Dr Hostetter's Bitter made its way to the back-bar in the 1850s due to its aromatic character. Made with a blend of botanicals, including gentian root and cinchona bark, rose petals and candied fruit, that offer a complex, aromatic edge to any cocktail. nd sweet undertones.


Gammel Dansk Bitters , 70cl

For Danes this drink needs no introduction, it’s one of their most famous and most loved. Gammel Dansk. Everything from its name to its production has a Dutch feel and it has an aromatised flavour which unique and stands out from other bitters on the market with deep nutmeg, ginger and laurel notes coming through from the first taste. The exact recipe is a secret but it offers an aperitif which balances sharpness with a biting bitterness and sweet undertones.


Khoosh Bitter , 70cl

An exotic orange bitter designed to pair with Champagnes and fine spirits, Khoosh uses a blend of botanicals including Quassia amara and orange peel. Bittersweet, herbaceous and citrus-forward, Khoosh is a great addition to cocktails and a must-have in every home bar line-up.

Kleos Mastika Chios, 70cl

Mastiha is a fascinating liqueur created in Greece using the resin of the rare mastiha tree grown on the Greek island of Chios. It's not often seen, but when you do, it's always worth a look. This particular expression is Kleos Mastiha, produced by master distiller Maroussa Tsaxaki using the mastiha tears (the hardened resin) and mastiha essential oils. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “fame or glory attained through good deeds and hard work” - which is clearly an admirable thing to aspire to!

Maison Fontaine Absinthe Blanche , 20cl

A blanche absinthe distilled in a pre-ban style in Pontarlier, centre of early 20th century French absinthe production. Versatile and excellent either on its own with water or in cocktails.

Marc De Bourgogne Latour Eaux de Vie, 70cl

Marc De Bourgogne Latour, 70cl Burgundy’s vineyards. The soil of this region has been producing high quality fruit for centuries, which for many years have been used in the production of Burgundy wines. , marc, eaux de vie, with a team of craftsmen using age old skills & recipies.

Pilavas Mastiha , 70cl

Elegant and clean scent shaping an overall softening and refreshing smell; subtle lavender and coconut mouthfeel, with the unique mastic smell being prevalent. Soft and sweet feel with a microscopic suspicion of sourness. vigorous mastic aftertaste.

Roots Kanela, 70cl

Roots Kanela Liqueur is a blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and citrus. The brand may be new, but Kanela isn't – first being seen in Greece in the 15th century.

Roots Mastika Chios, 70cl

Roots Mastiha Liqueur is produced using the resin of Mastic trees on the Greek island of Chios – believed to have medicinal properties – and also saw use as a breath freshener – since 5BC.

Arack de Musar , 70cl

The Chateau Musar Arack is made from grape alcohol with an average age of five years. It is distilled four times with the addition of Anis seeds during the 4th distillation.

Everleaf Forest , 50cl alcohol free

A bittersweet blend of sustainably sourced botanical distillates and extracts carefully chosen to capture forest flavours. Bathe in the exotic saffron, rich Madagascan vanilla and honeyed orange blossom of sun-streaked forest floors. How to Enjoy: 1 part Everleaf Forest, 3 parts light tonic, load of ice and garnish with an orange wheel.
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Maison Fontaine Absinthe Blanche , 70cl

A blanche absinthe distilled in a pre-ban style in Pontarlier, centre of early 20th century French absinthe production. Versatile and excellent either on its own with water or in cocktails.

Moses Kosher Arak , 70cl

Just like Moses, Arak has a strong connection to the Middle East, where in many places it’s considered a traditional alcoholic beverage. Arak is known for its strong anise flavor which it gets from aniseeds added into the production process.
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Moses Kosher Date Vodka , 70cl

Finland- Moses Date vodka is a super premium flavoured vodka, infused with sweet red dates. Fruity flavour and smooth taste, allowing for quite diverse culinary uses.

Pentire Adrift , 70cl alcohol free

BOTANICAL NON-ALCOHOLIC SPIRIT Pentire Adrift is our original botanical non-alcoholic spirit, made by distilling unique plants native to our coastline in Cornwall, UK. TASTE Coastal, herbaceous, fresh. KEY BOTANICALS Rock Samphire, Sage, Pentire Plant Blend, Lemon Citrus, Cornish Sea Salt.

Pentire Seaward , 70cl alcohol free

Seaward is our invigorating new botanical non-alcoholic spirit.

Pisco Soldeica Supreme, 5cl

A Peruvian Pisco from the Soldeica selection, created using a blend of grape varieties including the stalwart Quebranta, the aromatic Italia and the intense Torontel.

Boukha Fig Eaux de vie , 70cl

Boukha Fig Eaux de vie , 70cl originally made by a Tunisian family.

Maison Fontaine Chocolate Absinthe Liqueur , 70cl

La Maison Fontaine Chocolat Absinthe Liqueur is inspired and by an old handwritten recipe and the flavour is a really distinctive and exciting taste. Its nose is rich in chocolate notes with liquorice and aniseed coming through and the taste is sweet with definite dryness and aniseed absinthe notes coming through strongly alongside lighter, milky chocolate notes. It’s the absinthe that really stands out but the chocolate adds a really interesting twist.


Pilavas Grape Tsipouro, 70cl


Pilavas Ouzo Nektar , 70cl

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Agwa di Bolivia, 70cl

Sweet Agwa, a liqueur which marries together an array of tempting herbal flavours, offering a distinct and enjoyable flavour. Agwa’s key ingredients are Bolivian coca leaves, Brazilian guarana and Chinese ginseng which work together to offer a herbal, minty scent followed by a thick, syrupy mouthfeel awash with spicy notes, sweet menthol and the depth of the herbaceous ingredients. It ends on a long herbal note which encapsulates the overall flavour of this traditional liqueur.


Maison Fontaine Absinthe Verte , 70cl

La Maison Fontaine Verte is an herby absinthe which has a naturally green colour and a flavour which is refreshed and bright with anise, fennel and spicy white pepper. Liquorice and camomile also come through on the nose and the palate has an herbal complexity especially when served with the right amount of water for a good louche. The spiced anise notes linger long after drinking and ensure La Maison Fontaine Verte sticks in your mind.

Yeni Raki, 70cl

Turkey’s national drink, Raki is a sweet, clear brandy which teases the tongue and brings together spicy, hot and sweet notes in perfect harmony. Deep anise flavour is what you’ll take away from each sip of Yeni Raki but the flavour is much more complex than that with minty undertones and sugar beet sweetness. First produced in 1944 Yeni Raki is one of Turkey’s most famous Raki products and is one which can be enjoyed as an unforgettable aperitif.

Fisk Classic, 1l

A favourite in Denmark, FISK is made with a mixture of quality vodka, eucalyptus, menthol and liquorice. Refreshing and bracing when served ice cold. We're not 100% certain that the wistful fisherman on the label is the eponymous Fisk, but we like to believe he is.
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Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose Botanical Vodka 70cl

And with a lower ABV than your usual vodka (30%), the range is ideal for light drinkers, who want to spice up their soda water. The perfect summertime drink ,Grapefruit & Rose boasts lush, full flavours of crisp citrus and fresh fruit. Goes well with most mixers, but we’d recommend soda water or a light tonic.

Ketel One Oranje & Mandarin, 70cl

Ketel One® Oranje flavoured vodka begins with Ketel One® Vodka, infused with the essence of orange for a crisp, refreshing taste. The essential oil is comprised of Valencia oranges from Florida, providing a roundness, sweetness and unique juiciness. Valencia oranges from Brazil, providing a roundness, and juiciness and mandarin from Italy, providing floral and special fruity notes. The essential oils are blended and refined into a perfectly balanced essence by a specialist based in the home of perfume, Grasse in the South of France

Tomtom Mess Hall

assorted spirits / liqueurs

JJ Corry Fier Field Barberry Spirit, 70cl

JJ Corry Fier Field Barberry Spirit, 70cl

JJ Corry Fier Field Birch Spirit, 70cl

JJ Corry Fier Field Birch Spirit, 70cl

Pazo Hierbas Orujo, 70cl

Pazo Licor de Hierbas is a contemporary and delicate liqueur produced in Galicia, Spain and offers a distinctive flavour which brings together elegant grape spirit and a wide range of specially selected botanicals, fruits, herbs and spices. Pazo includes flavours such as sharp lemon grass, sweet lime blossom, tea, cancella and a range of spices which combined create a sweet liqueur that doesn’t disappoint and is pleasingly smooth on the palate.

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