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Tomtom Mess Hall

assorted spirits / liqueurs

JJ Corry Fier Field Barberry Spirit, 70cl

JJ Corry Fier Field Barberry Spirit, 70cl

JJ Corry Fier Field Birch Spirit, 70cl

JJ Corry Fier Field Birch Spirit, 70cl

Pazo Hierbas Orujo, 70cl

Pazo Licor de Hierbas is a contemporary and delicate liqueur produced in Galicia, Spain and offers a distinctive flavour which brings together elegant grape spirit and a wide range of specially selected botanicals, fruits, herbs and spices. Pazo includes flavours such as sharp lemon grass, sweet lime blossom, tea, cancella and a range of spices which combined create a sweet liqueur that doesn’t disappoint and is pleasingly smooth on the palate.
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Zwack Unicum , 70cl

Unicum is a legendary liqueur - the national drink of Hungary. This unique herb liqueur, based on a secret family recipe and distilled from over forty different herbs and spices, was originally conceived as an aid to digestion at the royal court of Austria Hungary in 1790 but over the centuries it has become a drink for any time of day, either as a shot or warmed by the hand in a cognac glass or enjoyed chilled. In the Zwack family distillery in Budapest, Unicum is aged in large oak casks before being bottled in the distinctive round bottle that has been a hallmark of this historic brand for nearly two hundred years. Still in family hands after six generations, Unicum in Hungary is not just a drink but a national treasure. We suggest you put it in a cupboard and leave it there!

Ouzo 12, 70cl

The world’s first bottled Ouzo, Ouzo 12 offers up the taste of Greece. Crystal clear until you add water when it turns milky-white, Ouzo has the distinct fresh flavour of fennel, liquorice on the nose and subtle spices underneath. On tasting the strength of liquorice is released and the fresh fennel notes come through strongly with a welcome hint of sugar at the end. The long finish is intense with liquorice and it’s a flavour which you won’t’ forget in a hurry.

Zoco Pacharan Spain, 1L

Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur is produced in the Basque area and is one of the oldest commercial brands of Pacharan there is and it’s clear to see the flavours have been refined to absolute perfection. Zoco Pacharan is made by steeping sloe berries, coffee and vanilla in an aniseed based liqueur, delivering flavours which almost seem impossible. Complex and vibrant with fruity flavours, Zoco Pacharan definitely delivers a taste to remember.

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Singani 63, 70cl

A Bolivian grape brandy produced in collaboration with film maker Stephen Soderbergh, as he travels the world looking for examples of "exceptional human endeavour". Singani is distilled from Muscat of Alexandria grapes in the high valleys of Bolivia and is the country's national drink, but until now has not made it far from home. Singani 63 is a clean and crisp spirit, with a touch of aromatic grape.
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Ming River Baijiu Spirit, 70cl

Fruity and sweet, Ming River Sichuan Baijiu is distilled and bottled at the Luzhou Laojiao distillery in Sichuan, China. Aromas of green apple, papaya, melon and tangy, savoury hints fill the nose, complemented by notes of pink peppercorn, pineapple, anise and hints of brine on the palate.Distilled from crushed fermented wheat.
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SangSom Thai Rum , 70cl

SangSom is a Thai rum which had its heyday in the 80s but is now coming back into the limelight. Aged in oak barrels in the traditional way SangSom has picked up many international awards for its flavour and style. Orange bitters lead the nose, with herbal fennel notes following. This aroma soon builds into a more recognisably rummy flavour which includes liquorice, cinnamon and brown sugar. The perfect rum for an alternative to your regular Old Fashioned.


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