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Gran Tokaj Aszu 5 puttonyos , 50cl

Grand Tokaj 5 Puttonyos 50cl : a sweet wine from Tokaj that contains moscatell, hárslevelu and furmint grapes.

Megyer Tokaji Forditas, 50cl

| Gold. Fresh orange fruit on the nose, vivid Mandarin on the palate. Uniquely sweet and refreshing.

Pajzoz Tokaji Szamorodni Edes , 50cl

They say that Tokaji was once one of the most important wines in the world. Even Peter Alexeyevich, King Louis XIV and Austrian composer Joseph Haydn couldn't resist the charm of Tokai. This delightful Hungarian sweet wine has aromas of honey, figs, and minerality. Very nice balanced on the palate with high acidity that keeps this wine absolutely delicious and not too sweet. Its full-body support long finish. The only fact that I didn’t like about this wine is its size of 0.5liter….I want more