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Luxardo Original Cherries, 400gr

Nothing screams classic cocktail like a genuine maraschino cherry. Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries add a gourmet touch to your drinks and begin as all natural whole pitted cherries candied with sweet Marasca syrup. Imported directly from Italy, each jar is home to around 50 cherries and even a single cherry can be enough to add a sweet, decadent edge to your drinks.

Opies Red Stem Cherries, 500ml

The final flourish to dress up your cocktail in style can be the touch that’s needed to take them from fine to fantastic. Opie’s Cherries with stems are sweet, succulent and sit perfectly in your classic cocktail creations. Opie’s take time and effort to hand select their cherries with the stems still attached and then preserve them in a sweet, sugary syrup, ensuring they remain in the best possible condition, perfect for popping from the jar and into your drinks.

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