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Nemiroff Deluxe Ukraine Vodka, 70cl

A quality Ukrainian vodka here from Nemiroff. Focusing on natural ingredients and with 11 stages of filtration, it’s a fabulous classic vodka – crisp and bold, great for sipping, and all manner of mixing.
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King Of Soho Vodka, 70cl

Premium quality vodka, distilled in small batches using copacetic English grain. Tasting Notes Expertly distilled, it is crystal-clear as if polished to a shine; the spirit clings to the glass delivering a preview of the texture to come. Subtle and delicate, a distinctive undercurrent of toasted crumpet is enhanced with a touch of lemon zest and black pepper, accompanied by a faint hint of anise. Surprisingly rich & buttery in the mouth with a gentle delivery, the spirit lives up to its aromatic promise and adds an element of creaminess and some freshly cut apple to the offering. The initial sweetness gives way to a pleasant dry and light finish making it equally suited as a base for Martini-style cocktails, as well as for enjoying with a mixer or over ice.

Koskenkorva Original Vodka , 70cl

Koskenkorva Vodka is a premium vodka. Distilled over 250 times, produced from the purest glacier water and selected barleys from Koskenkorva's own fields.

Fair Acai, 35cl

Fair's Açai Liqueur is made in France using Fairtrade-certified berries and organic sugar. Fresh and fruity with a slight bitterness, this is delicious in a Bramble – just add 15ml of this to 60ml gin, 15ml lime juice and 15ml sugar syrup.

Moses Kosher Date Vodka , 70cl

Finland- Moses Date vodka is a super premium flavoured vodka, infused with sweet red dates. Fruity flavour and smooth taste, allowing for quite diverse culinary uses.

Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka, 70cl

Raspberry & Blackcurrant. Fruity, vibrant and rich in flavour, whilst also having a lower sugar content. Perfect for creating cocktails, as a simple spirit & mixer serve or for enjoying neat over ice.
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Zoladkowa Gorska Traditional Vodka, 70cl

A beautiful light golden vodka; Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka is infused with a magical blend of dried fruits, herbs and spices making is a Polish favourite

Zoladkowa Gorzka Fig Vodka, 50cl

A beautiful light golden vodka; Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka is infused with a magical blend of figs making it a Polish favourite

Zoladkowa Gorzka Mint Vodka, 50cl

ZOLADKOWA GORZKA: Experience one of Poland's best-loved traditional drinks with this delicious and naturally flavoured vodka liqueur. MINT FLAVOUR: A light and refreshing expression of our classic herbal vodka liqueur, infused with mint that enhance the refreshing character

Boe Azzurra Vodka , 70cl

An exotic, fresh and smooth vodka from Boe bursting with exotic flavours of watermelon and kiwi fruit with a hint of cucumber and mint. Inspired by the clear blue waters of the Meditteranean, this is a delicious tasting vodka ideally mixed with soda or lemonade.

Boe Dark Fruits Vodka , 70cl

A colourful and bursting with flavour vodka from Boe. Filled with juicy fruity flavours of blackberries and blackcurrant. Mix with lemonade or citrus and watch the liquid change colour.

Boe Pink Vodka , 70cl

A luscious and smooth pink vodka with indulging flavours of raspberry and white chocolate. Works wonders in a cocktail or mixed with lots ice, lemonade or soda.

Dragon Triple Distilled Lemon Vodka, 70cl

Dragon Triple Distilled Lemon Vodka, 70cl

Dragon Triple Distilled Vanilla Vodka, 70cl

Dragon Triple Distilled Vanilla Vodka, 70cl

Due to its versatility Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and is enjoyed neat, with mixers or as the key ingredient in popular cocktails including Bloody Marys, Martinis and Black Russians. It’s primarily composed of water and ethanol although it can have traces of impurities and flavourings. Traditionally Vodka is made from fermented grains such as wheat and rye although it can be produced from potato, barley, grapes, rice and corn. Vodka is traditionally distilled in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden but more recently big brands such as Grey Goose are being distilled in the west.

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