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Due to its versatility Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and is enjoyed neat, with mixers or as the key ingredient in popular cocktails including Bloody Marys, Martinis and Black Russians. It’s primarily composed of water and ethanol although it can have traces of impurities and flavourings. Traditionally Vodka is made from fermented grains such as wheat and rye although it can be produced from potato, barley, grapes, rice and corn. Vodka is traditionally distilled in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden but more recently big brands such as Grey Goose are being distilled in the west.

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Picture of Stolichnaya Cucumber , 70cl  * offer

Stolichnaya Cucumber , 70cl * offer

A cucumber expression from Stolichnaya, their first flavoured vodka since 2013! The addition of cucumber makes for a refreshing palate, perfect in cocktails - perhaps a Moscow Mule...?
£25.95 £23.95
Picture of Stolichnaya Elit , 70cl * offer

Stolichnaya Elit , 70cl * offer

Seriously clean vodka bursting with citrus zest and crème anglais notes. There is a wave of faint apple followed by big mineral crispness that evntually settles down into a clean and silky smooth finish with lingering lemon zest and hot toasty pepper. Mega yum offering from the Stolichnaya team. Serve from fridge to get the very best from it.
Picture of Stolichnaya Gold , 70cl

Stolichnaya Gold , 70cl

Clean mineral and warm vanilla pie notes on the opening here. Soft bread dough and summer spices take over with a faint anise undercurrent. The finish here is clean and peppery with a zappy lemon finish and full bodied mouth feel.
Picture of Stolichnaya Hot Chile , 70cl

Stolichnaya Hot Chile , 70cl

Chalky pepper notes followed by cracked balck pepper and spicy heat. The kick is sharp due to the spice but mellows into a tahi spice finish with red pepper notes and white pepper blast on the end.
Picture of Stolichnaya Orange , 70cl

Stolichnaya Orange , 70cl

Sweet, bright orange notes are mellowed mid palette by lemon zest and sharp marmalade. The kick is reasonably smooth and a little butter. The finish is a mouthful of bright juicy orange with a faint note of pineapple.
Picture of Stolichnaya Raspberry Razberi , 70cl

Stolichnaya Raspberry Razberi , 70cl

Sweet layers of tart raspberry move into chalky yet sweet notes of rasberry lemonade. The kick is tart and zingy and is rescued by a big raspberry and blueberry finish. Mouth is semi-full.
Picture of Stolichnaya Red , 70cl

Stolichnaya Red , 70cl

Classic Russian style of vodka. Lemon follows peppr, followers faint grain notes. The finish is medium bodied and has white pepper and lemon rind tang. Great stuff that never lets you down. Serve from freezer for best results.

Picture of Stolichnaya Salted Karamel , 70cl

Stolichnaya Salted Karamel , 70cl

Melted caramel and peanuts upon entry followed by waves of sweet chocolate. Caramel takes over mid palette and moves into peanut brittle and palm sugar notes. The kick is super smooth and the finish is a mixture of snickers and hard candy with a faint lick of rock salt. Yum stuff!
Picture of Stolichnaya Vanilla , 70cl

Stolichnaya Vanilla , 70cl

Baked vanilla and lemon cake gives way to sweet waves of lemonade and cornish ice cream. A lemon undertone remains a constant and saves it from being overly sweet. The kick is pretty silky and the finish is full of cloudy lemonade and crème anglaise. Yum!
Picture of Three Sixty Vodka  , 70cl

Three Sixty Vodka , 70cl

Three Sixty Vodka is made in Germany using a base of wheat, which is four-times distilled, and then treated to a very decadent diamond-dust filtration before being bottled. Tasting Note... Subtly minty freshness, with a touch of crisp peppery warmth.
Picture of Thunder Toffee , 70cl

Thunder Toffee , 70cl

Mega toffee hit slaps you round the face at first followed by warm fudge and toffe apple notes. The kick is faint but the boost of chewy toffee is full on. Quality street type mouth finish. Serve from fridge for best results. Begs for cold apple juice.
Picture of Titos Texas Vodka , 70cl

Titos Texas Vodka , 70cl

Tito's Texas Vodka is a popular Vodka available from Asda Groceries in 70cl to buy online. Visit Asda Groceries for the best price for 70cl of Tito's Handmade Vodka or compare prices on our other Vodka products. Created by Tito Beveridge, a geologist from Texas with a background in oil drilling and the mortgage business, this characterful vodka is made from 100% corn and is therefore naturally gluten-free. Produced in Austin at Texas first and oldest legal distillery, it is micro-distilled by batch 6 times in an old fashioned pot still, a much more complicated and difficult technique to the usual modern column stills.
Picture of Tom of Finland  Vodka , 50cl

Tom of Finland Vodka , 50cl

TOM OF FINLAND VODKA is artistically crafted in Finland from the finest wheat, rye and the purest arctic water. It is 100% organic and contains no sugar. The taste is superbly smooth with a pleasurable tingle at the finish. Enjoy it neat or as part of your favourite cocktail. BE PROUD, BE HAPPY AND HAVE FUN WITH TOM
£29.95 £27.95
Picture of Uluvka Vodka  , 70cl

Uluvka Vodka , 70cl

Cracking cream and lemon zest notes move into freshly baked bread rolls and lemon barley. Pepper takes over for a short time until the grains shine through and lead off into a burnt lemon and orange peel finish with a hot pepper flush at the end that soon after leaves a lovely lemon cream taste in the mouth. Ultra good stuff with a quirky bottle. serve from the freezer for the best result.
Picture of Vita Citric Spirit , 70cl

Vita Citric Spirit , 70cl

Vita is a brand new, triple distilled vodka crafted from premium Italian rye and natural lemon peel from the Mediterranean Coast. Designed to be blended entirely with water and ice, Vita is one of the finest guilt-free sippers on the market. Expect plenty of fresh and tangy citrus flavour, but at just a fraction of the calories of a normal vodka and mixer! Serve with plenty of ice, water, or soda for a refreshingly guilt-free long drink.
Picture of Wodka Bialystok , 70cl * Silly  offer  price

Wodka Bialystok , 70cl * Silly offer price

Clean Polish vodka that holds its own. Bread and butter with dried apple and lemon zest on entry. Crushed grains then take over with deep spicy overtones. The mouthfeel is medium bodied and the finish is both flinty and pepper driven. This is really very good for the price and remains a favourite of the Polish, who seem to drink cauldrons of it every weekend.
£19.95 £11.99
Picture of Wry English Vodka , 70cl

Wry English Vodka , 70cl

Silent Pool Gin has made a vodka, Wry Vodka. Made in Surrey Wry Vodka is made using malted rye, and is filtered through charcoal made from locally-sourced Ash hardwood. A great for cocktails, and should go well with your favourite mixer too.
Picture of Wyborowa, 70cl

Wyborowa, 70cl

Clean Polish vodka that holds its own. Bread and butter with dried apple and lemon zest on entry. Crushed grains then take over with deep spicy overtones. The mouthfeel is medium bodied and the finish is both flinty and pepper driven. This is really very good for the price and remaons a favourite of the Polish, who seem to drink cauldrons of it every weekend.
Picture of Zubrowka , 70cl

Zubrowka , 70cl

Excellent and original grass and herb driven vodka. Opens up with freshly mowed grass and green apple notes. These move through into deep yet balanced and complexed herbal notes followed by waves of hay and green apple. The finish is grassy, clean and almost refreshing with a soft lime and herb bite that fades into apples. Best served from the fridge and tastes fantastic with freshly pressed apple juice.
Picture of Babicka Wormwood, 70cl

Babicka Wormwood, 70cl

Strange absinthe flavoured vodka! Sharp anise and bitter lemon rind notes come through on the entrance followed by rooty herbaceous flavours with a long abnsinthe style finish. The kick is firm and the wormwood almost overstays its welcome. If you are a fan of anise and wormwood you'll love this curious number. best served from the fridge to tighten it up a bit.
Picture of JJ Whitley  Rhubarb Vodka , 70cl

JJ Whitley Rhubarb Vodka , 70cl

Picture of Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka , 70cl

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka , 70cl

The Whitley Neill range has branched out from gin and is explore new lands with their first flavoured vodka! While their gin took inspiration from Africa, their Blood Orange Vodka draws its inspiration from Sicily.
Picture of Debowa Plum , Sliva Vodka , 70cl

Debowa Plum , Sliva Vodka , 70cl

A nice little plum flavoured vodka here from top Polish producer Debowa. It's made using exclusively Polish ingredients.
Picture of Krupnik Plain Vodka , 70cl

Krupnik Plain Vodka , 70cl

A classically styled Polish vodka from the Krupnik range, which you may be more familiar with from the well-loved Old Krupnik Honey Liqueur.
Picture of Fisk Classic , 70cl

Fisk Classic , 70cl

A favourite in Denmark, FISK is made with a mixture of quality vodka, eucalyptus, menthol and liquorice. Refreshing and bracing when served ice cold. We're not 100% certain that the wistful fisherman on the label is the eponymous Fisk, but we like to believe he is.
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Picture of Two Birds Vodka , 20cl

Two Birds Vodka , 20cl

Distilled in Herefordshire from barley and sugar beet creating a smooth and delicate finish.
Picture of Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka  , 70cl

Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka , 70cl

A beautiful light golden vodka; Zoladkowa Gorzka is infused with a magical blend of dried fruits , herbs and spices making it a Polish favourite. First tasting instore realised sales of 33 bottles in 4 hours...amazing !...Even if it is unpronouncable !
Picture of Pincer Vodka , 70cl ***LAST TWO FOREVER***

Pincer Vodka , 70cl ***LAST TWO FOREVER***

Pincer Vodka may just nip you in the throat like your average pincer but its flavours are much more enjoyable than painful. Flavoured with a delicate combination of extracts of milk thistle and wild elderflower this is a flavour which is truly indicative of its home country, Scotland. Its aroma is rich in exotic fruit and floral notes and this leads into a syrupy depth on the palate, the flavour almost aggressively herbaceous but stopping just before it gets too much. Apple juice comes through strongly alongside the elderflower and is ultimately a satisfying flavour. Enjoy over ice.
Picture of Krupnik Plum Vodka , 50cl

Krupnik Plum Vodka , 50cl

Plum Vodka from Poland.
Picture of Stryyk Not Vodka , 70cl alcohol free

Stryyk Not Vodka , 70cl alcohol free

STRYYK NOT VODKA A delicious zero proof alternative to traditional vodka, made from a combination of Menthol, Mint, Coriander and Cucumber Distillates and botanicals
Picture of Douglas Fir Vodka , 50cl

Douglas Fir Vodka , 50cl

The first of the Limited Editions from the distillery at Hepple. Made with the needles of the Douglas Fir tree, a giant of the Hepple Woodlands. The unexpected explosion of refreshing pine, sweet ripe melon and tropical fruit, with undertones of grapefruit zest creates a fascinating new addition to cocktails and, as in our signature serve, a wonderful alternative to gin when combined with Indian tonic, ice and a melon garnish.
Picture of Krupnik Hazelnut Vodka , 50cl

Krupnik Hazelnut Vodka , 50cl

Hazelnut Vodka from Poland. * This product contains nuts .

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