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Due to its versatility Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and is enjoyed neat, with mixers or as the key ingredient in popular cocktails including Bloody Marys, Martinis and Black Russians. It’s primarily composed of water and ethanol although it can have traces of impurities and flavourings. Traditionally Vodka is made from fermented grains such as wheat and rye although it can be produced from potato, barley, grapes, rice and corn. Vodka is traditionally distilled in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden but more recently big brands such as Grey Goose are being distilled in the west.

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Picture of Two Birds Vodka , 20cl

Two Birds Vodka , 20cl

Distilled in Herefordshire from barley and sugar beet creating a smooth and delicate finish.
Picture of Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka  , 70cl

Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka , 70cl

A beautiful light golden vodka; Zoladkowa Gorzka is infused with a magical blend of dried fruits , herbs and spices making it a Polish favourite. First tasting instore realised sales of 33 bottles in 4 hours...amazing !...Even if it is unpronouncable !
Picture of Pincer Vodka , 70cl

Pincer Vodka , 70cl

Pincer Vodka may just nip you in the throat like your average pincer but its flavours are much more enjoyable than painful. Flavoured with a delicate combination of extracts of milk thistle and wild elderflower this is a flavour which is truly indicative of its home country, Scotland. Its aroma is rich in exotic fruit and floral notes and this leads into a syrupy depth on the palate, the flavour almost aggressively herbaceous but stopping just before it gets too much. Apple juice comes through strongly alongside the elderflower and is ultimately a satisfying flavour. Enjoy over ice.
Picture of Krupnik Plum Vodka , 50cl

Krupnik Plum Vodka , 50cl

Plum Vodka from Poland.
Picture of Krupnik Quince Vodka , 50cl

Krupnik Quince Vodka , 50cl

Quince Vodka from Poland.
Picture of Krupnik Wisniowy Cherry Vodka , 50cl

Krupnik Wisniowy Cherry Vodka , 50cl

Cherry Vodka from Poland.
Picture of Koskenkova Minttu , 50cl

Koskenkova Minttu , 50cl

Minty Minttu liqueur from Finnish distillers Koskenkorva, who are well known for their 013 Vodka and its many flavours. Minttu is an intense liqueur, with a mountain of mint flavours behind it. You can enjoy it neat, but they also recommend trying it in a hot chocolate if you fancy a delicious, warming drink.
Picture of Koskenkova Salmiakki , 50cl

Koskenkova Salmiakki , 50cl

Finland's Koskenkorva has come up with this liqueur based on their award-winning vodka and that peculiarly Scandinavian commodity: salt-liquorice. We know, we know - it sounds awful, but our fair-haired friends absolutely adore it.
Picture of Debowa Walnut , Orzech Vodka , 70cl

Debowa Walnut , Orzech Vodka , 70cl

Debowa's Polish vodkas are usually made with oak, but this addition to the range is all about delicious walnut!
Picture of Chase Naked Apple Vodka , 70cl * offer

Chase Naked Apple Vodka , 70cl * offer

Naked Chase Vodka is made from our homegrown English cider apples. Distilled six times and requiring no filtering, it’s the purest spirit we make. Perfect for vodka connoisseurs looking for something different. Nose: Fresh apple notes. Very subtle soft, warm, aroma. Palate: Stewed apple with notes of brown sugar. Finish: Hints of caramelised sugar and apple pie.
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Picture of Pornstar Cocktail , 70cl

Pornstar Cocktail , 70cl

A delicious ready-to-serve version of one of the world's best loved cocktails, the Pornstar Martini. This classic blend of vanilla vodka and passion fruit has been lovingly crafted by the creator of the original cocktail, Douglas Ankrah. Enjoy chilled on its own, on the rocks, or add to Prosecco or Champagne to create a Pornstar Spritz.

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