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King Of Soho Gin, 70cl

What could be more fitting for Gerry’s than Spirit of Soho gin? A local classic which lives up to its name and offers a quality London Dry gin offering. Premium in quality and produced a tribute to the King of Soho, traditional methods are used at every stage of production to deliver a juniper and coriander heavy gin which is just made for a cheeky gin sling or a classic G&T with lemon.

King Of Soho Variorum Pink Gin, 70cl

Lovingly crafted in the heart of London, our Variorum Gin is a pink berry edition of the original King of Soho London Dry Gin. Notes of strawberry complement the classic juniper and citrus flavours of the original recipe; a bespoke libation distilled with twelve botanicals using traditional methods. Variorum Gin, a smooth and colourful elixir: fresh strawberry and floral chamomile lead on a wave of soft juniper with a suggestion of citrus. The off-sweet palate has fruit bursting at the front before a gentle vanilla spice emerges giving a luxurious creamy feel. Strawberries and cream give way to a subtle floral tone on the finish with a pronounced tang of grapefruit.

King Of Soho Vodka, 70cl

Premium quality vodka, distilled in small batches using copacetic English grain. Tasting Notes Expertly distilled, it is crystal-clear as if polished to a shine; the spirit clings to the glass delivering a preview of the texture to come. Subtle and delicate, a distinctive undercurrent of toasted crumpet is enhanced with a touch of lemon zest and black pepper, accompanied by a faint hint of anise. Surprisingly rich & buttery in the mouth with a gentle delivery, the spirit lives up to its aromatic promise and adds an element of creaminess and some freshly cut apple to the offering. The initial sweetness gives way to a pleasant dry and light finish making it equally suited as a base for Martini-style cocktails, as well as for enjoying with a mixer or over ice.