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Smith & Cross Gold Rum, 70cl

One of the rare 100% pot still rums out there, Smith & Cross is a Jamaican favourite which allows tropical fruity flavours to define its character. A hit of pineapple is your first hint at the flavours within and the nose develops with further spicier notes of clove, pepper and intriguing hot chilli. On tasting you’ll enjoy a warm, buttery opening which bursts into a fiery chilli-based heat, peppered with cinnamon and clove. This heat is tempered by balancing vanilla and muscovado sugar notes, bringing Smith & Cross to a mellower end note.

Tilambic Rhum 151, 70cl

A very high-strength overproof pot-distilled molasses rum from Mauritius, Tilambic is aged for up to seven years. The 151 represents the strength in US proof, which means that this rum is 75.5% abv and as such should be used extremely carefully and not ingested neat.