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Tosolini Espresso, 70cl

From the very highly-regarded Italian master distillers Tosolini comes this rather fabulous espresso coffee liqueur, made with traditionally-toasted Arabica coffee beans. This is superb stuff.

Tosolini Fragola, 70cl

A liqueur from Tosolini made with Fragoline di Bosco - wild strawberries. These are small strawberries with an intense flavour and there are still quite a few floating around in the bottle.

Figs & Cherries Gibson Casoni, 50cl

A collaboration between Italian producer Casoni and bartender Marion Beke of the Gibson bar in London, Figs and Cherries is a savoury liqueur with a subtle sweetness. Made with locally sourced figs and cherries, as well as balsamic vinegar of Modena, it is inspired by the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.

Bouvery Chocolate Vodka Liqueur, 350ml

The proof is in the pudding! Words fall short in describing the velvety viscosity and rich chocolate flavor of this spectacular spirit. While technically sold as a “Chocolate Vodka,” Bouvery is more akin to an adult version of chocolate syrup. The potential for cocktail and dessert creations is endless.

Discarded Banana Peel Rum Liqueur, 70cl

The rum base is an aged Caribbean rum previously used to season empty whisky casks for final maturation. An extract of Banana Peel is infused into the rum to impart a fruity forward note to the spicy, sweet toffee profile of the Rum. It’s like liquid Banana Bread. Best served neat over ice, shaken in a Daiquiri or mixed long with Ginger Ale.

Saltkis Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur, 70cl

Salted caramel shot made from caramel and sea salt. Ingredients : Vanilla, caramel, sea ​​salt Nose: Caramel Taste: Sweet, slightly salty, toffee aromatic

Briottet Creme de Menthe Blanc, 70cl

Prepared from a base of finely sweetened essential essence of mint. Briottet Creme de Menthe Blanche is pure, fresh and well-balanced. It is best served with ice, diluted with fizzy drinks and it goes well with chocolate or raspberry desserts. It can also be used in various cocktails.

Licor 35 Pastel de Nata , 70cl

A sweet, intense and enveloping flavour. A cream that is born from the fusion of the popular liquor with the traditional taste of a custard style cream cake. The perfect accompaniment with sublime desserts for the most demanding palate. IN GIFTBOX.

The Only Way Is , Chocolate & Orange Rum Liqueur , 70cl

27.5% ABV/ 70cl An Indulgent Delight. Velvet meets silky, dark chocolate and zesty orange freshness in our rich premium rum. Exceptional on its own or over ice. This really is the perfect after dinner sipping drink. We recommend not to mix this rum liqueur, but to enjoy it's flavour to the full. At your next party, serve it as shots, straight from the fridge!
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