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Embargo Anejo Blanco, 70cl

Round and supple with an interesting complexity. Notes of nuts and dried fruits, tied in a discreet sweetness. Serving suggestions: For cocktails and long drinks.

Empire Vodka Poland, 70cl

Empire Vodka is made in Poland using a combination of wheat and gold rye, along with water extracted from Polish mountains. The folks behind it distil the vodka 7 times and carbon filter the resulting spirit to achieve the desired flavour profile.

Enemigo Anejo Cristalino Tequila Anejo, 70cl

Cristalino is a relatively new innovation in Tequila. Effectively it's similar in method to aged white rum, where aged spirit is filtered to remove the colour. Aged for a year in American oak, this añejo is rich in flavours of vanilla and coconut. .
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Equiano Afro Caribbean Rum, 70cl

Triple award winning premium aged rum that is the world’s first African and Caribbean blend. Equiano is a blend of 11 year aged ex-cognac cask rum from Gray's distillery in Mauritius, married with 8 year aged ex-bourbon cask rum from Foursquare in Barbados. Named after Olaudah Equiano, an entrepreneur and freedom fighter whose autobiography shaped history. The Equiano rum co are donating 5% of company profits to ground level equality projects annually. With no added sugar, no colorants, and no spice, expect flavours that come only from the barrel, with rich notes of dried fruits, natural sweet notes with a medium finish.

Eristoff, 70cl

Georgias finest vodka. Sweet lemon and floral mouthfeel with a grunty pepper finish.Good value for money to be honest.

Espolon Reposado 100% Agave, 70cl


Fair Quinoa Vodka, 70cl

Super clean and tasty Quinoa vodka. Clean bright lemon and almost a littlet fruit on the palette. Very smooth all the way through. The finish is a lemon and soft spice affair. Very very well made vodka and very very fairly priced Vegan friendly too. Big thumbs up.

Fair. Rhum Belize Agricole, 70cl

5 year old rum made exclusively using Fair Trade certified sugar cane from Belize and matured in Kentucky bourbon barrels before being shipped out to France to be bottled. Made by FAIR., whom created the world's first line of premium Fair Trade spirits and known for their FAIR. Vodka and liqueurs.

Fallen Angel Vodka Head, 5cl

Fallen Angel is a revolutionary concept in British vodka and bottle design with it's drastic eye catching unique design moulded in to the shape of Lucifer himself and filled ironically with purest spirit. It is definitely a one of a kind bottle.

Fallen Angel Vodka Head, 70cl

Fallen Angel is a revolutionary concept in British vodka and bottle design with it's drastic eye catching unique design moulded in to the shape of Lucifer himself and filled ironically with purest spirit. It is definitely a one off a kind of bottle.

Filibuster Single Estate Bourbon Whiskey 56.55%

AGED: Age Varies Every Batch MASHBILL: CORN | RYE | BARLEY WAREHOUSE: 25000 SQ Concrete Barrel: Airdried White American Oak BARRELED: 113.1 Proof Tasting notes NOSE: A deep, satisfying nose of nutmeg baking spiced brown butter PALATE: Juicy stone fruits and toffee candy Finish: A medium finish composed of returning sweetness and nutmeg flavours. distillery.
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Finlandia Cranberry, 70cl

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka has a crisp, natural taste of cranberry. A natural, pure taste of berries and a very smooth vodka.

Finlandia Grapefruit, 70cl

Sharp White grapefruit is prominent followed by a wash of sweetened pink grapefruit. Lemon and lime zest appear mid appear just before a sweet grapefruit kick that is smooth and long. Impressive follow up of pink grapefruit and morello cherry with a big citrus burst to finish. Cracking stuff. Serve from freezer. Amazing value for money.

Finlandia Lime, 70cl

Penny chews flavoured with lime and Mr Freeze lime ice poles come in first with a peppery undertone. Chalky, bitter lemon zest follows. The kick is sharp and tangy but turns into sweet, chalky lime notes that linger. Screams out for a mixer. Serve from freezer.


Finlandia Mango, 70cl

Fat baked mango cake on the entry followed by sweet mango and caramel flavours. Waves of soft lemon move into a sweet Rubicon mango ice pole moment. The kick is fast and furious and leaves you with a sweet mango and papaya finish dashed with a pinch of pepper. Good flavours here. Best served from fridge. Perfect for myriad cocktails.

Finlandia Vodka, 70cl

Finlands finest tipple using Finlands finest water source. Clean, bright barley notes with a faint stone fruit undercurrent. Smooth fruit and pepper finish. Impressive stuff for the price.

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, 70cl

If you’re feeling hot and want to test the fire in your belly then this is a drink for you. Fireball whisky liqueur is made from Canadian whiskies and natural cinnamon. The two combined provide a white hot heat which is rich in sweet cinnamon, red hot sugary flavours which are enjoyable as well as responsible for the burn that hits the back of your throat. A popular shooter but also a guaranteed way to add pep to cocktail.


Flamber Kirsch de Cuisine (cherry), 70cl

This is a French cherry brandy, Kirsch de Cuisine is intended for use in cooking , and is distilled from sour cherries.
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Flor de Cana 12yr Centenario, 70cl

A very special golden rum from one of Central America's most celebrated producers, Flor de Cana from Nicaragua. These rums keep getting better and better.

Flor de Cana 7yr Grand Reserve, 70cl

One of the younger Flor de Caña offerings, this 7 year old rum is perfectly primed for mixing into all your favourite rum cocktails. Whether there’s a dark’n’stormy on the cards or you simply want the perfect complement to a fizzy Coke, Flor de Caña 7 Years will do the job. Prominent hazelnut and almond lead the flavour of this rum, with vanilla rounding it all off smoothly. Coffee and bitter chocolate notes are hinted at but remain in the background alongside light spiciness. 


Fortaleza Blanco, 70cl

Fortaleza Blanco is made by the fifth generation of the Sauza family. Made using traditional methods, this is exceptional with notes of black pepper, earth and butter.

Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch, 70cl

Four Roses is an exclusive small batch bourbon that offer a distinct and sweet flavour with strong notes of molasses and cinnamon. Honey hues release honey fudge and nougat notes followed closely by cedar wood and pipe tobacco. The flavour is similarly sweet, with the honey notes married closely with cinnamon and the cedar wood gaining a smoked quality. The final notes that linger are of lightly toasted nuts with the rye content of the bourbon coming to the forefront.

Four Roses Single Barrel, 70cl

Four Roses Single Barrel takes all the qualities of their exceptional bourbon and intensifies them further. Using ten different mash bills and yeast combinations, Four Roses Single Barrel is 11 years old and has an aroma which is rich with sweetcorn, vanilla, brown sugar and maple syrup. Spicier notes of black pepper and cinnamon come through and on tasting you’ll enjoy the toasted oak flavours dry with tannins and even hints of natural mint leaves. In every sip you can taste the quality and care that went into its production.

Four Roses Yellow Label , 1L

Four Roses Yellow Label is one of the most popular offerings from the Four Roses collection and is considered a bar essential for many cocktail maestros. Sophisticated and smooth hints of pear and apple come through alongside floral aromas and a flavour which is deep in honey and spice. Its soft finish is simply begging to be mixed in with other flavours to create cocktails of real class and refinement.


Foursquare Doorlys XO, 70cl

Recognisable from the Blue Hyacinth Macaw on its bottle, Doorly’s fine Old Barbados Rum is an extra special creation. Doorly’s XO is a sweet concoction of heady aromas and enticing flavours including notes of Oloroso Sherry thanks to the casks the spirit is matured in. Oak spices are prevalent in the flavour and support the sweet vanilla and marzipan notes which deliver a tart spiciness which is enjoyable again and again. A lingering and enjoyable smokiness on the palate is again thanks to the oak maturation process.

Foursquare Spiced Rum, 70cl

A delicious, high-quality spiced rum from Richard Seale's Foursquare distillery on Barbados, home of Doorly's.

Fundador Spanish, 70cl

With the esteemed history that it was the first brandy sold as a Brandy de Jerez, Fundador is a classic Spanish brandy which has been pleasing palates since the 19th century. Sherry-oaked barrels give each bottle its distinct flavour and add a warmth to its hues. Rich in spices with brandy butter notes, Fundador evokes memories of Christmas pudding and finishes on a sweet apricot note. Highly memorable and a wonderful after dinner drink, enjoy it with ice.
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Futyulos Barack Palinka Apricot , 50cl

Futyulos Apricot Palinka , 50cl Distilled and bottled in Hungary .

Futyulos Cherry & Honey Palinka , 50cl

Futyulos Sour Cherry & HoneyPalinka , 50cl Distilled and bottled in Hungary .

Futyulos Malna Raspberry & Honey Palinka , 50cl

Futyulos Sour Cherry & HoneyPalinka , 50cl Distilled and bottled in Hungary .

Futyulos Mezes Bodza Elderflower Honey Palinka , 50cl

Futyulos Elderflower Honey Palinka , 50cl Distilled and bottled in Hungary .

Gentleman Jack, 70cl

Gentleman Jack is a whisky of real refinement, charcoal-mellowed twice before its ageing process begins. In its recognisable monogrammed bottle and the granddaddy of all Jack Daniel offerings, any fan of the Daniel’s family simply has to add the Gentleman to their collection. Surprisingly sweet and enjoyable mellow, vanilla and brown sugar take centre stage with just a touch of charcoal. Short and sweet in its finish, a truly refined classic from the Daniel family.

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