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Lot 40 Rye, 70cl

Another small-batch blend of fine rye whiskies distilled in a small copper pot still, this is a characterful, robust, smoky whisky with a pleasingly sweet palate.

Macallan 12yr Triple Cask , 70cl

Introduced in mid-2018, the Triple Cask range takes the place of Fine Oak in the Macallan stable. This expression is made exclusively with whisky aged for at least 15 years in a combination of European sherry seasoned casks, American sherry seasoned casks and American ex-bourbon casks.

Macallan 18 yr Triple Cask, 70cl * one per customer

This 18 year old Macallan single malt sits at the peak of the Triple Cask range (which replaced the Fine Oak range in mid-2018). With maturation taking place in a combination of European sherry seasoned casks, American sherry seasoned casks and American ex-bourbon casks, this expression boasts bountiful notes of vanilla, dried fruit and woody spice.
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Macallan Gold Double Cask , 70cl

Macallan Gold was first introduced in 2012 as part of the distillery's 1824 range of non-age statement expressions, before being renamed Macallan Gold Double Cask in 2018 as part of the new core range. Matured in a combination of first fill and refill American oak and European oak sherry casks to create an incredibly smooth and rich single malt. Soft gold in colour, this is the lightest expression of the Macallan range, but still packed with typical Speyside Macallan flavours. A lemon citrus nose, with zesty orange peel and oaky vanilla notes. The palate reveals a light sweet flavour, more citrus, apples and ginger spices, but in no way overpowering. Overall a slightly sweet and malty whisky, easy going and fresh.

Macallan 12 yr Sherry Oak , 70cl

Deliciously smooth, with rich dried fruits and sherry, balanced with woodsmoke and spice. Described by F Paul Pacult, the renowned international whisky writer, in his book Kindred Spirits as 'simply the best 12 Year Old single malt around'.

Macallan 12 yr Triple Cask , 70cl

Formerly known as Fine Oak, Triple Cask is part of the 2018 relaunch of the Macallan range. This has been aged for a total of 12 years in a combination of sherry and bourbon casks.

Macallan 18yr Sherry Oak Cask , 70cl * one per customer

2020 Edition... Colour Light mahogany ABV 43% Nose Dried fruits and ginger, with a hint of citrus, vanilla and cinnamon Palate Rich dried fruits with spice, clove, orange and wood smoke Finish Full and lingering with dried fruits and sweet toffee, ginger and a hint of wood smoke
£329.00 £299.00

Macallan 25yr Sherry Cask , 70cl * one per customer


One of the world’s most revered whiskies and one which if you can taste it, you simply must! Macallan’s exceptional 25 year old malt is the epitome of Speyside, winning awards and lifelong fans alike. The nose is rich in orange and pear, with sweet spices and just the slightest touch of smoke. It’s effect on the palate is textbook, malty apricots, prunes and figs are paired with cinnamon and sweet nutmeg. All bound together with a burst of honey, firmly planting this malt at the heart of the Speyside scene.


Macallan Rare Cask 2020 Release, 70cl *one per customer

2020 RELEASE Macallan Rare Cask is comprised of 16 different sherry-cask styles, the majority of which are first fill. Rich and complex with notes of dark honey and dried fruit, this bridges the gap between The 1824 Series and The 1824 Collection.

Makers Mark 46 US EDITION, 70cl

The first line extension to the Maker's Mark range since the '50s, Maker's 46 is essentially the standard expression with added spice. This was not intended to compete with the core expression, instead it's a cousin to it, something different for those that like spicy bourbon. They add this extra dimension by inserting seared French oak staves into the barrels (with the stave profile "number 46" - thus the name). It's utterly stunning.

Makers Mark, 70cl

Maker’s Mark’s claim to fame is that they distill their bourbon to the lowest proof in the whole of the US. They believe their distillation process ensures their bourbon’s rich, powerful flavour and the addition of red winter wheat adds a necessary smoothness. Fruity and rich on the nose you can enjoy the heat of spiced honey and the zest of mixed peels. Rye, spice and barley malt come through alongside butterscotch and vanilla, rounded the drink off perfectly.

Mellow Corn 50% abv, 70cl

Jim Murray describes this as oily with a sweet and spicy flavour. Mellow Corn is distilled at the Heaven Hill distillery.

Midleton Very Rare 2019 Edition, 70cl

The latest addition to the Midleton Very Rare collection, the Midleton Very Rare 2019. A highly sought after Irish Whiskey that has been matured in lightly charred ex-Bourbon American oak barrels between 13-34 years. Notes of vanilla, orchard fruits in particular sweet pears and pot still spice.
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Minor case Rye, 70cl * offer

MINOR CASE STRAIGHT RYE WHISKY is “what might have been” in a bottle; In 1871, M.C. Beam began his distilling career under the supervision of his Uncle Jack Beam. By 1883, he was a partner at his own operation, where he brought his son Guy — Steve and Paul Beam’s grandfather — into the business, reawakening the stills that were silenced by Prohibition. Minor Case is an ode to what master distiller M.C. Beam’s rye whiskey would have tasted like had he not been stifled by Prohibition, aged in cream sherry casks for an unforgettable flavor. Nose: Earthy notes and sweet sherry Palate: Hint of sweet butterscotch Finish: Smooth, with hints of dried fruits--- Nose: Mince pie and stem ginger. Touches of dusty oak and honey'd cereal. Palate: A core of clove and soda bread, surrounded by cinnamon, cedar and blueberry muffin notes. Finish: Cacao, raspberry and cinnamon.
£58.50 £53.95
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Nikka 12 Year old, 70 cl

A well-balanced blend from Nikka's two distilleries; Yoichi and Mikagiyko, and winner of the Best Japanese Blended Whisky 12 Years and Under in 2015's World Whiskies Awards. Tasting Notes Nose Nice and spicy! Sweet toffee and vanilla, along with cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of black pepper. Some tropical fruit in there, too. Palate Much fruitier on the palate, with notes of green apple and pear, with richness in the form of spicy fruit cake and some toffee sweetness from the cask. Sweet spice adds a further dimension. Finish The clean fruit makes for a refreshing finish, well supported by the soft, sweet spice. Comment Another top-notch whisky from Nikka. The fruit brings purity and freshness, while the spice and oak add solid depth of flavour.

Nikka Black, 50cl

The Yin of Japanese whisky, Nikka Black is a wonderful example of how exceptional Japanese whisky can be. An award winner that Jim Murray has highlighted as one of the best, this is one offering you truly want to taste. Fresh and clean on the nose, smokiness is kept to a minimum with intense notes of peat and vanilla coming through. Touches of toffee and coffee blend with light oak to create a shining example of what Japan can do.

Nikka From the Barrel, 50cl

Nikka From The Barrel is an exceptional Japenese whisky which truly packs a punch. Power is truly the name of the game with Nikka From The Barrel. A balanced nose introduces floral flavours, fresh fruit, spice and also oak leading into a full-bodied punchy flavour on the palate. Winter spice, toffee and vanilla come alongside the bright fruity notes, creating a flavour which is welcoming, enticing and almost demands you take just one more sip.

Nikka single malt yoichi, 70 cl

The northern island of Hokkaido is where Taketsuru came across the ideal site for the construction of Yoichi, a distillery built in the purest Scottish tradition. For his first distillery, Masataka Taketsuru sought similar conditions to Scotland, where he had himself learned everything about the process of whisky making. A no-age-statement bottling that offers a distinctly fruit-forward expression, while retaining the salty coastal influence of the distillery. A single malt which balances pleasure and personality, it can be enjoyed just as well before or after a meal.

Nomad Outland, 70cl * offer

After a year of tests, ageing the Whisky in barrels that had previously held Fino, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherries, to find the perfect blend, master blenders chose those whiskies that had been aged in Pedro Ximenez barrels, in Jerez, which produced a wonderfully smooth and rounded whisky that stood out from the rest. Many whiskies are aged in sherry casks in Scotland but Nomad is the only whisky in the world to age in the Gonzalez Byass cellars in Jerez, coming into contact with the wild yeasts and flors that imbue the bodegas, and their contents, with the unique characteristics that make this whisky so special. A unique formulation with over 30 different single malt and grain whiskies, blended in the Highlands of Scotland, using whiskies sourced principally from Speyside. This original blend is made up from whiskies of between 5 and 8 years old which are left to mature in sherry butts in Scotland for 3 years, altogether, before being transferred to Jerez to be aged in the San Fernando cellars of Gonzalez Byass for a minimum of 12 months.
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Oban Single Malt 14yr, 70cl

A West Highland malt of real esteem, this 14 year old Oban is traditional in its flavour but this isn’t something to overlook. Rich and smoky on the nose, this Oban has a medicinal flavour about it, with notes of the sea, coast and seaweed all coming through together. Smooth sweetness is offered up by citrus-infused vanilla but it’s the medicinal notes which truly make this a memorable dram.


Old Pulteney 12yr, 70cl

Twelve years maturing in ex-bourbon casks delivers the award-winning flavour of Old Pulteney malt. A crisp, refreshing and clean nose wonderfully balances herbs and cereals, with hints of almond and fresh parsley. On the palate you’ll enjoy a harmonious combination of sultana, toffee, spices an oak, a medium-bodied creation which you won’t grow tired of. Every spicy note is partnered with something sweet and the balance of this dram is something you’ll remember.
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Parkers Heritage 8 yr Rye , 70cl * limited offer

The 13th release in the Parker's Heritage series, and the first rye from the range. For this expression, the 8 year old rye whiskey has been matured in level 5 char barrels. These casks are charred for a massive 90 seconds, compared to just 40 seconds for a level 3 char barrel (the standard used at Heaven Hill).
£275.00 £247.50

Penderyn Madeira Finish, 5cl

Penderyn Single Malt is the epitome of the Welsh distillery’s malt collection. Matured classically in bourbon barrels before an unusual finish in Madeira wine casks. As you’d guess this move adds fruity, creamy depth to the flavour. The aroma is rich in herbal notes with sweet vanilla, sultanas and resin. This leads to syrupy thick palate with sweet spices, biscuit notes and vegetal hints in perfect union. Hot ginger spice comes through in the finish.

Penderyn Madeira Finish, 70cl

Penderyn Single Malt is the epitome of the Welsh distillery’s malt collection. Matured classically in bourbon barrels before an unusual finish in Madeira wine casks. As you’d guess this move adds fruity, creamy depth to the flavour. The aroma is rich in herbal notes with sweet vanilla, sultanas and resin. This leads to syrupy thick palate with sweet spices, biscuit notes and vegetal hints in perfect union. Hot ginger spice comes through in the finish.

Platte Valley Corn, 70cl

Packaged in a traditional earthenware jug, this is a 100% straight corn whiskey distilled in Illinois and aged for three years.
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Port Charlotte Barley Heavily Peated , 70cl

Peated to a heavyweight 40ppm, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is a multi-vintage Cuvee crafted from casks hand-picked by head distiller Adam Hannett. This remarkable single malt, originally created by the legendary distiller Jim McEwan, represents a union between the classic floral elegance of Bruichladdich and heavy peat.

Powers Gold Distillers Cut , 70cl

The 2020 relaunch of the best-selling whiskey in the Republic of Ireland, Power's Gold Label has a spicy potstill character and is aged between 5 and 6 years in Bourbon casks.

Ritten House 50%, 75cl

Rittenhouse Rye Whisky 100 proof is a hot and spicy offering which spends six years maturing before bottling. Vibrant cinnamon, black pepper and spicy rye are all prevalent in the nose and they lead into a medium body in which the higher proof is immediately apparent on the tongue. Rich notes of tobacco, cinnamon, clove and brown sugar blend together to create a highly spiced offering with just a touch of sweetness. Sip it slowly.


Rowans Creek, 70cl

Rowan’s Creek is an exceptional small batch bourbon from the same people who produce Noah’s Mill. Smooth and rounded in flavour, Rowan’s Creek has been aged for 12 years and is simply waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Medium-bodied the flavour is rich with orchard fruits, a hint of lemon and sweet, succulent honey. There are floral notes in there and a velvety smoothness that’s pepped up by only a hint of spice. Satisfying and mellow.

Sazerac Rye, 70cl * offer

Sazerac Straight Rye Whisky takes its name from the New Orleans coffee house which was known as the home of the Sazerac cocktail. Without this exceptional whisky, the cocktail would be nowhere near as great. Aromas of vanilla, anise, pepper and clove are released but the flavour is subtler, with candied spice and sweet citrus taking over.

£48.95 £44.95

Scorpions Single Malt Whiskey , 70cl * offer

This is a single malt whisky that was made from a collaboration between German rock band Scorpions (you know – Rock You Like a Hurricane, Wind of Change etc.) and Swedish distillers Mackmyra. It was matured in German sweet cherry wine casks, which gives it an interesting point of difference while also honouring the band's heritage. So, do you think you're ready to 'Taste the Sting'...
£62.95 £54.95

Sexton N.Irish Single Malt, 70cl

The creation of master blender Alex Thomas, The Sexton Single Malt Irish whiskey is made from 100% Irish malted barley, triple distilled in copper pot stills. After, the liquid is aged in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks imparting a rich and fruity character. It comes in a rather eye-catching hexagonal bottle, too.

Whisky is a distilled spirit obtained from the fermented mash of grains including barley, rye, corn and wheat.  Unlike other spirits made from fermented grain, it is the unique maturation process in oak that sets it apart.

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