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Plantation Barbados 5yr, 70cl

A classic Barbadian rum, Plantation 5 Year Old benefits from ex-bourbon cask barrels and Cognac barrels used in its maturation process. The flavour this delivers is unlike any other rum and gives its nose an intense leathery profile with spicy cinnamon and aromatic coconut too. On tasting Plantation 5 is surprisingly sweet with clear notes of molasses and that leathery depth from the scent. Salted butter and allspice add a distinguishing finish and ensure the fire remains strong to the last drop.


Plantation Gerrys 12th Edition Rum 2012 Jamaica, 70cl

Plantation Gerrys 12th Edition Rum 2012 Jamaica, 70cl Aged for one year in Calvados cask
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Plantation OFTD overproof rum 69%, 70cl

Plantation O.F.T.D (Old Fashioned Traditional Dark) is a high-strength blend of rums from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica. Rich and warming with notes of spice, coffee, orange and clove, this is excellent in cocktails.

Plantation XO, 20th Anniversary, 70cl

Fabulous decanter style bottle of Plantation Extra Old rum from Barbados. The rums are initially aged in the Caribbean in ex-bourbon casks then transported to the Charente (home of Plantation's owner, Cognac producer Pierre Ferrand) and undergoing a second maturation in small French oak casks.

Pussers Gunpowder Overproof Rum 54.5% , 70cl

Pusser's 'Gunpowder Proof' Black Label (previously known as Blue Label) is a higher proof traditional British Naval rum, produced using the blending recipe from the Admiralty. Well loved, it picked up a Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge 2016.

Pussers Rum 40%, 70cl

The Pusser's Rum collection has had a bit of a revamp. While their Blue Label is still made with the exact same blend of rums - a recipe from the Admiralty - it is now bottled at 40% abv rather that 54.5% abv. The reasoning behind this, is it allows Pusser's to be distributed to Naval bases, where the maximum allowed strength is 40%. If you're looking for the original 54.5% version, then fear not! It has now been rebranded as Pusser's 'Gunpowder Proof' Black Label.
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Pyrat XO, 70cl

With a bottle design reminiscent of those kept by captains in the 19th century and an instruction from the makers not to even consider mixing it with anything but ice, Pyrat XO is a genuine premium rum. Combining rums aged for as many as fifteen years, Pyrat XO is sweet and viscous on the palate, offering comforting marmalade sweetness. The orange flavour is tempered by sweeter, sugary notes and a medicinal edge reminiscent of cough drops. A truly exceptional rum which should be sipped at leisure.

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RL Seales 10yr, 70cl

No, there hasn’t been an accident it’s supposed to look like that! The distinctive asymmetrical bottle that R.L. Seale’s Finest rum is delivered in is just one of its many great perks. Matured in ex-madeira and ex-brandy cases this rum is awash with welcomingly sweet flavours as well as spiced notes. Spicy cooking apples are surrounded by notes of freshly baked pastry, cinnamon and nutmeg leading into a long and satisfying end of toffee apple and oak.


Ron Barcelo Imperial , 70cl

Ron Barcelo Imperial is an aged gold rum that offers buttery aromas, an oaky palate and a long finish with hints of cedar wood and cigar leaves.

Ron Cubay Anejo , 70cl

Ron Cubay continues to bring its excellent source of Cuban rum to international consumers, after years of Cuban exclusivity, to bring this softer edition of its fine Añejo rum, aged for 7 years before being bottled.

Ron Larimar 5yr Malt Cask finish Rum, 70cl

Here we have a smoky addition to the Ron Larimar range of cask-finished rums! For this one, the Dominican rum has been finished in casks which previously held heavily peated Scotch single malt whisky, so there's some earthy, savoury smokiness among the sweeter notes from the rum itself. A tipple to bring together rum and whisky lovers alike!

Ron Millionario 10 yr Rum Peru, 70cl

Exuisite Peruvian rum from the Ron Millonario. It's not every day you get to taste rum all the way from Peru, do you?
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Ron Santiago de Cuba 11 yr , 70cl

Eleven years is ancient for rum, and we're dying to try this Santiago de Cuba Anejo Superior. An aged reserve from one of the best Cuban brands is always a good thing. p>

Ron Santiago de Cuba 8 yr , 70cl

Ron Santiago De Cuba Anejo 8 Year Old Rum 700Ml Ron Santiago de Cuba Aňejo 8 year old is aged in old oak barrels in Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of light rum. This rum has classic aroma of a Cuban rum, lighter in style than other rums, with aged notes. Excellently balanced, it is undeniably smooth and delicate with notes of honey, vanilla and cacao. Its flavour perfectly embodies the rum from the Oriente of Cuba (the south east of the island): smooth, fruity and rich. It has a unique aroma that stands out in blind tastings amongst other Cuban rums. Every bottle of Ron Santiago de Cuba is certified by the DOP (Denominación de Origen Protegida) meaning production, bottling and 100% of sugarcane is from Cuba. It also means the minimum age of any liquid found in the Aňejo is 8 years old with older blends included Nose: Notes of honey, vanilla, and cacao Palate: Exquisite notes of tropical fruit, honey, some coffee and cacao present. Finish: The aftertaste is undoubtedly smooth, a rum that has well-evolved in its barrel, that coats the tongue and leaves a taste of natural sweetness with subtle spicy notes. Pack size: 700ML

Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 12yr , 70cl

A bottle of Santiago de Cuba 12 Year Old Extra Anejo. The brand was originally developed to be paired with the finest Cuban cigars and has a richness with a woody kick

Ron Zacapa Centenario XO, 70cl

 A truly exceptional Guatamalan rum, Zacapa Centenario XO is a premium offering which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavour. Beautifully delicate, the flavour of Zacapa Centenario XO is matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks which together deliver a flavour which is exceptionally sweet and sugary, without being sickly. The softness on the palate of this mature rum is surprising and very welcome, with only a hint of smoke coming through in the finish.


Ron Zacapa Sistema 23 Solera, 70cl

An incredible rum – winner of a Platinum medal and ranked in First Place by the prestigious Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, with a whopping 97 points. Interestingly, now that industry giants Diageo are distributing Zacapa, the '23 years old' age statement has suddenly been dropped and replaced with a somewhat more plausible claim – the rums used are aged between 6 and 23 years old and are blended together in a solera.

Rum Sixty Six White, 70cl

An intriguing one here from Rum Sixty Six. While many of the expressions from Rum Sixty Six come from the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, this one is an English white rum! It was originally distilled in the Caribbean and was matured for two years before making its way over to Liverpool, where it was redistilled! Following that, it was rested in copper tanks to let the flavour profile mellow out for a touch, and was then bottled.

Sagatiba Pura Cachaca, 70cl

Sagatiba Pura Cachaça is a fresh and clean example of Brazil’s second favourite drink (after beer). Noticeably sweet as soon as it hits the palate, you will enjoy the bite of lemon and lime and hints of orange all tantalising the tongue. Sharp on its own Sagatiba Pura Cachaça is wonderful once you add a little sugar and lime and enjoy it in the traditional Caipirinha way.

Sailor Jerry Spiced, 70cl

Norman Collins’ nickname has far outlived him in spicy, mellow Sailor Jerry’s rum. The godfather of old school tattooing Sailor Jerry rum reflects this tradition with its Hula Girl bottle design and a flavour which is both traditional but perfect for a range of modern drinks. Light in flavour, mellow vanilla notes and spices come through, making it the perfect accompaniment to your favourite brand of cola or fiery ginger beer.

saint benevolence clairin overproof rum Agricole haiti , 70cl

saint benevolence Agricole haiti , 70cl
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Salto 37 Cachaca lIQUEUR, 70cl

Salto are a relatively young company based in Brazil with fresh new ideas on their countries national drink, this version is blended with Gurana berries from the rainforests of Brazil.Serve with ice & maybe some ginger beer.

SangSom Thai Rum , 70cl

SangSom is a Thai rum which had its heyday in the 80s but is now coming back into the limelight. Aged in oak barrels in the traditional way SangSom has picked up many international awards for its flavour and style. Orange bitters lead the nose, with herbal fennel notes following. This aroma soon builds into a more recognisably rummy flavour which includes liquorice, cinnamon and brown sugar. The perfect rum for an alternative to your regular Old Fashioned.


Santa Teresa 1796, 70cl

Santa Theresa 1796 was released in 1996 and has had huge success and enjoyment since this date, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Santa Theresa’s foundation. With bronze amber hues and an aroma rich in honey, sherry and bitter Brazil nuts, Santa Theresa is dry on the palate and wonderfully mellow. Chocolate and vanilla notes are released as you enjoy each sip and it ends on a satisfying and rounded buttery note.

Skipper Rum, 70cl

Full bodied and packed with deep brown sugar notes, Skipper is a molasses-based rum which brings together seven different individual rums. Its deep mahogany hues hides a brawny, bittersweet flavour which is burnt on the palate and features crème brulee notes. Raisins, vanilla and hot clove spice come through strongly and it has a real strength of character which helps it stand out and gives it all the characteristics of a quality navy-style rum.

Smith & Cross Overproof Rum , 70cl

One of the rare 100% pot still rums out there, Smith & Cross is a Jamaican favourite which allows tropical fruity flavours to define its character. A hit of pineapple is your first hint at the flavours within and the nose develops with further spicier notes of clove, pepper and intriguing hot chilli. On tasting you’ll enjoy a warm, buttery opening which bursts into a fiery chilli-based heat, peppered with cinnamon and clove. This heat is tempered by balancing vanilla and muscovado sugar notes, bringing Smith & Cross to a mellower end note.

St Aubin Agricole Blanc, 50cl

St Aubin Rhum Agricole comes from Mauritius, and is made by distilling fresh sugar cane juice in the French method. St Aubin itself has been in the business of sugar production since 1819, and started to distil it quite recently. This particular spirit is unaged and clean, crisp and tangy.

St Aubin Salt caramel rum spirit , 50cl

The Salted Caramel Rum Liqueur is produced from column distilled pure sugar cane juice and reduced to 35% before being blended with natural flavours and a touch of sugar for balance. On the nose, you have a very pleasant popcorn aroma and sweetness coming through while on the palate, you can taste the creamy salted caramel. It is very smooth and leaves an after taste of fudge and hazelnut in your mouth. This Salted Caramel liqueur mixed together with the St Aubin Classic Rhum Agricole, St Aubin Rhum Classic Coffee and a freshly pulled espresso makes a mean Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. Origin: Product of Mauritius ABV: 35% Proof: 70° Size: 50cl/500ml Allergen: NA

St Aubin Vanilla Agricole , 50cl

St. Aubin has an exceptional range of Rhum Agricoles and this classic vanilla flavour is devilishly moreish. Mauritius’ finest flavours are brought into a single place and give you this silky smooth palate. Light yet creamy, this vanilla-infused rum has a surprisingly zesty character which ensures the vanilla doesn’t become overwhelming. The sweet vanilla is well balanced against the deep rummy tones and is an absolutely sensational addition to your vanilla Daiquiri.
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St. Nicholas abbey 5yr Cask Strength, 70cl

The St Nicholas Abbey distillers in Barbados have rustled up a cask strength variant of their excellent 5 year old rum. Bottled at 60% ABV, expect this expression to pack a punchy flavour profile of fresh fruit and warming spices.

Stroh overproof Rum 80%, Austria, 50cl

A powerful shooter like no other Stroh 80 is an intense and fiery rum which Austria is very proud of. It’s often enjoyed atop sweet desserts and as an additional kick to a comforting hot chocolate. Sweet notes of Demerara sugar can be picked out of the fiery heat of Stroh 80, alongside a soothing butterscotch with nutmeg hints. The intensity of Stroh 60 shouldn’t be underestimated and each taste will linger long after finishing.
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Sunset Very Strong Overproof White Rum 84.5 %, 70cl

An extremely high strength rum from Saint Vincent. This is distilled from molasses in a column still.

Rum is a spirit that transports you to the sun washed beaches of the Caribbean with its blue seas, palm trees and laid back way of life.  The popular distilled alcoholic beverage is made from sugarcane by products, such as molasses, or directly from sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels.

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