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La Mauny 1749, 70cl

La Mauny 1749 Ambre is a young rum which has a depth of colour its short ageing process defies. Subtle sweetness is notable from first sip, with nutmeg, allspice, apricot and unusual anise all coming through. The sweetflavours make this a popular sipping rum and the flavour develops as you drink, bringing in notes of caramel, oak and even curry spice which lingers on the tongue. No ice needed, simply drink it neat.
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Takamaka Bay Spiced Rum, 70cl

A sweet, rich spiced rum from Takamaka Bay, produced in the Seychelles! You'll find plenty of vanilla and caramel notes here, so this is definitely one for those with a bit of a sweet tooth!

Bacardi Coconut, 70cl

Crafted for intense flavour Contains natural ingredients Expertly blended for character and authentic flavour Bacardi Coconut is expertly crafted by Bacardi with intense flavours to create the most refreshing cocktails.

Bacardi Ginger, 70cl

Bacardí Ginger “offers a high-quality flavoured rum offering for spirits drinkers who are excited by innovative new tastes and experiences”. To allow the distinctive flavours of ginger to shine through, Bacardí suggests pairing the new expression with mixers such as cola or lemonade.

Bacardi Limon, 70cl

A lemon-flavoured variant for the Bacardi range, flavoured with essences of lemon, grapefruit and other citrus fruit and aged for a year. Brilliant in soft drinks and fruit juices.
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Bacardi Razz, 70cl

Raspberry flavoured Bacardi Rum. Joyful and delicious

Belgrove Hazelnut Rum, 70cl

Belgrove Rum is a pure, single-origin Demerara rum, originating from Guyana, and made with all natural ingredients. A well-balanced, premium drink, Belgrove is the perfect combination of sweet and dry. The predominant flavour is hazelnut, and notes of vanilla and dark chocolate give it its unique taste. Belgrove is wonderfully versatile and can be served neat, on the rocks, and in a variety of cocktails including a rum Old Fashioned or an Espresso Martini. Perfect for every occasion.
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Bounty coconut Rum Liqueur, 70cl

An alluring coconut rum liqueur from St Lucia's Bounty, made by macerating coconut extracts and sugars with their classic white rum, then diluting the result and adding more sugar. Try it with club soda and lime, in a Pina Colada or perhaps with chocolate bitters to recreate a popular chocolate bar…

Companero Elixir Orange , 70cl

A lip-smacking expression from 1423's Compañero range, based around rum from Trinidad and flavoured with plenty of orange alongside various tropical deliciousness. Well suited to enjoying alongside particularly sweet puddings, we reckon.
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Companero Extra Anejo, 70cl

The 54% is hidden in the chocolate notes, which brings warmth to this 12-year-old Panama rum. Nose: Heavy dark chocolate, hot cream, and touches of citrus. Palate: Almost like mini muh chocolate and with notes of cocoa. This rum is marked by the casks with a bit of orange, but the chocolate notes outshines the most of it. Country: Panama Age: 12 years

Discarded Banana Peel Rum Liqueur, 50cl * offer

The rum base is an aged Caribbean rum previously used to season empty whisky casks for final maturation. An extract of Banana Peel is infused into the rum to impart a fruity forward note to the spicy, sweet toffee profile of the Rum. It’s like liquid Banana Bread. Best served neat over ice, shaken in a Daiquiri or mixed long with Ginger Ale.
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Koko Kanu, 70cl

Koko Kanu is named to pay homage to the Jamaican Arawak Indians and its flavour is light, fragrant and heavily inspired by the ever-popular coconut. This rich coconut flavoured rum has a sweetshop aroma and the baked flavour of the coconut macaroon comes through on tasting. Hints of icing sugar and cocoa build as the flavour’s complexity develops and it’s as the lingering finish ends that you get an enjoyable spicy hit.

Copalli White Rum, 70cl

A terrific white rum from Belize, produced as part of the Copalli range. The spirit is made with organic sugar cane, which is crushed for its juice within two hours of its harvesting, and any left over sugar cane material is used to fuel the pot stills at the distillery. They also use canopy water in the proofing process, resulting in an organic rum with a clear desire to promote environmental sustainability.
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St Aubin Cafe Agricole, 50cl

Coffee, the best thing ever can be found in St. Aubin Cafe Rum. A blend of coffee and of exotic spices to keep you sipping more. The bold flavours that come through don’t die off and it’s the power of this versatile spiced rum which makes it a perfect choice for Caribbean punch or an espresso cocktail.


Mauritius Dodo Gold , 50cl

Golden Mauritius Rum lightly spiced. On the nose you will get a nice pleasant light spices aromas, vanilla followed by a sweet spied finish with a peppery notes on the palate.
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Mauritius Dodo Gold, 1L * collection only ( 1-2 days )

Golden Mauritius Rum lightly spiced. On the nose you will get a nice pleasant light spices aromas, vanilla followed by a sweet spied finish with a peppery notes on the palate.

Mauritius Dodo White , 50cl

White Mauritius Rum lightly spiced. On the nose you will get a nice pleasant light sweet coconut aromas which gives way to a full round mellow coconut taste on the palate.

Plantation Dark, 70cl


Plantation Xamayca Special Dry, 70cl

This 100% pot still Jamaican rum made with a blend of spirits from Long Pond and Clarendon distilleries, which Maison Ferrand now owns a third of after purchasing the West Indies Rum Distillery in 2017. Master blender Alexandre Gabriel created the Xaymaca (pronounced zay-muck-uh) brand, which is the original name for Jamaica that the indigenous Arawaks, who inhabited Jamaica well before Columbus set foot on the island in 1494, gave it. Xaymaca actually means 'land of wood and water.'

St Aubin Spice agricole , 50cl

Sugar and spice and all things nice (and potent) can be found in St. Aubin Spiced Rum. Strong hits of cinnamon and citrus-fresh orange peel greet you as you sip and they are closely followed by a blend of exotic spices to keep you sipping more. The bold flavours that come through don’t die off and it’s the power of this versatile spiced rum which makes it a perfect choice for Caribbean punch or an exotic cocktail.


Black Tears Spiced Cuba , 70cl

Black Tears is produced using molasses sourced from four sugar mills in the Ciego de Avila province of the country. Coffee and cacao is used to create the spice flavour in the rum, which is produced by Grupo Azucarero (AzCuba Sugar Group). The company, which was formed seven years ago, has recommended a serve of 5cl of Black Tears to 15cl tonic in a highball glass.

Foursquare Detente 10yr , 70cl

Considering the name of this series of rum releases from Foursquare is called "Exceptional Cask Selection", it is only fair to expect some fantastic expressions. That's exactly what you've got here. Détente is a 10 year old rum from the Barbados-based distillers, made using spirits from pot and column stills. It was aged in bourbon and Port casks, which have imparted oodles of rich fruit and rounded vanilla notes to the rum. Brilliant stuff, this. Exceptional, you could say.
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Rum Java Cinnamon, 70cl

A rich, spiced liqueur made with Caribbean rum and infused with cinnamon, hazelnut and Java'Mon Signature coffee.

Rum Java Signature Coffee, 70cl

Award Winning RumJava Artisan Crafted Signature is a silky, smooth rum with a delicately balanced finish. This rich molasses rum is handcrafted from Florida cane, twice distilled in a copper column pot still at 160-180 proof, and infused with Java’Mon Coffee Signature Kona Blend, vanilla, and an unexpected touch of coconut. RumJava is 100% all natural, hand bottled and hand sealed.
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Stryyk Not Rum, 70cl alcohol free

Stryyk Not Rum . The pairing of clove and grapefruit brings robust flavour without making the liquid smack of Christmas, and a clever addition of chilli extract lends a pleasant heat on the end for a drink that could very well be enjoyed neat.

Hoxton Banana Rum, 50cl

A premium party spirit that is unique, accessible, esoteric and easy to mix. Hoxton Banana lends itself to both winter and summer drinks, highlights of which are a straight-up Banana Daiquiri, Banana Rum Old Fashioned or Banana Rum Flip.

Bounty Spiced Rum, 70cl

Spiced rum from the island of Saint Lucia – a big hit at the UK Rumfest. It's packed with vanilla and cinnamon as well as potent "bois bande" bark – a punchy local spice that gives the rum a uniquely St Lucian kick.
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Havana Club Cuban Spice , 70cl * offer

Havana Club Cuban Spiced takes inspiration from the vast tropical world of Cuba. Blending our double aged rum with exotic flavours and warming spiced. It balances sweet vanilla and aromatic spiced with hints of juicy ripe guava, toasted coconut and fresh apple. Colour -Deep, rich, golden amber. Nose- Fresh tropical notes, with touches of sweet honeycombe and spice Taste- Zesty pineapple, toasted coconut & ripe guava notes with hints of vanilla, cardamom & nutmeg. Finish- Long, welcoming and very well balanced.. 35% 24.5 units. Aged Cuban rum with natural tropical flavours and spices The name "Havana Club" captures Cuba's rum-making heritage and the unique atmosphere of Havana, the country's capital. Havana Club is closely entwined with Cuban culture, and Cubans take pride in what has become a true national icon.
£24.95 £21.95

Rum is a spirit that transports you to the sun washed beaches of the Caribbean with its blue seas, palm trees and laid back way of life.  The popular distilled alcoholic beverage is made from sugarcane by products, such as molasses, or directly from sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels.

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