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Chairmans Reserve Spiced, 70cl

A spicy offering from Chairman’s Reserve, this rum is an award winner and one which is held in high esteem by rum fans worldwide. Deep mahogany notes are the home to a complex bitter nose where bitter and sweet raisin are peppered with hits of nutmeg and cinnamon. On the palate you’ll enjoy a surprisingly smoothness which has an exotic characteristic that the combination of orange and spices offers. Heady, and one you’ll definitely remember.

Clement Creole Shrubb Agricole, 70cl

Clement Creole Shrubb is one of those drinks that you may not have heard of but once you try it, you won’t want to stop. A strong and rich rhum agricole, Creole Shrubb is a sweet flavoured almost herbal offering which brings together old and young rums. The sweet sugar cane base blends beautifully with fresh orange peel and notes of oak which come through in the maturation process. Simple in its flavours but wonderfully sweet and perfectly drank neat, add Clement Shrubb to your drinks cabinet.


Companero Gran Reserva , 70cl

Nose: Strong and powerful from the Jamaican rum. Palate: Smooth and elegant taste from the Trinidad rum with a long lasting taste and lingering finish.

Damoiseau millesime 2009 Rhum Agricole Overproof , 70cl

An aged agricole rum from Damoiseau, the Millesime 2009 was produced in Guadeloupe and bottled after seven years of rest in American oak barrels. This is the 'raw' version of the 2009 vintage agricole, bottled at a warming 66.9% ABV.

Dead mans Fingers Hazelnut Rum , 70cl

Dead mans Fingers Hazelnut Rum , 70cl

Dead mans Fingers Spiced Rum , 70cl

Dead Man's Fingers is a heady mix of spices that warms the cockles, stirs the soul and sets you up for whatever the wind blows in! Created by the owners of The Rum & Crab Shack, Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Cornish Rum is made with a combination of Caribbean rums, that are then blended and bottled in Cornwall. The resulting rum is exceptionally smooth, with notes of saffron cake, sweet sherry ice cream, caramel with vanilla and cinnamon, nutmeg and orange.

Deadhead 6yr Rum, 70cl

Deadhead is an award winning premium rum with a unique and edgy style. Handcrafted from homegrown sugarcane then aged in American oak and Chiapas Oak in Tapachula, Chiapas, a region blanketed with a tropical climate and ocean breezes – rum from this region has been recognised among the most outstanding rums of the world. The bottle looks like it came off an ancient Caribbean pirate ship with hand-tied hemp lacing to sew the eyes and mouth shut. Subtly intricate in detail, it respects the traditions, including the custom of shrunken heads, that captures the spirit of the Shuar and tastes the way it looks: complex and beautiful.

Devils Bridge Spiced Rum Wales ,70cl

Devil's Bridge is a deliciously rich, complex, Spiced Rum infused with the ingredient at the heart of this Welsh legend, Bara Brith. Our base rum is a blend from the Caribbean's most renowned distilleries. In Wales the base is infused with Bara Brith and distilled in a copper pot still with fruits and spices for sweetness, Shirgar Carmarthenshire butter for smoothness and Glengettie black tea for an unusually dry finish. Devil's Bridge is an outstanding rum that can be enjoyed on its own over ice, served long with a mixer or as a first class kick in any cocktail. Toast the Devil's misfortune with us!

Diplomatico Mantuano , 70cl


Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 70cl

An 80:20 blend of pot still to column still rums is used to deliver the quality taste of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. Aged for up to 12 years this exclusive rum is a heady concoction with sandalwood and fresh leather aromas that lead to a deep and bitter flavour. The bitterness comes through in deep coffee notes but they are matched by sweet honey and plum flavours which add a lightness to this intense rum.

Don Papa Rum 7 yr , 70cl

Don Papa Rum was first created in 2012 and made it to the UK two years later. Distilled in small batches from sugar cane grown on the Philippines island of Negros and aged in American oak for 7 years. This is packed with vanilla flavours and a hint of spice.

Duppy Share Rum , 70cl

Duppy Share named the evil spirits that take their share of the rum, straight from the barrel. This blend of Jamaican and Barbados rum is great for drinking on its own or in a cheeky ginger beer and lime cocktail.

Duppy Share Rum, 20cl

Duppy Share named the evil spirits that take their share of the rum, straight from the barrel. This blend of Jamaican and Barbados rum is great for drinking on its own or in a cheeky ginger beer and lime cocktail.

East London Licquor Co White Rum , 70cl

Part of the distillery's rebrand in 2020, East London Liquor Co. Rum is a blend from three of the finest distilleries in Jamaica. The perfect white rum for your cocktail needs. Popular Rum ‘n’ Cola with lime, Daiquiri, or your favourite white rum cocktails.

El Dorado Enmore 2009 , 70cl

One of three rums released as part of El Dorado's Single Still series, this 2009 Guyanese rum has been made using the Enmore wooden column still. Matured in oak casks for 12 years, it offers notes of smoked hazelnuts, caramel apples, coconut flakes and milk chocolate throughout the palate and lingering in the finish.

El Dorado Versailles 2009 , 70cl


El Dorado 12yr, 70cl

Twelve years work and dedication goes into the creation of El Dorado 12 year rum and three different stills’ worth of spirit is used to guarantee a perfectly smooth and enjoyable drink. The length of maturation helps develop the fruit flavours within the rum, prunes, dates and toffee apple come through strongly with sherry treacle and cinnamon spice flavours also complimenting the flavour profile. The balance of this rum is delicate, leaning slightly towards the sweet but not without a welcome hit of spice.

El Dorado 15yr, 70cl

One of the world’s first known luxury rum blends, El Dorado 15 year brings together spirits as old as 25 years to deliver an exceptionally flavoured end product. Heady festive aromas are released as you open the bottle, sherry trifle, rich fruitcake and candied citrus fruits invite you to take sip. On drinking you’ll enjoy warm chocolate caramel notes and espresso coffee with that vanilla sweetness that you’d expect from a quality rum.
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El Dorado 21yr , 70cl

El Dorado 21 years uses that 21 year period as a minimum benchmark and the blend is in fact made up of blends as old as 25 years and the maturity of this rum is apparent from simply opening the bottle. The aroma is filled with sweet scents reminiscent of an old fashioned sweet shop, with boiled sweets coming through strong on the palate too. The finish brings in some of the more intense notes including fresh tobacco, spiced chocolate and together they create a rum which is ideal for after dinner sips.


El Dorado 3yr Cask White, 70cl

With a couple of awards under its belt El Dorado 3 Year rum is a fine example of a mixing rum which a crispness that lends itself to sharp citrus cocktails and even exotic punches. Coconut is ever-present from first opening and hints of sugary sweet icing sugar are also apparent in the nose. On drinking El Dorado is surprisingly dry with notes of intense brown sugar, a nutty edge and of course that coconut coming through strongly. The end note blends vanilla with the coconut for a fresh finish.


El Dorado 5yr, 70cl

A bright and breezy Guyana rum, young at just 5 years old, El Dorado 5 year is one of the youngest offering from this producer. Creamy butterscotch is the leading scent when you open the bottle and it’s soon partnered with bright notes of tropical fruit and a hint of mint oil. This oily element is apparent on the palate, helping to deliver a light bodied rum which is rich in tropical flavours including fresh coconut.

El Dorado 8yr, 70cl

One of the younger offerings from El Dorado, this blend made of rums of a minimum of 8 years old is sweetly spicy and thick with molasses and toffee flavours. There’s a festive feel to this rum, with Christmas cake spices working together to create a strong and enjoyable flavour. Honeyed vanilla, toffee and butterscotch are rich on the palate with syrupy orange marmalade coming through too, creating a rich and enjoyable rum which is perfect when enjoyed neat or with mixers.


Embargo Anejo Blanco, 70cl

Round and supple with an interesting complexity. Notes of nuts and dried fruits, tied in a discreet sweetness. Serving suggestions: For cocktails and long drinks.
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Eminente Ron de Cuba 7yr Reserve , 70cl

Eminente Reserva 7 Year Old is a particularly snazzy Cuban rum, made with 100% Cuban sugar cane. Bright and clean, but with plenty of complex and depth as it develops on the palate, with rich coffee and tobacco notes sitting alongside fruity cherry and floral wafts. Should do very well simply sipped neat, but we reckon it'll also make for a great Palmetto or Rum Old Fashioned...

English Harbour 10yr, 70cl


English Harbour 5yr, 70cl

Antigua’s finest, English Harbour rum spends a minimum of five years in aged bourbon barrels, delivering a touch of whisky spirit to each sip. Vanilla custard and cinnamon spice are the first scents that hit you and the flavour is deep with fudge and golden syrup, with the consistency of cinnamon carrying through. Different blends are brought together to deliver the end result, English Harbour rum which brings cinnamon to the centre stage and works wonderfully with your favourite ginger ale.

Fair. Rhum XO Belize Agricole, 70cl

5 year old rum made exclusively using Fair Trade certified sugar cane from Belize and matured in Kentucky bourbon barrels before being shipped out to France to be bottled. Made by FAIR., whom created the world's first line of premium Fair Trade spirits and known for their FAIR. Vodka and liqueurs.

Five Rivers Spiced Indian Rum , 70cl

Five Indian botanicals including cardamom, clove, cassia, coriander seed and ginger are re-distilled into the rum and no sugar is added for a drier and authentically spiced rum.

Flamboyant Oak Aged Agricole, 70cl

Flamboyant Vieux Rum is a Mauritian offering which enjoys a relaxing seven years maturing in ex-bourbon barrels. It is named for the Flamboyant Tree which appear on its labelling and is a native species of Mauritius. The flavour of the rum is exotic as its naming, with floral notes present from the off and lingering until the end. Well-rounded but not lacking in flavour, Flamboyant Vieux Rum is just begging to be sipped.

Flor de Cana 12yr Centenario, 70cl

A very special golden rum from one of Central America's most celebrated producers, Flor de Cana from Nicaragua. These rums keep getting better and better.

Flor de Cana 7 yr Grand Reserve, 70cl

One of the younger Flor de Caña offerings, this 7 year old rum is perfectly primed for mixing into all your favourite rum cocktails. Whether there’s a dark’n’stormy on the cards or you simply want the perfect complement to a fizzy Coke, Flor de Caña 7 Years will do the job. Prominent hazelnut and almond lead the flavour of this rum, with vanilla rounding it all off smoothly. Coffee and bitter chocolate notes are hinted at but remain in the background alongside light spiciness. 


Foursquare Doorlys 12 yr, 70cl

Foursquare Doorlys 12 yr, 70cl
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Rum is a spirit that transports you to the sun washed beaches of the Caribbean with its blue seas, palm trees and laid back way of life.  The popular distilled alcoholic beverage is made from sugarcane by products, such as molasses, or directly from sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels.

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