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Lillet Rouge, 75cl

Lillets Beefy brother. Big notes of red summer berries and juicy Valencia oranges with lashes of spicy red wine. The finish is tannic yet sweet with squishy summer fruit notes.

Lindisfarne Mead , 70cl

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne brings us more than religious piety, Lindisfarne Mead is a classic, traditional drink which is enjoyed in households around the country. Using honey which is sourced from around the world Lindisfarne Mead is a velvety smooth fortified wine which uses the natural water from an artesian well to develop its flavour. Herbs and fermented grape juice bring out the flavour and altogether a sweet, light flavour is created.

Londinio Dry Vermouth, 75cl

Londinio Dry Vermouth, 75cl
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Londinio White Vermouth, 75cl

Londinio White Vermouth, 75cl

Luxardo Aperitivo Italiano , 70cl

Its mild alcoholic content makes it an ideal product to create low ABV drinks, perfect for aperitivo occasions. Mix it with Prosecco and soda for a perfect Spritz.

Martini Ambrato, 75cl

Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato is a Vermouth di Torino that uses wines from Moscato d'Asti and three types of wormwood– Absinthium, Pontica and Vulgaris. It is named after the colour – ambrato is Italian for amber.

Martini Bianco , 75cl

Begging for a good mix! Cinnamon and stewed apples with an undertone of American honey followed by sweet vanilla and red apple wrapped in soft peach skin and lemon flavours.

Martini Extra Dry , 75cl

Responsible for the worlds biggest cocktail! Big apple and lemon coming through on entry followed by some drier orris root notes followed by a dry, zesty apple and squishy peach finish.

Martini Fiero, 75cl

Another entry in the Martini wine-based aperitif list, this one adding in a zingy mix of citrus and Spanish blood orange.

Martini Rosso , 75cl

Manhattan standard issue! Big bitter sweet stewed stone fruit notes with zesty orange and Manuka Honey flavours. This flows into a big bittersweet orange and squished hot plum and sloeberrry finish.


Martini Rubino, 75cl

Rubino is one half of Martini's Riserva Speciale range, using concentrated botanical extracts which are rested in oak for more than two months. This Vermouth di Torino that uses wines from Piemonte, including Langhe Nebbiolo and three types of wormwood– Absinthium, Pontica and Vulgaris. It is named after the colour – rubino is Italian for ruby.

Melonade Aperitif Provence , 70cl

Water, cane sugar syrup, alcohol, infusion and Cavaillon melon juice. Melontastic........

Nectarine Aperitif Provence , 70cl

All the way from the southeast of France comes Nectarine, a wonderfully refreshing aperitif built around the general awesomeness of selected peaches from Provence. Picked at full maturity to get the best of the fruit, the peaches are subsequently pitted, sown and the concentrated in juice.
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Noilly Prat Ambre , 75cl

Ambre Noilly Prat Ambré 16% ABV 13 different herbs and spices are sourced all around the world to make Noilly Prat Ambré. Among them Rose buds from Morocco, Coriander from Morocco, Cardamom from India and Cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Noilly Prat Ambré is ideal served as L’Apéritif. It will be paired ideally with cheese.

Noilly Prat, 75cl

The Daddy of dry vermouths. Fino Sherry style dryness with cloves and Cardamom followed by squishy white supermarket grapes. The finish retains the spiciness with a dry floral notes of bitter pear and apple.

Noval 40 year Old Tawny Port, 75cl


Noval Black Port, 75cl

A Premium Port that embodies the values of quality, elegance and tradition from Quinta do Noval. A new style of Port with a blend that highlights the fruit thanks to its black cherry, sweet spice flavours and its smooth and perfect balance. An contemporary and elegant packaging with unique black bottle and a pure design label with silver lines. A characterful ruby , fantastic slightly chilled.

Pimms No.1, 70cl

Can you imagine lazing on a summer’s afternoon without your Pimm’s in hand? We think not so let’s raise a toast to Pimm’s No 1 the classic English summer drink. Traditionally served 3:1 with freshly made lemonade, cucumber, mint and strawberries, Pimm’s has a rich and fruity taste which simply screams summer. English through and through Pimm’s No 1 was invented in the City of London and spicy undertones lift the naturally fruitiness even further.


Pimms Sundowner, 70cl

New Pimm's Sundowner is the perfect aperitif to enjoy with friends as the sun sets - come rain or shine! Pimm's Sundowner. The new way to spritz New Pimm's Sundowner is the perfect aperitif to enjoy as the sun sets - come rain or shine! With fruity raspberry and tart redcurrant flavours, Pimm's Sundowner is best served with prosecco, soda and fresh raspberries as a Sundowner Spritz Pimm's Sundowner has a fruity raspberry flavour which is perfectly balanced with tart redcurrant notes, delivering a bitter sweet tasting aperitif.

Punt e Mes , 75cl

Point and a half to the Italians! Stewed summer fruits with vanilla pods and Manuka honey and burnt lemons.  Fat plum and bitter raspberry finish with a slightly tannic feel. Crying out for Gin and sweet vermouth!

Quinta da Noval 2012 Vintage , 75cl

A 2012 Quinta do Noval Vintage Port Wine. Throughout the upper Douro, a wet spring and summer drought conditions that year reduced grape production overall. However, the mild temperatures through the year enabled the vines to reach excellent maturity. It was decided that the harvest would start one week later than normal at Noval. This was a huge success with the grapes that were picked small but perfectly formed, with outstanding flavour and freshness in the musts. The result is a Vintage Port which, according to wine-making director Antonio Agrellos: “is a classic example of the Quinta do Noval style and a worthy addition to the recent Quinta do Noval declarations such as 2011, 2008 and 2007”.e.

Sacred Amber English Vermouth 50cl

World's Best Vermouth - World Drinks Awards 2019 Delicate, floral & with a distinct note of Spanish Sweet Orange, this vermouth is now recognised as the closest equivalent to the legendary Kina Lillet in the Vesper Martini (immortalised by Ian Fleming in Casino Royale, 1953). As such, it is served by Alessandro Palazzi of Dukes Bar, SW1, in all of their Vespers, and also works well on the rocks with a lemon twist, or in a more sophisticated take on the classic Spritz. Alternatively, pour over ice with a large pared orange zest, or make a wonderfully summery Sacred Amber Spritz with English Sparkling Wine and Soda.

Sacred Dry English Vermouth , 50cl

A bone dry, spicy and herbal vermouth made with English wine from Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire. Created in collaboration with Alessandro Palazzi from Dukes Hotel, SW1 – not surprisingly it makes a fabulous Dry Martini, pour a few drops into a chilled glass and top with Sacred Gin straight from the freezer, garnish with a pared lemon zest. Alternatively, pour a large measure of Sacred English Dry Vermouth into a long glass with the juice of half a lemon and top with ginger ale and a sprig of mint for a light, summery English Dry Buck.

Sacred Negroni , 70cl

Premixed Negroni cocktail from London based Sacred Spirits . A blend of the company's Classic Gin , Rosehip Cup and Spiced English Vermouth , serve straight from the fridge over ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

Sacred Spiced Vermouth Red , 50cl

English through and through, Sacred Spiced Vermouth brings together an array of exquisite regional ingredients to create a rich, spicy vermouth with a distinctly English feel. Sacred Spiced Vermouth offers flavours of New Forest thyme and Somerset wormwood as well as an English wine base. The palate is packed full of red fruity flavours and finished with the wintery spice offered up by the herbs, cinnamon and even the suggestion of bittersweet cocoa. 


Sipello Bitter Sweet Aperitif , 70cl

This aperitif combines an array of British ingredients such as gooseberry, rhubarb, and chuckleberry, many of which are wild harvested or organically grown. A selection of sustainably sourced botanicals include sandalwood, gentian, and wormwood bring a bitter balance to the sweet tang of fresh ingredients – which is just what you want from a bittersweet aperitif! Mix a delicate spritz with sparkling wine and elderflower, or try this in your next batch of Negronis!

Stones Ginger Wine , 70cl

Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine is still made to the same recipe by blending the finest quality raisins and pure ground ginger and is enjoyed in so many ways by millions of consumers each year. Many enjoy Stone's on its own or over ice, but it is most famously drunk as a 'Whisky Mac' when mixed with whisky. The warmth of Stone's is a perfect complement to the smooth taste of the whisky. This perennial 'Winter Warmer' is the perfect way to relax on the long dark evenings.

Suze Aperitif , 70cl

Offering a delicate bitterness and a spicy aftertaste Suze is a famed French aperitif which is usually enjoyed neat. Modern consumers may prefer to add cola but it’s traditionally matches with tonic water or orange juice, as well as finding its way into many classic cocktails. A combination of gentian root and other specially selected botanicals, Suze finishes on a citric note which is refreshing and rounds of the drink perfectly, leaving only a bittersweet aftertaste.
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Taylors 20 Year Old Tawny, 75cl

Serving suggestion: A magnificent and finely-balanced tawny of outstanding richness and complexity. The additional years of ageing produce a fine balance between the rich, raisiny fruit and the nutty, honeyed finish – a taste to linger over. Producer: Taylor's Grape variety: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tempranillo, Tinto Cão, Tinta Amarela

Ableforth Summer Fruit Cup, 50cl

Ableforth's has done it again, and this time they've concocted the perfect Summer quaff. This fine spirit is crafted by macerating Strawberries, Cucumber, Orange and Mint in pure wheat spirit, before re-distilling it at room temperature in a vacuum still. To this, a blend of fine wines, spirits, fruits, herbs and spices are added, and the result is a fresh, fruity and superbly British tipple. To serve Summer Fruit Cup - Ableforth's recommends first half-filling a highball glass with ice, sliced cucumber and orange, quartered strawberries and a lightly bruised sprig of fresh mint. Then carefully combine one part of the delicious Summer Fruit Cup with two parts of Lemonade.
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Aker English Rose Aperitif , 70cl

A fruity, refreshing English aperitif, Aker is made with a combination of rosé wines from Chapel Down, raspberry eau-de-vie from Capreolus and English botanicals, including wormwood. The result is notes of strawberries and cream, lively citrus, summery blossoms, juicy raspberry and fresh herbs throughout the palate. Enjoy this aperitif in a spritz, or mixed with a light tonic and fresh mint and strawberries.

Gonzalez Byass Matusalem Oloroso, 375ml

Gonzales Byass Matusalem Oloroso has been aged for over three decades and sweetened with additional Pedro Ximenez, delivering a deep and intense flavour you won’t be able to help yourself from drinking. Toffee, walnut and dried fruit come through in the nose and the flavour follows the same route, with oaky dryness adding additional depth to the overall experience. A truly high quality Oloroso, enjoy this before or after dinner as you see fit.

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